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Meet the fashion brand for Islamic women | Access Middle East

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Meet the fashion brand for Islamic women - Kerim Ture, founder of Modanisa, discusses why he started the company making clothes designed for Muslim women and how he plans to take advantage of the ecommerce boom. Subscribe to CNBC International: http://bit.ly/1eiWsDq From top CEOs and companies, to entrepreneurs and philanthropists, Yousef Gamal El-Din and Hadley Gamble profile the men and women shaping the Middle East's global ambitions. "Access: Middle East" airs on CNBC’s networks across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and in the U.S CNBC.com for more great clips: http://cnb.cx/1lN4PuA CNBC Access Middle East playlist: http://bit.ly/WFfyvx Like us on CNBC's Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/cnbc Follow us on CNBC's Twitter accounts https://twitter.com/CNBCWorld https://twitter.com/CNBC
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BILLEL SMAILI (3 months ago)
Question Being a Muslim Woman,how must they wear their attire to say that she is a muslim woman. The hijaab must cover her entire body It should be thick enough to conceal what is underneath it It should be loose-fitting, not tight It should not be so attractive as to call men’s attention to it It should not be perfumed It should not be a dress of fame and vanity (i.e., it should be extravagant or excessively opulent) It should not resemble the dress of men It should not resemble the dress of kaafir women It should not be adorned with any crosses or pictures of animate beings
abdullah khan (3 months ago)
Islmic dress this? Ohhhh my god .....no never ok this not a islmic dress
Masuma Patel (3 months ago)
abdullah khan (3 months ago)
This is islam
Wake up America you're being fooled into hating Muslims. In Quran Jesus is the most quoted Prophet and Mary is the most Holy Woman in this book. In Jewish Talmud says Jesus is boiling in Semen in Hell & that the Virgin Mary was a Whore! Guess which one Americans support? Americans have been so brainwashed & propegandized by the warmongering Zionis Jews that they are unable to grasp reality how they’re being led to the slaughter. How they're using our sons & daughters for their Wars. America has become bankrupt to its fiscal and moral core. Zionist Jews have successfully maneuvered America into a dead end, it is a nation divided and will remain divided because Jews control us and they want us to fall. Wake up America! They are using Muslims as Scapegoat! America is ruined, it has fallen to Jewish predation and she shall be deposed when the Jews finished using it. Trump will not challenge the false Zionist inspired narrative, Trump will not re-investigate 911, Trump will not prosecute the Jew criminals that pulled 911. Trump will not stop the wars, nor will he balance the budget or restore our liberty. The truth is that Donald Trump is a baby killer, a mass murderer, a warmonger, a egomaniacal narcissistic killer, a Israel’s first Zionist stooge. Americans have no idea how badly they have been screwed by Israel. Americans have been living in a matrix like fantasy world were everything the majority believe in is based on lies and fabrications. The controlled mainstream news media serves as a ministry of truth only for the Zionists and world Cabal Bankers, indoctrinating the world with lies, deception and bigoted propaganda that whitewashes even the most heinous of crimes. Our world has and is still being built on a pile of lies, all tied to Satanism and Zionism, the top of the illuminati pyramid, the "Eye." OVER 95% OF THE WORLDWIDE MAINSTREAM MEDIA OWNED AND CONTROLLED BY 6 JEWISH/ZIONIST CORPORATIONS. Google Talmud or Protocols of Elders of Zion, read a few Protocols, it'll blow your mind! Y See how they're planning WWIII. Zionist Behind WWI & WWII. https://youtu.be/XQ_qRz_lsC4 Zionist & JFK Assassination! https://youtu.be/kPotKe1GPU8 Zionist Behind 911 Attacks. https://youtu.be/3tmqs8Xtrvk Zionist Behind Paris Attacks! https://youtu.be/G-A4pfYVZVQ Israel & CIA did 911. https://youtu.be/3tmqs8Xtrvk Terrorist in Syria Funded by Israel, US & Saudi Arabia! https://youtu.be/hTfFeMTUiFI Proof Holocaust was a Hoax: https://youtu.be/sb-glOFJ3OU
A Louise (1 year ago)
ethical clothing?

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