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"SO you're telling me... you guys started dating from an APP?!" Yep. 2016. It's a thing. Embrace it and let me help you along the way! Tell me what you thought of this, would love to hear from you guys. Don't forget to subscribe and like :) Find me on... FACEBOOK: Negeen Dargahi INSTAGRAM: PersianPwincess TWITTER: @Negeennn BUSINESS ENQUIRIES: [email protected]
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Text Comments (4109)
M&Y (2 hours ago)
Lovely lady Alot of thanx🙏
I am Ahmad Arabi. I want to marry a big woman 009647801291431 to communicate
Lithus17 (1 day ago)
Dating sucks. Women are so materialistic and vain.
working out (1 day ago)
Bahrain Which girl is the most used app?
Vikas Pahuja (1 day ago)
You are gorgeous ,from which country you are ? I appreciate your beauty .
Your looking so cute
Hamid Kamel (2 days ago)
Tender is sucks
EDM SOCIETY (2 days ago)
Does anyone know which outrow song is that?
Sabiha Khan (3 days ago)
U r so cute
Derskorpion85 (3 days ago)
What's a creepy leichenschander?
Sk naimhasmi (3 days ago)
Please give your wp num
SKEMEN J (4 days ago)
I like you girl, are you free to be my girlfriend? I live in spain.
Eclipse Boss (5 days ago)
please do review on Eclipse Chat. Number 1 competitor for AntiLand
Pramod Kushwaha (5 days ago)
I impress you
Mia Ate (5 days ago)
I use tinder
Mia Ate (5 days ago)
Mia Ate (11 hours ago)
@mystry nasir80 worker
mystry nasir80 (23 hours ago)
What u do?
Mia Ate (1 day ago)
@mystry nasir80 indo
mystry nasir80 (1 day ago)
Whr from
Mia Ate (1 day ago)
@mystry nasir80 yes
FlyWithLeo (4 days ago)
0:02 Hey Guys I'm gay lol Have captions on.
Rashid ul Hassan (7 days ago)
Ricky Nolly (7 days ago)
The more this lady talks ........ I'm saying.... liar!
hello beauty woman !
JONY 07 (7 days ago)
Pause at 1.sec when her eyes were as big as an elephant
valar (8 days ago)
I wouldn't mind of more of these videos were geared towards an older demographic. Not all of us are 20-somethings.
Muhammad Ali (9 days ago)
Any one in Jeddah
Sanjeev Kumar (9 days ago)
You are too hot I love you
Rahul gamer (9 days ago)
Hahaha😂😂😂😂... This is India
Italian pride18 (10 days ago)
I'm single but I'm not good at talk or chat with girls that's why I don't a girlfriend 😓😐
Smile Princess (9 days ago)
@mia /// yeah Thats true 😊😊 Hope you find one 😊😊
mia /// (9 days ago)
@Smile Princess I mean whatever you prefer but you have to be careful with strangers that you met online too many crazy stories been happening.
Smile Princess (9 days ago)
@mia /// we don't know maybe we can find here in youtube 😂 😊😊
mia /// (9 days ago)
Try finding someone with a common interest so it'll be easier to start a conversation.
Smile Princess (9 days ago)
Same here HAHHA
anthony deskins (10 days ago)
Tinder is the worst dating app ive ever used
Celso Perez (11 days ago)
This look like a paid ad, and this girl doesn't look 22 as she stated..
IKVLOG (11 days ago)
I am in Love with you. You have not said about Youtube app... Lier 😍😍😍😍
Draco Jensei (12 days ago)
Pay to date
Mariyanto Hadi (12 days ago)
Faiz Ahmad (13 days ago)
Any girl want to friendship with me.i am single.
world peace (13 days ago)
What a space cadet. That is exactly what's wrong with women. They think somehow they are entitled just because they are born. The video has no actual content.
isokessu (14 days ago)
So you a muslim? Dang ;)
Lorde Frieza (14 days ago)
Red pill
Nicholas Thompson (14 days ago)
I don't like Bumble. It shouldn't be on Women to start the conversation. Both Men and women should be pressured with 24 hours. In addition the section for just friends only shows you results from your own gender. It should be both.
Rooney Bloomey (14 days ago)
Wasting of time .
Ashwani Kumar (15 days ago)
I love you sweetie
Aggron Heavy Metal (15 days ago)
If guys download datingsapp doesn't have to mean that they are shy in real 😑
hamid falil (16 days ago)
hi howa are you can you help me to me girl i m trying for along time and im not lucky wto find true love
GIFT katumwa (15 days ago)
Halo let's hang out [email protected]
Aadil Uddin (16 days ago)
I love you
Kay Jenner (17 days ago)
I am a shy girl lol
rana subhani (17 days ago)
I'm looking fora queen may be she is reading my comment :*
GIFT katumwa (15 days ago)
abood mardini (16 days ago)
You r not in game of thrones 😎
Rinku Kumari (17 days ago)
Keep it up
Rinku Kumari (17 days ago)
Very cute
Murtaza Phone (17 days ago)
just me (17 days ago)
Finding a good chick is getting harder every day
Nadaija Welch (16 days ago)
Mr Jedite (18 days ago)
I tried all the mentioned apps, it never works for me
SouthCalifas619 (18 days ago)
Tried bumble and nobody matched with me, im too uggy
Roy Kuilder (18 days ago)
Well, i am a shy guy, lol i dont even know why i'm watching this
INDIAN First (18 days ago)
Metter is this girls have another things and boys have totally different LOL😂😂😂
Prince Rakeem (18 days ago)
Girls curve me daily
BrainToMush (19 days ago)
Love you guys! Oh... I mean, love you if you're under 30.
JUST FORTNITE (19 days ago)
Daaaam I'm not shy 😂😂
Gamer7421 Gamer7421 (19 days ago)
Been on em all, and there boring
Hsiulung Tai (19 days ago)
thank you for the video, your eyes are sooo big, a bit scary
We Music (20 days ago)
I am dating now
Jameel Sandhu (20 days ago)
I love you
Abdalrhman Sherif (20 days ago)
I went girl to talk me
Nupsy Dark (20 days ago)
Ouch 3:28 im 32 and looking young. But yes i agree with moon.
Giovanni Bernardi (21 days ago)
Youcef Kouchkar (22 days ago)
I knew it, you are just yet an other arab bitch like all the others.
Joe 2 (22 days ago)
My current level of depression: Dating sites videos
Anita Pauline (22 days ago)
im so bored and lonely
Joshua A. Mfune lll (19 days ago)
me too, got dumped 4 days before valentines .. what happened to you
Reaper Dz (23 days ago)
You know that your life is fucked up If you're watching this
Alaa Kalla (23 days ago)
Celina Wakati (24 days ago)
How I wish to get my match😪
pika 98 (25 days ago)
hello, I'm from Indonesia, does anyone want to be friends with me? He he. 😊
Uk Khan (24 days ago)
Yes pika i want friendship with you
Corbyn Payne (25 days ago)
MUST watch at 1.5x speed 1. Bumble sucks total failure. Women live it because they are only after the top 10% of men and this allows them to "hold the key" Blah STOP using the word creepy. Makes you sound so stupid and stereotyping. We all know you're full of it. Tinder is the best. I've slept w many women from that site. Women in Tinder are super easy. OkCupid? Idk
يوسف شحام (25 days ago)
Gold Digger Reaction Lady Be Honest 🐸
77 77 (25 days ago)
All r boring apps
AD Muto (25 days ago)
Am I unique Brazilian here?
Analyst Samrat (26 days ago)
Hi .... I love u
zino saitama (27 days ago)
My name is Saitama and I live in Algeria. I do not have a family and I want someone to help me As a marriage or friendship, anything makes me not live in Algeria again
Highforcex41 (14 days ago)
Holy shit are you the real one punch?
Waleed Ghaleb (27 days ago)
I'm using YouTube for dating through comments .. just like it and see 🤣🤣
suraj Choudhary (15 days ago)
@Sandra Adams hey go and search on dating app, this is YOU tube😁😁
Waleed Ghaleb (15 days ago)
@Sandra Adams Instagram me 🤗 waleed_jabel
suraj Choudhary (23 days ago)
You are legend 😁😁😁😁
Vinay K (28 days ago)
I like your eyes
Pappu Ram (28 days ago)
Love you
bijou bijoux (28 days ago)
Stupid cunt
swampshark (28 days ago)
Hey you vid is bad I've tryed 72 datting apps for 3 years and no girl has ever yes to me
Abdullah Sajjad (29 days ago)
Are you still looking for someone? If yes then i like to say hi lets chat to know about each other
aymen farhat (29 days ago)
nice bb
ahmed ali (1 month ago)
hi I am from north africa I hope find america girl to love marry
ant cri (1 month ago)
What is it with all these hadjis trying to hit on women on youtube?
Nishab Nz (1 month ago)
So cute
Gobinda Mahato (1 month ago)
by nlman (1 month ago)
Thanks for this Madam
Chanel Santini (1 month ago)
Tinder= hookups Pretty much all these apps are for.
Gobinda Mahato (1 month ago)
Tor pudi la chodaw o turi
juan kori (1 month ago)
hinge is not available in japan ... 😒
hope hope (1 month ago)
Im ready for marriage just contact me
GIFT katumwa (15 days ago)
@hope hope Uganda and you
hope hope (15 days ago)
@GIFT katumwa where are you from?
GIFT katumwa (15 days ago)
@hope hope am fine and you
hope hope (15 days ago)
@GIFT katumwa hi....how are you?
GIFT katumwa (15 days ago)
Gonna download.
Mubashir Abdullah (1 month ago)
I seriously don't know why I just watched this video.... I need to get a job.
RoY Christian (1 month ago)
God bless Singles😂
Music Talent (1 month ago)
loyal girls mail me
Abu hanif islam (1 month ago)
This online dating shit doesn't work. This is another thing to get money from good guys.. 🤣😎😎🤣
Su mit (1 month ago)
YOUR ....... CUTE 🥰
Su mit (1 month ago)
OKCUPID is awesome 😍
Sreten He (1 month ago)
which is the best 😀
Hritik Ghate (1 month ago)
Your so beautiful
Todd Manual (1 month ago)
What should an 18 year old use
noloferratus (1 month ago)
OK cupid is an app run by romance scammers who cancel memberships right after they have been paid for. And by the way I would not date this girl and I am older than 30 because she does not seem attractive.

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