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Husband and wife pulled over by police while trafficking marijuana !

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Husband and wife pulled over by police while trafficking marijuana ! CREDIT: Comdian Dadd Azz & Comedian Melissa MC YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKs9CEQnfA3h6uVWAqkInSg WEBSITE▶ http://www.thisizlatruth.com TWITTER▶ http://www.twitter.com/_latruth INSTAGRAM▶ http://www.instagram.com/_latruth FACEBOOK▶ http://www.facebook.com/latruth
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Text Comments (21)
aka85DivaMom (3 months ago)
They got stopped by Otis.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ernest Harlen (4 months ago)
Pastor done set his ass up
Sandra Robinson (5 months ago)
That stuff smells
Ron B (5 months ago)
How you gon cut her head off? She ain't got no damn neck bruh.
Jd Hardin (5 months ago)
I luv yall
Flo Winters (5 months ago)
Why did they take down dadazz videos
Ebony_Love_R_007 (7 months ago)
"Somebody done set yo damn ass up!" LOL. 😁🤣😁🤣😁
Creyvonne Jones (9 months ago)
She sold him out.... Hell to the Naw... LMAO
LJ (4 months ago)
Creyvonne Jones She said hell yes he’s going to claim that shit.
PITT BULL KING OF KINGS (10 months ago)
Well i just be dammmm lol....
Jalen Redish (10 months ago)
Have you actually went to jail ?
R. Jerome Harris (11 months ago)
Church folks.
Net Watson (11 months ago)
Too funny. Never involved your wife. Two can't go to jail
Irell Pettway (11 months ago)
7:45 no matter what you're finished
LaDon Gibbs (11 months ago)
Can't knock the hustle his wife is a disloyal little son of a gun. all he was trying to do is just make a little money for the family
Jack Dees (3 months ago)
LaDon Gibbs it’s fake dam stfu
Duane Shadd (11 months ago)
Now this is funny he going to cut his wife head off
LJ (4 months ago)
Cut her head off. I’m dead.... LMAO
Lorenzo Drake (11 months ago)
Duane Shadd okkkijjkk
HoustonUGK (11 months ago)
Lmao 🤣

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