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Top 35 Hollywood Undead Songs

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My HU toplist - It was hard to choose 35 favourite songs, I like ALL SONGS of them. What's your top 10 from HU? Please comment! :)
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Aergo 431 (3 months ago)
Where is City? And the natives?
jay_the_shadow_ guy (3 months ago)
Every were i go was the first song i ever heard by hollywood undead when i was 6 im 13 now and still love hollywood undead
jay_the_shadow_ guy (1 month ago)
+Multi -Fandom- Trillionaire my dad was a thug back then lmao
jay_the_shadow_ guy That is not an appropriate song for a 6 year old 😂
Race Allen (4 months ago)
Mangle Dude X (1 year ago)
I agree with your list, but not what you chose as number 1. Sure, it's a good song but it's so over rated.
Ty Burda (5 months ago)
He just did. It was his favorite at the time and now its disease. He commented on somebody else that's how I know that
katelynn duarte (1 year ago)
my top 10 is #10 Another way out #9 California #8 S.C.A.V.A #7 Lights out #6 Medicine #5 Kill Everyone #4 Everywhere I Go #3 Delish #2 No.5 #1 Been To Hell some others that are my fav are Usual suspects, lion, dead bite, day of the dead, hear me now, we are, young, undead and coming in hot
Cilantro Master (1 year ago)
im kinda sick of S.C.A.V.A not getting its due
Cilantro Master (1 year ago)
Marzipan Cool! sorry i didnt check the time it came out. im really excited for the new album
Marzipan (1 year ago)
This video is pretty old. Now S.C.A.V.A is in my top 5 ;)
everywhere I go should always be first
Race Allen (4 months ago)
Ty Burda (5 months ago)
That's got to be one of my least favorites
Brody Maddox (2 years ago)
How is Comin in Hot not Top 10???????
Ty Burda (5 months ago)
It's all opinion based. This list is probably his favorites so that would be why
Ty Burda (5 months ago)
I guess it didn't come in hot
The Croissant squad (7 months ago)
How is everywhere I go not number 2
Dusty Wrestling (1 year ago)
Royal Lizard221 (2 years ago)
My favorites our bullet and circles
Isaac Garcia (2 years ago)
Top Ten: 10: Outside 9:Everywhere I Go 8: Hear Me Now 7: Levitate 6: Young 5: Undead 4: Lion 3: This Love, This Hate 2: Paradise Lost 1: Black Dahlia 👌
KMTT326 (3 years ago)
My favorite song's either Let Go or Take Me Home in their New album (Day Of The Dead) I think it's actually Young
KMTT326 (3 years ago)
My favorite song's young
Loud Cloud (3 years ago)
I totally agree, but undead is 1st? I am sick of that sucky song always getting 1st!
The Croissant squad (7 months ago)
Why does he suck American tradgedys dick
Dusty Wrestling (1 year ago)
It ismy Favorite Song, but it does get annoying, also, WHY IS COMIN IN HOT IN 34?
Alexis μ (1 year ago)
Marzipan disease is my jam
Conner The Fire Fox (2 years ago)
me to
Marzipan (3 years ago)
Yes, I think that was my fav song when I made the video. Now that's Disease ^^ But Undead is still my anthem. I love that song sooo much
Cam Baby (3 years ago)
i agree with you and almost all of these !!!

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