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Meeting & Dating On-Line / Social Networking

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We met through Youtube...our take on meeting potential lovers/partners on-line. Please subscribe! Also check out our personal channels and subscribe! http://youtube.com/felicianicole86 http://youtube.com/mainelybutch
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Bruni Baez (8 years ago)
i hope u can remember me.me an pink were friends.if so plz contact me asap plz tyvm sweetie an btw gbu sweetie an ur gf. congrats.iam on fb or email me on yahoo,.
gmp ny (8 years ago)
I agree, safety is an issue with any dating service. But yeah, being online has become the place to meet people for sure. Skype is excellent because you can really SEE who the person is and get their reactions visually to help you judge how it might go. My advice to anyone is dont DO or say anything that can come back at you if it doesnt work out cause as we all know, people can be mean if THEY feel they have been rejected. Also, I dont think you're a player LOL

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