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Best Dating App in India (2018)

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So many Dating Apps to choose from but which is the BEST DATING APP in 2018? Find out SUBSCRIBE for more videos ► http://bit.ly/DudeDudetteYT Follow Suneet on Instagram ► http://bit.ly/SuneetIG Follow Aastha on Instagram ► http://bit.ly/AasthaIG Suneet's personal YT channel ► http://bit.ly/SubscribeSFS Aastha's personal YT channel ► http://bit.ly/EqualistAasthaYT Join the 'DUDE DUDETTE INNER CIRCLE' Facebook Group ► https://www.facebook.com/groups/DudeDudette/ [FACEBOOK PAGE] ► https://www.facebook.com/DudeDudetteYT/ What's up Dudes and Dudettes! In this video, we give you our review of the best dating app in India as of the year 2018. We've both been on dating apps from time to time and have pretty much tried every relationship app out there in the world of online dating. So if you've ever wondered which are the top dating apps in india and which dating app is best; then this video is for you. Especially if you're from India and are looking for the best dating app in India 2018 or the best dating apps for free; watch till the end of the video as we give you our top pics for the best online dating app in india. Enjoy!
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Text Comments (221)
Dude Dudette (6 months ago)
Not getting matches on Tinder or other dating apps? Watch our video on how to create a KILLER profile that'll get girls to SWIPE RIGHT ►► http://bit.ly/TinderProfileTips
Pranjal Pathak (1 month ago)
So you know it will only be guys who would be having problems on dating apps!! That's sexist man!! Really!
kunal jaitley (3 months ago)
Dude Dudette yr Hindi main bhi video bana dete hindi se kya pareshni hai
chandrapal singh (1 day ago)
Madarchod Hindi mein nahi bol Sakta
Ashok Revanna (3 days ago)
You both deserve more subs..
anaya kapoor (4 days ago)
Just like all the girls using these dating app just to feel good about themselves and show the world so many guys are behind them like as if they are some princess if they have no interest to meet or know the guy. Why be on these dating apps just sit at home and chill. There are some good shy boys in those dating app looking for something.
Freak Fonsa (8 days ago)
I'm from Punjab and I'm want dating with Punjabi girl from Amristar and Jalandhar city only
Vigneshsinh Rajput (10 days ago)
Aastha you are very beautiful and sweet girl yar
abhishek barman (12 days ago)
any dating app for teens
rascal pascal (12 days ago)
Best one i used was truely madly. Nice video.
ASIF MALIK (12 days ago)
I want to do a friendship the girl in the video
sanjay kumar (13 days ago)
Rohitt (15 days ago)
Fuck off
Cold Fury (15 days ago)
Just free advertisement for these apps , no comments whether they work or not or what are your chances ... Apps for the superficial nothing else. Better work on your life then waste time on these apps boys most bitches go for money anyways which you won't make if you waste time on these apps
rahul gupta (16 days ago)
Achha dating app konsa h
NARESH RAM-FMLC (17 days ago)
Most of the girls in dating apps are paytm beggers..... Full of fake ids
Divy Mahawar (20 days ago)
I know you are Equalist Astha. I do follow u on facebook... Yay
Freak Fonsa (21 days ago)
Any girl from Punjab?
Aslam Pv (24 days ago)
New indian app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=dating.company4
Birens entartainment (26 days ago)
Iss ladki k baal ko kya hua ?? Looking like parrot 😂😂😂
crysler (1 month ago)
y'all indian perverts are making dating gross ....Fuck yall
lloyd pinto (1 month ago)
You guys are struggling to talk. Hindi me baath Karo mc
Sekh Aamir Raza (1 month ago)
Bhai wo sab to thik hai..... lekin ye bagal waali ladkiii bilkulll bhutniii lag rahi hai.....
fruti kismat (5 days ago)
or tu bda sundar lgrha h
Doenload chstse dating android app ite better http://tinyurl.com/yd8rrqdp
Sanjit Saha (1 month ago)
Rahul Yadav (1 month ago)
Madar chod hindi language ma bat nhi kar sakta kya tu eska layak nhi h. Kuttta kaminaThum log english language ka gulam ho... tuma pakisthan chod aana chaheya ... tum logo ko goli mar dani chaheya..
NARESH RAM-FMLC (8 days ago)
Rahul Yadav 😁
Anand Bankar (1 month ago)
best dating app using from 1 years and met 15 girls,,,,,,,,,try this app.......https://happn.com/r/4bpchQFQhEw
Pranav Wagh (1 month ago)
Bahi which app should I must installs in my phone I am of 18
Chaitanya Shinde (1 month ago)
Dating apps for 15
ravi pilania (1 month ago)
call me on 9812017080
Milan Joy (1 month ago)
Samaroh Events (1 month ago)
Yeee kanya k baalo ko kyaa ho gaya 😆😆😆
Johny Tomy (1 month ago)
your steroid biceps sucks shithead...
Ivan Salgado (1 month ago)
Damn boy your sexy 😍😍😍
Akansh Sandilya (1 month ago)
Lets Download All .. 😁😁
Deepak Raj (1 month ago)
muje toh is sexy ke hair dekh kar hasi aa rhi hai haha
mahesh bodala (1 month ago)
Can you let me indian date app
#guptaji ravi (1 month ago)
मोहतरमा के बाल देखो.... !!
Sarah K. Malki (2 months ago)
Tinder is awesome
XposE (2 months ago)
that bitch is sexy, i'l do het
Aakash Deep (2 months ago)
The guy body is fake.
RINI DAS (1 month ago)
How can a body be fake 🤔
Dude Dudette (2 months ago)
Lol, what? 😂
COC with kannadiga (2 months ago)
Guys video is good but dont mack fack video 1 bumble is not available in india
Dude Dudette (2 months ago)
It's available for Apple devices. Not android. And we mentioned this in the video
DHITIKA BARUA (2 months ago)
According to me after using tinder,badoo,pof & Tantan.. Tantan is the best to use,interface is amazing..for both Tinder & badoo r okk types.
Dude Dudette (2 months ago)
Tantan seemed too spammy to us tbh. Don't think 90% of the profiles on there are even real 😕
HEENA SHARMA (2 months ago)
Freak Fonsa (8 days ago)
Heena you from?
M.I.K.E (2 months ago)
Dating and India dont go together.Its not hardwired into our system. We have been raised to be extremely picky, but not raised to perfect ourselves. Dating works in the west because people are more open to the idea of meeting new ppl and see if things click. In India its all abt trying to get that best deal, that best value for money, well dating doesnt work that way. If only swipe the model looking men/women, the richest guy, the hottest girl, it will surely fail
Atul Soni (2 months ago)
Bc biceps dekh iske 😍
Dude Dudette (2 months ago)
Prince Guleria (2 months ago)
Affan Akhter (2 months ago)
She's so hot.
akshay nalawade (3 months ago)
Really great and helpful video But there are so many assholes in comment section just ignore them You are doing best keep it up
Guise Mittal (3 months ago)
Chutiya video
tina maria (3 months ago)
online free cam date >>> https://freedatingworldwideoncam.blogspot.com/
VEHLI JANTA (3 months ago)
Ap chado is grib ko GF da do madem
UNSAFE INDIAN (3 months ago)
Bumble is not available in India why ??😑
UNSAFE INDIAN (2 months ago)
+Dude Dudette wtf ! Why 😭
Dude Dudette (2 months ago)
It's available. But only for iOS (Apple)
Infant leena (3 months ago)
Thank u for the information😊 I hope im not waste my time in these apps
Khagendra Goyal (3 months ago)
Tarun Bandral (3 months ago)
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Bbygal Ankita (3 months ago)
Mere 2accnts bnd ho gye pata nhi kyu 18yrs nhi hua usi liye syed but 21 karke khola tha😭😭😂😭😑 sare nlbrs khtm ho gye khol khol kr or bnd kr diya 😭
ikram chhipa (2 months ago)
Message me for dating 😁😁
Zeron Leto (3 months ago)
What's ur username in Instagram?
Rameez Raja (3 months ago)
vaibhav singh (4 months ago)
tinder worst app
Jacob White (4 months ago)
bhai kya mall hai janu tumari fuddi choosne ka man kar ra hai...and lund dalne ka man kar ra hai..nice video
Jacob White (4 months ago)
mam u r sexy
Mohd Ajmal (4 months ago)
Fari Kastia (4 months ago)
Tender is not working for my phone
Jeffray Randell Roy (4 months ago)
Why don't I get matches even though my profile is a killer?
Jeffray Randell Roy (2 months ago)
+Dude Dudette Check my Instagram Id @the.j.drug to know how I set my profile and let me know 😒
Dude Dudette (2 months ago)
Umm...maybe because your profile isn't actually killer then?
Sanjay Aggarwal (4 months ago)
When and where Let me know 9811088041.
Vanessa (4 months ago)
The best Dating app you can download on www.sdapp.global
Archit Goel (4 months ago)
Is their any for below 18
Aswin V A (4 months ago)
Is anyone dated using these apps ? if your answer is yes suggest those apps...as reply 👍
o justiceiro (4 months ago)
Get rid of this stupid accent first then make a video, how am i suppose to understand?
rahul singh (4 months ago)
Lrki k Baal bhot bekaarrrr lg re sachiii yuck change your hair colour
Piyush Purkar (4 months ago)
hairs are amazing 💙💙
Patel Jaimin (4 months ago)
shashi verma (5 months ago)
I love u aasta
sumit k satsangi (5 months ago)
kitna bol rahy hai faltu ka
VKINFOTECH shah (5 months ago)
Different Type of Dating apps http://dontbesingleanymore.blogspot.com/2018/06/different-type-of-dating-apps.html
Cool dude Techie (5 months ago)
Hmmm 9949857016
Kamlesh Swain (5 months ago)
Bhai ashe be video banate raho please hmm apki sath se
Anand Bankar (5 months ago)
Number 1 Dating App>>>>>>https://happn.com/r/4bpchQFQhEw
for all (5 months ago)
Antonio Mura (5 months ago)
The best dating app is called "being a woman"
Smart India (6 days ago)
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Anup Mahato (5 months ago)
bumble is not available
faraaz shiakh (4 months ago)
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My_NiBBa (6 months ago)
Gand maralo bhosdiwalo Sab app use kar liye lekin koi reply hi nahi karti BC.
Randheer Chhabra (6 months ago)
Well carry on the good work
saurav singh (6 months ago)
आदमी दो ही चीजो कै पीछे भागता है वो है पैसा और चुत
Michele Dorothy (5 days ago)
+Raj Magdum The Most India Free Dating Meeting Chat Site 2018/2019 : http://ow.ly/KUEM30mToGR
Gufran Nagine (6 months ago)
Dr.Saurabh Pandey (6 months ago)
Mam improve... Worst video
Imtiyaz Aalam (6 months ago)
BC synthol injection dhang se lagaya kro... Puri body zig zag bana rakhi hain..,🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
nancy kisshu (6 months ago)
best apps
Smart India (6 days ago)
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wow wow (1 month ago)
Rabari Pragnesh (4 months ago)
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Prem Mohite (4 months ago)
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DeadShot Gamer (4 months ago)
nancy kisshu 8849050038 whatsapp?
Amir Karki (6 months ago)
Link of Bumble for Android devices https://m.apksum.com/download/com.bumble.app_2.3.1_free
Worldwide Rockers (6 months ago)
Bhai mere app ka b review kr do Music app h https://youtu.be/AMSY1YCLTK8
Bbygal Ankita (3 months ago)
Umm the guy is so handsome 😍💕
Vishal Nayak (1 month ago)
Kamran Khan (1 month ago)
Bbygal Ankita hii
9 light,s (2 months ago)
wow wow (2 months ago)
My whatsapp number for hot +919944558815
kiran Sharma (7 months ago)
solid muscles hai kaise banaya give me some tips
Rohit Kumar (2 months ago)
Muthh maarni bnd krde
Lemon_nd_Oranges (3 months ago)
Injection Laga k 😂😂😂
Arshad Shaikh (3 months ago)
kiran Sharma ha Bhai
Aaron Dsouza (4 months ago)
Skip Leg Day. Everyday is arm day. Basically just be a curl monkey.
abhishek singh (7 months ago)
Bumble is not in India
faraaz shiakh (4 months ago)
abhishek singh https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/bumble-holding-limited/bumble-date-meet-friends-network/bumble-date-meet-friends-network-2-13-0-release/bumble-date-meet-friends-network-2-13-0-android-apk-download/
Anish Gupta (7 months ago)
Ashish Kumar (7 months ago)
Bumble is feminist.. Af. "Why should men take the lead" 😂
Young Banked (7 days ago)
Angad Veer Singh (2 months ago)
Ashish Kumar oh yes and women reply "Hi"😲
Sudershan Singh (7 months ago)
Bumble isn't available in india
1NIGHTSTUDY (1 month ago)
Sudershan Singh it's on ios
faraaz shiakh (4 months ago)
Sudershan Singh https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/bumble-holding-limited/bumble-date-meet-friends-network/bumble-date-meet-friends-network-2-13-0-release/bumble-date-meet-friends-network-2-13-0-android-apk-download/
Dude Dudette (7 months ago)
It's available but only on iOS
Shubham_ Boss (7 months ago)
Nice content, and the hair colour(blue) suits you miss______ i don't know your name so sorry, first time visited your channel.......
Shubham_ Boss (7 months ago)
Bumble seems to be interesting but its only for iOS user, by the way others app are full of fake accounts,
vishal Wolf (8 months ago)
bumble not only for ios device.... but also available in redmi device in android... as it has redmi store.... so download from it
Dude Dudette (7 months ago)
Oh, interesting. Didn't know that
Ishan Sharma (8 months ago)
great job done
Manu mk (8 months ago)
bumble doesnt shows up on play store??? y
faraaz shiakh (4 months ago)
5 CROSS https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/bumble-holding-limited/bumble-date-meet-friends-network/bumble-date-meet-friends-network-2-13-0-release/bumble-date-meet-friends-network-2-13-0-android-apk-download/
Dude Dudette (7 months ago)
Because they've not kept it available on android for Indian users. No idea why that is :/
Mehak Malhotra (8 months ago)
your dress is so pretty. nd i love ur hair color , i m definitely getting this color. bdw u guys are friendship goals ;)
Prem Mohite (4 months ago)
9767660099 what's app
Dude Dudette (8 months ago)
Thanks Mehak <3
RV Jindal (8 months ago)
Nyc synthol
RV Jindal (8 months ago)
Cool content

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