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Rapper/Songwriter "LATRUTH" Is back with Part 5 of his Web Series "WILL HE CHEAT" starring rapper Queen T @QueenT216 & Lil Zane aka LZ Stunna @LilZanesWorld I'm so excited because i was able to get Actress Jennifer Renee @JustJennyRenee If you guys continue to support this movement i will keep making these. Follow all of my social media below from all the links. WEBSITE▶ http://www.thisizlatruth.com TWITTER▶ http://www.twitter.com/_latruth INSTAGRAM▶ http://www.instagram.com/_latruth FACEBOOK▶ http://www.facebook.com/rapperlatruth
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Text Comments (262)
Davelle Washington (20 days ago)
🚹 Wanna Die Behind Some ⛽
Mook Meen07305 (1 month ago)
That shit was super wack 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
Kevin Frazier (1 month ago)
These all got that same sounding instrumental....
Jermaine Glunder (1 month ago)
Is that a snoop dogg track
Julia Vargas (2 months ago)
A hott! Hott! Mess! I could rap. Yeah ok. Rap you're a$$out that dam door. Thirsty! Smh
Jesus Espinoza (2 months ago)
I get the girl in the red? Thats it
Jesus Espinoza (2 months ago)
I did not understand
Cheryl Ratliff (2 months ago)
Dude you tripping.....leave them alone.
Cheryl Ratliff (2 months ago)
She just fucked up.......talking to much....every dog has its day!
Christopher Waring (2 months ago)
We need more season
Thomas Miller (2 months ago)
truly enjoyed watching love the hoodie let me im sure others where to purchase
Emmanuel Jeffrey Lorrius (3 months ago)
Is that Lil Zane??
Jimmy Davis (3 months ago)
Take 5, regroup to much is happening.
Loso Jacobs (3 months ago)
Can black people make something other than hood shit...
Tari Harden (3 months ago)
So the chick in the red is the one banging the pots? Or the one that sent him the video?.... Or is that the same woman lol
Andrew Crane (3 months ago)
Baby girl in the red dress sexy as hell.
Beautiful Beast (3 months ago)
Females ant shit smh
Jaylen Lenear (3 months ago)
Bruh stop doin this to us. Forget parts just drop the whole thing as a movie
Tommy Shebly (4 months ago)
Lil Zane 👀👀 banging on the window
Daron M. (4 months ago)
Chick in the red so fine smdh
CAprice JOnes (4 months ago)
The Rose (4 months ago)
Where is episode 6?
Trenton Brown (4 months ago)
Man she is so so so fine in the red and the other girl in the blue jeans jacket she gorgeous jan 4 2019 time is 5 :41 am
laron robinson (4 months ago)
I'll really like this so far ..and I CAINT stand bootleg shit!... good job
Bw swear they b lookn good with that weave hat.Yall be lookn cheap azz fukk
Denzel (4 months ago)
Chick in the red dress can have my last kid
Simo Maseti (4 months ago)
Where's part one to four?
Dixion Kash (4 months ago)
Dumb desperate skanks will fuck any devil that will lay with them when they be the most miserable people in the world so they do desperate dumb shit just to feel realivant in this cold odd azz world when karmA always serves their dumb asses da fuck up though no matter WHAT cause nothing is unseen by the 👑 so just like it says in the bible what goes around definitely COMES BACK HELIFIED KARMA
Knowbe Onekanobe (4 months ago)
lashaun Harts (4 months ago)
Is that lil Zane
T Sam (4 months ago)
I can't read the text...
Malama Tindi (4 months ago)
Life lesson,.. When one door closes two more open up.
James grant (4 months ago)
Most definitely need a part 6
wildboz27 (4 months ago)
Dis shit was all over the place and corny
Kemar Bennett (5 months ago)
I like the make up girl
Fam.... Was good... Happy Holidays to you and yours... But yo was good.... We waitin on a part 6 lmao.... Hmmmmmm let me find out he got scurred
Twon Redd Hood (5 months ago)
People run from the name skip over pass over wont even peep
Twon Redd Hood (5 months ago)
Shit Raw But The Name Lil Zane Jus food for thought lil zane was a falling star in the 90s never to be seen again it was bad tho
Cadrious Ross (5 months ago)
Still no part 6 or 7 ?
Jay Príncé (5 months ago)
U gotta stop ending dem Like dat 😭😭😭bro u got a true talent like this can be a movie or show either one would be a good shot because the way this film or video catches my attention smh I be really into on what’s gone happen next it’s really well set up and put out💯
Fredericka Bell (6 months ago)
And still don't want that hoe"😂
?? (6 months ago)
Bruh why all the females want him....tbh he not even dat fine 😒
george talley II (7 months ago)
Umm what was i watching?
LATRUTH (7 months ago)
george talley II a series titled Will He Cheat I created that has more than 50 million views online. Is your screen broke or something?
X'zani Simmons (7 months ago)
I say that's right some women is just gonna be like that because they don't know there worth it's so sad and I'm sick of alk of them that's like that
Kordel Whitaker (7 months ago)
Thats crazy how he can pull a weapen out like that😢😢😢😢😢
Kordel Whitaker (7 months ago)
On that man
nora crowder (8 months ago)
#LaTruth representing the Queen City!! Charlotte NC....!!! Ayyyyeeeeee!! Xoxo 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘👌👍💯💯💯💯💙💜💙💜💙💜
Jeremy Eastland (8 months ago)
real carolina shit
Christy Garry (8 months ago)
She should watch her girlfriend.
Feeyayla kush (8 months ago)
Hey latruth remember me we use to date
Fury 9000 (8 months ago)
The cousin fine af & thick af, but the underarm sweat is definitely a turn off. (In my little kid voice): Ew!
L casanova (8 months ago)
Red dress my steelo
Sarah James (8 months ago)
Trifling heffas
Nephew 716 (8 months ago)
Great series keep up the great work, favorite part was man I'm just trying to get some gas🤣😂🤣
Mary Evans (8 months ago)
So dude went out of town with ole girl after he got shot from her instigating
Troy Brown Entertainment (8 months ago)
Is that lil Zane at the gas station ?
LATRUTH (8 months ago)
Yeah that’s zane
Cole' Dean (8 months ago)
Rod Williams (8 months ago)
Bro you have great quality content 💯
Ms.Kapone (9 months ago)
That's lil zane
LeRoy Robinson (9 months ago)
Dng her homies coming for em
Tenzin Yougyal (9 months ago)
the red one she is cute I would love to be with that
Michael Duval (9 months ago)
Nigga look like Lil Zane.
Ashaun Walwyn (9 months ago)
girls are opportunist
Tenzin Yougyal (9 months ago)
red one was just thirsty looking like Lauren London got feature of her face but she thick though I wouldn't mind hitting that she bad and looking good for dessert from top to the bottom and I will eat her and make her ma wife
Random Vids (9 months ago)
sub for sub. like and reply done if you subbed so I can sub back
David Gainey (9 months ago)
Where is the rest of the episodes
OOZi — (9 months ago)
Did the nigga just forget that dude pulled a gun out em
Loyal nigga winning Fym
Tunbi Ajayi (9 months ago)
The guy was faithful with her hubby
Ariyana Hambrick (9 months ago)
Yall fack
Ariyana Hambrick (9 months ago)
Ha kid toys in the back ground
GrindSMART (9 months ago)
That's how it happens.... lose one and come back with 2.... good men never down for long
GrindSMART (9 months ago)
Charlotte NC shiiiiiid I live there
Andrea Love (9 months ago)
Shout out Charlotte nc 😂😂❤️
Soar Enlighti (9 months ago)
Bad acting but funny
Is that lil Zane ???
Tyrone Epps (9 months ago)
latruth keep 🆙 the good work this channel is on 🔥!
Kim K (9 months ago)
but so entertaining 😍
Kim K (9 months ago)
I'll never bring a bitch around mine omg this is ridiculous
Datarious Anderson (9 months ago)
Ayy Charlotte NC
EURK (9 months ago)
Jaylan Scotton (9 months ago)
Im from north carolina
Terrell Goldsmith (9 months ago)
Yo...u do yo thang!! These vids hot n creative!! 😎😎😎💯💯💯
Robin Wize Feline (9 months ago)
Everybody want truth, ashly ain't have NO friends
Corey Mitchell (8 months ago)
Robin Wize Feline She sure didn't have any friends. They'll be waiting to get the guy she's with next.
Richard Braxton (9 months ago)
What up bra heard you say nc you from here bra 919 here bro
lamar sharpboss (9 months ago)
I think the title for this movie should be "these hoes aint loyal"
LATRUTH (7 months ago)
lamar sharpboss LoL 😂
Khila Haley (9 months ago)
He knows Snoop Dogg I'm finna subscribe
Triniti Coclough (9 months ago)
very nice!!! Got my votes!!!!!
TRUCKER T BKLYN (9 months ago)
Shorty with the jeans ...slid right and got him...🤣🤪🤣🤪
Tahjaye Smith (9 months ago)
Wanna see more make these come back
rossdaboss1959 (9 months ago)
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CHEF DISASTER (9 months ago)
This. Is really good
Pheezy420 REEFER (9 months ago)
Those girls can’t act
Tyrone Epps (9 months ago)
These girls can act so don't hate
Tyrone Epps (9 months ago)
these girl can act
ALPO YEO (9 months ago)
Kris Crite (9 months ago)
Keep these vids coming, im fuckn wit it!!
XxKramer21xX sAw 8 (9 months ago)
I'm here for the booty...but I wont cheat lol
young gator (9 months ago)
Was that lil zane ? Lol
Wayne Barton (9 months ago)
Wayne Barton (9 months ago)
reeves. reeves I'll take your word for it then.
Tanka Rodchie (9 months ago)
Lala Jones (9 months ago)
What kinda friends shorty got I'm helping my bitches hide the cheating if anything
Kelly Chee (9 months ago)
They over doing it..he the best man in the world orr

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