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EASY Facebook Ads SECRETS To Get More SALES On Your Shopify Drop shipping Store

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In this one I uncover 3 very important Facebook ads secrets that I believe most gurus hold back from you. Knowing these three things will 100% help you with your Shopify Dropshipping in many ways. The most important way is to BE more profitable. Which is so important and something that I hardly see many gurus talk about at all. There is no point in displaying huge revenue numbers when in fact you only profit 5-10%. This is why I decided to make this video in regards to some things that I believe will help you be more profitable with your front end facebook ads which will make your shopify dropshipping store more profitable overall. This is a shopify tutorial for beginners, but also advanced people. This holiday season is gonna be a crucial one, so you have to make sure you are learning as much as possible with Facebook ads so that you can skyrocket your stores sales and ride that momentum all through next year. That is the best thing you could do. Think more long term and dont just think about hitting high revenue numbers, think about hitting big PROFIT days. Thats whats most important after all. Make sure you leave me a comment with any questions you might have or if you just want to show me some support :) I really appreciate all the support my channel has been getting lately and I cant wait to see where it will be at next year at this same time! Make sure if you are interested in working closer with me that you sign up for the Ecom Inner Circle wait list as the program will be reopening in less than a month. This time, however, there will be limited spots available. Thanks again for watching and make sure you take action on my content as soon as you finish watching it! ✔Join My Ecom Inner Circle ► https://ecominnercircle.net/info FREE Ecom $186,405.18 in 30 DAYS Workshop (Step By Step!) ►http://bit.ly/2NpaK8z My Exact $1000/Day Facebook Ads Blueprint: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sE5MZPeR9OU My name is Arie Scherson. I am a millennial ecommerce entrepreneur and I absolutely love creating content that will impact lives. Follow my journey! Make sure you checkout all of my playlists, there is a TON of free course worthy information in there. SUBSCRIBE And Checkout My Playlists ► http://bit.ly/2oiWRxK DM me! I might respond! Follow Me On Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/ariescherson/ FREE 14 Day SHOPIFY Trial ► http://bit.ly/2wmLVDF FREE 14 Day ClickFunnels Trial ► https://tinyurl.com/yb93zlgl Dropship Spy (For Finding Winners) ► https://tinyurl.com/ycool52b ✔Join My Ecom Inner Circle ► https://ecominnercircle.net/info My TECH: My Camera: https://amzn.to/2MBHLlF My Vlogging Camera: https://amzn.to/2PeITbE Laptop: https://amzn.to/2ojqoYa Ultra-Wide Monitor: https://amzn.to/2wtk04u Monitor Arm: https://amzn.to/2PMWWGt Standing Desk Legs: https://amzn.to/2MXX4EJ Standing Desk Countertop: http://bit.ly/2PcGcHG Video Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro If you're reading this, STOP, go take action as soon as you are done with whatever it is you are doing right now! Subscribe and join the FAM, be a part of the community. *Disclaimer* The income shared in these video is from personal experience unique to me. I am in no way a financial advisor. Any information shared by me on any video or on any social media platform is solely my opinion, based on my experience. I do not guarantee anything, there are many factors at play when it comes to your success online. These are educational videos to help you, no guarantees. Thank you for your consideration.
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Carlos Reyes (5 days ago)
Great video Arie! Although I still have a question for you. Do you include the shipping fee you are charging the customer as part of "Your Selling Price" to calculate the BE ROAS? For example, You're selling a T-Shirt for $25 and charge $5 to ship the shirt to the customer (essentially the customer shipping fee you charge increases the profit margin). So for example, would the selling price calculation = $25 (T-Shirt price) + $5 (customer shipping fee) = $30 selling price?
Didie's Songs (15 days ago)
Hi Arie! Thank you again, I have just a question please if you can answer it, I would appreciate a lot! So, I have a tone of data now, my prospection adsets perform well but my Retargeting ads spend nearly nothing of the budget... So not a lot of orders from them. I do split my adsets like this: one for VC but no ATC, a second one for ATC but no IC, a third one for IC but no AddPaymentInfo Do you know why my ret ads are not spending my money please? Tks
Lazy Brand (23 days ago)
Although all your videos was valuable, this is THE GOLDEN NUGGET video. The tip #3 was what I was looking for... split testing winning ads.Thank you so much for the constant grind on your videos!
Malik Adelaja (23 days ago)
Great job man
Anthony Pooler (23 days ago)
I have a question for people who can't get a credit card. I know we can use the money in paypal to fufill the customers order, but what if the customer just pays with a regular debit card? Will I still have instant access to the money so I can fufill their order?
Arie Scherson (23 days ago)
No you'll have to cover it before you get the trasnfer from shopify
Patrick Ling (25 days ago)
When I duplicate my winning metrics, my CPMs go sky high and my campaigns die. Does that happen to you as well?
Rosen Huynh (25 days ago)
Would you recommend testing until you get results? How many days would you recommend for testing?
Qasim Ishaq (25 days ago)
hi great videos. the world wide ads dont work. my ads are shown to counties like thailand, myanmar and they dont convert
CreditCard Colby (26 days ago)
So much value my dude!! I can't wait to try some for myself, was always confused about the in-depth FB ad strategies but clearly its just complicated until it's not so complicated. 🤙 Thank you for creating content.
Arie Scherson (26 days ago)
Thats definitely a good way to put it! Thanks my friend :)
Delta Dog (27 days ago)
my man, just looking at your video and I get a notification of my first sale! After 2 months of pentiantly testing :) Looking forward to a successful business. Couldn't have done it without your content!
Arie Scherson (27 days ago)
Thats amazing! Congrats :)
Kenlie (28 days ago)
Just to make sure, the website purchase conversion tab just means the sales of you store right? and after that you need to substract the product cost and from that still substract ad spent. And that leaves you with your profit margings...? Am I on the right here? Thanks for help.
Arie Scherson (28 days ago)
Yeah definitely !
Majd Alnawa (29 days ago)
love you man ! Thnak you
Arie Scherson (28 days ago)
Thanks so much !
pretty Blackdragon (1 month ago)
I have subscribed just now but I'm opening a Shopify website soon and I'm trying to learn everything I can so I don't waste my 14 days so I can make the site start earning and pay for itself. I am really afraid of failure. I will be online working on it all day as a job . Thank you for helping me dear.
Arie Scherson (28 days ago)
Dont be afraid of failure bro, you have to fail to progress
miketoriant (1 month ago)
How do you show only selected adsets, like you did at 13:30?
miketoriant (28 days ago)
+Arie Scherson Thanks Arie, I was trying to figure it out for ages :)
Arie Scherson (28 days ago)
You click on filter and then filter by selection on the top left
Carlos Gonçalves (1 month ago)
Good guy!
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Thanks bro!
WeAreCapitalist (1 month ago)
Literally everything he just explained just solved everything I was trying to figure out on a 300 dollar course.. THANKS MAN🙌🏼
Henri Boileau (1 month ago)
Arie, do you mentor 1 on 1 ?
Zach Bononcini (1 month ago)
Hey Arie, I found a winning product that will definitely do over 100 sales for me, but the reviews on amazon are brutal - it's 2.5 stars. I see other people advertising it making a killing, but I don't know if it's a good idea to sell shitty products.
Mindset Ecom (1 month ago)
Thank you Arie, which shipping method do you use for worldwide international shipping, and how much it cost ?
Mindset Ecom (1 month ago)
+Arie SchersonYes, Thank you Arie
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
I try to use ePacket always :)! If there is no epacket available I will use the closest in shipping time option that has tracking.
cole grant (1 month ago)
Nice one dude keep it up
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Thanks bro! I will :)
Julie Park (1 month ago)
I'm new to this eCommerce business. Can you make a video explaining how to READ the matrix, so I understand what I'm reading? Thanks!!!
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Melanie Garrido (1 month ago)
Bombs on bombs as always. Keep it up Arie! I SEEEEEE YOUUUU!
SpaceKong Gaming (1 month ago)
So you say that home style items are the best niche but how would one target it? It seems very broad 🤔. What key words are you targeting? Thank you ☺️ Nikies on my feet! 😁
Damien Olsson (1 month ago)
What idiots believe in guys like this? Everyone who has their own " guide " sites are just Bullshitters.
Hafiz Saniman (1 month ago)
Should I optimize my fb ads for website purchase? Even though I literally just started with no purchase at all
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Yeah you should!
SpiriTBladE9i6 (1 month ago)
Hey bro would you suggest to start with a general or a niche store and why?
Brian Kouhi (1 month ago)
Not digging the "accidental Shopify notification sound" you keep doing in the beginning of the videos. don't be fake.
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Its not fake, but I will keep in mind to turn off the sound before I record. I generally dont have it on. Thanks for the feedback :)
heshin23 (1 month ago)
Great content arie, ill be honest you were starting to not go full out on your youtube vids ever since your course release but this one is more like one of your older vids, been a follower since you had 5K never forget what got you to the dance, free value
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Thanks bro! I appreciate the support
MASTERMUFC (1 month ago)
Paypal limited my account should I buy a new from online
neddycruz (1 month ago)
Great value as always! Thank you Arie! Btw, while I was creating new ad sets the other day, I got this little blue pop up from FB saying that the default conversion window for the Purchase conversion is now "7 Days Click". What can you say about that? Originally, it was "7 Days Click or 1 Day View" which I also follow from your videos. Have you changed your methods to follow this as well? Thanks!
Jacob Gravesen (1 month ago)
Hey Arie thank you so much for the great content! I am in the midst of running a product, but after 9 sales i think it's time to cut it. I've got a new product ready to test, but a lot of people say that i will destroy my pixel if i run products from different niches on the same store. Is this true if i test different products at the same time, one by one or not at all? Should i perhaps start doing custom conversions?
md firos Johnny (1 month ago)
can you coach me one on one? tell me your rates and how long it will take for me to start making thousands a day? I'll fly to your place..
Eduardo (1 month ago)
You are amazing. The information you are giving away is so GOOD! It help me a lot to scale my business.
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Thanks so much for the support brother!
Olesh K (1 month ago)
Hey Arie, who do you consider your mentor is?
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Youll meet one of them soon on my channel ;)
Sohail Sheikh (1 month ago)
Hye bro! Iv'e followed your course and I made 3.8k revenue my first month on my first store. Iv'e just started another store a week ago and nearly hitting 1K :) Youre the man! Just a little question about scaling bro. After you split test the winning ads and you find a winning adset, would you then duplicate and increase the budget to $20, see how that does, if it performs well, then take it to manual bidding. Im just struggling with the scaling part right now. I've got a lot of adsets with 7+sales but haven't been able to scale properly. Maybe the split test metrics part will work, because i've just been duplicating them and i haven't been seeing results. I think duplicating them and split testing the winning metrics might work. I will give that a try!
melanie Garrido (1 month ago)
Damn Arie you’re wayyy too generous bro
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
I try my best :P
ARCH (1 month ago)
yo arie had you ever had an orders from millitary bases like armed forces? if yes how do you deal with it. cause i dont know how to ship in there via AliExpress
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Yeah unfortunately for most of them you cant, just ask them to give you a different address
Kelli Sefton (1 month ago)
Thank you Arie, I’m watching again and taking notes this time!
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Awesome :)!
Teo TV (1 month ago)
Hey bro can you please tell me the answer to this question. Should I let customers know in the order confirmation email the delivery take 12-20 days for us and 20-40 for international?
Teo TV (1 month ago)
Arie Scherson hey thank you so much and I have your course it’s the best bro thanks for all the value ! Hope you get whatever you want in life brother
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Yeah also in your shipping & delivery page and FAQ
Teo TV (1 month ago)
Or where is the best way to let them know
Caden Johnson (1 month ago)
Amazing video Arie! Keep up the great content! 😃
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Thanks bro :)!!
Ms. S McCreath (1 month ago)
Love it Ari, great content!
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Thank you so much :)!
Vinny Sbarro (1 month ago)
I think that a great way to sell an Ecommerce blueprint would be if a successful ecom entrepreneur broke down their blueprint onto a step by step word document that is easy to follow instead of having to watch videos although videos are great too. Like if you agree
Vinny Sbarro (1 month ago)
+Arie Scherson Where can I find your course? and Thanks Arie for all the value you provide us. Your a real one
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Thats kinda what my course is like to be honest haha :) Not trying to promote myself but just saying! I also have a free FB ads blueprint video :)
ИнфоВойны (1 month ago)
Hello Arie! I'm really confused, man. On Friday I had my biggest day yet, I had 7 sales and a lot of ads to cart, but on Saturday I only had two sales, but 19 adds to cart. Even though i duplicated 3 winning ad sets and bubbled the budget! Maybe you have an idea why that is?? Thank you so much, Arie!
Leon Ledergerber (1 month ago)
'Only 40K' stop it haha, made my notes, straight value
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Hahaha thanks my man!
Jason Lavca (1 month ago)
Hi, your videos are packed with so much knowledge! Can you please make a video about bidding strategy on higher budgets?
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Thanks man! And sure :)
Sean H (1 month ago)
Arie, at 14 min 30 comparing the two platforms, note the sample size is still too small to be conclusive, 10 and 4 conversions. Ideally you want over 20 events (purchases) to have a reliable sample size, however for illustration purposes, even though they 'look' quite different in terms of ROAS and ad cost per purchase (see my other comment below) the numbers equate to $10.92 gross profit per order and $10.33 gross profit per order for Facebook and Instagram respectively. So much closer than you might have thought.
Sean H (1 month ago)
Arie Scherson you're welcome.
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Thats interesting! Thanks a lot for your input man. Really helpful :)
Sean H (1 month ago)
Retargeting - I would agree with the principle of 'don't have to wait' but I mean don't wait at all. Really, you should NEVER run a campaign without having retargeting. In fact, build your retargeting campaign FIRST, then the front end campaign, and then you won't miss out on sales. To do anything different you are literally leaving money on the table. and retarget the next day, so add to cart in the last 1 day, and view content in the last 1 day. These retargeting ad sets WILL BE your best performing parts of the entire campaign most of the time.
Sean H (1 month ago)
To add, the measure of a successful product, is actually the TOTAL sales against the TOTAL ad spend, meaning it is the combination of all sales regardless of when the sale took place, whether that was at their first visit or second or more. It will be clear pretty quickly whether you have a product worth continuing with, but running retargeting is not a waste of money, if anything it might help you lose less if that makes sense. It is also worth noting, that as long as you are targeting the right actions on your website, make sure the ad set budget for retargeting is big enough to reach the audience. If your frequency on a retargeting ad set is 1 or close to 1 then the budget is too low.
Sean H (1 month ago)
Break even ROAS - Be careful. ONLY if you are selling a single product, and ONLY if you have no funnel, and ONLY if the vast majority of your sales are the same price, should you use this model. I make no apologies for making this more complicated, but what you should actually calculate, for each ad set, when evaluating whether it is profitable, is by comparing the ad cost per order, deducting that from the average order value, and considering that number against your average cost of goods per order. Literally calculating your gross profit per order per ad set, and making decisions about scaling that way. I have numerous examples where looking at the cost per conversion and the ROAS in a split test for example, would actually steer you to making the wrong decision when you then compare against the average order value. Literally an ad set with a lower ROAS and a higher ad cost per conversion, has actually been the winning ad set against another ad set with a higher ROAS and a lower cost per conversion. Even then, you need to be sure that the sample size of your test is big enough to be statistically reliable, but that's a whole other subject.
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
I definitely see what you mean and that makes a lot of sense.
the boring (1 month ago)
Love the video! How do you scale an ad set? Do I need to higher the budget?
Energetic Flow (1 month ago)
some people say we should avoid "engage shopper" as too many people choose it that makes FB ads more expensive. What is your objective on it?
Brendan Verhoff (1 month ago)
I do it everytime too. DM @brendan_verhoff if u ever need help
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
I do it on my worldwide adsets every time :)
yanke125 (1 month ago)
Is there a step by step guide your recommend following for Beginners?
Brendan Verhoff (1 month ago)
Dm me i can help u a bit for free @brendan_verhoff
Taylor Frazer (1 month ago)
Any mentors out there? Looking for some one-on-one training.
Brendan Verhoff (1 month ago)
Check me out on instagram and my own channel. ig is @brendan_verhoff
Phet (1 month ago)
First of all, thanks for the value packed video! Two questions: What metric you normally use to split test and seen the most success? And why ROAS has to be greater than 2?
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
It doesnt have to be greater than 2 it depends on your break even ROAS. And I split test platforms first
Kyle Y (1 month ago)
Do you split test ad copy/ ad creative when scaling horizontally?
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
I do at the beginning
DannyStorm (1 month ago)
Hey Arie! What’s the best to get your first sale? Using Instagram influencers or Facebook ads ?
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Both work but if you are on a tight budget go with influencers
Andres Rodriguez (1 month ago)
I really like your contect, Thanks!
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Thanks my man!
Branden Belanger (1 month ago)
How do you advertise with Instagram influencers?
Gabriel St-Germain (1 month ago)
Great value man 🔥
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Thanks bro!! Happy to see your channel blowing up too :)!
Tukmo John Garci (1 month ago)
hey Arie, what are you optimizing for on these adsets? are these Purchase, ATC, PPE? Thanks
Brendan Verhoff (1 month ago)
if u need real fb ad help message me @brendan_verhoff
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Yup purchase :)!
Jakaj Jahasha (1 month ago)
Hey man I got a question for you. When I create my Shopify account and add all my products and get everything set up, I try to create an ad for Facebook and whenever I try to put my website link in the ad while creating it, it tells that I'm not following the guidelines and it won't let me use my website link and post it. Same goes for instagram. Instagram won't even let me put my website in my bio. Do you know what I'm doing wrong? I've created multiple stores and it keeps doing this
Wayne Donoghue (1 month ago)
Your game is on point bro! Thanks for the value much appreciated
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Thanks bro!!
Fernando Feliciano (1 month ago)
Is print on demand worth doing? For example hooded blanket ?
Fernando Feliciano (1 month ago)
Ok, I have a hooded blanket store, would you mind looking at it and giving me your opinion on it.
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Yeah it is!
CHANNEL-G (1 month ago)
Value bombs! sure! gurus will never tell this stuff... the real gurus is you arie.. thanks for the video. like it..
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Haha thanks brother!
NarutoVsSasuke89 (1 month ago)
so duplicate to only FB, duplicate to only 54-60 ages, duplicate to a specific country. You can duplicate them at 5 or 10 or 15... and you can even duplicate all those 3 metrrics to one adset. Am i correct or did i miss any point :D
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Yeah basically :) You can also just duplicate the same adset without changing anything. All things work and should be tested
Nathan Karthaeuser (1 month ago)
Do you splitest different matrics at 5$ or 3$?
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
$5 for the most aprt
ohad cohen (1 month ago)
How does Facebook know what the product's profit is? After all, ROAS is Facebook's calculation Correct me if I'm wrong
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
They dont, you have to calculate it!
Vogue Support (1 month ago)
That's really cheap CPM, is it worldwide or top countries?
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Some worldwide some winning countries
Rostislav Stoyanov (1 month ago)
This video was one of the best value bombs which I watched in past months! Good job Arie!
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Thanks brother!
Marco Belray (1 month ago)
Great content bro!!! Quick question: How do you deal with FB pixels for testing many products? How do you differentiate the data for each product when it comes to lookalike audiences? Keep up the good stuff bro. Best, Marco
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
You can create custom audiences based on different product links, you then create lookalikes based on that :)
Karen Roberts (1 month ago)
Hey Arie. Your videos are the best. So informative and so helpful for beginners. I have a shopify store and a few products on there, but l am not sure if the store is good or not. I have watched a lot of your videos on how your store should look etc. but l am still hesitant to run Facebook ads. I don’t know why. Anyway just wondering if you would take a look at my store if possible and tell me if it is crap or if l am going in the right direction. Thanks again 😀
M BEEZY (1 month ago)
Great vid.
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Thanks man
Karl Menard (1 month ago)
Hey Arie! Great video and truly some real value again! Question to you is what would be your thoughts on making various retargeting audiences (30days, 15, 7, 3, 1day)? Also, if I had more than one of these audiences, should i put them all in one ad set or separate them into different ad sets?
Karl Menard (1 month ago)
+Arie Scherson thanks a mill!
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Separate into different adsets :) And I would run all of those except 1 day retargeting.
SACREDFlRE (1 month ago)
You're using trackify? This is a niched store correct..
SACREDFlRE (1 month ago)
+Arie Scherson Don't you worry about your pixel getting confused when scaling multiple products on a general store? Thanks!
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Its a general niche and no I dont use trackify
César Torres (1 month ago)
awesome video Arie! I have a question, should we be continuously creating new retargeting ads for the same product? Or The custom audiences update itself or something? I'm telling you this because I created a retargeting ad with a 30+ sales product, and it didn't run... maybe it didn't have enough data?
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Yup they update on their own!
James H (1 month ago)
Do you also split test within LLA's, or do you leave them alone?
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Yeah I do!
Efrain Avelar (1 month ago)
Very well done arie like always do we call this value nuggets or bombs or just all of these above you do not even have the slightest idea how much I learn from you arie also best time to run FB ads mon thru Thursday exclude holidays as well
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Thanks my friend! Really appreciate the support
pu gao (1 month ago)
Hey Arie, Thank you so much for your vid, one question:Which country targeting should be better? 1.worldwide/exclude (such as Africa and Nepal,Bangladesh,Myanmar)25+ countries? 2.include (such as USA,UK,FR,canada,) 30+ countries? Thanks!
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
I like Worldwide better at the moment :)
Race Car Videos (1 month ago)
Been in this business for a month, its hard! Grateful for the info bombs you drop Arie!
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Thanks so much :)! Gotta push through it!
David Tilley (1 month ago)
Another Great Vid Bro!!! Thank's
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Thanks brother!
Know Nothing (1 month ago)
I'm so excited about the course, drop it man🙌
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Me too!!! Soon :)
Jar Jar Abrams (1 month ago)
Arie when are you buying the lambo?
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
When I hit 2+ million PROFIT :D
kaimana coyaso (1 month ago)
Thanks brother you’re a beast 💯
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
You're welcome :)!
Gabriel Mengesha (1 month ago)
thanks man, honestly you are the most honest and helpful person in the whole e-commerce circle.
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Thanks brother!!!
SCboss (1 month ago)
hey arie great video! important question. what type of ad should i pick for a new store, testing products, and just trying to build your store, conversions, ad to carts, traffic? and if im making multiple ad sets am i making them on the same product with the same ad type? this is a big question of mine and if you could answer it i would be very thankful. have a good day man!
SCboss (1 month ago)
Arie Scherson thanks man! you really are awesome. i hope you know how much you help people
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Honestly I always do conversions with the purchase objective no matter what. it could be smart to start with influencers to get a few sales before diving into FB but once on FB always go for purchase.
Fliszt88 (1 month ago)
Solid Gold. Thanks Arie!
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Thanks brother!
JUSTSAMI VLOGS (1 month ago)
Solid gold.
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Thanks my man :)!
KING COMM (1 month ago)
Value bombs all the way baby 🙏 we on the rise
Steven Whittaker (26 days ago)
+David Sturm lol wtf??????? get fucked noob
David Sturm (1 month ago)
KING COMM lol dude you’re a fake guru. There’s way too many of you snakes on YouTube and you know it
Branden Belanger (1 month ago)
Arie and King Comm are the best! Collaboration?
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
You already know bro :P! Inner Circle Gang is strong!
Daniel Bisic (1 month ago)
Aye man make a video already! All your videos are value bombs!
Kyle Fowler (1 month ago)
Hey Arie! Think I've found a winner, but the relevance is only about 5. Ad sets start off great but then die off after a couple days and I suspect low relevance is playing a huge role. Any suggestions for getting that score up and what min. score do you recommend for scaling? Thanks in advance! 🙏
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
+Kyle Fowler You're welcome :) Thanks for the support my friend!
Kyle Fowler (1 month ago)
+Arie Scherson Love it, nothing but value from this guy! Thanks for helping again bro, your vids have helped a lot!!
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
If you are getting sales I wouldnt worry about your relevance score, just continue to make adsets and try to scale them quickly maybe thatll help.
Josh (1 month ago)
I wanna see his answer too
Martin Lilly (1 month ago)
Arie tells it how it is and gives insane VALUE for free. I've always considered buying a guru course but having stumbled across Arie's videos especially on Facebook Ads, I have been able to develop more consistent processes in finding winners to generate 5 figures in one of my stores, and its only growing up here. I've created a channel to document my experiences and keep myself accountable and would love if people could check it out and subscribe if interested. Thanks guys
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Thanks so much man! I appreciate the support :) Good luck with your channel!
DudeIts Simple (1 month ago)
Great content like always
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Thanks :)
Remingtion Maxxwell (1 month ago)
Looking like a handicapped keebler elf but only offering up the best content. Thanks for everything man.
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
+Remingtion Maxxwell Thanks brother :)
Remingtion Maxxwell (1 month ago)
+Arie Scherson I'm just messing with you man. I appreciate all your videos.
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Lmao I'll take it 😂
Youry Prophete (1 month ago)
You are not giving any real value and you know it, why wont you if dont even have a lot of followers, i better get back watching king comm. Big words but small valuess
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
bro chilllll 😂 Watch the playlists and get to work
Habib Attayee (1 month ago)
Youry Prophete and do you know that the king comm is Arie’s student??
bill arbo (1 month ago)
Thanks Arie! Just re-targeted an audience and got the age specifics and locations. Really helpful! Thx!!
bill arbo (1 month ago)
+Arie Scherson - well the good news is that it's been a sale everyday with this. Which is good for me. Running it at $9/day. Thx for the idea!
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Awesome!! :) Let me know how it goes!
Martin de Lumen (1 month ago)
Do u pay for each ad set? 3$ each day for one ad set?
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
I start at $5
Victor Colon (1 month ago)
Let’s Do it
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Lets gooo
kaleel mohammad (1 month ago)
Holy shit those information were lit af 👌
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Ayy thank you :)!
Jinae Niles (1 month ago)
Hi Arie! Thank you for the awesome content! Do you have a video on how you deal with dropshipping returns when you don't have a warehouse or a location to return goods? Tx!
Daniel Grutta (1 month ago)
Where do you get your products from? Strictly just from Alibaba? ... Also awesome content 🔥
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Aliexpress but yeah :)!
Bruce Jenner (1 month ago)
i remember arie at 6k followers. None of the other youtubers were trying to latch onto your followers in the comment section those days
Arie Scherson (1 month ago)
Haha I know :)! I made it!!!! Thanks for staying with me <3
Densen (1 month ago)
Hey Arie, thank you so much for your value bombs ;-P It's been helping me a lot! But actually I'm really frustrated, because I'm facing a FB bug, which makes it impossible to test products properly. Since the beginning (4 weeks) my account gets deactivated after my ad has been approved successfully. The comment is "There were some unusual activities in your advertising account, so we stopped your ads for security reasons. We start your ads with your current balance." Then I follow the link and my account gets reactivated auf a couple of ours...That is so terrible... And the support simply doesn't fix it. I hope you have a hint for a German dropshipping greenhorn^^ Cheers

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