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10 Funny Game Commercials

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I put together ten funny commercials for video games, from PC to consoles to mobile, from Xbox to Playstation, from shooters to MMORPs. I hope you enjoy them as I did. Which one is your #1? Tell me in the comments, I will update the ranking here below this text from time to time to see which commercial people like the most. These ads are included: 1. Xbox One with “Invitation”, starring Zachary Quinto and Steven Gerrard, featuring Titanfall, Star Trek into Darkness, Forza Motorsport 5, Dead Rising 3, and Ryse: Son of Rome (Micrcosoft, TV commercial), Microsoft 2. Bulletstorm by People Can Fly and Epic Games with “Tired of the same old shooters?” from 2012 (TV commercial) 3. Clash of Clans with “Larry” from 2015 (Witch & Skeleton, “Larry, don’t touch that”), Supercell 4. Sony Playstation 4 with “Perfect Day”, featuring Elder Scrolls Online, Driveclub and Killzone: Shadow Fall, music by Lou Reed (Greatness awaits) 5. Bol.com with “Singstar” for Playstation 2 (Stuck in the wrong game?) 6. Game of War: Fire Age with “Office Army” / “Roman Soldiers” (“Outsmart your friends, become legendary”), MZ Machine Zone 7. Game of War: Fire Age with “Campfire Stories” featuring TheLegend27, MZ Machine Zone 8. Boom Beach with “Great Plan”, TV commercial (Come with a plan or live in defeat), Supercell (MMORTS) 9. League of Angels “Paradise Land”, starring Gal Gadot (Youzu Interactive), Riot Games, LoL (MOBA) 10. Mobile Strike with “Party Pooper” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, MZ Machine Zone + 11. World of Warcraft / WoW with “Mohawk Grenade”, starring Mr. T aka Lawrence Tureaud (What’s your game?), Blizzard Entertainment 11.5 World of Warcraft / WoW with “ Knight of Mohawk” / Director, starring Mr. T aka Lawrence Tureaud (What’s your game?), Blizzard Entertainment
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Text Comments (30)
Rocky Biswas (3 months ago)
I saw an ad before the ads.
Dalibor Truhlar (3 months ago)
Ha ha, comercial happens xD Was it a game comemercial?
Melvin Malonga (6 months ago)
I’m a simple man I see Gal Gadot I click
Dalibor Truhlar (6 months ago)
Good to know! xD
Andrez Tan (8 months ago)
Dalibor Truhlar (8 months ago)
Yes! xD
solaimane cambiaso (10 months ago)
i love also this amazing video especially 3:47 very funny keep going.
Dalibor Truhlar (10 months ago)
thank you very much, you are the BEST!
solaimane cambiaso (10 months ago)
wish you good luck in your job and thank you for your compliments ,i really love your videos xD
Dalibor Truhlar (10 months ago)
clash of clans lovers : Your words are very nice, really, I appreciate that a lot. If my videos make you smile and laugh, mission accomplished! And yes, my life is good, although very busy - I'm working in advertising, I'm also a writer, speaker, and then I have my videos here - for one month now I had no time for new videos ... But then there are viewers like you and your comments and I know, I have to make a new one xD
solaimane cambiaso (10 months ago)
you don't have to thank me ,i really enjoy watching your videos so it's me who should say thank you ,for making laugh more than 20 times i think that your life is good if you like making such amazing videos as a hobby but you will die laughing (sorry for my english i have just learned it watching videos)
Dalibor Truhlar (10 months ago)
Thank you for watching and this really nice comment! It was just a suggestion and I'm really glad you liked it! Yes, the one from bol.com is amazing, when I put the commercials together, I was laughing everytime the guy started singing, completely absurd and then followed by this very good twist that acutally makes a lot of sense. Thanks once again!
A Noob (10 months ago)
Remember me?? Yeahhhhh
Dalibor Truhlar (10 months ago)
Yes, I remember you! How are you doing? I just watched your Doing basketball, nice job, I thought the first one would go in, gave it a like! xD
Matias Hamalainen (11 months ago)
Preference trade escape likely necessity practice protective.
Rushikesh Kharade (11 months ago)
Supercell comercials are funny
Dalibor Truhlar (11 months ago)
Yes, they are great! I'm glad you liked them!
A Noob (11 months ago)
Well done on 7k 😃😃😃😃😃😃 im uploading now mines is not as better than yours -_-
Dalibor Truhlar (10 months ago)
A Noob (10 months ago)
Yeah ok sure !
Dalibor Truhlar (11 months ago)
Thank you! Good luck with yours!
Dalibor Truhlar (7 months ago)
Which commercial is your #1? Write your answer in the comments, your vote will be included in the ranking!
Jeb Bush (11 months ago)
Dalibor Truhlar (11 months ago)
fgab TO (11 months ago)
Dalibor Truhlar (11 months ago)
I knew it!
fgab TO (11 months ago)
Dalibor Truhlar Yeah, I'm TheLegend27.
Dalibor Truhlar (11 months ago)
Thank you for your vote! I'm glad you liked it and will include it in the ranking! And ... by any chance ... are YOU The Legend27?
Illuminati (11 months ago)
I see Gal Gadot ..... I Click ... 😛😜😍
Dalibor Truhlar (11 months ago)
Good to hear, Tony! xD

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