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Text Comments (3867)
espace le bleu (1 day ago)
Ameninian are descadant of aram. Aramaic
John Doe (3 days ago)
The bible is such a bullshit!
Em frem (3 days ago)
Genuinely can’t wait to visit love from the U.K 🇬🇧 💙🇦🇲
Lourevel Halunajan (7 days ago)
Armenia is superb!You should not miss to visit it.Their food taste great,amazing monasteries,beautiful landscape and its very safe. Been there last June 2019.And I will go back definitely.
Beka Machurishvili (8 days ago)
There is no ancient Armenia they are Persian descent people
Petros Pilasos (4 days ago)
I wonder why Armenian related videos gather so many trolls such as this Beka Machurishvili and other Turkified scumbags.
Lol (7 days ago)
Beka Machurishvili wtf
Koko Gadela junior (9 days ago)
EXTOL ZEBULON (15 days ago)
No one really knows where the Ark was built. FACT the Israelites Exodused through the pass of Israel to go NW between the Askinaz / Black sea and Caspian sea. Could some Israelites have stayed behind or could Armenians be gentiles as they believe God had a mother just as the Romans do. The TRUE ISRAELITES are awakening but are not dark they have *UR* in thier name still to this day they are the original keepers of the Bible. Noah might have landed by Ararat but Noah would never say God has a mother. When Noah was born he was light like the Angelic ones it is said Noahs son Shem built Egypt hence the statues to this day are Anglo. The Anglo are the Shemites. Armenians from japheth ? Sounds right. God's Chosen People come from the line of Shem and His decendants to Abraham of *UR*
granskare (17 days ago)
during the year of 1958, when a C-130 was lured off course into Soviet Armenia, about 17 men lost their lives to ridiculous USSR laws calling for the shootdown of planes. If that plane were forced to land near Yerevan, great surveillance treasures could be found
granskare (17 days ago)
Tallat and Enver are responsible for the massacres. Angkor in Cambodia also had great scenes. When I was in Turkey in the late 1950's, I enjoyed the grand bazaar. Istanbul had about one million people at that time.
M Me (19 days ago)
Viva Armenia!
Jan Pearson (19 days ago)
Armenia the land of Noah is the homeland of the white (Caucasian) race and first civilization of sumer,and western civilization.
I love Armenia... Hope to back there again with my family next winter..
K S (20 days ago)
its just a shame what Turkey did to the Armenians. We dont hear much on the Armenian Genocide though do we?
Marben Solania (20 days ago)
Armenia is indeed an underrated destination! DILIJAN, located 100km north of Yerevan, is one of a kind! This quiet town has amazing hidden medieval monasteries, picturesque landscapes and the hospitality of the residents is incredible! 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻😊😍 Here's the full video of my travel: https://youtu.be/Hgq1GhNMHaI
Zorica Momcilovic (21 days ago)
aly akkash (22 days ago)
Beautiful country! Putting it in My travel list!
Bonniebelle Oneal (22 days ago)
This is the most comments I have seen in a site since I started to learn to navigate YouTube. Almost 4000 is amazing to me. I am researching "the land of Noah" whether it's in Armenia, Georgia, the Caucas Mountain area, Turkey, Azerbijan, or Timbucto - I don't care. I think our modern life started in this area and Armenian culture has more "artifacts" of tradition than any other in the region - from before Catholicism. The actual site of the ark is very important, of course but the DNA is too All the world owes it's very life too this area and I wish everyone would cool down the nationalism, militarism, and even religion and truely be at peace remembering that the world was once destroyed because of these things (and more) that corrupted the world. All that beautiful peaceful nature was created by the very God you pray to for peace. Preserve it, not viscous animosity for past Injury. I am angry about the inhumanity suffered by genocide and mourne the loss of knowledge,genetics,and language which makes my job as historian so much harder. I cry to think of Caucasians who's ancestors died in the Great Desporia and were thrown into the Black Sea making their descendants abhor eating the desendants of the fish that ate their people. The travesty is overwhelmingly. It's understandably hard to think of uniting the world with history much older than these atrosities. That's my interest. We all decend from the sons of Noah and I aim to prove it even through the hurt and the pain. (I'm still wondering about Bigfoot, aliens, chimeras, and other crypto subjects.) The governments are keeping secrets from the masses for a reason. I think its time to start revealing truths a bit at a time. Heaven knows Hollywood has tried, albeit in hype - style, not real truth Real truth is thought - provoking, not box office.
Mika To (22 days ago)
🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲im In Armenian
Mathews Kurien (22 days ago)
Oh,God , lift me as a wave ,as a leaf as a cloud and drop me somewhere in Arminia so that I can kneel before Thee and say my thanks to Thee for creating Arminia the most awesomely beautiful country in this world with Thine own hands ! Oh, Arminia I love Thee !
Very informative & beautiful historical places👍one of my bucket list❤
input365 (23 days ago)
The massacre was done by Turkish Jews.
Joseph David (24 days ago)
She was 12 and I was 10 years old when I met my Armenian-French girlfriend, last name Vezerian. Her aunt, also a Vezerian Armenian, lived nearby my family. Did Alexander of Macedonia pass thru Armenia? BTW, I planted two Blenheim Apricot trees on my parent's last home property.
Elias Vazquez (24 days ago)
Son descendientes de uno de los hijos de Noé jafet. En la feria de las culturas amigas traen todo desde su origen.es muy grato saber de ellos.allí quedó el arca como dice la biblia.no hay duda
Jesus Son (25 days ago)
To destroy the works of the Devil is not easy. Because Hagar let all nations astrey. Id that was possible POPES for 2000 years would have done it. Tha's why the body is made of parts that each part plays a specific a role. Without JESUS ETERNAL SON NONE WILL BE ABLE TO COME TOGETHER because of BABYLON'S CONFUSION HAGAR. YES EVEN ARMANIA WAS IN COFUSION BEACUSE OF THEM. Ezeikel 29 NEbuchadezzer Reward Deuteronomy 26:5 Awaits sowing holy seed in them by JESUS SON - REGINA IS ONE OF THE MAIN BODY PARTS FROM THEM. JESUS SON STARTED WORK ON HER AND SHE PREVENTED THE LAW OF MOSES FROM BEING BROKEN BY EVIDANCE OF CIRCUMCISION NOT BY HUMAN HANDS. BEFORE MERCY WAS DELIVERED TO TAKE OVER JERUSALEM AND SAMARIA THAT OWN THE ENTIRE ESTATE - GALATIANS 4:1 JOHN 7:21-24
I love it, Thank you
They have beautiful and mysterious ancient history........🇦🇲😊
Petros Pilasos (28 days ago)
And beautiful mysterious haunting music to go with it>>  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NnvZ7Yb5OE&t=2022s
Pam Bergner (29 days ago)
Thank you for a beautiful documentary about Armenia. What a beautiful country.
Darryl Bass (1 month ago)
@1:09 "Christian Race" This kind of bullshit is why the world is so racist and fucked up.
Petros Pilasos (28 days ago)
@Darryl Bass No shit, everybody knows that Christianity is a religion and not a race.. However, he is referring to a "Christian race" meaning a race that is Christian.. Anyways just calm the fuck down man, Planet Doc made this documentary not Armenians.. BTW there is nothing wrong with races, nationality, ethnicity.. Just love yourself and respect the other , that's all you gotta do and there will be peace in the world. There is nothing wrong with diversity!!
Darryl Bass (28 days ago)
@Petros Pilasos Christian is a religion not a race. Any person can be a Christian. You people obsess over the notion of race.
Petros Pilasos (29 days ago)
whats's wrong with a race that is Christian?
Buffy Breeden (1 month ago)
Using Noah as a sales pitch?
Petros Pilasos (28 days ago)
If anybody can, then should be Armenia
Gissie D (1 month ago)
7:14 thats why it was destroyed by earth quake
Dellyl chem (1 month ago)
Armenia is a beautifel place on earth & verry good people . But the real home place of noah is the Middle East on the persian gulf(one of the lowest place's on earth) en from their whant the Ark to today Arrarat Mountens located in today Turkey & with the boarder of Armenia (one of the highest place 's in the higher Middle East). The genocide of Armenia is a genocide of the hellistic-khazar=AskhaNAZI jews & European elite because the last real Ottoman kalief whas Abdulrahmein till 1909. Armenian & Turkish people has the same ancestor 3 son of noah Japhet a real follower of the monotostic religion of his father . Shem is the oldest son of noah & hy is the grandfather of the semetic taking people Arabs of the Middle East & North-horn of Africa & Isrealites not the jews= ar converteds to judaism (hellistic-khazar jews) . Ham whas the middle son of noah & responsbal for the Central & South Africans . This is real history . Never forget that it is written that the childeren of japhet lived on the right side of his older brother today Turkey-Armenia( the resting place of the Ark), Shem Middle East . I now this of searching oldest resources availabal on Earth . Look at the resources of the Koran & Hadith also a found this back on the bible of Jozef Barnabas real apostel of Jesus & the Saint Thomas of the Egypt monostary in his bible .
Grace O (1 month ago)
BRAVO!!!! ABRI HAYASSDA♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🌷♥️🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷
Tina Tina (1 month ago)
And of course, Noah was Great Armenian! Actually, whole human civilisation started from Armenia, humanity exist because of Great Armenia. Did u know that first human was Armenian and came out of Sevan?😂😂😂😂😂
Ruthanne Schnell (1 month ago)
Wonderful place greetings from Edward's mississippi
roger mccollough (1 month ago)
central europe is so beautiful
M. S. (1 month ago)
Armenia is the land of bullshit.
Ar Men Ia (9 days ago)
turds are the nation of rat's shit
Petros Pilasos (1 month ago)
If you can read>>. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armenia
WizzardOfPaws (1 month ago)
There are no mosques in Armenia
Petros Pilasos (1 month ago)
There is one, isn't that enough?
Gregory Bailey (1 month ago)
The whole story of noah..one big lie..everything to cover the Neanderthal did not died.. you the white race of people origin
Sharon T (1 month ago)
We all descendants of Noah lmao… Now at 10:31 Pagan cross carrying Christians healing a pagan king then straight to the capital fruit... well damn what is more important... Obey the 10 commandments . God of old is still the God of new
Albania Armenia and Greece are the Oldest Language.
Helen Ismail (1 month ago)
Wonderful intelligence
Bobi Laforce (1 month ago)
Great, heroic people! Love and respect from Serbia.
Norma Tible (1 month ago)
Kardashians are half armenians
Petros Pilasos (29 days ago)
What's the other half?
Alfredo Montealegre (1 month ago)
Bravo Armenia! Not even the Turks could erase you; despite the genocide in the early XXc.
granskare (1 month ago)
I have read that Talaat and Enver were responsible for the massacres of Armenians, perhaps other were involved- why else would Turkey keep denying this?
granskare (1 month ago)
at about 1950-60, an American spy C130 airplane was shot down near Yerevan...if that plane were forced down to the Yerevan airport, the Soviets would had treasuries of spy craft beyond belief.
granskare (1 month ago)
again, the alphabet is difficult. Mustapha Kemal changed the Turkish language to a Latin script and the law based upon that of France.
l b (1 month ago)
The land of Abraham
Kursat Kadir CANLI (1 month ago)
everything is very beautiful, but at the same time everything told is a fairy tale for adults.
Tigran Mkhitarian (16 days ago)
Says the turk.... nothing else needs to be added
Petros Pilasos (1 month ago)
have some faith
joe John (1 month ago)
On the books the language is Ethiopian.
joe John (29 days ago)
@Petros Pilasos no I wasn't pretending but I know my alphabet's when I see them
Petros Pilasos (29 days ago)
Your comment was about language and not the alphabet, these are two different things. Second, even the alphabets,  they may look slightly similar, they are two separate writing scripts. I guess you really weren't pretending .. lol
Double headed eagle (29 days ago)
@Petros Pilasos not stupid there iis great similarity between ethopian alphabet and armenian alphabet
Petros Pilasos (1 month ago)
Are you really stupid, or are you just pretending?
Hilbert Perez (1 month ago)
If islam come to this land, this country will be distroy.
Double headed eagle (29 days ago)
it came and its destroy and 2 millions are killed and expelled
Jade (1 month ago)
Beautiful Armenia, so rich in culture and history. One day I will visit your beautiful country, it is definitely on my bucket list along with Russia, Israel, Spain, Turkey and Greece.
khato rukhadze (1 month ago)
Greetings from georgia❤
Yeshitila Yigzaw (1 month ago)
I am from Ethiopia but I want to visit Armania
Mejean Life&Nature (1 month ago)
I wish i could visit here someday,
Bel Le (1 month ago)
Love it!!! My ancestors are armenians❤️My greatgrandpa was armenian who was rescued and hidden by the zaza folk in Dersim eastern Turkey, so he got married to my lovely greatgrandma who was a zaza✌🏼
Saima Noureen (1 month ago)
Not noah Hazarat noah aila salam
Tigran Mkhitarian (16 days ago)
Go fuck your islam you dont know nothing
KEh Kah (1 month ago)
Made up history 😁 Made up land 🤣 Made up ppl ..🤦‍♂️ Comoon be realistic ☝️
KEh Kah (1 month ago)
@Hambik V I Feel more Pitt for u.. Blivien such a made up history ... Pity u 😁🤣🤦‍♂️
Hambik V (1 month ago)
I can just feel pity for u...
Michelle S. (1 month ago)
I would looove to visit Armenia!!! 😍 much love from Guatemala! 🙏🏼💖
jetdude787 (1 month ago)
Amazing country! Beautiful people! Gotta go back.
Back Country (1 month ago)
I've been looking for one of the safest countries in the world I know its history but in the last days I think this is going to be one of the safest ones
maxeliter (1 month ago)
Fucken cock suckers
Petros Pilasos (1 month ago)
scumbag hater.. your mom gave birth to you while she was taking a shit
Bayzid Hossain (1 month ago)
Love to see this ancient historic places of Armenia
Elvin Hebibov (1 month ago)
All information is false for armenia. Dont believe them
Tigran Mkhitarian (16 days ago)
Says the azerO
Petros Pilasos (1 month ago)
Says someone whos ancestors were Turkified.. Your existence is false buddy!
Лена д (1 month ago)
Bless God all my dear <3
Myra Chona Landicho (1 month ago)
I wish and have always wanted to visit and explore this beautiful country with my family. 😘 Love from Philippines 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
Marie Ewican (1 month ago)
Amazing country..speechless ...God bless this people And their country
Anna Chernyshova (1 month ago)
Good movie but no mention of the amazing Armenian food
Alicia Connolly (1 month ago)
Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Lord Jesus our Lord. Beautiful country. God bless Armenia.
Elvin Ganiyev (1 month ago)
There was not any ancient armenia. Ancient Christians only were Caucasian Albanians. All ancient churches remained from them.All their historical sources are just hallucination!
Tigran Mkhitarian (16 days ago)
Petros Pilasos (1 month ago)
Let me guess, Caucasian Albanians turned into Islamic Azeri Turks, kind of like how humans turn into zombies in Hollywood movies.. Your Turkified existence is false buddy!
Laarni Deloria (1 month ago)
Armenia is beautiful, wow I hope someday I'll get the chance to experience this beauty close at hand. The oldest cathedral in the world is located in Armenia. Love from Philippines❤❤❤
Arsenia Almeron Simon (1 month ago)
I Love the Place..I went in different place like the Cascade,Genocides Memorial,Mount Aragat,Mother Armenia,Armenian Alphabet & the oldest church
soniarose1983 (1 month ago)
Incredible. Look at the petraglyphs. I really want to go!!! It's a very long way from Australia
Michael Kontes (1 month ago)
Noahs Ark today is in modern day Turkey, but originally in ancient Armenia. It sits 2 kilometers from the Iranian border, it is several miles from the current town Doubyzit. Unfortunately, because of the 1915 genocide, much was lost from the verbal tradition. For example, the current city called "Kazan" was called "The Land of 8". No one currently knows how the name was given, but Genesis 6-8 tells us... Noah, his wife, his three sons and three daughter's in law. If you look up "Ron Wyatt discoveries" on UTube, you will get all the information you want on this, its amazing.
Sadig Garayev (1 month ago)
😂😂😂 Bootleg version of Azerbaijani story 😂😂😂. Lmaoo this is the best Fantasy Sifi story. Ethiopian Alphabet, Persian descendants, Turkish culture and cuisine 😂
Ar Men Ia (9 days ago)
@Sadig Garayev lmao you azeris literally use LATIN ALPHABET so fuck off dirty mongols stop making yourselves a laughable material
Petros Pilasos (1 month ago)
Thanks for telling us who you are, a Turkified Persian whos culture has nothing in common with Turkic nations of Central Asia. There is no such thing as Turkish culture, only what has been stolen, copied, or barrowed from other. No, the Armenian alphabet and Ethiopian alphabets are not the same, and yes, culture shock brought you here!
Sadig Garayev (1 month ago)
And Azerbaijani music 😂
Ydnardi Zond (1 month ago)
I've known many Armenians and most of them are temperamental ( always easily get provoked even with senseless things ).
olan üstü
Never Unprepared (1 month ago)
Glory Be To Christ. From Eireann.
Bebop (1 month ago)
Armenians dont look like white people to me. They look like from Iran.
Petros Pilasos (1 month ago)
Who told you Armenians were white? Armenians are Caucasian.
Bebop (1 month ago)
Abraham from the old testament was at first named Abram. 🤔 that sounds very Armenian that name . Abram🤔 I wonder sometimes.
maiarG 24 (1 month ago)
Wow lots of fellow filipinos here liking documentaries! Good sign.
maiarG 24 (1 month ago)
Im super intrigued.love the video! Amazing country. More vids pls!🤗🤗
Iska Pade (1 month ago)
I would like to visit this country someday!...
Spurlin Edwards (1 month ago)
The land of Allegories...
RICK G TEXAS (1 month ago)
Norbin Bansa moro (1 month ago)
🔫🔫🔫🔫🇺🇸🇺🇸 Arminia
Norbin Bansa moro (1 month ago)
Jean Gene (1 month ago)
We're all "direct descendants of Noah", not just the Armenians : D
Ieyra Atam (1 month ago)
hi from malaysia
braintnt (1 month ago)
Beautiful 🧡🙏
ARMENIAN (1 month ago)
As an Armenian, I am truly impresses by this video project an actual image of the Armenian people and culture.Thank you Planet Doc.
paşa paşa (1 month ago)
Fuflo dont armenyan azerbaycan teritori zangezur nasional shaki .rushon akkupayshon zangezur .viva azerbaycan saki tati.and shirvan
Native A Tg Fg (1 month ago)
All respect and Love from Assyrians to our Armenian Neighbors. Beautiful Armenia.
nemo (1 month ago)
Yeah , Noah Webster put together the first great american english dictionary .
Threelly AI (1 month ago)
Chanda Sinha (1 month ago)
Armenia the land of 'origin of Aryans'.
MaximilianMus YT (1 month ago)
Hate armenia from Georgia ყლეებო ჩვენს კულტურებს რომ იპარავდით და ეხლაც რომ იპარავთ თქვენი დედასშევეცი
Ar Men Ia (9 days ago)
hi gayorgian! How are you feeling after getting raped by azeri at david gareja?
Tigran Mkhitarian (16 days ago)
Kimi Mon (1 month ago)
Not Armenia but turkey
Ar Men Ia (9 days ago)
armenia is older than turdgay you piece of shit
Petros Pilasos (1 month ago)
shouldn't you be somewhere making kebabs for tourists?
Alan Josef Hendersson (1 month ago)
You are not talking about Jesus Messiah but Caesar Messiah .. the true god of Christianity.. Roman Empire hate abd wanted to kill Jesus and his followers .. no wonder why your holy city is in Rome and not Bethlehem.. Jesus pray and worship one God, you are worship the Babylonian trinitarian Gods of Nimrod, Semiramis and Tammuz, the Roman Gods..
MK DIY Design (1 month ago)
Been most of the regions that is in this documentary! Truly a remarkable place! Please visit ARMENIA A LAND OF LOVE! One important comment it is NOT pronounced Khachkash it is Khatchkar!

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