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Drake - Nice For What

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Music video by Drake performing Nice For What. © 2018 Young Money/Cash Money Records
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Text Comments (84208)
ryder vescera (12 minutes ago)
Best drake song
Wahab Hussain (14 minutes ago)
Check Out My Niggas Lyrics Blood....
Van Nistelrooy (3 hours ago)
Nice for what
Olivia Gomes (5 hours ago)
Rashida Jones!!
Uot Gnav (5 hours ago)
00:07 Captain Marvel?
Rights Champ (11 hours ago)
Remember when I first heard this at Park at 14th #DC. It was mixed with another bounce track for about 5 minutes...next thing I know I was rubbing my booty on the ground.
Lukas (13 hours ago)
2:17 me when I'm having a mental breakdown after my nudes get leaked
Jordan Taylor (20 hours ago)
I Do Love The Beats In The Background Of That Song
Jordan Taylor (20 hours ago)
I Do Love That Song And This Is Going To Be Another One Of My Favourite Song
Jordan Taylor (20 hours ago)
I Love That Song And It's Also Make Me Want To Dance And Sing Along Too
perfect fitz (22 hours ago)
Life's still good. It's a short life, make it worth it.
Frozay (23 hours ago)
I'm just mad he ain't ask Rihanna to be in the m/v
uomo d'onore (1 day ago)
This beat is lit. Never expected Drake would do a girl power song though.
Rowan Murray (1 day ago)
May 2019??
管泰植 (1 day ago)
that shit is lit , fuck
Rustam Lomidze (1 day ago)
That song was from my school bus
scarlett dunn (1 day ago)
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Charlie Jackson (1 day ago)
Since summers coming I'm getting ready to start blasting this song in my car. *summer vibes*
Ana (1 day ago)
i like music mmm
Hector Maciel (1 day ago)
YizzyFX (1 day ago)
The summer nostalgia vibes....
Dante Villarreal (1 day ago)
Why does drake say nigga? He’s not even black
Buhle Dlamini (1 day ago)
This song reminds me of my family😢
Dávid (1 day ago)
Jourdan Dunn:)))
Dávid (1 day ago)
Mojtaba Nazari (1 day ago)
How is this song a year old? I promise I woke up a few weeks ago to this
retrozombie2021 (2 days ago)
Nice for what is the part two to fancy
Nimsy’s Vids (2 days ago)
2019?love this song!
Avery Williams (2 days ago)
This song is anti black male
Ulanbek Jusupov (2 days ago)
Who is she 2:49?
Olivia Kenton (2 days ago)
Fuck feminism
muhammad shazad (2 days ago)
Am I the only one who thinks this songs gives off heavy early 2000s vibes? Especially the "care for me" part
Galaxy Angel WOD (3 days ago)
*That's a real one* in your reflection with out a follow without a mention ~
Saomina Shirai (3 days ago)
1 year later Me: bitch I don’t give a fuck it still sounds good
GamingHaze 2006 (3 days ago)
This is how many people like the song 👇🏻
Babra Gift Brown (3 days ago)
Nice one
Tim Hearn (3 days ago)
2:19 is that shuri from avengers
Aviel Thompson (3 days ago)
Tifanny haddish make that ass jump😂😂
aleksandra merkuri (3 days ago)
Oliviaaaa 😍😍
AmusementNoodle (4 days ago)
Best song on Scorpion hands down.
Jamal Gardner (4 days ago)
The song don’t match the video 👎🏽. Just to me seems a bit of New Orleans summer vibes.
João Martins CF (4 days ago)
J. Cole ?!
scarlett dunn (4 days ago)
Come on guyz don't waste your time go for *I G R O C K E T D O T C O M* to get followers on instagram.
Dominique Thomas (4 days ago)
This song brings back so many good memories of last summer! I can’t wait to see what he got coming for this summer 🔥🔥
DJay Johnson (4 days ago)
Good vibes
Mikhail Yosef (4 days ago)
What a good way of celebrating a $350M plane for himself.
Lindsey Mehl (4 days ago)
Am I the only one who cringed SO hard at that horse girls’ stirrups 😖😖 who did you rent that horse from that didn’t help you with stirrups. Honey...
Saadi Presley (3 days ago)
That.... is what you took from this video. The difference between you... and them lol
Linda Warren (5 days ago)
Every time I hear this song I think about my man Green baby rest in peace and I love you baby 🖤💋
Savi Chishi (5 days ago)
"You said you'd die for me. Why wont you live for me?" Damn
H (2 days ago)
It's from the song : Ex Factor by Lauryn Hill
BamBamm Rojito (3 days ago)
JJ (3 days ago)
Powerful isn't it...
Nikos Greek (5 days ago)
maresei poutoxei kai sta elinika haha
sante -1 (5 days ago)
Gotta hit the club how you hit you hit the mangoes
John Duppleingham (5 days ago)
Time to pull this out again, didn't play it in winter in respect to its summer vibe.
TOXIC Grubbs (8 hours ago)
a fucking men
free lamps (1 day ago)
For real tho
John Reyna (4 days ago)
same here!
John Duppleingham (4 days ago)
+Ricky Yes my bro sounds like a vibe
Ur mom classic (5 days ago)
2:11 He prophesied hoes mad
Rx Mc (6 days ago)
U Don't Wanna Kno If Somebody Like It Or NOOOT!!!!! 😈😈😈
DJ Dunfee (6 days ago)
"High school pics you was bad then" eck-fuckin-scuse me dawg 🤔🤔🤔
ImJustAmazN (6 days ago)
My "Nice For What" remix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GNkVC_EgTk
Shaquille Jordan (6 days ago)
Tracee Ellis Ross fine ass 😍😍😍
Hermosa_Rosa_Blanca (6 days ago)
Should be the national anthem~ ☆♡🌹🌹🌹
Cammz W (5 days ago)
Hermosa_Rosa_Blanca Oh say can you see by the motherfuckin’ roll on xD I like the anthem as it is but I am sure the Canadians will accept this offer
Pierre-Louis Côté (6 days ago)
0:55 Still not over jim, eh?
Dirty Dan (6 days ago)
That summer anthem a month late and counting...
Levi Meyer (6 days ago)
Fammy bro
MrOneZion (7 days ago)
MrOneZion (7 days ago)
For real whoever said i was a genious i praise you
Cxnel (7 days ago)
Everyone that sees this i hope you get rich
Swish The 3 (7 days ago)
Leave a like if its a dub
Edward Zhang (7 days ago)
Nice for What got me In My Feelings.
Emmanuelle Donaldson (7 days ago)
im here for letitia
kedangl3r (7 days ago)
my soundcloud link https://soundcloud.com/yermswag/7-1a
Born Blazed (7 days ago)
Fuck you Drake!Drake just bought a $200 Million air cargo plane as his private jet. many celebs are putting nails in our coffins with climate change related green house gas's. Dont Buy into Celebs merch, albums and/or movies there just using the $$$$ too screw us all over!
Suave Mario (7 days ago)
Cameo: The Musical
Jose Alvarado (7 days ago)
Radhida Jones!!!!!
Kidd Skipp (8 days ago)
Already been a year sense its release?? Damn feels like yesterday
Sanju Rayan (8 days ago)
Yo what genre of music is the backing track? Like ignoring the pop and rap, what's left. Sorry if that made no sense
refurbished monkey (8 days ago)
this song is my motivation
*It's May and I'm here...*
raymaaah hmd (5 days ago)
Me too
Jose Flores (6 days ago)
Can't wait for July my birthday that month and this song gonna be on my Track list for sure
Austin Moon (6 days ago)
Oretha Williams (7 days ago)
Me to bro!
Japjot Singh PASS (7 days ago)
Same HAHA MAY 13 MONDAY EDit-The date can be different in different countries depending on the time zone of the countries and I live in NZ
*Nice For What?*
Japjot Singh PASS (7 days ago)
Mia Waddell (8 days ago)
بس انه عربي😭😭
Marian Carreño (9 days ago)
Este vídeo me recuerda siempre el porqué estudio y amo mi carrera! Amo esta canción siempre me da ánimos para seguir adelante, Amo el empoderamiento femenino de las escenas y amo que la directora sea una mujer💪🏽💁🏻, saludos desde Venezuela 🇻🇪 espero algún día crear cosas tan maravillosas así
Izzy Layback (9 days ago)
Suck It
Lil Beanz (9 days ago)
This for my mom because i understand its hard being a single mother i know she try her best and i know she insecure about her self sometimes i just wanna tell her she beautiful and so much ways and i love her and always will have her back no matter what happens and this song for her im a nigga my self so i can say some niggas aint shit even your friends and family alot people is not your friend they just praying on your down fall 💜
George Sucks (9 days ago)
This was drakes song so where is he in the music video 😂
Jin Channel (9 days ago)
Jay Bashom (9 days ago)
9×outta 10 Christian's luuuvvvvv drake 🤣🤣😂😂💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
Trenton 23 (9 days ago)
Pretty sure I just saw Ann Perkins
Trenton 23 (8 days ago)
Alexis Daun no I’m sorry
Alexis Daun (8 days ago)
Are you single?
Mattinツ (9 days ago)
Hejka_tu_kasia_ tt pamketajcje
Ajang Nyankiirdit (9 days ago)
Lil weezy on this shit, thou he wasn't on the video. What a priceless way to pay Weezt Respect
Uday g711 (9 days ago)
The copycat singer [email protected]
d.c. rhodes (9 days ago)
Rap music is an oxymoron
Colette Rosita (9 days ago)
this song actually helped me through my breakup and it's ironic how it was released a day after i broke up with my ex
MetalSonic420 (2 days ago)
And it alright.
Viva Sinalkova (9 days ago)
Drake is Fortnie Player!! Dont touch Drake
Seong Gurung (9 days ago)
This song always hype me up
Mariana Flores (9 days ago)
Moneymoney $$ and I boufffffff!
Josh Amos (10 days ago)
Eagle623_ YT (10 days ago)
Wakanda forever!!
MrOneZion (7 days ago)
olivia wilde
Chikomfwika Joseph (10 days ago)
Krisstoff Mahabir (10 days ago)
2 murderers took ViktoriaMarinova
This video screams independence and womanhood

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