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"SO you're telling me... you guys started dating from an APP?!" Yep. 2016. It's a thing. Embrace it and let me help you along the way! Tell me what you thought of this, would love to hear from you guys. Don't forget to subscribe and like :) Find me on... FACEBOOK: Negeen Dargahi INSTAGRAM: PersianPwincess TWITTER: @Negeennn BUSINESS ENQUIRIES: [email protected]
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Text Comments (3640)
Sabri Basm (5 minutes ago)
This is my watsapp:213770343447+
Sabri Basm (5 minutes ago)
I want to know a girl friend
Dhruval Patel (23 hours ago)
Please give me link for apps
Taijean Moodie (1 day ago)
Liked the video but your eyes are actually scaring the jesus out of me no offense. :/
I'm A bbas (1 day ago)
شما احیاناً ایرانی نیستی؟ Lol
bruce wayne (1 day ago)
Im single lol. Any girls want to email or text.
Brenda brenda (20 hours ago)
bruce wayne Hi Bruce am a Kenyan 23 yrs need someone too.+254718366487 is my watsup
anand singh (1 day ago)
Your are very beautiful
Brian (2 days ago)
The only issue i see with this Is, unless your top 10% genetically you wont hardly ever here from a woman. Heck even 10% might be generous. Also what wrong with being in your 30's that is still really young and when men hit their prime usually.
Reyza Feliciano (11 hours ago)
Doug Kelley (2 days ago)
I don't want it on facebook!
Brittany Mendoza (2 days ago)
Idk why something bothers me from her face
Taijean Moodie (1 day ago)
Her eyes are to big!
Ravi Singh (3 days ago)
Lovely eyes you have
golden mahto (3 days ago)
I am single anyone girl call me
hog rider 18 (4 days ago)
I can't wait to find a person for me to bad it might not happen anytime soon BTW in a libra
Szymon Ptak (4 days ago)
she's 22 looks like 32
zero man (4 days ago)
am 32 years and still i diden't find a girl .. why all girls ignore me ..i need to feel as human >>i feel so sad
Nazrul Islam (4 days ago)
You have most Attractive Eyes...
Rider Rony (4 days ago)
I like you You are so cute
zigzag posers (6 days ago)
You Persian right ?!
Nasir .m (6 days ago)
Almost more than 90% of girls in these app's looking just for money not relationship , friendship or love 😭
Spinderella (7 days ago)
Where's my shy nerdy guy with impeccable manners? I've been looking for you.
I ve a crush on ur smile
Bryan Corralez (8 days ago)
I’m 35! When ur 35 you will hit the wall. JS.
Kakashi- EM (9 days ago)
From what I saw.. Bumble is only good for above average looking guys(obv not in this category), and any of these dating apps are still gonna prefer extrovert personalities. Nothing out there seems to filter for introverted personalities that ive found.
SONU CHAUDHARY (9 days ago)
Hi this is me anybody is single here
Mani Dhiman (10 days ago)
Mohammed Sameer (10 days ago)
U r so cute
lonely guy (10 days ago)
Looking for my The ONE. Follow me and message each other Twitter: SUPERWARREN07 IG:iamjajawarren
É horrível, você paga por tudo eu paguei achando que iria ficar de Boa, então eles cobram pra ver e e-mail e chat, tudo lá É limitado com uma pessoa você tem direito de falar apenas 3 vezes de graça sem dizer que fazem propaganda enganosa não É Sai te de gente pessoas de mais idade entram tudo que é idade Sai te de relacionamento mentiroso e suuuuuuuper caro aff
jaaahLord jaaahLord (13 days ago)
Najam Ul Hassan (13 days ago)
very good performance a d confience so straight girl😎
Aditya Yadav (13 days ago)
contact me 9792350078
ابو الغرام (14 days ago)
D rtoyu (14 days ago)
Scary broad...sorta like most of the women on the internet dating sites.
Zuhair Nadeem (14 days ago)
Sooooooo!!!........ 2.1 million views..... I'm not the only one. Thank u God 🙏😇😇
Yasir M (14 days ago)
Your whatapp number
Maqsood Ali (14 days ago)
I am 50 + looking for dateing in dubai indian whatsapp 9289639798
Todd Whiteneck (15 days ago)
Do you have big beautiful eyes
Melanie Hannah Supit (15 days ago)
you makeup make me scared
Noraiz Rajpoot (14 days ago)
Will u frndship with me
Noraiz Rajpoot (14 days ago)
Dark Angel (15 days ago)
I felt the same way
Sirmohar Singh (15 days ago)
Mach go kahr
Sirmohar Singh (15 days ago)
Katie jahr
MLG-attila bodi (16 days ago)
Oh ty I have a girl friend now
Dominic Thomas Hindes (16 days ago)
there lot off scem on DATING APPS i now i been scem on them @Negeen Dargahi
mymiamilife (16 days ago)
I want to date but im a loner and im broke but im going to the gym and school maybe ill get lucky in the future :)
Saad Khawn (16 days ago)
Yusra Baroun (16 days ago)
OMG. 😂😁 keep it up. 😂 its nicee
SMFA 007 IRONMAN (13 days ago)
Let's chat my WhatsApp number is 8084197610
GOD KING (16 days ago)
what is the best apps? Or the top 1?
Julian Martinez (17 days ago)
My ex cheated on me then broke up with me. Now makes me feel like I was the bad guy after it all. Blocked me. Yay
iC (17 days ago)
Fucking losers Thats me I mean
Michael Baity (17 days ago)
My first match said she just wanted to get pipped lol yiked
rino040672 (17 days ago)
bitch the only thing that matter for u stupids woman it's your ego been watched from beta male!!!
Abhinand P (17 days ago)
Whats the age limit
Preveen Yadav (18 days ago)
Hii 9485707490
Bran Stark (18 days ago)
Noooo.. no tinder never again 🤢 the people on that app are terrible
ios jailbreak News (18 days ago)
i want to tak you 923016882396 my whatsapp
Angelo Bien Luza (19 days ago)
Ilike it 😘
Dylpickle (20 days ago)
I love bumble!
Tokyo Drift (20 days ago)
Want to get a girlfriend? Go out get involved in a new hobby that's where you'll find. Not apps. How can you start dating someone if you dont even know them? That's so fucking cringe...
fifanti pascal (20 days ago)
Am single here's my number +393512407713
m dadapeerkhan (20 days ago)
make your hairs ponytail.. for your eyes it suits on you..
احمد احمد (21 days ago)
I am Ahmad from Morocco, I have been pleased to announce that I am a serious person and I thank you for the communication+212695340617
Pradip Basu (21 days ago)
hello mam I will date you now
Adarsh Seth (21 days ago)
Just text me on my number.. +916388885740 .. Viber or WhatsApp
Chuck Norris (22 days ago)
Man I just want somebody to think nice things about, why can't anybody give that to me? I am so nice, get screwed.
Leah Gabinera (22 days ago)
Yeah single girlsss shoutout! 😂
Sniper desk (22 days ago)
See y'all there . Which app you downloading??
JC Gaming (23 days ago)
Any sugar mamas out there tht want to mingle
lover boy (24 days ago)
Will u marry me😍😘💐
zein albasam (24 days ago)
Tinder dosent work
Gaming With Cm (25 days ago)
Would you be my girlfriend for doing.....
Gaming With Cm (25 days ago)
You look arab girl
liltwinkie pie (25 days ago)
2 million shy guys wow i thought i was the only one jk
Gökhan Caglar (25 days ago)
Not only those apps dont work also outside is also bullshit.why? Because they dont care men.
Lima Andrew (25 days ago)
Bad ass
Jade Irish Mosquera (25 days ago)
Your eyes are freaking me out. I didn't even finish your video.
Arshdeep singh (25 days ago)
HASSAN MUSIC (25 days ago)
I want to build a friendship with a girl😋 Pubg is the perfect app to contact!! 😊
Bijay Mahapatra (25 days ago)
you are sexy
Surya Reddy life (25 days ago)
Your are sexy
Arindam Rahut (26 days ago)
Hey .... darling...you are so lovely.... give you you number
Samuel John (26 days ago)
U have a very cute smile ☺
Anjara chirag (27 days ago)
shahin sulthan (27 days ago)
I used this all app but I didn't get any girlfriend until now. I'm still single 😭. How can I find a girlfriend? Please help me guys. I don't want to be single anymore. 😐
Sgt Stoned (28 days ago)
You are ugly
Learn It (29 days ago)
2M single guy watched this video. I am also single.😝😝😝😝😝😝😝
E46325mod (29 days ago)
You don't want to date a 30 year old? Why would a girl in there 20's not want yo date a more mature young person ? A 22 year old guy vs a 22 year old girl is very different as girls mature faster than guys
Ishaq Ahmad (29 days ago)
Hollo my bast friend how are you
Ahmed Shahab (29 days ago)
Im 15 year old can i use these
bal Cruz (29 days ago)
i just don't understand why people need a dating apps. if ya'll looking for a real one, hang out with your friends and meet other people atleast they real. not all person in dating apps is real
shoaib ahmed (30 days ago)
I like u so fucking much😍😘
Reuben Armstrong (30 days ago)
This isn't for guys at all.
Asad Mirza (30 days ago)
Contact me Whatsapp 923135339924
Ron Parkinson (30 days ago)
less creepy version of Tinder? Ahhh yeah, um yeah, have no life and I am scared of my own shadow. let me make a video of you watching me play with my phone. Its sooooo cool.
AbominationAndy Show (1 month ago)
I’m a lonely, pathetic, indecisive man. And I LOVE IT!
M Series (1 month ago)
Around the world 2.millon people single wow
Umar Sharif (1 month ago)
Can I have your number
Isaiah DeJesus (1 month ago)
These apps are shit, I’ll get a match then outta now where they disappear
ajay arora (1 month ago)
Sab apps bekar h, ek b dhang ki app ni mili muje jaha koi girl mil ske jo app genuine ho n totally free ho?
tech gr with Sahil (1 month ago)
I love you
Shreenath Shinde (1 month ago)
I am single, I don't use dating app but you are sweet dear as your face and hair are awesome. You are perfect for dating...why not to date with you.

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