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"Live PD" Suspect in Handcuffs runs from police & jumps through window Part 1

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Man gets arrested for domestic violence , runs from police ,jumps through window and threatens girlfriend Part 1
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Sins Of Dawn (2 days ago)
Going after the victim? The guy shouldve been tased well.
Daniel Valentine (2 days ago)
Crashed that lil party huh? I didin do nuffin!!!!
Lesielotta Yenny (6 days ago)
The one policemen wasnt watching him and he took off for the window.
European American (8 days ago)
Hey tupack..mi mean Tyrone or whatever your name is..don't jump through windows..stick to swinging from trees
Decamra LeCouter (10 days ago)
Wht if those ppl in that room where fucking!?!?!? Jheeee hes inconsiderate AF
Chris Garsh (12 days ago)
Anyone else shooting H in the neck while watching this?
What's His Name (10 days ago)
Chris Garsh Yes, directly in the jugular
No good deed (14 days ago)
What a dumbass. He played all innocent. She better disappear before he gets out
Ryan C (14 days ago)
168 red snappers disliked this video after that epic leap.
Waldo Weathers (15 days ago)
No need for race shaming bit this mufucka is stupid 😂
Dareis Nogod (16 days ago)
man going to get my ass over to sc soon as can wonderfull place you know what i'm saying.
Dareis Nogod (16 days ago)
man them people is reel niece you know what i'm saying man.
Joseph Peters (20 days ago)
Crazy shit!!!!
Amante Della Morte 66 (24 days ago)
😂 Lol wtf . I can’t stop laughing
2k (29 days ago)
it would've been hilarious if the people inside that room were having sex! LMAO
PDXTheresa22 (29 days ago)
Number of times Mr. Sherwin Williams says "Know what I'm saying": 574
Roselia Shaolin (1 month ago)
He was practically a mad dog without a leash! XD
Miguel Leon (1 month ago)
Bro that would of been crazy if some guy was smashing a thought that would of been nuts
Titus Samuel (1 month ago)
Are parts of the speech censored in America as well or is it just on YouTube? Who does the censoring?
DukeStarbuckle (1 month ago)
I hope this show was cancelled. I love watching the cops do their thing, but I have no interest in listening to people who were nowhere near the scene comment on everything.
Peter K (1 month ago)
Dives head first through a window. "I don't care, it was worth it". Dumbass. Know what I'm saying?
TheGodFather (1 month ago)
Bonafide dumbass
M&M LINDSEY (1 month ago)
Trigg508 E/C (1 month ago)
Shut up PIG we seen what happened
Judith Jenkins (1 month ago)
If the person getting arrested was truly interested in letting people know how they feel, they would drop the "f" words. Hey idiot, get a dictionary learn some new words
Brad Doss (1 month ago)
This is fake as hell
DarkestLight 4U (1 month ago)
Lol no hesitation wanted to talk to his women 😅😅 That's real determination. I might have had to let this guy go
TAROT EXCELLENCE (1 month ago)
This episode is brought to you by Sherwin Williams.
Gear Heads Unlimited (1 month ago)
Bleep bleep shit bitch lmao yall need a new bleep guy
James Donlon (1 month ago)
S. Tapler hahahaa
Józef Hofmann (1 month ago)
Skip to 4:18
Robert Sparkes (1 month ago)
Dumber than dumb.
Marquis Bond (1 month ago)
He got arrested at room 230. He jumps through room 133... Am I missing something here? How are the rooms related? Help!
Cano Vega (1 month ago)
Free paint in the jail
Stephen Murphy (1 month ago)
Counted 28 know what I'm saying
Stephen Murphy (1 month ago)
I know what your saying. You know what I saying?
Stephen Murphy (1 month ago)
Altercation over cornbread, yes you can have my cornbread man.
chumbuckery777 (2 months ago)
What an animal - even gorillas act more human than this guy. All he knows how to do is run at the mouth and get in trouble. Ship his ass back to Africa, he clearly misses tribal life and doesn't fit in here.
Glen Jones (2 months ago)
asshole he isnt from africa. maybe they ship your ass back to the caves in Europe fucking krakka redneck thief.. rapist child molester
kaskins117 (2 months ago)
... confused why is there like 10 seconds plus bleeping wanna see the real episode i get protection of everyone involved ... what was said?
Mellow Apocalypse (2 months ago)
Legend has it the censor quit during this clip
apcontoi (2 months ago)
Fuck I hate cops. They we're all bullied in elementary school. Fucking losers.
Rdon357 Thomas (2 months ago)
Big shout-out to Sherwin-Williams
Bloo Loo (2 months ago)
WWE has cop show now--- !!!
Rush Cummins (2 months ago)
What's up with white female an black dude they were going take it on until someone jumped in lol
snoogle66 (2 months ago)
Notice how at the end he refers to the motel as a “gold mine”of activity.
Alyse Ortiz (2 months ago)
That cop in the beginning looks seems like he's high!
Christian Payne (2 months ago)
I hate how they just turned the audio off for an extended period. Like...this is a show for adults airing on a station for adults. What kid is up at 11pm watching Live PD? And even if they are, who cares? We can handle some bad words. The censorship in US television is annoying
Dana Davis (2 months ago)
It would been epic if they were in there fucking
Edgar Mendez (2 months ago)
The cops name is S. tapler
Fred De la Cruz (2 months ago)
lmao imagine beating your meat and some random dude just jumps through your window.
Jamie Newbe (2 months ago)
A gold mine of activity?!?!$$
Luna 9130:3 (2 months ago)
Damn so much cussing 😂😂
jay king (2 months ago)
Damn he don't want to go to jail i hate when they do that shit Lmao
Jason 57 (2 months ago)
That woman should be scared for her life
letthebutthurtbegin (2 months ago)
What was his end game? lmao
Cliff Diver (2 months ago)
The officer that was supposed to be watching him was looking dead at the camera in the opposite direction of the suspect. I lmao when it took him a second to realize the guy running was the guy he was supposed to have next to him.
LAVILLIA DESTINE (2 months ago)
He’s black whys he talking like that
Pastor Glock (2 months ago)
What a fuckin idiot!! But it made laugh
Howard M. Burgers (2 months ago)
They got plastic windows in the projects? The more you know***
ecwfaithful (2 months ago)
Howard M. Burgers Plexiglass, in an attempt to avoid breaking and entering.
Andrew (2 months ago)
This episode was crazy, I watched live and I was like wtf
Will L (2 months ago)
Windows made out of plastic or something?
Dra O (2 months ago)
Takes the idiots a few minutes to comprehend “Get outta the room.” Sad.
Laura Llama (2 months ago)
Reminded me of big Koolaid busting through the wall.
TheRealKillerTomato (2 months ago)
I was becoming skeptical like, how is this guy going to end up jumping through a window, he’s being so cooperative?
Jeff Stewart (2 months ago)
Dang, Plexiglas
Jeff Stewart (2 months ago)
Good ad for Sherwin Williams
Taylor Queensbury (2 months ago)
I wouldn’t want to be one of the officers stationed at the suggested new substation. Too much work for the officers and too little aide for citizens with addiction.
Zirb (2 months ago)
When you're at a local motel in a prayer group and you ask God to send you message...
Donna Rozzen (2 months ago)
Where did he think. He was going lmfao 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Chris Shanklin (2 months ago)
😂😂😂idk who tf he thought he was.He talking about it was worth the charge,nigha u didn’t go nowhere when u tried to run
DragonAurora (2 months ago)
Does this motherfucker speak English? Good Lord...
dragon joe (2 months ago)
What a dip shit
Davion Taylor (3 months ago)
I'm weak at his face when he ran 😂😂
sherry a (3 months ago)
Smith Nyke (3 months ago)
Good job officers
TheArgosReed (3 months ago)
It was a brilliant plan...
Stephen Murphy (3 months ago)
He looks exactly like a guy I was in jail with when I got a DUI who always wanted everyone's cornbread
Stephen Murphy (3 months ago)
You want yo cornbread
Stephen Murphy (3 months ago)
I wonder If he would let me have his cornbread from his tray in the cellblock.
Stephen Murphy (3 months ago)
Why do the black people usually run from them
Andrew Wilson (3 months ago)
Robert Comments (3 months ago)
Watching several police videos and see many technical mistakes made by officers. The training at many departments must be very bad. Had offender in hand cuffs and had 0 control when moving him. Very basic mistake not to have hands on when moving hand cuffed detainee.
Jeroim3142 (3 months ago)
This false "bravado" in black culture is a huge problem. Acting tough is not conducive to living a life where you have good interactions with others.
Angela Hagerman (3 months ago)
It's funny how the criminals will talk like they are trying to convince you they aren't all that bad....but when they get owned then they start talking smack.....
Hans Olof Thiderman (3 months ago)
Thats Kanyes dad, a brain-dead cartoon ! So the saying is correct, like father like son....…...Cheers
Robert Willard (4 months ago)
Running in handcuffs is a death sentence.
D Me (4 months ago)
Criminals are some seriously stupid mothafuckas. Like the cops didn't see you jump in the damn window. What was your next plan, genius? You're still cuffed.
Debra Legg (4 months ago)
Help me out here. Whose the woman upstairs, why is he there & how did he know his victim was in that downstairs room? Ya can't make this stuff up!!!
Travis Ritenour (4 months ago)
columbia is south carolina’s state capital i am from south carolina the surrounding areas are cacy, west columbia , richland
donna field (4 months ago)
10 stars for all the Columbian South Carolina police officers! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
donna field (4 months ago)
The Columbian police officer appears to be a very nice man
FeelsBadMan (4 months ago)
It'd be funny as fuck if the room he jumped into had some more illegal stuff like hookers and coke or something lmao.
Tulare County Cop Watch (4 months ago)
Lol fake ass glass
Neuro . Genesis (4 months ago)
"I got glass on my side get that shit out" I would been like "Sorry didnt hear you"
Neuro . Genesis (4 months ago)
The IQ on this one is sky high
Ckriss Ckross (4 months ago)
That's not even glass haha 😂😂😂
Ramtin VC (4 months ago)
Cops in the states are so corrupt. The handcuffed male should have been put in the vehicle from the start, while the rest of the case was dealt with. This would’ve prevented his sudden attempt of escape which landed him an extra charge now, because you fools didn’t put him in the car. Not his fault on that one , it’s the polices fault! The cops in the states are over using their powers , a lot of the Live PD videos I see are so ridiculous you can compare them to the cops in Movies. Trump needs to send the states cops to Canada for some proper training
Adolfo Gonzalez (4 months ago)
lol this was funny lol but on a serious not why is it that every min a hear a cop saying I will arrest you if don't shit up and leave and people say that ain't intimidation and I know the cops all worked up in general but still doesn't give them the right to just arrest people they feel are in their way
Carson Lee (4 months ago)
Kool aid guy entrance
julian campa (4 months ago)
What kind of motel is that??? Looks like people made them into apartments.
NoPrayer4TheDying (4 months ago)
These feel fake

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