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Russia to produce Opel cars?

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The well-known German automobile brand is on sale. Several bidders from Europe and North America are in the running, but an alliance which includes Russias GAZ appears the most likely winner.
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zipacna1980 (9 years ago)
If they promise to keep German jobs they will. They don't want to transfer production and they will support Opel even if it won't bring profit same way they are doing with their domestic carmakers. For me it is clear why they are to purchase Opel. They want a technology to improve their aging industry. That is the reason why US with their Government Motors will never let the deal to be done. Opel also is vital for GM as a source it gets technology too.
RussianDefender100 (9 years ago)
Russian-Jewish( Ethnic Jews ) living mostly during USSR but now Most living in AmUrica, Britain or went back to their promised Land IsraHell btw, you can have all the jews :))
Buff Awesome (9 years ago)
You guys are doing the same thing the US did in the 70's. Higher taxes were placed on foreign cars and tax cuts were dished out to people who bought American cars. Guess what happened? The sale of foreign cars skyrocketted. Those tax incentives don't work. I don't even know why you think it would.
puiu30 (9 years ago)
Respect for Russia and Vladimir Putin the real leader of this world not George Bush and now Barack Obama the servant of the jew
RussianDefender100 (9 years ago)
Stupid AmUrican last time I check it was your country producing rabies and jews :))
AlexanderSigal (9 years ago)
At least they don't produce fat nasty assholes.
bagofbarn (9 years ago)
Russia does not produce shit but rabbies and Jews.

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