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Tess Holliday - A Vacation From Body Shaming Or Modern Marketing? | The Trews [E454]

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Today's Trews discusses the controversy and hyperbole around Cosmopolitan featuring plus size model Tess Holliday on their October cover. What is the true motivation behind such a move? Unf*ck Yourself From The Modern World with my new book Recovery Get it here in US: http://tinyurl.com/ydcwz3kd Australia: https://t.co/Ri1XSonD2X UK: http://tinyurl.com/ycs8gu6b Listen to my Under The Skin podcast here https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/u... Subscribe to the my channel here: http://tinyurl.com/opragcg Produced & edited by Jenny May Finn Trews Music by Tom Excell & Oliver Cadman Trews Graphic by Ger Carney
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Mary Clutterbuck (2 days ago)
I support body positivity but as someone who has been the weight of Tess Holiday there is no benefit to it and you absolutely will get chronic pain from excess weight. There definitely needs to be a limit to body positivity. If you want to look to a model for body positivity then someone like Ashley Graham is more suited. Also the leading cause to obesity is poor eating and especially sugar consumption which not only effects the health of your heart but the health on your brain.
Kandy Hilton (2 days ago)
Russell your 100% correct!
Kandy Hilton (2 days ago)
David Dailey (4 days ago)
100 ways to make your man scream in bed
LopineRK (4 days ago)
I believe in personal choice. I believe if you want to read Cosmo and you find it personally entertaining that's fine. If you are able to take some form of information from it that you feel you can apply personally that's great to. But I feel it becomes detrimental if someone starts using it as a benchmark for their own standards. It's better if you can decide for yourself instead of being force fed the opinions of others and trying to live up to manufactured ideals.
Lost Aquarian (5 days ago)
Her promoters care nothing about her, solely using her for shock value. In the past it was sex sells, but these days research shows that outrage outsells anything. They're enabling her early death.
Dana Spielman (7 days ago)
I'm no psychologist but I'd venture to say that there is a lot more to attraction. Instinctively, members of the opposite sex seek a partner and the very first step in this process is their looks, how they perceive them. Naturally and in my opinion, more often than not, the individual would be attracted to a person who isn't morbidly obese. A man would need a healthy woman to procreate with, a woman who would live long enough to raise children. It's like a primal instinct. Tess is morbidly obese! Not gonna sugar coat it or attempt to join the politically correct sheep. Her fat rolls have rolls, tree stumps for ankles and hasn't seen her neck or vagina since Will Smith starred in a blockbuster movie.
Straight 2DVD (7 days ago)
Fat people should be treated the same as smokers and cigarettes,banned from all restaurants,aircraft and movies/T.V.Huge amounts of taxation on all unhealthy food just for fat people.Complete blanket ban on being seen in public.Fat person areas and transport.Any health complications refused treatment and do not resuscitate.Seperate minimum wage level lower than normal people and 10% more taxation.Any adverts or movies portraying fattys in a positive light should be banned for fake news.
uberwayz (9 days ago)
2:37 I entirely disagree. Think of the person that does struggle with their weight due to lack of good eating habits and exercise. This is only going to change if that person's inner voice says "this is going to end badly for me and my family if I don't change my habits" how likely is that to happen when the MSM are glorifying obesity. I some how doubt the reporter will be at the funeral comforting that person's grieving children. They are liars who care nothing about the health and wellbeing of others when they can make fortunes from the age old hustle of selling excuses.
uberwayz (9 days ago)
I believe that her messege is dangerous to herself and anyone else that buys into it. Her cause is phony and she doesn't even personally believe what she propagates (hence her photoshop). Ultimately her entire career is making money by telling weak people exactly what they want to hear, akin to the pharasees that came long before her.
Jonathan Edward (9 days ago)
Then u get the Fitness Guru's on Youtube using Tess to bash fat acceptance for views which is in turn money. It's disgusting to me that ppl are fed b.s all the time that makes them hate themselves. I'm with u Russell, u need an inner barometer that fills u with the acceptance & love for yourself and not look for it in the public domain.
Ddrsdd D (13 days ago)
I wander if they meant British or American size 22? British size 22 would be American size 18.
Dom Snow (16 days ago)
Smart mother fucker, damn
Randomly 1 (18 days ago)
There's money to be made on the larger woman because there was so much money made on ostracizing the larger woman; it's a metronome, not a cycle; divide the market, polarize how they identify in relation to their position on the continuum, support one side to the point of near-majority and then, reverse direction and make money all the way to the other end, and then....
NPC 86740296 (21 days ago)
Marketing is fatphobic. Marketing is fatphobic. Marketing is fatphobic.
pAtRiCk StAr (18 days ago)
NPC 86740296 It should be fatphobic so the whales learn to loose some fucking weight.
Murada (21 days ago)
The real question is what's so special about this woman that makes her belong on a magazine cover? I see obese women like this with tattoo's at Walmart all the time.
V I (25 days ago)
I think there's a middle ground that we can reach if we all listen to each other. Although obesity is definitely a dangerous health risk, depression can often cause more complications with one's health. For example, I used to be crazy skinny until I was a teenager when I gained weight due to depression. My mom tried her best to change food habits and I joined an intense Karate dojo, but nothing worked. However, I when I got a therapist and managed my mental health, I began to lose weight because I already had good habits. Side note: school food sucks.
TheTripstraps (27 days ago)
body positive? she is health negative and life length negative. as obese person strugling to loose weight its so sad to see other ignorant obese people. if she does not feel health problems at the moment, she will have them later. i also thought until last year that obesity does not give much health problems, suprise..... it does and many of them. she already has them they just have not appeared yet. she can be beautiful and sexy, but she is not healthy. and its also sad that magazines back up her ridiculous claims being healthy. also she wastes resources, eating too much wastes food and animal lives. being obese is worse to health than smoking and drinking. she can barely talk without gasping air, isnt that enough to show her body is strugling? lungs cant give enough oxygen to her humongous body and heart is strugling to pump blood to her double size body. inner organs are squeezed between inner fat mountains. sorry, but we obese people should be much smarter than backing up such ridiculous statements what she makes. yeees, nobody should comment on others obese body. but obese and healthy? no way
Nina Onuoha (1 month ago)
How to become a star? Stuff junk food into your mouth and gain 600 pounds and voila! You're the cover of cosmopolitan magazine!
Dylan (1 month ago)
Body shaming...let’s turn a negative into a positive. Now it’s called “health promotion”.
Misty Stewart (1 month ago)
Body positive used to refer to people who had unchangeable issues, like war vets with missing limbs or severe scars, burn victims and the like. An easy way to know tess Holliday isn't body positive is by her unacceptance of fans who lose weight. See a slightly less overweight body, they dont get positivity. Skinny bitches like me certainly arent afforded positive acceptance of our bodies... we get told to eat a sandwich.
Vickie OGLESBY (1 month ago)
This hoe can't even wash her ass crack..she 400 pounds and looks it..not no 280. I bet her ass is stankin down south of the border past her waistline. That look like some don't no water hit certain spots on that fat humoungus ass. Probably got gnat butter all down in them creases..especially when it gets hot outside..Ewwwwwwww.
Amber R (1 month ago)
What a well articulated opinion. Thanka!
Darin Gregory (1 month ago)
lets go hoggin
George Tsitsiani (1 month ago)
Russel is awesome - such eloquence, such knowledge. Very few can stand toe to toe with David Icke - but Russel did, on more than one occasion.
Martin Morris (1 month ago)
I am fat. I am losing weight I dont blame others. Tess can fu off she is not a role model she is lazy an a fat slut. So if you think that is ok then suck my cock and be ok with that fat cock.
Kenneth Edwards (1 month ago)
Blah blah . Get to the obvious point genius .
Cherie Louise (1 month ago)
Self eating or over-eating....no wonder she has a Miss Piggy tattoo..............
joseph eapen (1 month ago)
the funny thing is when you get fat.. you kind of feel ok with it but once you start reaching a comfortable body weight were your body isn't starved and fed with good nutrition.Both your mind and body feel totally different. And strangely you also become a lot less lazier. so i dont think promoting being fat is a good idea :-).. I think its a duty for a human to be his best at every moment. Strive for better. Thats the luxury we have as a human..
DARTH VAPER (2 months ago)
No, making fat women feel that it's okay to be dangerously unhealthy is irresponsible! But when has media ever been around to genuinely assist humanity? Human's are amusing, but inherently selfish and self obsessed! So busy destroying themselves, other groups, the planet and other species, that this conversation is stupid!
Shook One (2 months ago)
I’ve always taken Brand to be an idiot but I have to say that he is actually quite smart. Good video 👍🏽
KamekoBruns (2 months ago)
"Body positiviy" is literally the worst thing a person can do for themselves. Tess is not healthy. She is morbidly obese and will likely die young because of it. This is not something to applaud. You don''t applaud a methhead. Don't applaud the morbidly obese. They are just as certainly killing themselves.
Stormfront (2 months ago)
Fatty fatty fat fat.
space man reviews (2 months ago)
Not too many Fat old people! Wonder why
space man reviews (2 months ago)
Ah political correctness! Notice the people promoting obesity are skinny bitches!
space man reviews (2 months ago)
They should retitle the magazine to Sea World
MURR DOG (2 months ago)
Keep it all in the UK..
Trevor Dunen (2 months ago)
What a disgusting fucking fat pig, she is not going to live very long but don't worry, she has plenty of money so it's all going to be ok- NOT!
Helen Escoto (2 months ago)
I find it weird that for years the fashion industry promoted the ideal model as being super skinny to the point that many generations including mine spent their teens vomiting or starving to look a certain way all of sudden is now promoting that morbid obesity is okay. I grew up with a voluptuous body type meaning if I would have wanted a career in modeling I would have been the swimsuit or catalog type but spent my life wanting a boy figure because that was fashionable. I was never short of attention from men but always hated my body because of what these magazines dictated was beautiful. Of course, as an adult I quickly learned that I was lucky and foolish in my youth but the psychological damage was made. I had trouble with compliments. My self esteem was not the best. I was shy and all of these problems took years of self improvement. Today, they want to tell all young girls that morbid obesity is ok. In a society where the food industry is poison, fast food is abundant, children’s rate of obesity is sky high, depression is in full swing, and the truth about health is hidden. Is this the new definition of what they want young girls to strive for in a world where food has been genetically modified to be highly addictive and they want to do this under the false pretense of self acceptance. Sad! Oh and while woman are self accepting of their fatness I will go the cynical route transgenders and sex robots are the new hot! Ladies your calling is to your health. Get moving and if the food didn’t come from a tree or the ground don’t eat it. That taboo word called “home maker,” get on it and make your desserts for yourself and your family from scratch. We are under attack biologically and mentally! The most beautiful gift of a woman is her ability to provide pleasure and happiness to a man, produce the fruit of life on earth, and care and nurture that life and the family. It was our gift from the creator. Anyone that goes against this is serving the anti team. Life wasn’t meant to be easy but manipulation and propaganda is huge in this world and it influences who we are as man kind, our thoughts, our choice of religion, our ideas, how we use or don’t use our creativity, and health. Don’t just follow, debate, ask questions, lead, socialize off the internet, research topics, research companies, make your own trends, don’t just march for climate change start holding the real polluters responsible like corporations, point the fingers, [email protected]&$ censorship, $&@ feelings, to hell with victim hood, we can’t grow and change without truth!
Irish Bob (2 months ago)
Too long a read... Could you shorten it down a bit? Sorry, but I'm in my 60's, and I have no time for discussion.. I already know what I need to know... MGTOW....:)
Gray Leprechaun (2 months ago)
Ashley Graham is acceptable for me as plus size. But this woman Tess uhm, she's you know... I'm sorry but... Not to offend her because I don't know her personally but uhmyou know.
Irish Bob (2 months ago)
So, what you're saying is that Ashley has incredible big booby's? Yup, that's nice.. And I agree.. Tess on the other hand, is a PIG... And, I agree with that...
Artworksunique (2 months ago)
Western Countries ideas of beauty or what is beautiful is very different compared to other countries and cultures. It is interesting how the twiggy look was in now it is the fertility Goddess look, yet before twiggy the hourglass was the most sort after look, like Marilyn Monroe, and the women back then.
Irish Bob (2 months ago)
Which is why millions of Western Men are (and have been) moving to South or Central America, or Southeast Asia for half a Century... I'm close to making that move, and will be there within a year... And, I miss Twiggy and the 60's... Good times...
Artworksunique (2 months ago)
To me it reminds me of a fertility Goddess, if she is healthy then why not?
Xatruch (2 months ago)
Obesity is unhealthy, so it's not beautiful, Tess has a pretty face, but that fat level is not atractive, someone lied to that woman.
Anyu Ashimine (2 months ago)
Thanks. .hahah
KamaroPayne (3 months ago)
I’ve never read a cosmopolitan, I’ve only got weird bunker building mags to read whilst I dump. Body positive is not correct; she’s obese, which is as unhealthy as a 5’10” model who weighs 100 pounds. Either end of the spectrum is bad. Who gives a fuck what cosmo says anyway? I guess a bunch of women who take quizzes to find out if their partners are cheating. Snort. PS: I wonder if Russell has been diagnosed bipolar .. totally off subject. I’m just super relieved to have been born so fuckin beautiful. It’s a debate that will never bother me. What a load of shite. Haha.
Sanj Chand (3 months ago)
If you are the weight she is you need to lose some fucking weight! I have been stupid weight and the best thing that happened to me was people telling me I was a fat fuck! And I'm a better man for it! I'm now a decent healthy weight and I dont get out of breath running up the stairs. Anyone that tells you being fat is great is just kidding themselves. Russel, stop sitting on the fence! If it's so acceptable to sit on your ass and become obese why don't we all do it and see how great our lives all become.
Summer Dawn (3 months ago)
There is no purpose to life without God. If we are not doing for God , we are DOING FOR THE OTHER GUY
Summer Dawn (3 months ago)
It's not free floating : Light or darkness, God or Satan.
KamaroPayne (3 months ago)
Whoaaaa nelly. Wrong video.
Sam Boyden (3 months ago)
We live in a society where children teens young adults people in general especially women are subjected to a standard of beauty seen in these magazines, tv, etc and puts a pressure to look a particular way rather than feel healthy and good in ones own body. Imagine your a normal healthy chubby little girl feeling insecure about their weight due to people perpetuating this societal conditioning and pecking order in school and possibly at home and then seeing these emaciated models many of which are also extremely insecure and live troubled lives being rewarded and glorified in the media. This could lead to mental and physical disorders and in the grander scheme of things a shallow society. I don’t know the effect or intention of displaying a large woman, maybe for some it could be positive and prevent harmful perceptions of self image. More importantly the problem seems to be how much value we as a society put into physical appearances and what other think about us and condemning those that don’t fit our positioning. Maybe we could shift to feeling good inside our bodies, being healthy, creative compassionate.
Diana Mollo (3 months ago)
Aside from the debate and it's commercial and psycological repercussions, what is important is that everyone finds their inner peace where you have no public to praise you or see what you accomplished but it's just for yourself.
Jane Sweet (3 months ago)
you should be doing 'Piers dickheads' morgans job...he's a numpty
Stella Elkhenizy (3 months ago)
I think more magazines should feature women of all shapes and sizes (and men too) ... not in a way to 'glorify' obesity - but at the same time there are lots of beautiful men and women who are NOT stick thin. That Cosmo probably have done it purely as a oneoff to sell mags; well yes of course. Obesity is a problem but it is not always linked to gluttony. Let me give you an example .... a person who has eaten what most 'normal' people can eat, with a healthy appetite; who then has an accident and can no longer exercise the way they used to. That appetite doesn't - for many people - just diminish - and then as if that struggle weren't enough, she then discovers her 'problem' is being exacerbated by an underactive thyroid - a problelm which is not being resolved by taking thyroxine medication. Stop judging people - you rarely know the full details - lets just love and care for one another and then if we are able to do so, do something POSITIVE to assist that person instead of just criticizing
Angel Carbone (3 months ago)
I think several people that comment on here have actually misinterpreted what Russell Brand is saying. he's not saying that a fat person should love their fat he's not saying that a thin person should be excited that they are thin but what he is saying is a person should love themselves irregardless of what they look like . It's not about loving obesity because the obesity would be simply the affliction and to heal the affliction one must heal themselves and in order to heal themselves they must love themselves. To be healthier to want to be more of the person that they want to be and if they don't know what that or who that person is yet to want to be successful in finding that person so that they themselves can be successful. So it's not really about a fat person being happy with their fat it's about a person who loves themselves and is willing to look at their body positively rather than a hindrance in their life and then go forward being more positive in a complete manner rather than allowing the negativity to hold them back.
mary summerill (3 months ago)
Neil Aspinall (3 months ago)
Regardless of what feminists and SJW media think and try to push, the average guy likes a woman to be slim and shapely end of story.
Rachel Blufox Aaron (3 months ago)
Pushing This as body positive shows that, they only find large women as a positive idea. Its separative ideas. Those of who literally just accept don’t need to label it. She is a person. Does it benefit us to focus our attention to others, when it could be directed to lead our own lives how we choose, and that means any way or look. Why people look to others to tell them what is beauty, when its all internal. You can change the outside, but internally your still unhappy. Human waste so much energy focusing on others, they don’t do their personal part. Enlightenment to our own power and inner connection teach us our own beauty. The rest is ego
Shiobhan De Shields (3 months ago)
I cannot belief, that he once dated Katy Perry
Shiobhan De Shields (3 months ago)
Neil Aspinall yep!
Neil Aspinall (3 months ago)
Yeah cool how he dodged that bullet yeah?
Carlos Spicy Weiner (3 months ago)
Holy fuck when did this guy get so coherent? Subbed, sir. Well played.
bikegirl2 (3 months ago)
we cant let being fat ok. it leads to a slow painful early death x
tuffguy doe (3 months ago)
It's just wrong men are just fat but, women are: plus-sized, curvy, BBW, voluptuous, and so many more.  Perfect marketing idea for cosmo since being fat is now acceptable and promoted.
Batwoman (3 months ago)
King makes sense yet again 🙌🙌
PinkyChiChi (3 months ago)
To be painfully honest with myself, I saw this and wondered where this was when I was plus sized. I lost my weight by accident. I was in pain all of the time so I didn’t move around much. I got tired of living like that so I decided to push through the pain and start to live the way I wanted in spite of the pain. Low and behold, my weight dropped through this lifestyle change (I went through this strange thing at the time where nothing tasted good for some reason. Luckily, this allowed me to become fuller faster and I didn’t eat as much when it passed). For me, my pain decreased substantially without that excess weight on my joints.
Mary Clutterbuck (3 months ago)
This alone stresses me out because I am an artist who typically draws bbw ladies purely because I find it most enjoyable and it’s what my subconscious does without thinking things through. I’m here for loving yourself because it’s all you got but people blow it so out of proportion that they forget that what you put in your mouth effects your brain functioning. There are some stunning plus models and obesity can have so many factors to it. Bad upbringing, poverty, etc. But the majority out there is because of poor life choices. Those promoting a harmful lifestyle is as bad as it is having an anorexic promoting theirs; people often forget that. So if you’re going to post photos of you eating ice cream, cookies, chips, diet cola it’s going to catch up to you eventually and especially with the insane amounts of garbage they’re hiding in everyday grocery foods now, the sugar epidemic rising up, you’re going to get stupider, fatter and slower. Like Damn son. I can’t judge too hard since I’m still class 1 obese and trying to quit smoking but I’m at least motivated enough to better myself before I jump on the streets screaming. Hence, why I keep to myself. Bravo 👏🏻
Mackis Manousaridis (3 months ago)
mate, what are you on 'bout
Victor Smith (3 months ago)
2:35 I always thought it was spelled bologna?
its yeshau not jesus (4 months ago)
She said now that she feels better emotionally now she wants to work out lol? No she always wanted to work out and never liked being a fat blob. She just didn't want anyone telling her she is fat. And just like other people before her who had the idea that they are ok with being fat, she will eventually lose the weight some how and then promote her weight loss LOL.
its yeshau not jesus (4 months ago)
Russell is stupid for this one. Come on bud, being obese should never be see as ok. You may be able to say do what you want with your body, but not celebrate the fact that you are.
Imogen Armstrong (4 months ago)
Are you a Marxist lol
Scott Ferguson (4 months ago)
Let’s be fair, fat people are NOT attractive - period!
Mister Precocious (4 months ago)
People like her are going to bankrupt the NHS.
Socks (5 months ago)
Wholeheartedly agree with Russell. I think this body positivity thing is just a way to sell clothes, it's like the Lynx ads from 2003 where a fat bald man spritzes on Lynx and the skinny bikini girls run up to him and lick his armpits. The fact clothes are marketed towards fat women has more to do with the need to sell clothes of higher sizes and less to do with body positivity; because they still photoshop models, who are the same size as me, as they would a slender model. And real body positivity would be inclusive of multiple different body types, I also ended up in a wheelchair after a hard fall, and I see precious little done towards body positivity, let alone understanding and normalization, of disabled people. I do think we need body positivity, I nearly died from anorexia in high school, it's an eating disorder that affects a lot of teenage girls but it's starting to spread to other demographics, including men. However, I don't want a magazine to be in charge of that. Especially not Cosmo, they are the trashiest mag ever. And that's what really confused me about this outrage; people are either mistaking Cosmo for Time magazine or they've only just realized Cosmo is a piece of shit magazine, promoting body positivity is one of the less harmful things they've done; they have guides on how to initiate anal sex on yourself for girls under 16, and other revolting stuff, yet nobody has raised an issue with that. It's also not even the first time this model has been on a cover, and the insinuation that it promotes obesity isn't accurate, like Russell said; women don't look at this and go "Ooh, I wanna get fat now." It's more like, you see someone who looks similar to you and you think "I matter." Got to understand I had anorexia back in a time where all models weighed 2 lbs, and I don't blame the individual models or skinny women for my eating disorder, I mainly blame myself for comparing myself to them and basing my entire self worth off it. Anorexia took away my ability to have children and it can do a great deal of harm, doctors who fed me back to my normal weight told me I only had two more weeks to live, and that while obesity is unhealthy; eating too much food is marginally healthier than withholding your body's intake of food, obesity is a 50% increase in mortality vs a 200% increase in mortality for anorexia/bullemia. They're both bad for you but one is significantly more harmful. I also don't agree that body positivity is about reforming what is seen as beautiful, definitely not telling people what to be attracted to, any attempts at enforcing such concepts are a deep perversion of body positivity. And any inferred perception of that, where no solid foundation exists to prove that, is a purely paranoid or moronic misunderstanding of the movement. If anything; it's just learning to not hate yourself because you look different or because nobody finds you attractive. You can't force people to stop being arseholes to you, but you can stop being an arsehole to youself. I mean, I work out and diet solely to maintain good health, as much as possible for a disabled woman, I used to be disgusted by my fat body but I was more or less disgusted by how it caused people to treat me, I've stared at my flaws in the mirror for nearly three days but I came to the conclusion that I don't actually hate my body, I like the way it looks and I know I look after it. And going around in a wheelchair; you get a lot of rudeness from people, they push through you, gawk at you from the distance like a freak, refuse to make eye contact when you talk face-to-face with them, and some of them even accuse you of faking it. So I came to the conclusion that people are generally just like this with people they don't understand. Same people who bullied me for being fat often bullied me for being emaciated and in a wheelchair. And a lot of people used the excuse "I'm just trying to motivate you to get healthy" to justify their rudeness and disgusting treatment of me, regarding my weight, though they obviously didn't motivate me to get healthy; they only reinforced the mindset that I was disgusting and worthless, made me anorexic and suicidal. If you really cared about someone's health; you'd bring it up in a far more respectful way. Being fat isn't like the hiccups, you can't "shock" people out of it, and they're not oblivious to their weight, even if they're really into the body positivity stuff. I tried that one piece too and it was shit, did not fit me at all. Need more clothes for tall women, I don't often realize I'm tall until the clothes relinquish that truth upon me.
Fabio Hussein (5 months ago)
I'm eating spicy chicken wings. Halal bbq. Delicious.
p gb (5 months ago)
Good argument! Regardless of whether she may be healthy or not, i think there is a double standard, for example, as much as we say that it's not good to glorify people with drug or alcohol problems, we dont really question their health if they happen to be on the thinner side, like, ever. So as much as people justify their bias by saying we should vilify those living in an unhealthy way, the attacks only seem to be directed towards plus size people. Is it because thin people dont challenge our beauty standards or have we just been raised to be more critical of fat people in general? Just something to think about.
Ruth Grego (5 months ago)
we all know the reason why these obese individuals are given support to maintain their obesity it has nothing to do with if they feel good or not with themselves. Corporations make a pile of money from fat people, more than thin ones, just think, imagine all fat people starting to eat normal portions and not eating rubbish foods, etc. there would be 1000% down on profits from sales, if they keep eating for 10 people, better, more profit, besides a lot of other industry benefits from fat people, like the health and fitness industry, the drug industry...and ultimately the government and private insurance companies will be very happy to know that all this obese population who will not usually live past 50 years old...will not have a state or any retirement pay...that is the solution to state or private retirement pensions. keep fatting them up! it is a win win for business!
lilly (5 months ago)
Putting on a cover a mortally obese woman is as damaging as putting a zero size model...Promoting obesity as well as anorexic or bulimic models with size zero is absurd. The woman from the cover is extremely sick and making her a beauty icon is as preposterous as making a beauty icon from somebody who looks like just came out of the concentration camp...These are just two extremes. Putting such woman on a cover prevents her and other mortally obese women from taking care of themselves, taking care of their physical, mental and emotional health (obviously she has internal problems, otherwise she wouldn't be that obese) and it leads to their certain death.
Fist Finger (5 months ago)
Disingenuous prick...you need to stop talking pseudo-intellectual shite and be honest. Who is she influencing..how many fat girls out there are unhappy...want to change, but decide not to because this woman has glamourised it? People should be encouraged to live healthy lifestyles...I'm surprised you don't agree with that. Faking positivity about an unhealthy body isn't positive you fucking fraud. Almost like you when you were a junkie encouraing that kind of behaviour, no? How is it any different to promoting those kinds of addiction? Is that next...smackhead and proud! You go, girl...jab that arm! Good for you..don't let anyone shame you...as long as you're happy. Remember when you were relevant? What changed?
skyv987 (5 months ago)
Personally I agree with 'promoting' her body type on magazines and acceptance and all that shit. We should all have absolutely fuck all to say about anyone else's body or even their bad habits. It's no one's business. If someone is fat and feels good, let them. The only thing I will say is that these role models, magazines etc shouldn't ever be promoting that extreme obesity can be healthy. It's not. But that's a separate thing. Actually promoting a non-judgemental attitude toward fat people is more likely to help than hinder weightloss. The current default of society is still to depress the fuck out of fat people by treating them like dogshit.
Ciara McGuirk (5 months ago)
Wow spoken so well ❤️
The Unseen Eye (5 months ago)
I always get confused between you and Coogan
MomtherOfDragons (5 months ago)
I have to admit.. I thought you were just some weird celebrity that had nothing remotely interesting to say.. I was wrong. You laid this out and spoke kindly but truthfully. Very refreshing.
alex davidson (5 months ago)
Good video...made me think more than normal
Chris S (5 months ago)
I completely agree, General Zod.
Heather Comeaux (5 months ago)
How's that body positive? That's body destroying! Diabetes, hypertension, heart attack, stroke, the list goes on- of you want to have that much fat packed between the muscle and skin! This is not healthy!
WadeInnRoad (5 months ago)
You are so introspectively intelligent. I have never heard someone so honestly dishonest, so funny, so sharp, so accepting, so clear, so biting, so free to admit his frailties and to point out the stupidities of others. I love you, Russell. ♥️🤘🏻🤘🏼🤘🏽
fortnite_godd (6 months ago)
I didn't think it was possible but he just got like a million percent hotter
fortnite_godd (6 months ago)
When did Russell Brand get a YouTube channel 😂👌
KamaroPayne (3 months ago)
Uhhh. Really? I’ve been drooling over his brain for years.
Liza Tanzawa (6 months ago)
Well, fat poor people ARE the fastest-growing demographic in crony capitalist countries
99 Bottles of Bleach (5 months ago)
In weight or in number?
Rikavari (6 months ago)
That 🎥 I feel Pretty, is a Must see!!!
Sound Evolution (6 months ago)
beautifully spoken .... well done.
Franklin Jerusha (6 months ago)
You have great skin
Night Owl (6 months ago)
You are spot on, I think if people are positive about themselves, that would make it easier to make healthier choices, and not feel like they have to hide behind closed doors. I think it’s hard to even go to a gym or do anything recreational if you feel like you aren’t accepted/
Stephen Goulding (6 months ago)
Russell brand is a pain in the arse white knight, and that is not beautiful
Eric Alexander (6 months ago)
This is the 'first' time I have enjoyed Russell speaking. A refreshing break from interrupting his guests and condemning the Elite.
Bartek Gałązka (6 months ago)
Russell, that kind of snake is called Ouroboros, as you propably know.
Kuumba Creations (6 months ago)
When did Russell brand become so well-spoken and have such profound ideas? Has he always been like this?
CarlyJ M (3 months ago)
Yeah for some time definitely. I guess the media portrays his rock star image more though but I think he's always been a deep thinker and began talking more about ideas after getting clean from his own addictions.
joanofarc33 (6 months ago)
She’s not a larger beautiful woman she’s an obese woman and having a pretty face while obese doesn’t change the fact that she’s morbidly obese. There. No commas or periods.
Johanna vdD (6 months ago)
Wow! He cut right through the bullshit and exposed the truth. Nicely done Russel!
outlawstars100 (6 months ago)
It's a load of bullshit because she is still photoshopped, if they wanted to be body positive they would include all the stretch marks and cellulite
Brian Marshall (6 months ago)
🤢🤮🤮 damn that’s fuckin disgusting
Paige Weiss (6 months ago)
“An artificial debate that exists primarily in the world of commerce...” Yes, just humans creating industries based on the thoughts and ideals of other humans. Making money off of creating ideals with which we choose to define ourselves. Kind of backwards as we are the primary ones to define ourselves since we are the ones in the end who are producing the thoughts running around in our heads. So I guess we just have to be careful about what information we choose to take in and process.

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