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Shop My Stash | Monthly Makeup Basket October 2018

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Please give this video a THUMBS UP and **SUBSCRIBE!** Hey guys! Here is my monthly makeup basket for October. What products will you be using this month? OPEN FOR MORE---------------- PREVIOUS VIDEO: Finish 6 by Christmas INTRO | Collab With Kristen Kay- https://bit.ly/2y5jISI Finish 5 By Fall | Project Pan Finale- https://bit.ly/2xRvSP8 The Battle Of The New Makeup Releases- Holiday Palettes + MORE! #2- https://bit.ly/2QVNSjk Dorm Room Tour! | Sophomore In College- https://bit.ly/2QSn1EE Videos Mentioned: -Shop My Stash Playlist https://bit.ly/2Qx2cO8 -Finish 5 By Fall | Project Pan Finale- https://bit.ly/2xRvSP8 -Finish 6 by Christmas INTRO | Collab With Kristen Kay- https://bit.ly/2y5jISI Octoly: Travel Size Brazilian Crush Body Fragrance Mist from Sol de Janiero- I received this product complimentary from Sol de Janeiro. #OctolyFamily Find the product here: https://www.octoly.com/c/hboi8/r/hax5q Sign up for Ebates to get cash back with online orders! http://bit.ly/2vil8cx My camera: Sony a 5000 My Lighting: http://amzn.to/2FjAvmM TALK TO ME, LET'S BE FRIENDS! Instagram: @luciarose2 http://bit.ly/1TucOKg Twitter: @LuciaTepper http://bit.ly/1TqPye8 For business inquiries: [email protected]
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Karol Lynn Zavala (6 months ago)
Nice video, Lucia! :)
Ashley Lech (6 months ago)
First time watcher, love these videos!! Just started making them and would love if you stopped by and watched ☺️
Aspen (7 months ago)
I went through my Fenty Foundation in about 6 months and I loved it so much that I bought a second one...BUT, I discovered the Physicians Formula The Healthy Foundation at the drugstore, and at first I was scared because I have such oily skin, but seriously it’s one of the best foundations I’ve ever tried. It’s a good shade match for me and blends out so nice. It also gives my face such a beautiful glow without making my oilyness worse. I highly recommend it!
Jenna War (7 months ago)
I've been reaching for my tartelette toasted palette so much the past few weeks and I am going to buy the Norvina palette today because Ulta is having 3x the points and 5x the points on ABH (8x the points!!) so I'm super excited to be using that! Fall is the best for eyeshadow in my opinion because warm tones (oranges, reds, yellows) as well as cool tones (purples, greens, smoky cool tones) are all 'Fall' colors!
Bri Gutierrez (7 months ago)
You're really young still so skincare probably wont show a ton of impact on you but SPF, moisturizer , and removing makeup every day will do wonders for you. Toners and elaborate products are nice but they won't show unless you already have a skin concern you're targeting. Good luck on your project
Sigourney Di Blasi (7 months ago)
I definitely would love to see those beautiful looks with the juvia's place palette!
Robinette Smith (7 months ago)
Good luck with the lipsticks! It usually takes me almost all year to finish like 3 lip products. That is one thing that in not good at panning
Alexis Ray (7 months ago)
Lucia please do a video on how you make your videos and how you come up with your ideas. I love your content and would love to learn about your process and set up! 😊
Abby Gribble (7 months ago)
Ahhh great video Lucia!! Maybe you should call your subscribers the teppersquad 🤔 lysm 💓
LuciaTepperBeauty (7 months ago)
Haha I love it!
maggieedna (7 months ago)
I LOVE the voluminous mascara in the waterproof version. the trick for me is I have to scrape most of the mascara off the brush before I put it on. I like how it makes my lashes super defined without making them super long since I wear glasses. I also holds a curl really really well.
Kourttneex3 (7 months ago)
Your makeup collection gets bigger each stash!! Octoly is doing you good girl!
Asia Russell (7 months ago)
I’m so glad that your content is a lot more positive! I’m wishing you nothing but success! 💕🤞🏾
Dont Pusheen Your Luck (7 months ago)
Me too, I'm glad the haters are dropping off.
Angela Desilva (7 months ago)
You have beautiful products to use. How is that Misha queen bee palette, is so pretty. i really want that sol de janiero spray, I have the bum bum cream and love it. Where did you get the larger divided drawer acrylic case you have the ofra highlight and your milani blush in? Can you link it please? My fav mascara is that light camera lashes and I use it with loreal lash paradise. I also want to try that bendy avocado concealer. I want to start a channel so bad buy I don't have lights or a nice set up with alex drawers or anything, I have tons of makeup but its hard to show it cause its stored in acrylic and plastic containers in cabinets in my bathroom and hallway linen cabinets. But I am 58 and think youtube needs more mature women reviewing makeup. I am also kinda camera shy. How long have you been on you tube? I wish I could get free things from Octaly to review, thats so awesome.
Malka Shulamit Kalish (7 months ago)
The Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Crush spray is really lovely and the scent lasts
Nerdy hobbit918 (7 months ago)
Can you do another grwm, like I love how you do your makeup especially your eyes!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
LuciaTepperBeauty (7 months ago)
Thank you! Unfortunately it's too hard to film a GRWM while I'm at school but I'll be filming some when I have a break at home.
Orla Docherty (7 months ago)
Lucia, when you said about the Tarte thing, haven't you made a video before about buying a certain amount of things to be able to get free shipping etc.?
Orla Docherty (7 months ago)
+LuciaTepperBeauty Thanks for clearing that up! I love your channel!
LuciaTepperBeauty (7 months ago)
Yes, I had all of those things in my cart, the little set was a bonus! I was going to buy all of those things regardless.

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