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Drunk Girl Therapist 2

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Text Comments (634)
Malik Josenius (1 year ago)
Cum burb. Lmao :D
prw0004 (2 years ago)
Literally can't stop laughing from the cum burp
Nicole Wilson (2 years ago)
Am I the only one who got a bit turn on with her spread eagle and peeing? 😶😶😶
Roy McFloyd (1 year ago)
No...you fucking weirdo.
sam farkas (2 years ago)
you are the funniest girl.
Diana Potra (2 years ago)
Lmao I got a College Humor ad before this 😂😂
Jax the Ripper (3 years ago)
Lmfao hate weird facebook guys as her ringtone tho
Hannah Smith (3 years ago)
"Mmmmm tits."
Helena Azadegan (3 years ago)
"Every guy here is scamming on you"
Jubal McClammy (3 years ago)
when she drops the glass I fucking jumped.  nice physical humor.
Temna Senka (3 years ago)
They're using the exact same comedy method as the Ben Stiller Show did with "Ask Manson"
Joy Chipidza (3 years ago)
was that the barely production parody of love the way you lie?
Haley Landry (3 years ago)
+Joy Chipidza It was their own! (Weird Facebook Guys)
Ben Christensen (4 years ago)
Is that their facebook song on her phone?  Good cameo.
Dalton Smith (4 years ago)
wasnt that rihanna song the key of awesome parody?
A B (4 years ago)
I like the video. But rape jokes are always bad.
Zach Fischer (2 years ago)
Pyro Thief I think any idea can be made into comedy as long as you stay respectful
Kristijan Madhukar (2 years ago)
Watch "Bo Burnham God's Perspective"
Butterfly Taster (2 years ago)
Pyro Thief Because my empathy's bumming me out.
Pyro Thief (2 years ago)
Tragedy will be exclusively joked about.
Richard Frank (4 years ago)
THE BURP!!!!!!!!!!!!
Utubeblows (4 years ago)
This is some funny shit right here
thewisestguy1 (4 years ago)
the idea of a cum burp literally makes me want to throw up.
Haley Landry (3 years ago)
+thewisestguy1 no it was their own parody (Weird Facebook Guys)
Pearl Drum Girl (4 years ago)
Omgggggg! Woooooooo!
Mark P (4 years ago)
oo..em...gee...    hilarious!!       "...in a respectful way"   LOL
Natalie Lim (4 years ago)
I don't think College Humor gets enough credit for the deep things they say
Ben Christensen (4 years ago)
A lot of really good comedy makes deep points about things.
mybrainsondrums (4 years ago)
here here. they get a lot of hate but they do good work. no ones perfect
Debabrata Das (5 years ago)
sorry, cum burp ! XD
Nate Hart (5 years ago)
saturnday (5 years ago)
You think that this helps anyone? No it doesn't, It turns them into drunk therapists them selves, which is good
Jules Darcy (5 years ago)
I want more of these
Carmen Wileman (5 years ago)
fuuuuuuck....OMG!!!!  hahahahahahahaha
Alexandria Curry (5 years ago)
Ditto, fucking ditto!
tonce02 (5 years ago)
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Phyankord (5 years ago)
aight lemmy give it a go. as a victim of jokes in general i think comedy is taking it too far
spinemelter2000 (5 years ago)
I heard a fart after she said cumburp.
Wamp-Wamp (5 years ago)
Your a disgusting human weather your trolling or being honest both are sickening. Go see a therapist about your lack of remorse it's abnormal.
Wamp-Wamp (5 years ago)
Everyone handles things differently. Someone else might not want daily reminders of the most traumatizing part of their life.
Duston Dolamore (6 years ago)
Lol sounds like you deserved it
TheBlazingak (6 years ago)
if black ppl don't like the word nigga, they shouldn't say it either. if racist jokes are so offensive, people shouldn't say them. my point is, it's just a joke. deal with it and don't get pissed off at the small stuff. it isn't healthy.
NIELS MICHIELS (6 years ago)
1:17 and just like that the magic was gone
Rose_Tazz (6 years ago)
It's like saying 'nigga' around a black person in the 'hood'. They have to realize that you know the pain that black people have been through and respect it. That's what I believe about rape jokes, I'm a survivor though, not a victim.
Bo Duke (6 years ago)
Bo Duke (6 years ago)
I like how make me want to die.
Aussie High (6 years ago)
OOpppss sorry, cum burp LOLOL
Bo Duke (6 years ago)
I thought this was funny until I saw all the comments. -A rape surviver.
Bo Duke (6 years ago)
But you're an emotional cripple from here on out, so all you can do is lay there. Blank. Not thinking. As if that enough to kill your soul, he kicks you and says "disgusting". You lay there for hours befor someone even sees you. Because that's whaat happened to me. Rape destroys your soul and makes you feel like you're being eaten alive from the inside.. It' disgusting. So thank you sir for influencing the 'motivational' thoughts.
Bo Duke (6 years ago)
Don't forget you're a girl so it's hard to get up and kick his ass. As your head slams the tile and you start to see black sploches you feel cold all a sudden, and black out. As you wake up all you can feel is a sharp pain in your gut, legs, and crotch. as you open your eyes you become aware of a disgusting crawling feeling all over your skin, the sickining male above you just finished using your body.
Bo Duke (6 years ago)
I didn't think I could hate myself more. But you sure showed me, I guess I'm just whining now though huh? Let's see, let's all imagine being 13, having a bestfriend, perfect family. Now imagine one day your bestfriend attacks you,and before you can scream he hits you and beats you.
Bo Duke (6 years ago)
Yeah. That makes me want to live. Thanks.
Vanessa Ang (6 years ago)
Cum burp LOLOLOL
Tiera Danheux (6 years ago)
You've got to be joking
Patience Kingsley (6 years ago)
No, rape jokes are never okay. Just because you are a rape victim, it doesn't give you a free pass to make such a triggering and horrible comment. Oftentimes a victim can turn into an abuser themselves. It's actually more common than most people think.
Josh (6 years ago)
Rapes are cool
xo Adore (6 years ago)
The song is by collegehumor it is the video I hate weird Facebook guys WATCH IT!!
Zach B (6 years ago)
Toe (6 years ago)
Was that ringtone the song from "I hate weird Facebook guys" ?
Black Francis (6 years ago)
well actually she said 'I say rape jokes are not okay, and I believe in this subject I (and other victims) can set the rules.' So she IS saying she has the right to censor them.
LethalPOMSKY (6 years ago)
Kesha actually has a pretty high IQ
Fu Tu (6 years ago)
yeah! in brentwood tennessee
lolaz wabby (6 years ago)
she mustve swallowed alot. I also like her moments of clarity followed by drunkeness
larhonda41 (6 years ago)
Always glad to help.
Aizacc84 (6 years ago)
Do not view this comment thread. ╚(•⌂•)╝
S Barlow (6 years ago)
funny? you think degrading women is funny? my man, that shit is hilarious
David Bridges (6 years ago)
I disagree with her statement about aging. I fucking love milfs.
Milo Flynn (6 years ago)
*society's perception sorry
Milo Flynn (6 years ago)
"The problem is perception of beauty is limited and doesn't include the beauty of aging naturally and comfortably." I will live by this quote.
MrRuntio (6 years ago)
Holy shit I was listening to that song at the same time
dominic rosenow (6 years ago)
@mychemluver1 ....shut the fuck up
Hood Cochrane (6 years ago)
c core (6 years ago)
did anyone just see that video at the top??
Amazon Angel (6 years ago)
Well I didn't talk about that part. I was only addressing what Finding said.
Doodled93 (6 years ago)
I agree. I can't even read this comment without flinching. Sense of humour? I think not. Sense of horror more like it.
ninjamonkey508 (6 years ago)
how to respond......hmmmmmmm....
FlexedBrute (6 years ago)
Sir, you just made my day.
Mico De Leon (6 years ago)
Jack Campbell (6 years ago)
rape jokes are freaking hilarious! I myself am a rape victim but i still find them funny.. it all just depends on the person...
Mar-See Yaaa (6 years ago)
cut the bull i was sexually assaulted 4 times when i was only 5 years old and im not gonna get into details but it was pretty bad but i still laugh at rape jokes and sex jokes its a form of morbid humor and if you cant handle a rape joke then you obviously need to sort out your feelings about wat happened to you life is much better when you let loose and jokes are funnier when you dont take them to heart
allwittynamestaken (6 years ago)
dude you haven't been raped, you have no idea what its like to be her. and who said gay, black and jewish jokes are okay? I doubt you know anything about that either. fuck off.
WaltJRBreakfastCo (6 years ago)
"There are limits to everything" That is a statement that I cannot agree with more. Only i look at it a different way. Since the extremity of topics are extremely debatable, undefined, and often fought over, I take this statement in a different way. You see, there are jokes, there are serious statements, and then there are actions. the limit when it comes to these become quite obvious. This is what our criminal law and free speech is based on, and I follow this. Also, the video was funny.
tata131211 (6 years ago)
yeah, rape jokes really cannot be compared to any of those joke topics he just laid out. its just totally different if you think about it
skate8rock (6 years ago)
RDoctorD (6 years ago)
Crude.. But absolutely awesome humor... Nice bit of absurdity to comment on society!
dprl (6 years ago)
sorry cumburp LOL
alternative88384 (6 years ago)
I agree. Our message needs to be spread. *A moment of silence to all who have been victimized by knock knock jokes*
squirlamania (6 years ago)
larhonda41 (6 years ago)
As a victim of door abuse I say knock knock jokes are taking it too far.
larhonda41 (6 years ago)
That would be the epitome of bad taste. Jokes are all about situation and timing and intent. I am explaining this because you obviously lack the knowledge. Both timing and intent wouldn't be right if I were to follow your suggestion. The timing makes the difference between awkward comment or hilarious joke.
extinct (6 years ago)
I swear Emily is the same in every CH episode she's in..
Andrei Gorgos (6 years ago)
These are amazing! Keem 'em cum-burp! :))
Tracie Young (6 years ago)
This girl is absolutely HILLARIOUS!!!!
bankaininjav2 (6 years ago)
the death penalty isn't right either.
natesdevices (6 years ago)
not really. rapists have received the death penalty on numerous occasions and it doesn't really matter who deals it. not to mention that revenge is the great equalizer of humanity. you can't say matter-o-fact that it's bad just because it doesn't adhere to your morals. thats an issue of opinion.
bankaininjav2 (6 years ago)
because killing that person makes you just as bad as they are.
natesdevices (6 years ago)
why not?
bankaininjav2 (6 years ago)
it's not justified. that's why you would go to jail.
Sarge Izzard (6 years ago)
These comments are almost funnier that this video. Who ever this girl is,she plays the part perfectly!
natesdevices (6 years ago)
that doesn't mean it isn't justified.
bankaininjav2 (6 years ago)
you'd go to jail for that.
bankaininjav2 (6 years ago)
to be fair feminism is funny
menoddyz (6 years ago)
@Oryanne Turunen Knock knock jokes are okay arent they
Madison Breckenridge (6 years ago)
Rape joke, or any joke for that matter are a way to deal with these topics- racist jokes for example i have a sister who is native and we joke that every time something goes missing it was her 'because she is brown'- its not because we believe in these things its because its so ridiculous in the first place. I do however realize there is a line, some jokes there are a time and a place for- some just shouldnt be said at all- regardless they will be said no matter how we feel
EuJune Kim (6 years ago)
hahah did anyone notice that her ringtone was the creepy facebook guy song that collegehumor made awhile ago? Easter eggs
natesdevices (6 years ago)
look were all legitimately sorry for what happened to you.if you handed me your rapist i would cut him open and watch him bleed on the floor, but no matter how you feel about it, you can't say what is and isn't funny.The reason rape jokes, like jokes on any kind of controversial subject, which you dont seem 2 care about as much, are funny, is because first they shock you with the weight of whats said and then the irony of the thing itself. it isnt glorifying rape, rather reminding us why its bad
Charles Babikian (6 years ago)
What did she say at 30 seconds??
s0succexy (6 years ago)
Press (Show the comment) for an adventure!
VegitoSsj4Pwns (6 years ago)
Thanks you just saved me time :)

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