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Watch This Mind Blowing Magic Trick

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Not only can this magician unlock Steve Harvey’s phone, he leaves wondering what’s reality with his mind-boggling, show-stopping trick. SUBSCRIBE to get the latest #STEVETVShow: Connect with STEVE online! Visit the STEVE WEBSITE: http://www.stevetv.com Like STEVE on FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/SteveTVShow/ Like Steve Harvey on FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/SteveHarvey/ Follow @SteveTVShow on TWITTER: http://twitter.com/stevetvshow Follow @IamSteveHarvey on TWITTER: https://twitter.com/IAmSteveHarvey Follow @SteveTVShow on INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/stevetvshow/
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Text Comments (2686)
Vijay Anand (43 minutes ago)
Absolutely scripted....
Fiske (6 hours ago)
to all my magician friends out there we know what this is, one word: Force
Derrick Johnson (16 hours ago)
Best trick ever.....
rudresh choudhary (19 hours ago)
So here it is can u see that lady who is holding 12_ when that fake bustard magician told them to flip those numbers that lady didn't flip the ( 1 ) she only flip 2. Because she wants to make R for haRvey that shows that it is scripted and was already prepared. Because if u were there on the place of that lady u flip that 1 too
Elnazir Mustafa (20 hours ago)
I've been watching Penn and teller already..its totally fake🤣🤣
Dekesh Kumar (20 hours ago)
don't know why posting here but need help https://milaap.org/fundraisers/save3yearold#
TSM Lama (21 hours ago)
The trick with phone is really easy all you need is a iphone
Shufkat Ali (1 day ago)
RS (1 day ago)
Hihihihi my ass
Judgy Judgerton (1 day ago)
If a magician uses the crowd, that means PLANT 99.9% of the time. Fun to watch, but.
Mr. Grinch (1 day ago)
Fake News!!
Allure _s (1 day ago)
02:19 hehehehe my ass
Oliver Baker (1 day ago)
this exact trick was done on Britain's Got talent
Sabq (1 day ago)
from @5:50 to @6:03 he changed the bill and put it in his pocket
tsewang yougyal (1 day ago)
this magic trick is simple, the secret is already in the calculation , he knows the result already ,he snapped 100$ from the lady and print the answer in 1$, :she wasn't shocked , cause she knows she lost 100$ for 1$ cheated paper bill
tsewang yougyal (1 day ago)
all the lady has 1$
Matt A (2 days ago)
Steve's on half the damn channels on my TV at any given time with all his shows.. now that's magic!
mdj akhi (2 days ago)
2:49 that's where he cheated then he's like "from this point forward make sure i don't cheat"
Jon t (2 days ago)
Kind of looks like a younger and bigger version of Mr Roper (threes company)...lol
Anthony (2 days ago)
welp that's 7 minutes of my life I'm not getting back.
Bball_Boyz (2 days ago)
you don't need to unlock an iPhone to use the calculator
Deeq Gessod (2 days ago)
I got this he wrote second when they found out their sit raw were second since they planned and they come earlier and they text to him let him know and he wrote at that time the only truth is the Doller bill Steve asked and he never put it in the 📦 box and he keep the dollar in his hand have clue or what ever the dollar bill was in the box and never show us empty what ever
K Nine (2 days ago)
Harvey is the ultimate cuck.
Ed Hernandez (2 days ago)
All that just to steal a dollar
Salah TEBNI (2 days ago)
9 * 1988 * 88 = 1,574,496 oops
Darren Shortall (2 days ago)
Ernest Jackson (2 days ago)
Damn im suprised this guy aint win the powerball
K Lyght (2 days ago)
The dollar pill was already premade.
Of course is not real you idiots is it magic trick!!But most of you can’t tie your shoes and chew gum at the same time!!😭😭😭
Virendra Pawar (2 days ago)
Sir Stevie this moron is just fooling u....and thus fooling the entire audience plus the entire math calculators sitting on a chair and watching your video.... pls never upload such videos for even fun sake....
sheffieldgeek (3 days ago)
obvious set-up,. come on guys,. how gullible can you guys be,. jeez..
BlackNGold Thanos (3 days ago)
Took kinda long... but Nice trick!
WegZurHölle (3 days ago)
mind blowing staged,,,
Iconic_Falzer (3 days ago)
Omg the coolest part was at the end when he spelled Steve’s name OMG
Hertbert Patten (3 days ago)
Hey Steve let me make my nuts disappear in your wife
slimchancetoo (3 days ago)
Is that OK ??? Must remember that.
Randy Levine (3 days ago)
Come on. The dollar was a plant. The cellphone was a plant with the number already inputted or memorized by the guy, Steve was in on it and falsely verified the addition sequences as the guy put the real number in, the second row already knew the cards were under their seats. (Obvious by how quickly and uniformally they all picked up their cards. Didn't have to search for them) And this already known number was written is such a way that upside down spelled Steve's name. ..Painfully obvious how much room there was for a setup.
300tank (3 days ago)
Set up with audience of coarse
trog lodyte (3 days ago)
these things are always fake, the person in the front was a stooge, the phone was unlocked because prior knowledge. I didn't even wait to see the end of this because my life is short and I have better things to do.
Vortex gamer (3 days ago)
Good job... For paying those guests you cheater!!! I'm kidding
James Miller (3 days ago)
Steve Harvey just can't leave the hood behind. And he claims to be a Christian but he isn't, he wants to be a billionaire. Yeah that's what Jesus wanted too. He's a used car salesman.
Dimitris Mavrakis (3 days ago)
6:55 Turn all of them over...the last one didnt turn....
Cat City (4 days ago)
Brain.exe has stopped working
Priya Saha (4 days ago)
Steve's reaction is awesome
whisperingthylacine (4 days ago)
I love Steve Harvey. He's so funny.
R D (4 days ago)
Magic doesn't exist in world. Everything is trick
kamran bartley (4 days ago)
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Marc Van Masten (4 days ago)
It was all combinated
golfmaniac007 (4 days ago)
the trick is too drawn out.....very tiresome. i like simple tricks like jesus did on family guy
Neshat Khalili (5 days ago)
it was still pretty cool... its just funny how the woman in the far right knew to put the 1 and the 2 close together to make an R haha.. cool tho overall
100k YaYa (5 days ago)
5:45 look at him slide hiz hand into his pocket while no one noticed.. mxm, so predictable, so fake.
Jason Settle (5 days ago)
That 1 girl held 2 numbers up, and in the correct order, go figure...
3D Arts (5 days ago)
you are brilliant Igor Gvozdenov you found right just enter any number +0* any number you will get the first number entered
Markos D. (5 days ago)
Why I'm wasting my time with this sh8it
Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude 😨😨😨😨😨😨😲😲😲😲😲😲😲
Mr. Sunny (5 days ago)
The trick is, there is no trick! But confusion and game being ran! The dude set up a whole lot of distractions but he had the end results under the seat the whole time! We couldn't see what he was really plugging into the calculator app. But whatever he was plugging into the calculator, the end result was going to be those numbers under the seat anyways! And those numbers reading Steve Harvey on the flip side of those number cards is not a trick! It's just them flipping over cards! And the card under the glass was certainly not a trick either! It just pointed to the numbers that were already planned to be shown! From the calculator to the numbers under the seat was nothing but a pile of deceptions! I had to sit back and ask myself! What was the trick?! This was another lesson in how systemic white supremacy operates on the minds of black peoples! Just imagine a whole world government of white peoples manipulating us this way! This is a serious threat to our existence indeed!
Synthetic Death (5 days ago)
So everyone brings singles to Steve Harvey shows
Mason Mathews (5 days ago)
😘Rose's are Red..🍒 🤗Violets are Blue..🍬 😘THIS CHANNEL IS LITTT...♨️ 🤗AND SO ARE YOU!!!!!👉😘 😘SUB FOR A SUB BACK🐜🐜🐜
abelcp22 (5 days ago)
Nock (5 days ago)
0:42 All that women was thinking MONEY MONEY MONEY!!
spu3 (5 days ago)
Nathan Brown (6 days ago)
David Perkins (6 days ago)
Just google "toxic calculator"
Je ka
Seth Yborra (6 days ago)
Yea that’s not his phone
I love my cat (6 days ago)
The audience doesn't even know what is clapping about
AL MOSAYTER (6 days ago)
its not staged guys
gschopp (6 days ago)
That dollar could have been used to feed African babies....what a waste
John Billings (6 days ago)
The bill switch starts at 5:46 when his hand is in his right pocket. And the calculator trick is old but still fun to watch.
Fit freak (6 days ago)
how can this guy have his own show, seems boring and dull
Pechna (6 days ago)
Unfortunately you can tell it's staged just looking at how fast the audience people react and do exactly what they're supposed to. They could've at least properly acted it out.
Steve is ghetto not funny nor a good person he's a assholes hard to work with
Tony Hamilton (4 days ago)
Shut your ass up
Rashed alsuwaidi (6 days ago)
this all was fixed its fake, wow an iphone with no brand really?
Pavan Kumar (6 days ago)
Funny....not a magic....but they passed the exam.... practice makes perfect execution
shobith sathyanadhan (6 days ago)
gohri robin (7 days ago)
Never use iPhone calculator for multiplication u surely gone fail...
Chris Campanile (7 days ago)
painful to watch
luck luckie (7 days ago)
all you nerds got why to much time on your hands 😃
Impressive Investor (7 days ago)
If thats okay with you
Jose Ismail (7 days ago)
worst trick I've ever seen
Pradeep Mittal (7 days ago)
Seems like Steve is his accomplice https://imgur.com/a/zIdjEvc
Pradeep Mittal (7 days ago)
iPhone is already unlocked
Dawkins Ochieng (7 days ago)
very boring, choose an interesting one.
How can a number multiplied by 88 can give 5 at the end that is an odd number...... It should always give an even number...... Oh my god this the heights of making audience fool
Fake AF... Especially those Magic on TV shows.... its all Pre Planned
kumbaga (7 days ago)
glocapo (7 days ago)
The legend says that theyre still holding up the papers.
E Keats (7 days ago)
who knows what he actually entered into the phone considering the camera wasn't focused on it
Jackalope Music (7 days ago)
The $1 lady was in on it and so was the multiplier. No mater what he reaches that number. He had backups also planted in the audience.
Max MJ (8 days ago)
FiskarenAnton (8 days ago)
YEAH OMG this is sooo LIT🔥🔥 like i searched sexy thanos andthis came up and i just exploded💥.. with emotions WTF SO HOT!!! 😂😂WHO DID THS?😂😂 LIKE👍 THIS COMMENT AND SUBSKRIB😎
Jack Ridge (8 days ago)
5:49, has his right hand in his pocket. Picked up the folded dollar bill. Pretends he pulled out the dollar bill from the envelope. He DID NOT. He had a dollar bill hidden in his right hand.
Akbar Shaikh (8 days ago)
Magic is mostly cheating with speed and misdirecting your attention!
Cindy T (8 days ago)
Number is already planned. Any number multiplied by 88 needs to be even , but that number is odd (ending 5). All he did was type the number in the phone and pretend to multiple numbers. The dollar was real but he swapped it with his own as he pulled out the note. The numbers of his planned number were placed under the seats.
ronty22 (8 days ago)
Agree. It would have been a mind blowing trick if he let Steve H. pull the envelope out and check inside. Otherwise it is pretty standard and not mind blowing at all.
Tim McGee (8 days ago)
"...If that's OK...If that's OK...If that's OK... Yeah - It's ok.. get on with the damn trick.
cool dude (8 days ago)
But before he said turn the numbers over she turned it over. STAGED FROM THE BEGINNING WEAK ILLUSION.
AceOfSpadesYT (8 days ago)
Fake or not, it’s still entertaining and hard work was put behind this!
Omg Steve was speechless the whole time lol
Febry Putra (9 days ago)
hihihihihi my ass
BKMN 101 (9 days ago)
Oh hell to the naw... SORCERY
hla myo min (9 days ago)
No way

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