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Armenia, the Land of Noah | Full Documentaries - Planet Doc Full Documentaries

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Text Comments (3747)
Wanda Alexander (3 days ago)
I didn't see any wildlife in the video, except for birds. Do they have any wildlife there such as deer, bear, raccoons,mountain lions, elk? Do they have any fish in those lakes? They have carvings of wildlife but no wildlife....have the wildlife all gone extinct? Strange.
OfftoShambala (3 days ago)
Not sure I could get used to having a fiery pit of what looks like hell to cook my flatbread in... but fascinating and inspiring and beautiful people ... they seem to embody the best of humanity... one of the few places I could be compelled to visit
Vasudeva Kolar (6 days ago)
Armenia was a hindu country. Before converting to christianity and hindu god Mitra was their main god jesus was an Armenian and his language was adami jesus was not son.of god but only a preacher of new religion conceived by him.now called christianity and now you can call him prophet but he never prophesied the future of the world Armenians were originally hindu idol worshippers and fire worship lord even today you can find that they were originally hindus by their food recipes they make fattened bread or what you cLl Roti's in.india in tandoor just as in.indian punjab the Armenians were forcibly converted to.chrdtianity by the roman Catholic Church whose bible and testaments and gospel is completely without foundation nd entirely false jesus was no son of god but a mere preacher of his conception of his new religion he was crucified and all and he rose from the dead is all Catholic fake paul john and other fake saints assertions in childish verses and Psalms contained in the bible and because these childish Psalms make no clear meaning nor teach any philosophical morals the christian theologists over hundreds of years have interpreted the Psalms to suit their taste a d the Catholic Church taste whT non sense christian childish religion is and the Catholic Church cruelty in converting people if other faiths and religions by force and teaching the message jesus charity kindness all a big bunkus hypocrisy of Catholic Church non sense the church which conducted Inquisitions Killed Non Believers In In Human Fashion Hating.jews Exterminating Jews In Inhuman Fashion Though Jews Were Jesus Christ's Own people Vagabond Inhuman Pope And His Church A church Full Of Paedophiles And Nun Rapists Celibacy My Foot Celibacy Leading To Abnormal Sex Is The True Practical Situation In Catholic Churches Is My Feeling
Petros Pilasos (5 days ago)
Actually, Mitra is first attested in a 14th century BCE Mitanni inscription. This is the oldest mention of Mitra which Mitanni was named after and last time I check, Mitanni is nowhere near India. Sure, Mithraism spread into Persia then to India, but its origins are in Mitanni which was a Proto-Armenian Nairi people were part of.
murad murad (6 days ago)
Hayes turkes? Armenia it iz not nationality, they nami iz heyi or hayi hauastan
guavaburst (7 days ago)
Christians make me sick how they subverted pagan gods and temples into "sons of Noah" etc and convert temples into churches... Such a scam and confidence racket, they are a disgusting and corrupt organisation.
Double headed eagle (7 days ago)
fuck you racist you deny all armenian history of pagans and Christians because you turn to athiests and believe in monkey men shit but the mean reson you do this because you are faggot love gay dicks in your mum,s lesbian pussy
Michael Cline (8 days ago)
Armenia was the primary reason for most of the wars between Romans and Persians.
ART DECO (9 days ago)
AZERBAIJAN IS LIKE ISRAEL , MAN MAID NATIONES ,that are not even one century old !Both got the native history and arts ,and shamleslie ,call it their own !!
Dipankar Sinha Sarkar (10 days ago)
Awesome country, definitely I will visit Armenia. Love from India.
Umar JJ Marjoni Johan (10 days ago)
Really? Armenia the land of Noah? Who is your history teacher!! What are you trying to hide? Noah's ark @ Mount Judi, Turkey. Mounts Ararat in Armenia. The different between Mount Judi and Mounts Ararat 200 mile.
Double headed eagle (7 days ago)
turkey had nothing to do with islam which is arabic faggot religion
Jon Tor (10 days ago)
A small country could survive from centuries presecution committed by its two evil giant neighbours
Arthur Grigoryan (13 days ago)
Beautiful video 🙏🏻 long live Armenia 🇦🇲
Mieka Degerness (17 days ago)
Where is All This Proof ? That this is the Land of Noah
Ram charan (17 days ago)
Love from India. Armenians and Armenia are the prettiest.
Theadore Handle (17 days ago)
Stranger: Apeh Hye es? You: Ha Stranger: Inch kayfa che
VeNuS2910 (18 days ago)
these people should watch "The God Culture" .
pg thunder (18 days ago)
id love to visit georgia, armenia and azerbaijan. from philippines
Ozzy (19 days ago)
armeniyan alphabet looks kinda same an Ethiopian:)))
Snakeater MGS (19 days ago)
send me the visa plz...i want to migrate to Armenia with my family
Sasha Nat (20 days ago)
Допомогай , господи, армянам - потомкам Ноя, бо у их підлі сусіди вкрали землю. Дай їм боже щастя і здоров"я і миру на землі. Так само як і нам - на Україні. Раша всю історію намагається відібрати і вже відібрала велику частину українських земель. Оце ж этакі срані сусіди.
Evez Memmedov (20 days ago)
Okey , I see there are a lot of false , suspicious and biased informations that you used in your comment , I am not arguing with you , I just say the truth and will give reference to all my words . Firstly , Turkish and we -Azerbaijani people have always been for the peace and have shown our tolerance to other nations for example ; Lezgians , Talyshes , Jews , Russians , Avars and Turks have lived there since a long time without any confrontations , fights and land claim. (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethnic_minorities_in_Azerbaijan) . But unfortunately , armenians and other invader nations have always attacked and have tried to plunder our lands so as all nations we Turkish and Azerbaijani people decided not to allow these invaders to get our lands as the result of these attacks there have been formed huge fights , wars and clashes between us and invaders . It is obviously fact that Armenians have always made scandalous and have tried to get our cultures and lands as their own . So they have always flattered to the Russians in order to get some help and as the result of Armenian flattering position to the Russia ,  According to Batumi treaty 1918 , 11 may Armenian took some responsibilities in order to get Yerevan and some other lands near to Yerevan but as always Armenians did not implement their responsibilities and continued their irritated actions towards muslim turks .Moreover , they did not stop their massive massacre to the Azerbaijanis ( Stephen Shaumyan was the leader of terrorsit Armenians) . So regulations of Batumi treaty were cancelled and it went to be reviewed . But again , we showed our tolerance to these foul and rascal Armenians , to get peace on the Causcasus region ,Azerbaijan National Council decided to give 9000 km2 territory to the Armenians on 1918 ,29 May ( http://web.archive.org/web/20150729201053/http://www.azerbaijan-news.az/index.php?mod=3&id=51194) . You also mentioned about Armenian " Genocide" , dont you know about Khojaly Genocide ? okey if you dont know, I  will give the entire informations and fact about that . On ferbruary night from 25 to 26 , Armenian Military Forces and Russian 366 CIS regiment attacked to the unarmed Azerbaijani people ( women , old people, new borned kids , pregnant women ) and killed them with the unique brutality . People were unarmed and had even difficulties to get over there and rescue themselves . Even during world war 2 ,fascists did not kill little children and pregnant women but these barbar terrorists Armenian killed or so many little kids even new borned ( we have a lot of pictures of new borned and little kids that has taken during Garabagh war , I will share the links that please see from whom you keep the sides - 1) https://goo.gl/images/a2d9t5  2) https://goo.gl/images/Q1AaFj 3) https://goo.gl/images/8o8Sih 4 ) and this is video how the Azerbaijan people try to find dead bodies of Khojaly people and get them brutal , https://youtu.be/I2xR6LuUK84  and while journalist and national hero of Azerbaijan Chingiz Mustafayev record this video , he points children and says " God, what is their guilts " Please do not believe these barbar Armenians words
Double headed eagle (7 days ago)
fuck off you lair islam murderer all of them and islam did this genocide first Armenians just defend for themselves from muslim invaders and until now they murderer homosexuals and minority https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGBT_rights_in_Azerbaijan
Jan Dzwończyk (22 days ago)
Lots of greetings and love to Armenia from Poland! Stay strong!
ExposingMiLabs (22 days ago)
The Petroglyphs at 42:30 - No comment about the spaceships or aliens on them?! I can't be the only one that saw that. In the first one an animal is being taken by one, beamed up. You just never know when history is going to throw you another clue!
Lmao EightBall (20 days ago)
One of the oldest European counties with the Greeks. All over the world people hate Turks. They don’t want them in their counties for a reason. Germany especially is SICK of them. Why leave Turkey you roaches? You already stole Ancient Greek and Armenian soil now you want ancient German soil? Disgusting pigs. But never will you hear anything bad about Armenians or Greeks (unless from the Turk roach mouth) the Greeks the Armenians gave you culture and everything you have today. At least after slaughtering them in the least honorable way by taking away all the men first un arming them then using the Muslim Kurds as your killers you should keep your mouths shut. Another alarming thing that I see constantly is Turks claiming they are “European” there is literally nothing European about you, not your language not your culture not your genetics your all over the place. Greeks one of the oldest if not the oldest European language same with Armenian 2 isolated branches connected, two people and civilizations that contributed heavily to europa for thousands of years when the word Turk didn’t even exist. They built Aryan pagan monuments ancient Christian churches western civilization laws and culture they created farming forging metals and much more. Turks what have you done? Genocide? Stole lands? Now Islamic immigrants in other lands even though you have a huge piece of land to live on? Makes me wonder,
Ani A (23 days ago)
God protect Armenia!
Modern Spirit (23 days ago)
After reading all the comments I've decided that Armenia is not somewhere I would like to visit. Horrible opinionated vile representation.
avo nor (23 days ago)
Thank you. It’s great that the video is made by nonArmenians. From the comments you can tell that only the turks and azerbarans don’t like it.👋😃
haskovali (24 days ago)
shitty country, not safe at all and they try to rob tourists in the country
Hazel Ceej (27 days ago)
My first time to come across a duduk; I like the sound very much.
Idknnnh Nnj (28 days ago)
One day Armenia shall get the land that was stolen from us back and will rebuild the great Armenia there once was
bahram bahram (30 days ago)
Noah and other characters in the bible are fiction, not real. The only real religious characters are: Zaratoshtra, Buddha and Mohammad.
Arvind Kulkarni (1 month ago)
Looks like it is a beautiful country though people seem to be struggling as in most countries. Thanks for uploading.
George Papadopoulos (1 month ago)
stunning i must visit
VJ (1 month ago)
*Armenia is the world's heritage and pride of the civilized world.*
VJ (1 month ago)
*Era of sheer numbers and savagery is over.* **ARMENIA*like Israel will rise to it's historical glory once again.*
Peter Prenaj (1 month ago)
God bless Armenia the first Christian Nation on earth greetings from USA
Erdinc Yedikat (1 month ago)
Huge love and respect to my Orthodox Christian Armenian friends and family, even though I may be a Muslim Turk I love and respect your wonderful nation and lovely people...I hope one day that I can come visit and travel your lands. Also on behalf of my ancestors I apologise if my people caused great pain and hurt to your peoples. Love from Turkey. 🇹🇷❤️🇦🇲❤️🇦🇿
Leah Drinkard (1 month ago)
After watching this, visiting Armenia is now high on my bucket list!
Pinay RM (1 month ago)
I love Armenia from Philippines
Salvatore Zagra (1 month ago)
God Bless the Armenian people resisting the spread of the islamic cult...they are faithful Christians
twana baiz (1 month ago)
Armenia (Aryman) how this country is born , 2600 year a go it was land of Kurds and when Babylon king conquer Israel they captive 70 thousand Jew and handing 40 thousand jew to Kurdish king and Kurdish king let them stay in peace in Kurdistan and many of this jew went to that part and with local kurds making new country and then king send his best military to kick out this jew and jew out of that part and then this solders making Aryanman and end up as Armenia after fall of Medea let atropaten become new kingdom now we now it as Azerbaijan and Armenia become new kingdom and Krowat become Croatia and move to Adriatic sea balkan and mix up with Slavic people and kurds are just nation fight to get remain of Kurdistan as Kurdistan so in past Kurdistan land from Mediterranean sea form Antakya to Adana to north Samsun and then to east Baku in Azerbaijan Caspian sea to south golf Arabic Bander Imam Khomeini to west hamrin moutn in Iraq to west Afrine in Syria , and nowdays if one Kurds and Armenian and Azerbaijani and Croatian are speck each other by them own language they need interpreter
Hayk The Great (24 days ago)
Petros Pilasos - 👌🏻🇦🇲🇦🇲👊🏻
Petros Pilasos (1 month ago)
And yet there is no recorded history of this imaginary Kurdish Kingdom (Kurdistan) you fantasize about.. The Persians didn't mention you, the Assyrians didn't mention you, the Greeks didn't mention you, nobody! You have no unique language, no alphabet, no architecture, no archaeology, no culture, zero recorded history.. All this proves one thing, you my friend are delusional!
Vintage Rocker (1 month ago)
DEATH TO islam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Double headed eagle (7 days ago)
imuti dommymwiti (1 month ago)
I stopped watching the moment he said "Mary mother of God''.
Wrong mount Ararat in the Bible is a Hebrew word meaning mountains of the high lands. And not a literal name of a mountain. . so absolutely Noah's ark did not land there !
Petros Pilasos (1 month ago)
Actually the word Ararat is of Indo-European origin not Semitic. "Urartu" is the Semitic word for Ararat
Jan Olsen (1 month ago)
Have Turkey ever payd Armenia for what they did to this people? It is not enough to say exscuse, I doubt they will even do that!
Jan Olsen (1 month ago)
At 38:58 you can see a stone with a hole, this is an anchor stone! The boat of Noah had such stones, in those days anchors were made that way.
cine pobre (1 month ago)
holy shit!
So So (1 month ago)
I have to watch this video because I'm Albanian American, Many people refuse my nationality with Armenian
True is God (1 month ago)
THE PERFECT LAW OF LIBERTY" 1. Thou shalt have none other gods before THE LORD. 2. Thou shalt not make you any graven image OR any likeness of anything that is in heaven above or that is in the earth beneath or that is in the waters under the earth; thou shalt not BOW DOWN thyself unto them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me, And showing mercy unto thousands of them that love me and keep my commandments. 3. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in VAIN: for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that take his name in vain 4. Keep the sabbath day to sanctify it, as the Lord thy God has commanded thee. SIX DAYS THOU SHALT LABOUR, and do all thy work: But the seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, nor thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thine ox, nor thine ass, nor any of thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates. 5. Honor your father and mother 6. Thou shalt not murder 7. Thou shalt not commit ADULTERY 8. Thou shalt not steal 9. Thou shalt not bear FALSE WITNESS against thy neighbor 10. Thou shalt not DESIRE thy neighbor's wife, neither shalt thou COVET thy neighbor's house, his field, or his manservant, or his maidservant, his ox or his ass, or anything that is thy neighbor's. "IF WE CONFESS OUR SINS, HE IS FAITHFUL AND JUST TO FORGIVE US OUR SINS, AND TO CLEANSE US FROM ALL UNRIGHTEOUSNESS."
Ricardo Santos (1 month ago)
Please do not used the terms mother of God, because god never change.today and forever.
robin deatherage (1 month ago)
The Bible does not say Noah's Ark came to rest on Mt. Ararat. It says it came to rest in the mountain's of Ararat (plural not singular). The Ark is more than likely in the smaller mountains Northwest of Ararat and probably totally been used up in fires by Noah's family to stay warm, cook foods and things before trees could grow back. That is a cold place to be in Winter. In fact if it were on Ararat they the eight persons and all the animals could not have survived much less be able to climb down that mountain.
nice ---subhanallah
hike oganessian (1 month ago)
Professor Jensen also says.  ‘For almost everything that is known in the Hittite language is Old Armenian in form..Historian Sayce 1845-1933) also consider Hittite and Armenian to be one and the same’. and Rothman, quoted earlier, said...''All that was known in Mesopotamia came from Armenia and that Armenia is the absent fragment in the entire mosaic of the ancient world's civilization's construction.  what some historians say...H.V. Hilprecht(1859-1925) a Clark research professor of Assyriology  and scientific director Babylonian expedition at the University of Penn. argue that the Hittite tongue is Armenian and the Hittites themselves were of Armenian stock...according to Ellis (1861)  through language analysis we observe that under the names of Phrygians, Thracians,Pelasgians and Etruscans spread westward from Armenia to Italy and Elis claimed that the closest affinities of the Aryan element are the Armenians ..other historians that agree are..Hellenthal, Busgy, Brand, Wilson, Myers and Falush...let me quote Merrick (2012) All religions are descended from and ancient Vedic cosmology described in the Rib - Veda, originating in Armenia near Mt. Ararat at least 6800 ys ago and the basic concepts of a transcendental mountain extending into space and populated planet Star-gods were developed...he further says...This Astrotheology then migrated with Armenian Aryans to found the Sumerian Ethiopian/Egyptian and Indian civilizations and religions...from Language as a fingerprint Setyan...
Your country is too good to be true. Love from Kerala, India.
Bram Huysen (1 month ago)
What about the food? What about their everyday life?
AngEL Moreno (1 month ago)
13:00 Japheth - Hayk
Fe Briones (1 month ago)
God bless Armenian People.... the kind of christianity uniting with pagan ( church and state) is unuseful church
Mosarof Hossain (1 month ago)
Armenia is really the land of Noah . God bless all of you Armenian . All the best . Thank you .
Jay Harrison (1 month ago)
Lose all that music baggage!! It inly competes with narration. I bailed...
Mike newman (1 month ago)
Of course muslims have to try to stomp out Christians wherever we live.
Double headed eagle (7 days ago)
not only christians but also every non muslims
Neil Lamayo (1 month ago)
Greetings armenia from philippines
Andmoreagain (1 month ago)
This country is what the dreams are made of.
Music Lover (1 month ago)
I think present-day Armenia is located in Glendale, California.
Davis Urdaneta (1 month ago)
Armenia is calling me! Now it's on my bucket list. Stunning country!
Mohammad Arman (1 month ago)
Ottoman empire protected Armenians for hundreds of years , feed them , integrated in the main stream but when Ottoman on the verge of western colonialist and war at that time Armenians stabbed back on the ottoman. at that point do you think Turk will give butter and cheese to the Armenians.
Double headed eagle (7 days ago)
fuckin lair they protect only muslims and kill every Christians even turkey was Christians nation called Constantinople and mongols with arab kill their men and fuck their ladies and bring up Constantinople children to islam and turk language even you looks like arab not native turk
Labek Storm (1 month ago)
wow.....awesome and beautiful
Becky Shock (1 month ago)
I'm surprised they didn't showcase Armenian needle lace, it's much more beautiful than a rug......
mark621000 (1 month ago)
MARY was NOT the mother of GOD. What about the sin curse on your soul?
Nate nate (1 month ago)
And Turkish Republic established at 1923. Ottoman empire was exiled from Turkey. don’t be dum when you make a film about history. Go and learn it first.
Nate nate (1 month ago)
It was not by Turkey. It was done by Ottoman Empire. read history carefully.
WHO TOLD YOU THAT!? (1 month ago)
Excellent documentary 🙏🏽💕
Rudolph Michael (1 month ago)
Nikolaos Panagiotakis (2 months ago)
Armenia is the land of bastards,same all ridicoulous east of fell.
Marcus Harris (2 months ago)
I come to realize that the ppl who believe their a god n the sky seems to be doing all the killing in the world.....
Marcus Harris (2 months ago)
Y do white ppl act like that so holy when we all know yall murder close to a billion people thats not white
Neo Caesar (2 months ago)
greetings to Armenia from Philippines..
S D (2 months ago)
I enjoyed this thanks for sharing 😊
Sarah Rich (2 months ago)
They still worship the ancient gods? I don't know much about this country..that's why I ask. I love learning of other countries
Grace Serena Christie (2 months ago)
_ ( ) _ Thank You for this really Beautiful Video. I loved all the Churches and Monastery Buildings. I have been telling people that windows in Churches were not covered or blocked by designs. This video proves it. You see the dusty light trails coming into the churches? They are not just bringing in Divine Light. You can sit in the Church and pray and your soul can get on the Beams of light and fly up and out of the windows. This light path can take you to Heaven. Like light stairs to and from Heaven. After that you come back from Heaven and your Soul gets back in your body. Illuminated with Divine Light and Learning from Heaven. I have loved the Windows of Churches all my life. Thanks for the Best Tour. _ ( ) _
Cheryl M Burton (2 months ago)
Is this where St Mother Theresa is from?
Cheryl M Burton (20 days ago)
No, she was from Albania
BenHamin (2 months ago)
Mabuhay! armenia from the philippine islands
windstorm1000 (2 months ago)
Turks , as usual , are in denial over their histories part in genocide of Armenian people.
Eric Last (2 months ago)
The first armenians where black till the turks kicked them out
Sənan M (2 months ago)
Khoshgadam Karaman (2 months ago)
lorofcb3 (2 months ago)
I am so happy to finally be able to visit Armenia. Are there any Armenians out there who can help me out with some suggestions? I will be over next March and so grateful for any help 🙂. Greetings and love from Switzerland 🇨🇭
AZAR OGLY (2 months ago)
Lol  hahhahah  what a joke ???  WHY  ALL OF THESE  LIES   HAY   TRIBE    WAS   not  ARMENIANS   3000 YEARS  AGO  !  Because they were  in  Syria!AR- MANY TURK TRIBE MOVED TO THE CENTRAL  ASIA  UNWILLING  THEN  HAYS GOT  MOVED  TO THE TURK AR- MANY ( MANY THE MAN ) STATE . They got melted in with remaining people ..In first  W W   Russian got Armenians to attack to the their own country by killing Muslim Turks while entire Ottoman  army was fighting in Europe . When ottoman returned back   they did it  to ARMENIANS , They CHASED them out to the occupied AZERBAIJAN by RUSSIANS . In process of  it Turks occupied part of the  Azerbaijan where they still have it .  then HAYs killed 50,000   defenseless people of Azerbaijan and they  kicked out near two million people  from their homes ( mostly they had run for their lives  )  to the eastern Azerbaijan . they destroyed over 100 Mosques , they changed  thousands years old names of the cities  villages ....  to their own .  even for 150 years  Russian used these fuck heads against muslims  in U S S  R  specially   in AZERBAIJAN .entire minor asia and Azerbaijan used to be Christians prior to islam , these  assholes claiming  anything and everything prior to Islam as their own , ..IT  IS  ALL ABOUT   WISHY WISHYThey have 20 years history  prior  to U S S R  FALLING  APART .
Phénaelis Swan (1 month ago)
The Armenians are an indigenous pagan people, which the Turks and Azeris are not and will never be, keep your jealousy, thank you ;)
Anoka Hilo (2 months ago)
amazing civilization ... greetings from Philippines
Rohan Phadke (2 months ago)
Awesome documentary !
Ataturk Turk (2 months ago)
Mountain dwellers
William & Fannie (2 months ago)
marcos mehlhoff (2 months ago)
‘The soul’ has marvelous wonders indeed , Seek and Thou Shall Find Our LORD GOD ‘s Holy Divine Light 💥 ..
Maribeth Haczewski (2 months ago)
Amazing! Greetings from Plymouth Pennsylvania, United States. God bless
liza carlsen (2 months ago)
Thank you for sharing. Very educational, the historical sites, beautiful. ❤️
Hasmik Khatchatourians (2 months ago)
Thank you, You"ve present very gracefully.
Joseph Crossbearershvili (2 months ago)
Urartu invaded Ararat after Noah!___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Opyat' Varyag-Prussak Imperiey zlovonit. Opyat' zachem-to pustozvonit. Erevanskie Armyane byli chast' do-Gruzii, tak-zhe kak i potomkov Ibera. Sara, Haldeyika, rodstvennik Urartovtcev, Haldeev. Urartovttcy, Semeny, Levity, Rubeny - Haldei, chasto podel'niki. Potomki Ibera, umnye i chestnye Evrei, kak i Erevanskie Armyane, Yuzhnye Iberiyitcy do-Gruzii - ih zhertvy.
CAROL (2 months ago)
envy eats barbarous turkish and azeris bastards! being nothing and having nothing they are just killers and land robbers!!! Damn you, fucking wild, barbarous tribes!!!! FUCKING ROBBERS! DESTROYERS!!!
Shelly Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Armenia es un país hermoso!!!😍 me encantaría ir de vacaciones realmente es hermoso....
James Wheat (2 months ago)
Incredible place & peoples
Necrophos The Reaper (2 months ago)
A wonder from the ancient world.
prairie650kvf (2 months ago)
I enjoyed this video. I don't know much about the Armenian people or the country. My Grandfather was from Armenian He passed away before I was born my mother has told me what a great and loving father he was. So it was very nice to watch this video to learn about where my grandfather came from.

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