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Drusilla, The Wonder Girl 40th Anniversary 1976

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Debra Winger makes her debut as Drusilla, a young Amazon who becomes involved in a Nazi plot and becomes Wonder Girl to assist Wonder Woman. A solo television series was going to be produced but was not pursued. The character Drusilla was first introduced in 1969 in Wonder Woman (comic) by DC Comics. The exact origin of this version of Wonder Girl was never fully established. Drusilla first appeared in the TV episode Wonder Woman: "The Feminum Mystique Part One" on November the 6th, 1976 (USA). Other countries had different air dates.
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Text Comments (65)
shannonm1975 (1 month ago)
Never saw this one.
JENDALL714 (1 month ago)
This is the prequel to Airplane the movie, where Ted Stryker develops his drinking problem.
I am alive. (3 months ago)
I loved her too, Bud. 😂😂😂
David Murray (5 months ago)
They made Debra's boobs look really big.
David Murray (5 months ago)
Ted Striker getting picked on.
Akarawit Aree (5 months ago)
Wonder thicc and tits
dianaAthemiscyra (6 months ago)
What was this thing I remember about NOT telling anyone about Paradise Island?
Jake Rutigliano (8 months ago)
You sure it wasn’t Troia?
Charles Parrish (1 year ago)
Always thought Drusilla had a nicer butt than Wonder Woman. I mean goddamn 😌
Ebony Fair (1 year ago)
One of my fav episodes
Kelven Dyson (1 year ago)
Wow!! Does the transformation come with an extra cup size!!
Jiltedin2007 (1 year ago)
Robert Hays played The Soldier who was Drusilla's(Wonder Girl's) Boyfriend.
ted norton (1 year ago)
The "war hero" in the soda fountain is Robert Hays, who we all know as the pilot from Airplane !
hotgritz4sho (9 months ago)
ted norton I loved Robert Hays in “Airplane!” That movie was HILARIOUS! I remember my brother and I stayed and watched it a second time! I was that funny.
ted norton (1 year ago)
The comic book Wonder Girl was an orphaned girl that Diana had saved from a fire and taken to Paradise Island to be raised. There, she drank form the fountain of youth to gain her powers and preserve her beauty.
MrEmperorCJ (1 year ago)
Wonder Girl can fly
yu tubers (1 year ago)
Wonder boobs
jhhone (1 year ago)
Wonder (camel toe) Girl!
Hunter Jones (1 year ago)
My isn't she perky....
Jose Ramos (1 year ago)
Holy Shit!!Debra Winger😁
She should of just call the cop!
rbc21 (1 year ago)
so bad its good
Miss Kitty Fantastico (1 year ago)
Her spinning was shit.
lucaboden (1 year ago)
Steve Trevor is alive!
hotgritz4sho (9 months ago)
lucaboden LOL. Clever.
Tripper Harrison (1 year ago)
Good God, two gorgeous brunettes in red white and blue. Lynda was my fave of the 70s and 80s but Deb winger held her own pretty good too. Wish there would have been more wondergirl tho.
madskyltd (1 year ago)
fat thighs
Fat thighs? Are you crazy? She and LC would have been one hot damn tag team fuck fest. Yum!!!!
LBF522 (1 year ago)
A Wonder Girl spinoff might have been fun to watch. Shame Debra Winger turned it down.
hotgritz4sho (9 months ago)
I never heard about a WonderGirl spin-off. It would’ve been pretty cool tho.
Jiltedin2007 (1 year ago)
Would Robert Hays be Her Boyfriend in the show? He did play that Soldier who needed to overcome his fears that Wonder Girl did fall in love with.
WonderLoli (1 year ago)
I inform you that debra wringer spoke criticized the series wonder woman and the personification of lynda carter, and that debra regretted to have absorbed the role of wonder girl, that was the real reason why they did not reintroduce the character in the seasons Following, although we could see certain attempts to replace it with the girl of ilandia. Or with the girl with the gift of disaster, they all failed of course.
hotgritz4sho (9 months ago)
Girl of Ilandia? Girl of Disstaer? I don’t know about that but I remember hearing they was talk of giving Jayne Kennedy’s guest star character a spin-off. Not sure if it would have been a back door to her sister Nubia. But that would’ve been AWESOME!
JORGE sanyu (1 year ago)
Drussila. they sister oficina Diana ( only tv serie) beatiful
bigboxbobby2 (1 year ago)
I confess I did it wonder woman - you had better apprehend me right away!
maximo ortiz (1 year ago)
I heard she really hates her older sister, lol
Austin Pearce (11 months ago)
maximo ortiz Debra hated Lynda
She was fine......
Doctor Wind (1 year ago)
Nice tits.
was there anything in the 70s/80s that John Saxon wasnt in???
I am alive. (3 months ago)
He's a cool guy even though he fought the Six Million Dollar Man.
Rob Nowaczewski (1 year ago)
No? Which I'm perfectly okay with. He's awesome, and always a welcome addition.
BILL MURRAY (1 year ago)
That in itself would be a pretty solid collection. The biggest jewel in that crown would be ENTER THE DRAGON.
Masterjedi688 (1 year ago)
I love the way Wonder Girl bitch slapped the guy at 4:34 LOLOL
Belle Patrick (10 days ago)
One of the guys that threatens to beat up the soldier hero is Dick van Dyck son
tomkelly00 (1 year ago)
striker? striker striker...
Beautifulmusiclistnr (1 year ago)
LOL Striker, striker strike her! and so he did! lol funny stuff
Tony Young (2 years ago)
I never understood why they felt they needed to change her real name from Donna Troy to Drusilla. Would love to have a modern version say, "I'm Donna Troy, bitch!"
hotgritz4sho (9 months ago)
Tony Young Very good point! Could it have been a legal thing with DC like how they could use Black Lightening in “The Superfriends” cartoon franchise so instead Habana Babera created Vulcan.
Stephen Baer (2 years ago)
Yes The TV Show maybe somewhat of a mess.Wonder Girl was never a part of The War time and When abc dropped it CBS said they'd take it on if it was updated and so they did and WW went back to Paradise island in 1945 and then came back in 1977 and more or less blending DC's Separate incarnations of Wonder Woman and thus This Wonder Girl wouldn't fit in the New Era.They also present it that WW is ageless but in truth upon leaving her own Paradise Island and losing her immortality she slowly ages but definitely does.If you see Wonder Woman in #300 that's when The Original War time Wonder Woman went wrinkly and got some grey hair.
Austin Pearce (11 months ago)
sean powell I wish Etta was brought back to the island between seasons 1 and 2
sean powell (1 year ago)
Stephen Baer so true! In addition, Debra Winger & Lynda Carter weren't getting along after the first season of Wonder Woman ended. I remember watching a documentary when I purchased the 1st season DVD box set where Carter, admits that she was somewhat intimidated by the Wonder Girl character in the "Femininum & Mystique" two-part episodes. I found that to be very odd, especially when Diana was the one who inspired the Wonder Girl character (very much like in the comic books with Donna Troy ). There's no way that Drusilla tried to outshine WW. In the season 2 premiere, there's was no mention of Diana's little sister??? No disrespect to the amazing Lynda Carter, but I wonder if she told the producers to drop the Wonder Girl character?
ORACLEofORBS (2 years ago)
hey at 0:29 -is that the dude from Two n Half Men??????????????
Roguezilla (2 years ago)
Never knew she was to get her own spin off series. Too bad, I really enjoyed her character.
hotgritz4sho (9 months ago)
Roguezilla This is the first I’ve ever heard of that spin off series. I actually heard popular ‘70s blacktress Jayne Kennedy was supposed to get a spin-off series from Wonder-Woman as well. Not sure if she was supposed to be Nubia or another character altogether tho. That would’ve been AMAZING!
Eric Zappardino (2 years ago)
She is so the world!
Christopher Caridi (2 years ago)
I find it very sad that wonder girl only appears in 3 episodes
Alain De La Sierra (1 month ago)
Christopher Caridi I’m guessing WW dint want WG to be more popular than WW
Kee Leichtle (2 months ago)
Technically three episodes since the first two was a two parter episode.
Maia Jones (4 months ago)
Christopher Caridi me too
hotgritz4sho (9 months ago)
Christopher Caridi Three? I thought it was only two?
Anu Kottur (2 years ago)
shes incredible
Anu Kottur l
OLDS98 (2 years ago)
Thank you for sharing this! It is appreciated.
Wonder Woman (2 years ago)

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