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Boyz II Men - Roll with me

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I don't wanna waste your time, Listen kinda play in-line, But I need to know somethings about you, One.. Do you have a man you claim, Are you doing your own thing, Cause if so then I can't leave without your name and your number, Where you live, Can I call you sometime Wait a minute, But yet again I'll give you mine. Tell me bout your inter-self, Who you'll be with, Your right demand, Can I read, Let me know, For you don't, I just won't take no [Chorus x2] Baby I wanna do, Whatever's on your mind, You'll make it all come true, If you roll wit' me tonight You, Make a brother wanna do, Things I never thought I'd do Got me open and I'm hopin', Baby I can take you for a ride Bently's right outside We can make it happin' If you just tell me your name and your number, Where you live, can I call you sometime Wait a minute, matter of fact I'll give you my number If you tell bout your inter-self, who you'll be with Your right demand, can I read it Let me know, for you don't, I just won't take no... [Chorus x2] Baby I wanna do, Whatever's on your mind, You'll make it all come true, If you roll wit' me tonight Ohh. I don't wanna stress you, all I wanna do is get next to you Ohh. I wanna be the man that makes you feel like no one else can Ohh. I don't wanna stress you, all I wanna do is get next to you, Want you to give it all to me, I wanna be the one that sets you free Ohh, gal gal Ohh, gal gal Ohh, gal gal Tell me bout your inter-self, Who you'll be with, Your ideal man, Can I be it, Let me know, For you don't, Cause I just won't take no.. [Chorus x3] Baby I wanna do, Whatever's on your mind, You'll make it all come true, If you roll wit' me tonight [Out] Baby wont you ride wit' me Baby wont you ride wit' me Baby wont you ...
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Text Comments (182)
Dominik Scharf (1 day ago)
ich hör den shit tag täglich rauf und runter und werde auch nie damit aufhören. das war noch mukke, realshit! bin so dankbar diese zeit miterlebt zu haben. damn,old and gold and never dies. heutzutage,das ist doch keine musik mehr, haram. gruss aus hanau frankfurt hessen holla und pac ist mein prophet r.i.p amaru
rainhailstorm2 (12 days ago)
these beats got me
Some One (19 days ago)
gOld 💓
Swetlana Lana (20 days ago)
das ist noch wahre Musik!❤️ Love it !!!
DJ FLO (26 days ago)
Check my new mixtape of Oldskul include this song it will bring u back to the old good time https://www.mixcloud.com/DJFlobeat/dj-flo-mixtape-oldskul/
Irmak_ SAGLAM (1 month ago)
kizim unlu oldunnn
alwayshalloween (1 month ago)
❤️ einfach nur ein geiles Lied ❤️
ćhawo małzo (1 month ago)
das ist lied jungs
*2018 ENDING*
Savannah Vu (1 month ago)
This song makes me feel old, but hey.. we had far better music back then! Old school RnB baby!
Jen Heinrich (1 month ago)
Das waren noch Zeiten Old but Gold 😍
edaalfio (1 month ago)
Der Songtext ist aber teilweise falsch formuliert 🤔🤔
Viktoria Rose (1 month ago)
Alon Fisher (1 month ago)
Wentworth/Newlands East 2002 Durban
fale lil (1 month ago)
I was living in Hamburg Germany as a teeneger in late 2000s. You could hear this song back in 2001 or 2002 in Hamburg in literally every club, every caffe, every hdj(haus der jugend), basicly everywhere. This song reminds me on my happy teenage years and beautifully spent years in Hamburg Germany. Btw. How come that this song was so popular in Germany but not in other countrys?
Jim Bo (1 month ago)
Wer soll denn heute noch Boyz2 men kennen . Die sind heute alle auf atotune unterwegs und denken wahrscheinlich noch dabei... wow was eine gesang 11Uhr stimme😂🤣🤣🤣
beatrice benson (1 month ago)
2018 Still Rolling.
Adel El Batal (2 months ago)
Blijad with me
Kai Hawaii (2 months ago)
I am Happy that we grow Up with this Musik thanks boys 2 men
Rosemberg Martins (2 months ago)
me amarro nesse som 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶
mxxxn (2 months ago)
true music so pure todays music is a joke compared to this
Trallala Punkt (2 months ago)
Und schwubb bin ich wieder 16 Jahre und fühle mich dank Tracks wie diesen wie in einer Zeitkapsel! Scheiß auf den "RnB" von heute. Die 90er und frühen 2000er waren was dieses Genre betrifft der Höhepunkt.. 112, Jagged Edge, Montell J, RL, Next, Usher, Shai.. Ginuwine und wie sie alle heißen.. LOVE <3
Lui Long (2 months ago)
2018 still listening
Tee Lion (2 months ago)
2018! Still one of the best songs !!!
Jimmy Jamal (2 months ago)
Tee Lion thank you 😂
Tee Lion (2 months ago)
Likewise lol 😂
Jimmy Jamal (2 months ago)
Tee Lion Thanks to god that there are still people like you in this world who know what real music is!
Tee Lion (2 months ago)
True that !! Yeah I know hence why old school is still my jam !
Jimmy Jamal (2 months ago)
Tee Lion just silly and its like theyre all doing the same shit, so its boring too to listen to the Music nowadays
Mahshad Nadafan (2 months ago)
Great song, truly your, biggest fan, Roll with me
Markus Ruhl (3 months ago)
2018 i finally found it😉😉😉😉
Richie Daniel (3 months ago)
Oh my God this used to be my SHIT!!!! back in the day!!! And still is as it’s better than anything out now. Bring the AMAZING 90’s back!
kahba sucuk (3 months ago)
Wer hört das Lied 2018 noch macht euch bemerkbar ❤️❤️❤️
Jessica Cetin (13 days ago)
immer & immer wieder ❤
Dogg Father (20 days ago)
Ronald Riedel (2 months ago)
Breeeee hahahah
kahba sucuk (2 months ago)
LEO CHΛNNEL ✔️ (2 months ago)
kahba sucuk Immer! Der PartyBanger
FREDRICK OIRA (3 months ago)
2018 and the song is fresh
Barded 13 (3 months ago)
Ça reste indémodable !!!
CALEB KNOXVILLE (4 months ago)
ArtiMcFly23AMK (4 months ago)
abdulkareem alawiye (4 months ago)
Jukkukj c. Juju. Ukulele much. Mhm any. l o, o,l,l,ll “
Andrea Gil Moreno (4 months ago)
Der Beat einfach Hammer 🎼🎧🎤
Juancarlos Hernandez (4 months ago)
Listening in 07 - 2018
DRMANUKA HONEY (5 months ago)
I am Nate!!!
Andre (5 months ago)
stylingman84 (5 months ago)
Man man das waren noch Zeiten 😎
Marija Kljajic (28 days ago)
stylingman84 ...aber sowas von !!!
Kis Met (6 months ago)
Alltime favorite Song 😊😊😊
marcin swiecki (6 months ago)
Still bangin 2k18
Phiwe Majola (6 months ago)
Takes me back to when I was a little girl jamming to this song in my mom's car. Those were the days...
Jenny John (6 months ago)
It Took me 10 years to find this song
Diego Alonzo (7 months ago)
In 2054 :3
Subzerouh (7 months ago)
wont get old, cant get old. allways in my heart
Shirley Anderson (7 months ago)
I'll will roll with them always
Justine Stern (7 months ago)
Mohamed Rahmid (7 months ago)
Neil Govender (7 months ago)
Shayla El Mahmoudi (8 months ago)
2k18 & still DOPE 🖤👑🖤
Bort (8 months ago)
Remember this song back in days getting them ladiea.
Naouelle Hania (9 months ago)
2018 ❤
yuu quicklovecrew (9 months ago)
good good song🎶🎶🙆🙆
buddypokekid (9 months ago)
Koharu and Suleman dance.
Denise Samsun (9 months ago)
Kev R (9 months ago)
2018...lyric strong
Ayoma Beatrice (9 months ago)
Yunes Adel (9 months ago)
Old-G Music One of the Best Song.
Michael Utz (10 months ago)
Damm that was my jam back on the day.... Some songs just never go out of style...
Top Bang (10 months ago)
In 2018
Anis Soltan (2 months ago)
Amira minz (9 months ago)
Top Bang 😍😍😍😍🔥🔥
Alik Moto (10 months ago)
eins der geilsten Lieder überhaupt
Yvonne Terbiyesiz (10 months ago)
2018 i Love this song
Blaster Jaxx (10 months ago)
Scott Storch on the beat!
Caroline Wambui (11 months ago)
I love it is really amazing
ashley lina (11 months ago)
donna (1 year ago)
Mon enfance
Nohamme Kellz (1 year ago)
Real R&b music never get old god bless them I missed that vibe
Dikke Jan (1 year ago)
Aids in my butthole
Fulya Melody (1 year ago)
Elina (1 year ago)
~❤~ memories
Gökan Yilmaz (1 year ago)
Das ist Musik mit Herz und Seele
Asuman Eyi (19 days ago)
Muss ich sagen Wünschenswert aber richtig schön weiter so 🤩🤩🤩
CALEB KNOXVILLE (1 year ago)
Listening in September #2017
Cherice Matthews (1 year ago)
Love this the tr'ack is heAvy!!
Chris Ni (1 year ago)
Miss the 90s RnB and hip hop style !!!!
Rom You (1 year ago)
Sticky fingers in underage night clubs!
Ekai Salm (1 year ago)
My kinda song when i'm down.....
David Lloris (1 year ago)
Best Song but the Lyrics you wrote is wrong Idiot
Dunya (1 year ago)
Firat Alici (1 year ago)
Das Lied war damals Hammer, heute?? Digitaler Hammer!!! Im Zeitalter von selbstfahrende Autos, kann das Lied immer noch selber singen :-)
Alvez Almeida (1 year ago)
broootaaalsteer beat !!
Das ist Musik nicht der Scheiss von heute alles Fake.
Siyabonga Africa (1 year ago)
Heard this on the radio the other day and felt so old. Love it still.
mark manino (1 year ago)
BOYS TO MEN ! ! ! ............. " ROLL WITH ME"
Kat Joy (1 year ago)
Listening to this in 2017
Some One (17 days ago)
2018 & 2019 also ✌🏽
Sarah Cheyenne (1 year ago)
It's 2017 and i'm still in Love with this Shit!!!!!!!😍😍😍
StreetwisePanda (1 year ago)
this is my favorite song!!
ingrid rafael (1 year ago)
David Lloris (1 year ago)
jose ortiz (1 year ago)
how can 53 people not like this club banger???? man stop listening to that trap mumble shyt and get schooled. old schooled
Tanja Kostic (18 days ago)
Hkfudgz4kt75 ich nicht mehr gehe morgen früh früh ins Bett und die die Kinder abholen du willst Du mich betatschen mich später bei dir wenn ich zu zu Hause bin bei Zell du willst Du mich auch so komisch ob uch Fieber hab
FREDRICK OIRA (3 months ago)
jose ortiz you a fucked up crook
Angel Johnson (8 months ago)
jose ortiz for real
Dead Shot (1 year ago)
old but gold
LimitlezZ (1 year ago)
who doesnt like this music?
Mara Alves (1 year ago)
Top old but gold
Suraj rmg (1 year ago)
Mara Alves old is gold it's true right?
JOLANO DXCR (1 year ago)
der ist scheisssssssssssssssss nicht das lied sondern er
Julius Ogembo (1 year ago)
when music was music
charis catry (1 year ago)
Those were the days
princevita (1 year ago)
back in the days!
Amira Regen-Meyer (1 year ago)
fav song of all time
Sheila García (1 year ago)
i love this song :-) :-)
Steel King (1 year ago)
Oldschool Baby
pcys black hoodie (1 year ago)
this never gets old
Noah_07 gravi (8 months ago)

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