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Best of Kelly Kapoor - The Office US

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This Vid is Bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Watch The Office US on Google Play: http://goo.gl/n2cswY & iTunes http://goo.gl/Fxi18S Subscribe // http://bit.ly/subOfficeUS This is the official YouTube channel for The Office US. Home to all of the official clips from the series, the funniest moments, pranks and fails. Think we should feature your favourite episode? Let us know in the comments! FB : https://www.facebook.com/theofficenbc Twitter : https://twitter.com/theofficenbc Website : http://www.nbc.com/the-office
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Text Comments (2310)
Christian Aguiare (13 hours ago)
I don’t really get what’s wrong with her, I’m okay with people that don’t need you to talk to have a conversation
Addy (16 hours ago)
“Basically no one does anything for me unless I threaten to kill myself.” story of my life.
ramya rao (22 hours ago)
"Ryan used me as an object" Greatest line in TV history period.
Tony Roza (1 day ago)
I knew Kelly was that bitch when she slapped michael literally in the second episode
Feh_ X3 (1 day ago)
Poor Jim ❤️💔
ur mum (2 days ago)
kelly is a literal sociopath
Michalla Hayes (2 days ago)
Angela: "I don't have a headache..." *Takes a pill* "I'm just preparing." Literally me every day
Ya Boi Trapezius (2 days ago)
Bruh lol how Daryll handles her 🤣🤣🤣🤣 my boi has some skill
yogibearstie (3 days ago)
She should be a spin-off.
Aja Wilson (3 days ago)
I hate Kelly but I love Mindy.
Dan Hickory (4 days ago)
who am I? Im Kelly Kapoor, The Business Bitch
Mike Zerker (5 days ago)
Kelly was so different in the first two seasons of the Office... she was quiet and actually did some work instead of chasing Ryan the whole time!
Odd Freaks (5 days ago)
Ryan did not deserve Kelly
Alivia Peris (5 days ago)
“i’m pregnant” *pause, shakes head* 😂
Constantine T (6 days ago)
I never got the funeral one
Juha Juntto (6 days ago)
Kelly? I remember Kelley but no Kelly from the show..
Ryan Ong (7 days ago)
I can’t stand Kelly.
Mazinger and Minerva (7 days ago)
She does really look good in white 🥰
tofuuu:-D (8 days ago)
sometimes I'm either kelly or angela :^)
Victoria M (8 days ago)
They didn't have my favorite quote in there!! "Excuse me, sea monster? You weigh, like, 1,000 pounds."
wax alponse (8 days ago)
beautifullyblessed (8 days ago)
Kelly is always in a dress or a skirt. I love her skirt suits. 😍 This show by far the best!
heyitsnayaa Arok (9 days ago)
I just need to access your uncrazy side 😄😄
Farah Storm (10 days ago)
“ I look really good in white “ lol yes you do ma’am 😍
some BODY ONCE TOLD ME (11 days ago)
2:55 gets me every time
Samuel Ochoa (11 days ago)
I hate kelly.
Dr.Moist (11 days ago)
This day is bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s, this day is bananas b-a-n-a-n-a-s
Random Person (11 days ago)
"She started the Im not a slut but who knows ."
Tom L (11 days ago)
All I got from this was a reminder of how infuriating she was.
JustDontAskIDK (11 days ago)
She's like a middle school girl in a woman's body.
Rachel Doak (12 days ago)
Mindys brother was rejected from medical school but then reapplied as a African American and was accepted. Lets talk about where the real privileged lies. #alllivesmatter
Shart Fin Soup (12 days ago)
I absolutely hate Kelly...
veazy v (13 days ago)
I love kelly 😍😂
B4 freedomfighter (14 days ago)
Such a boring character
can be (9 days ago)
Funny thing about that is she’s one of the best
Melissa C (14 days ago)
5:50-6:10 When people try to get to know me on a personal level 😂
Always hated Kelly, obnoxious character.
Amir Muslims (14 days ago)
6.52min she like cardi b..
Hayley Direction (14 days ago)
3:55 best quote ever from her😂😂
D261 (14 days ago)
R y a n U s e d M e A s a n O b j e c t.
rainix (15 days ago)
This day is _bananas!_ *B-A-N-A-N-A-S* This day is _bananas!_ *B-A-N-A--*
james howard (15 days ago)
That wink
hajar s (15 days ago)
William Nobody (16 days ago)
Kelly the worst character on this show
storysims (16 days ago)
kelly is my favorite character, hands down.
Anders.V (16 days ago)
Kelly is the most underrated character
N (16 days ago)
2:17 The best
Kaven Kaven (17 days ago)
Her and creed make the entire show you can quote me on that and put it on my epitaph
Papi Duarte (17 days ago)
Lmfao I like how Ryan changes the story of him emailing Karen to impress Kelly
Su tart (18 days ago)
damn she ugly
vic ms (18 days ago)
she’s such a leo
sunlight white (18 days ago)
Too bad Mindy turned into a Brie Larson.
TheUnevenGamer (18 days ago)
Darryl is a fuckin badass lmaooo
Yahsun Domt (19 days ago)
the trick to get another date: tell him 'i'm pregnant, we need to talk about it this dinner" then you have a date 😃
Libertarian Values (19 days ago)
Kelly is one of the least likable characters on the office
Jazmin Ramirez (19 days ago)
I love kelly 😂
Brandy Y. (19 days ago)
Kelly and Ryan dated in real life and their off and on relationship was mirrored in the show 😂 She DOES look really good in white btw
I thought Kim was talking
kernals kent (20 days ago)
kelly: we have a date me : is it really that easy
Muffin Puffin (20 days ago)
Censors the f word but doesn’t censor the b word
yubraj gurung (21 days ago)
I just realized her voice matches with reck it Ralph.
roxanne antilogus (21 days ago)
so I said,,, RyAnNNN WhAt tOoK yOu sOo loNg???!?!?
Joshua Howard (21 days ago)
Favorite supporting character
amal zuhair (21 days ago)
Two things I love the office and brown people being represented in the media. Aziz Ansari, Kumail Nanjiani, even Mindy Kaling but not as Kelly Kapoor. I freaking can’t stand her she’s a close second only to Apu and that’s saying a lot love her in the Mindy Project tho.
emma // (21 days ago)
kelly kapoor, the business bitch.
Paul Papadoulis (22 days ago)
“I’ll never forget the day princess Diana died, that was the saddest funeral ever... well, that and my sister’s”
abraham figueroa (22 days ago)
Kelly hurt 🤢🤮🤮
Kamryn Affolter (22 days ago)
Anyone remember that Erins ne is Kelly and they made her change it
hi hi (22 days ago)
gabe: what are your weaknesses kelly: i don't have any asshole 😂
Manuel (23 days ago)
Jazmine Menjivar (23 days ago)
I can't get over the fact that she said "f*ck me" cuz retweet that got me dying 😂
PandyTehPanda (23 days ago)
Please Jim please please please *slowly zooms into Jims face*
Izaak Salazar (24 days ago)
Mindy is awesome- but Kelly is my least favorite character..
HAMOUD AL-SHAMMARY (24 days ago)
imagine she gets married to Aziz Ansari
Cole Kuczek (24 days ago)
f Boima (24 days ago)
" Oh big strong man, fancy new whatever.."
Luca Guccione-Jimenez (24 days ago)
The business bitch
Luca Guccione-Jimenez (24 days ago)
I love how Kelly started off as this shy, in the background, slightly annoying girl and turned into a sassy, confident, and HILARIOUS character!
Aline Uribe (25 days ago)
Kelly and Ryan hooked up on my birthday. . . Best thing that has ever happened on that day lol
Dyl Pickle (26 days ago)
"The Business Bitch" part made me pause the video to solely laugh at the echo of her words😂
Desolate (26 days ago)
The way Jim looks at the camera when Kelly talks to him is hilarious to me
Luz Elena Juarez (26 days ago)
Kelly would be a great teacher
Libby Lewis (27 days ago)
2:19 “hi Kelly”
Matthew Barry (27 days ago)
Kelly is the perfect example of how stupid women are.
s a m p a m (26 days ago)
And you're a great example of people who are easily manipulated by what they see on TV even though everything on TV isn't even fucking real.
DIRTYNEWYORKER (28 days ago)
"How dare you" is a question
Faizan Shamsi (28 days ago)
I’ve always found Jim and Kelly’s interactions hilarious
Ortho Tech (28 days ago)
That women's meeting with Jan was the best and most savage Kelly moment in The Office history. She had Jenna, Kate, Angela and Phyllis rolling. They couldn't keep it together. When she told Ryan she is pregnant was the second most savage moment.
MAZZY (29 days ago)
i mean she had to keep the baby because she'd land herself in jail 😒
Clorox Bleach (29 days ago)
She taught me how to spell bananas not gonna lie
Stephanie Davis (29 days ago)
How did Mindy go from being so dark skinned to so much lighter?
bye girl (14 days ago)
@Stephanie Davis the filimg crew unnatural lighten her up.... she looks the same dark skin in her recent interview with emma tompson... so she def donest bleach
Stephanie Davis (22 days ago)
electa ruth well I think the dark skin is beautiful! I think it’s more beautiful than my skinz
electa ruth (25 days ago)
White people made us feel bad about dark skin then go a tan to get dark skin.
electa ruth (25 days ago)
It is called skin bleaching so she can be closer to your color. It is called white supremacy.
Vince Ian (30 days ago)
Ryatt (30 days ago)
Manipulative bitch. I can't imagine anyone dating her for anything but the sex. Actually, I think Ryan or Darryl said something like that at some point.
Ryatt, it's... It's not real.
Recyclops (30 days ago)
My chickbones ache!
Alessandra Santamaría (30 days ago)
Ryan used me as an object.
lukas villar (30 days ago)
1:13 My standard reaction when I detect a Millennial / SJW on Youtube
Laura Pennington (1 month ago)
Did I miss it or did they leave out the best one? “Dwight went on a shooting spree and then he shots Andy in the head” 😂😂😂
RAS reggae (1 month ago)
Jim and Kelly is one of the most underrated friendships on the show lol
Maniac Tears (3 days ago)
Idk if Jim even considered her a friend 😂
nishqas (28 days ago)
RIGHT?! I always wonder why their friendship isnt more hyped!
unicorns rule (1 month ago)
I thought Kelley’s name was spelt with an e in between the l and y. (Remember from her birthday episode)
Joshua Cho (1 month ago)
Did anyone realize she has fatter and fatter arms throughout the years
Alco Golic (1 month ago)
I feel suicidal after this.

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