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How to Meet A LOT of Women on MySpace - Part 1

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The most efficient system for meeting and dating women from MySpace, Facebook and other social networking sites. Visit http://www.windowshoppingforwomen.com for more details.
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Sandeep Balan (5 years ago)
yeah youtube clips do make it basic to score ugly girls but if you want to mac babes you really need to know why girls tick or they wont even look at you have a look at the clip on PUA66.COM I think love is an imperative. It obligates you.
Morris (9 years ago)
What do you care for? Don't be a hater. lol I just wish these people did close ups so we can see what they're REALLY saying.
operations1000 (10 years ago)
Hahahaha I hope they find out dude you'll be ruined.

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