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Drusilla, The Wonder Girl 40th Anniversary 1976

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Debra Winger makes her debut as Drusilla, a young Amazon who becomes involved in a Nazi plot and becomes Wonder Girl to assist Wonder Woman. A solo television series was going to be produced but was not pursued. The character Drusilla was first introduced in 1969 in Wonder Woman (comic) by DC Comics. The exact origin of this version of Wonder Girl was never fully established. Drusilla first appeared in the TV episode Wonder Woman: "The Feminum Mystique Part One" on November the 6th, 1976 (USA). Other countries had different air dates.
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Text Comments (186)
Wagner Santos (2 minutes ago)
in the bar scene it looks like Viggo mortensen
John Mendoza (15 minutes ago)
Ooo dam if Drusilla can do it maybe I can to oh crap💩 it didn't work.Ladies do your stuff.😊
Martin Fernandez (2 hours ago)
Eddie Barnett (4 hours ago)
So why does only wonder woman have stars on her panties? It's something to wonder about. .
Skye Dragon6 (11 hours ago)
Bad thing is, there was never a Druscilla in Wonder Woman. Diane's sister always was Donna Troy, give or take a couple of retcons. The only Druscilla with Wonder Woman ties was I think Cassie Sandsmark using the name during Young Justice. You would be amazed how many people actually think Druscilla is canon because of her appearance on the show.
Jerry Lee Kersey (14 hours ago)
Holy Moly
Simon (22 hours ago)
Drucilla's ambition was to one day have a thigh gap as wide as her sister's! (1:48)
Brian Pomphrey (23 hours ago)
i love this show
Vladymir Calante (23 hours ago)
Robert Hays and Debra Winger debuts
anthonyelevatorguy (1 day ago)
Holy double vision!! Batman ! Or Holy prophylactics Batman !!!
A Neil (1 day ago)
at 3:39 Why can't StarMan defend himself? :)
Website guy (1 day ago)
Did she just fart?
Keyser Sozie (1 day ago)
I didn't realize Debra Winger had such big tits!!!😍😍😍 I watched this as a kid. Our favorite part was her running.
Courtney Gillespie (1 day ago)
Oh gee whiz 🙄
WRECK 215 (1 day ago)
This jawn is a TIMELESS CLASSIC 👍😉
Oh to be a a time traveler and have a Linda & little Debbie sandwich. I am caught in the Laso of Truth.😎
joek money (1 day ago)
White women and there perky tits lol and slender thighs
Tom H. (1 day ago)
This episode could have been a lot funnier but it suffered from bad writing.
Magowin (1 day ago)
Man she was hotter than Wonder Woman that's for sure.
Website guy (1 day ago)
Thats the reason for just 3 episodes.
BJB (1 day ago)
5:03 roger roger
BJB (1 day ago)
4:41 adam schiff gets away
BJB (1 day ago)
BJB (1 day ago)
Linda Carter all tan makes me want to cum
Boe Dillard (2 days ago)
Striker... Ted Striker! Before he developed his drinking problem over Macho Grande!
Boe Dillard (20 hours ago)
+Skip Introux And he went to pieces!
Skip Introux (21 hours ago)
He never got over Macho Grande.
11Stucat (2 days ago)
Someone was wearing a padded bra. to compete with her older sister...
sirenia (2 days ago)
4:18 sirenia here, skyrim vampire. is that the fastest they can go, I can over take the both just by walking fast, lol.
Mario Andrikopoulos (2 days ago)
Oh boy I Love Wonder Women!
Carlton Banks (2 days ago)
Is she supposed to be donna troy?
funzjag (2 days ago)
Even as a very young boy, I loved this show. I didn’t fully understand my fascination but 2 Wonder Females made me very happy! BTW, if I’m not mistaken the taller thug in the soda shop is a son of Dick Van Dyke!
funzjag (1 day ago)
Vincent Palombo Thanks for the conformation! I remember watching that scene as a small boy. Barry definitely resembles his father and my parents saw the likeness back in the day. BTW, I am partial Italian American and from the look of your name, you are as well. My relatives came from the town of Bovino in the region of Foggia. It’s right above Calabria. Where did your ancestors reside?
Vincent Palombo (1 day ago)
funzag     You're right-Barry Van Dyke, way before he co-starred with his dad on Diagnosis Murder.
Dylan O'Hara (2 days ago)
Oh, to be trapped in a revolving door in between those two. Sure, it would kill me, but I hope it would take days!
Solar Flare (2 days ago)
What a difference between those body's.
Jon Gilbertson (2 days ago)
A war hero? What about that day over Macho Grande?
cellmate1 (2 days ago)
Cap Rogers (2 days ago)
Wonder Woman used to have boobs. This PC disaster that the democrats have brought about SUCKS!
MoviesGalore1000 (2 days ago)
If Drusilla grew up on Paradise Island how did she get to Washington D.C. and why doesn't she know she has super powers?
Bobo Boy (2 days ago)
In comics, she ran away from amazon island at younger age in recent comics she got kidnap and raised by a person who hates Amazonian
keim73 (2 days ago)
so bad and good all at once!!
Lisa Smith (3 days ago)
I never knew there was a Younger Woman She was Hot
kimB.C (3 days ago)
지금봐도 너무이쁘시고 몸매가 환상이시네요
memyself4ever1 (3 days ago)
John Saxon wore the same stuff he did on Enter The Dragon. LOL!
David C. (1 day ago)
That's right!!! hahaha
The Traveler (3 days ago)
A supposed teen girl super hero wearing provocative outfit. Don't hold your breath for a remake of this one folks considering the pull feminism has on the super hero industry these days.
Mr. West lndian t.v. (3 days ago)
Fuck feminists.
Genna Tuelz (3 days ago)
DigitalPraise7 (3 days ago)
3:45 is right after the raid over Macho Grande.
Dan Hitchman (3 days ago)
I've got to concentrate concentrate concentrate. I've got to concentrate concentrate concentrate. Hello?? Hello hello hello. Echo! Echo echo echo. Pinch hitting for Pedro Borbon, Manny Mota! :)
Way Cool (3 days ago)
Debra Winger...hmmmm. Think I need to watch Urban Cowboy again. I recall her riding a bull.
Professor Jameson (3 days ago)
As terrible as it is at least it's better than Captain Marvel.
BILL MURRAY (3 days ago)
Gal Gadot was still a toddler at this time. TRIVIA NOTE: Both Debra Winger and Gal Gadot served in the Israeli Army before acting.
Bobby Nipper (3 days ago)
BILL MURRAY that IS interesting
BILL MURRAY (3 days ago)
Bobby Nipper Thank you so much for that update. That TRIVIA NOTE IS true, though.
Bobby Nipper (3 days ago)
BILL MURRAY this was about 10 years before Gal Gadot was even born!
Wonder girl had some wonderful assets😃
Zero liabilities. That balance sheet was clean.
V. E. (4 days ago)
As a teen in the 70s, no one (guys) cared whether Wonder Woman was goofy and kinda trite. We tuned in to see Linda Carter in that outfit. Made all of the cheesy-ness worth while.
John Mendoza (14 minutes ago)
WONDER GIRL was better.
Fugettaboutit (23 hours ago)
Linda Carter in even the mousy/conservative Diana Prince costume was absolutely ravishing as well.
DumbDuck44 (1 day ago)
Unfortunately if it were reshot today, she'd be a man-hating angry feminist fighting stupid white males to protect transgender muslim refugees from the patriarchy.
SirChivalRegal (4 days ago)
Took an awful long time, to think of what to do.......
the Rocky Reina Show (4 days ago)
Justice Jester (4 days ago)
What stupendious rubbish LMAO
Cap Rogers (2 days ago)
You think we used to read Playboy for the articles?
Bobo Boy (2 days ago)
Its mean for children dude, what do you expect?
Mark McGee (4 days ago)
her costume was padded! see her nude scene in An Officer and A Gentleman, and see that I'm right...Lynda Carter's was not...see her nude scene in Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw!!
samotbrandon (4 days ago)
Mark McGee Thank You
Olin Detroit (4 days ago)
Is it me or is Wonder girl seems to be a better fighter than Wonder woman.
Bobo Boy (2 days ago)
In comics wonder girl is more stronger but always lose against wonder woman because lacks of experience. Wonder woman still holding back by not using her gods mode
taoist40 (4 days ago)
Interesting and fascinating to watch. The twirling reminds me of the Turkish Dervishes who danced this way as a spiritual transformation into the essence of who they really are. The symbology Of stars are reminiscent of guiding lights towards true knowledge. There is more to these comic book characters than meets the eye!
BILL MURRAY (3 days ago)
taoist40 I'm glad SOMEONE knows this.
JM S (4 days ago)
They could have done a better job on the Wonder Girl costume... it looks very cheaply made.
SHAWN MICHAEL Duncan (3 days ago)
Back in those days they didn't spend a lot on stuff for television, that's why they had less commercial.
The Great White Snark (5 days ago)
Is that Fotsy?
Alterss Bot (5 days ago)
If she spun in a merry go round shed have a mount too
CaptSakeMangusto (5 days ago)
"Why my sidekick has straps on her suit when is clear for everybody we are both Double D Cups ?"
Walter Koziol (3 days ago)
Hate to just your wet dream fantasy bub but Deb Winger had her bra padded when she was Wonder Girl. As for Lynda Carter she's only a C cup. No D's there.
ronsmac (5 days ago)
Nice looking girl but this is dreadful.
BILL MURRAY (3 days ago)
ronsmac Nobody was looking to win any awards here.
fw1421 (5 days ago)
I had forgotten they did this. Sooo hokey!🙀🙀🙀
Mowac (5 days ago)
3:45 Barry Van Dyke and Robert Hays
Позорище блядь, чему учат боец в армии сша, дрочить?
Duke Togo (5 days ago)
Debra Winger was hot back in the day... Not to mention she had great assets. 😉
Hans Teichmann (4 days ago)
Duke Togo yeah I agree with you buddy. And she definitely had a real nice ass too!
TOM S (6 days ago)
I think we would all like to meet Wonder girl whatever the circumstances!
Daryl Grenfell (1 day ago)
Me too but not a flat reboot like the modern wonder woman.
LaTrone Latham (6 days ago)
I love the Wonder Girl episodes as a young kid. To be honest I was a little uneasy watching her because I don't think I'd ever seen a female character of any kind with beautiful buttom cheeks like Debra's until Catherine Bach 'Daisy Duke' came along.
Patrick Lyons (5 days ago)
They made you feel funny? They sure as hell did me. And Wilma Dearing in Buck Rogers.
Joe Blow (6 days ago)
Wonder Girl was hotter than Wonder Woman.
Jon Gilbertson (2 days ago)
I have to agree. Since Wonder Girl’s outfit does not have all stars and shiny stuff on it, it looks like she is only wearing her underwear.
Patrick Lyons (5 days ago)
+TOM S Her outfit showed off her ASSets better. Plus for those of us back in the day, she was closer to our own ages and seemed more relatable.
TOM S (6 days ago)
No way!
Jackie Trujillo (7 days ago)
Wonder girl she looks fat and ugly. That outfit of hers looks awful. Her spinning sucks does it like a retard needs practice from wonder woman. Her fight needs more practice. She really sucks.
Dwayne Anthony Gaither (14 days ago)
She's a girl but not a girl 😍
The Snookman (14 days ago)
Now i gotta go jerk off, thanks youtube.
Chef Love (26 days ago)
It's ironic that Debra ended up having a better career than Lynda unfortunately. She was in an Officer and a Gentleman
jonny blaze (1 month ago)
I'm in love
trevor millar (1 month ago)
I liked the scene in the diner where Drusilla gave those two punks a serious beatdown!
Paul Brown (2 months ago)
Wow I never realized the shorter one was actually cuter and had more Curves and had more of a bubble butt ......i like the shorter 1 better. 😍
Trent Timoy (3 days ago)
+Carl FromTheOC You're absolutely right
Carl FromTheOC (3 days ago)
That is Debra Winger - you know, the female lead in An Officer and a Gentleman.
Trent Timoy (3 days ago)
Are you sure??
shannonm1975 (4 months ago)
Never saw this one.
JENDALL714 (4 months ago)
This is the prequel to Airplane the movie, where Ted Stryker develops his drinking problem.
Burt Gummerfan (1 day ago)
Stryker, Stryker, STRYKER!
I am alive. (6 months ago)
I loved her too, Bud. 😂😂😂
David Murray (8 months ago)
They made Debra's boobs look really big.
Dan Hitchman (3 days ago)
Padding and the fact Debra was a bit "thicker" when she was younger. More curves and hotter.
David Murray (8 months ago)
Ted Striker getting picked on.
Akarawit Aree (8 months ago)
Wonder thicc and tits
dianaAthemiscyra (9 months ago)
What was this thing I remember about NOT telling anyone about Paradise Island?
Jake Rutigliano (11 months ago)
You sure it wasn’t Troia?
Charles Parrish (1 year ago)
Always thought Drusilla had a nicer butt than Wonder Woman. I mean goddamn 😌
Mr. West lndian t.v. (3 days ago)
+Tony From Syracuse Lynda has big breast. And she's tall 5'7".
Tony From Syracuse (6 days ago)
geeez I was just going to type the same thing...but I dont think its she had a nicer butt, I think the cut of the back of her shorts was simply a tad more revealing than wonderwomans whose outfit seemed less like shorts but almost had a strange thickness and boxiness to it, like within it had a sort of light cardboard frame.
Ebony Fair (1 year ago)
One of my fav episodes
Kelven Dyson (1 year ago)
Wow!! Does the transformation come with an extra cup size!!
jeff lockaby (5 days ago)
Yeah lol..I was sooo disappointed when I saw Officer & A Gentleman 🤣🤣
Jiltedin2007 (1 year ago)
Robert Hays played The Soldier who was Drusilla's(Wonder Girl's) Boyfriend.
ted norton (1 year ago)
The "war hero" in the soda fountain is Robert Hays, who we all know as the pilot from Airplane !
Dan Hitchman (3 days ago)
Robert couldn't finish his soda at the counter in this scene... because of his drinking problem. What a pisser!
Patrick Lyons (5 days ago)
Shirley you jest. I'm quite serious. And don't call me Shirley.
Rosemary Magrino (6 days ago)
That’s who he was! Couldn’t remember his name. I loved the “Airplane” movies too!
hotgritz4sho (1 year ago)
ted norton I loved Robert Hays in “Airplane!” That movie was HILARIOUS! I remember my brother and I stayed and watched it a second time! I was that funny.
ted norton (1 year ago)
The comic book Wonder Girl was an orphaned girl that Diana had saved from a fire and taken to Paradise Island to be raised. There, she drank form the fountain of youth to gain her powers and preserve her beauty.
MrEmperorCJ (1 year ago)
Wonder Girl can fly
yu tubers (1 year ago)
Wonder boobs
jhhone (1 year ago)
Wonder (camel toe) Girl!
Hunter Jones (1 year ago)
My isn't she perky....
Jose Ramos (1 year ago)
Holy Shit!!Debra Winger😁
She should of just call the cop!
rbc21 (1 year ago)
so bad its good
Miss Kitty Fantastico (1 year ago)
Her spinning was shit.
lucaboden (1 year ago)
Steve Trevor is alive!
hotgritz4sho (1 year ago)
lucaboden LOL. Clever.
Tripper Harrison (1 year ago)
Good God, two gorgeous brunettes in red white and blue. Lynda was my fave of the 70s and 80s but Deb winger held her own pretty good too. Wish there would have been more wondergirl tho.
madskyltd (2 years ago)
fat thighs
Fat thighs? Are you crazy? She and LC would have been one hot damn tag team fuck fest. Yum!!!!
LBF522 (2 years ago)
A Wonder Girl spinoff might have been fun to watch. Shame Debra Winger turned it down.
hotgritz4sho (1 year ago)
I never heard about a WonderGirl spin-off. It would’ve been pretty cool tho.
Jiltedin2007 (1 year ago)
Would Robert Hays be Her Boyfriend in the show? He did play that Soldier who needed to overcome his fears that Wonder Girl did fall in love with.
WonderLoli (2 years ago)
I inform you that debra wringer spoke criticized the series wonder woman and the personification of lynda carter, and that debra regretted to have absorbed the role of wonder girl, that was the real reason why they did not reintroduce the character in the seasons Following, although we could see certain attempts to replace it with the girl of ilandia. Or with the girl with the gift of disaster, they all failed of course.
hotgritz4sho (1 year ago)
Girl of Ilandia? Girl of Disstaer? I don’t know about that but I remember hearing they was talk of giving Jayne Kennedy’s guest star character a spin-off. Not sure if it would have been a back door to her sister Nubia. But that would’ve been AWESOME!
JORGE sanyu (2 years ago)
Drussila. they sister oficina Diana ( only tv serie) beatiful
bigboxbobby2 (2 years ago)
I confess I did it wonder woman - you had better apprehend me right away!

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