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Come watch and get some tips from us about keeping your relationship going while working opposite shifts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFFZasdd8gY
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Eugenia Rocha (8 months ago)
I'm in the same boat , its been really hard for me thank you for your video. alot of useful info
The Blakk Vulture (8 months ago)
This video is honestly a great insight into adult life and how careers and life in general can get in the way of relationships and seeing people etc. Very informative too. You guys are still a great couple though. :)
The Curl Family (8 months ago)
I have been with my husband for 13 years and I can say that time apart is key to a healthy marriage.
Sez Francis (8 months ago)
These are amazing tips, John and Nay. I am not in a relationship or married but for my most of my life, I have witnessed a lot of failed relationships/marriages, break ups and divorces within my friends and family. Because of these, it’s knocked my confidence down (for myself being in a relationship). I’ll try and keep in these in mind for the future. And even if I won’t be in a relationship, I’ll always share your tips and video to help others. 🙂🦋✨
Sez Francis (8 months ago)
Nay's Days 💛🦋✨
Nay's Days (8 months ago)
Sez Francis don’t be afraid to love and be in a relationship. My mom always told me “You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you get to your prince!” Just because they failed doesn’t mean you will.
John Hagerty (8 months ago)
Thanks for letting me be part of your life. Proud to be a Nays Daisy 🌼🌼🌼
Nay's Days (8 months ago)
John Hagerty love you
Jocey Potts (8 months ago)
Lots of good tips! We go through a lot of the same, although I don't technically work - we make the best of the time we can spend together and as a family! We're looking forward to the time of life where everything can possibly be a little more relaxed!
Nay's Days (8 months ago)
Jocey Potts things will smooth out soon
Kimberleigh Lesnick (8 months ago)
My boyfriend and I currently don't work opposite schedules but I do find that regardless that communication is very important. Same with trust. You need to be able to go through the day, or night knowing that you do no have to worry about what your S.O. is doing. Ultimately, you just need to remember that you are in the relationship for a reason and if you want to continue to be in said relationship you need to take the time to talk and really make it work so that you guys will continue to be happy with each other and live the happy life that you truly want.
Nay's Days (8 months ago)
Kimberleigh Lesnick so very true. Trust and communication are so important
letsvlogwith bigjohn (8 months ago)
This was really great guys
Lilith Nova (8 months ago)
That is all some really good advice. It's hard for us too my husband and I have the same job because it's a family owned business but we alternate out and switch out so someone is always at home with the kids at night. It is also 3rd shift. I don't know the last time I actually worked with my husband because there is no one to stay with out kids. But we try to spend a little time together each night after the kids go to bed and before one of us goes to work at 1:20am then again in the mornings before we go to sleep for the day. The constant switching up our schedule between night and day is what is so hard on us I think. It makes it hard to schedule things. As well at time one or both of us will be stuck having no time to sleep for several days. It's hard man it really is. I about feel like I'm to old for this crap but my dad works it too so I cant complain lol
Nay's Days (8 months ago)
Lilith Nova yes. It’s crazy
AKA Our Life (8 months ago)
Great video! This is good advice for any marriage. We work different times, but not completely opposite which I’m sure is more difficult. Keith works a regular day (8 until 5 or 6) and I teach online from home, early mornings. Since evenings are our time to spend together and we’re both night owls, we stay up pretty late, then I rest for a couple hours after work (mid-morning) to make up for lost sleep. It’s not ideal, but I’ve been able to make a split-sleeping schedule work for me.
Nay's Days (8 months ago)
AKA Our Life it’s tough no matter what schedule we’re on and then we have to add in that YouTube job too lol. John had to split sleep for taking care of Brady when younger and til I came home and then really slept. We just have to make it work
MichelleandFamily (8 months ago)
Text and snap chat a lot!!!
Nay's Days (8 months ago)
MichelleandFamily yes maam
anne Zimdahl (8 months ago)
It's like your your own boss Nay's , that's got to be nice . Poor John over night is so hard to deal with . Thank gosh for texting 😊 Trust is huge in a relationship . I don't work I'm on disability because I hurt my back when I was working at family Dollar unloading tractor trailer trucks and my husband works for a cab company so he works all hours of the day and night . Great advice guys and how sweet you both are ❤️ . Love this vid 💞💕💗
anne Zimdahl (8 months ago)
Nay's Days your welcome love
Nay's Days (8 months ago)
anne Zimdahl thanks love
HermanTheGreat (8 months ago)
This was some really awesome advice I'm not married yet but when I do get married I can keep these things in mind!
Nay's Days (8 months ago)
HermanTheGreat thanks so much
HermanTheGreat (8 months ago)
John got bored quick and brought in the dog lol
Nay's Days (8 months ago)
HermanTheGreat no. The dog was getting annoying

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