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Watch This Mind Blowing Magic Trick

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Not only can this magician unlock Steve Harvey’s phone, he leaves wondering what’s reality with his mind-boggling, show-stopping trick. SUBSCRIBE to get the latest #STEVETVShow: Connect with STEVE online! Visit the STEVE WEBSITE: http://www.stevetv.com Like STEVE on FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/SteveTVShow/ Like Steve Harvey on FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/SteveHarvey/ Follow @SteveTVShow on TWITTER: http://twitter.com/stevetvshow Follow @IamSteveHarvey on TWITTER: https://twitter.com/IAmSteveHarvey Follow @SteveTVShow on INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/stevetvshow/
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Text Comments (3335)
Nick (3 days ago)
Steve unlock his phone before he give it to the guy
felix ogayo (3 days ago)
Steve you should look for this child from Nigeria called emmanuela
Lion King (4 days ago)
Too cheap!
p0ker p0ker (4 days ago)
Hmoud al hashmi (6 days ago)
This trick makes me outside
MrJasontm2386 (8 days ago)
People cant be this stupid
vimha Tetso (9 days ago)
He picked the dollar bill from his right pocket....n kept the envelop in his own pocket back.. n those ladies in the second row holding the cards probably are his assistance... When ask to turn it they all turned the cards in proper order...else some could have turned it to its right or to the left .....
tai phan (10 days ago)
didn’t even show the $1...
Kiringo Gichanga (12 days ago)
I'm impressed! Why lie.
Pete Ola (14 days ago)
you could tell this is real.
Jack Larson (15 days ago)
the biggest magic trick is how Steve Harvey convinced people that hes funny
Jack Larson (14 days ago)
+MUNDUS whats that? short for Kangaroo?? 😆
MUNDUS (14 days ago)
I completely disagree with you on that. Steve Harvey is the Kang of comedy, not the king... The Kang!! 😅
Hulum Begizew (17 days ago)
Thaf was impressive
xxCrime xxDriven (18 days ago)
I love how many people are angry about this. It's a magic trick. Magic doesn't exist. Of course he 'fakes' the trick, all tricks are fake. Dumbastards acting like they slouths. XD
Richie Ray (18 days ago)
Z EK-45824-B
Siempre Amor (18 days ago)
Fakeeeeeeeee f***
Jose Nevada (18 days ago)
It was a calculator force. It didn’t matter which numbers they gave him
Bomber78 (16 days ago)
yes, he picked the first number and didn't tell what it was.
Monkey Man (19 days ago)
What’s the guys name
Kwame Joe (22 days ago)
@ 6:50 the lady turned the 5 over before he asked the lady to turn the 5 over, meaning they knew exactly what was expected of them. It was completely staged. Anyways good game. I enjoyed it so much
Dragan Micic (23 days ago)
This is advanced autism
his tv show doesn't feel good
joesstockmail (23 days ago)
lol .. that's funny .. steve trying to get ratings better ..
Pokemon Tobias (23 days ago)
so fake
kim wong (24 days ago)
U can see him changed the dollar note and put it in his left pocket before passing the other one to steve..
Mouli Paricharla (24 days ago)
this guy can unlock stolen iphones too..loll
badinfluence1985 (24 days ago)
Thats the greatest trick I have ever seen in my life.
Gajen Dran (24 days ago)
who is this magician ?
24 Craft (25 days ago)
Wow how can he do?
Olawale babo (25 days ago)
he picked that particular bill from his pocket!!!! so obvious!!!
Earl Williams (23 days ago)
I used to suck at doing magic tricks. Now I'm a pro! Learn some great pro magic tricks here: MootMagic.xyz
Mr Hydrogen (25 days ago)
Jajajaja...the world today are full of trickss... :) if u know wad i meannnn...
mira amirul (25 days ago)
Who this guy? Have Anyone know??
Jim JONES (25 days ago)
they where all in on it
CRASH (25 days ago)
I'm all over this one: (1) those women sure were quick to get that one dollar bill from their purse, wallet, pocket, etc (2) he said "keep things pretty random"...which means some was planned (3) Really??? What year is this that a cell phone does not have a calculator??? (4) Steve's phone was not locked (you can see the icons as he passes it to the 'magician' (5) the 'magician' chose the first number ( so there is the NOT random part) (5) we are never shown any of the multiplication process (6) at frame 5:44 (while he has everyone looking at the cards in the backdrop mirror, he has his hand in his right pocket, then his hands are cupped together. He has another bill folded in his pocket that he switches as he is pulling the woman's bill out and switches it with the one from his pocket (better seen on the slowest mode video speed setting (7) the woman holding the last digit/'Y' began the motion of turning the card upside down before he finished instructing her to turn it upside down. Please reply if I missed anything....LITTLE BIG SHOTS ARE MUCH BETTER !!!!!
apiece ofdirt (27 days ago)
I got an autograph from Steve Harvey about a year ago while my wife and I were vacationing in Las Vegas. He was friendly but he had some of the worst breath I’ve ever had the misfortune of smelling. It smelled like hot garbage and butt
Benny Wright (27 days ago)
So simple. All you do is, first: you put a small bird up your sleeve and then you have a female assistant with an ear piece hide in the rafters and at the right moment.. . wait, back up, back up... No, there's a rabbit and....Is anybody hungry? I know I am. My blood sugar gets low and I just can't .... I can't even remember what the heck I was even.... Let's pick this back up tomorrow when you're able to really focus on what I'm breaking down here. I do this for a living, just like my father did and his father before him. So let's not forget about the power of misdirection.... Do me a favor? Reach into your left pocket and tell me what you find. I'll wait....... Got it? Show the audience if you would please. What's that? Oh, you're all by yourself? Well, you're in luck because not only am I a master illusionist but I also do online support therapy. The trick is to distract the person, that maybe feeling lonely or like there's no hope, distract them with complete nonsensical mumbo jumbo about a magic trick and so for that brief moment while they're reading this buffoonery they forget that they are lonely or feeling sad and focus on the fool online spouting nonsense. Tada! I am the Great Razfooly lll. If nothing else I hope that whomever reads this realizes that they are an amazingly beautiful serendipitous being that emanates light the same way our very Sun does, and that we are all the children of exploding stars and we are not connected because that would imply that we were separate and came together..no, my friend, we are all the same thing and always have been. So if you take anything from this rambling, I hope it's that this is not a dress rehearsal and none of us are getting out alive, so if at 4:15 in the morning when you can't sleep you watch a Steve Harvey clip about magic trick and decide to comment on it with a bizarre stream of consciousness diatribe, don't hesitate. Take the plunge into absurdity and feel the freedom of your own foolishness wash over you like a baptism of the soul. And if you made it to the end of this, do me a favor, look under your chair... it's a card correct? What's it say? Of course I know what it says because my lovely female assistant with the ear piece put it there when I distracted you... misdirection! Anywho, and as you know the card says, "Be kind. For everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about." I can't take credit for that great quote. It was actually written by a humble little magnet that resides on my refrigerator. What a poet... Not to mention a great friend to me when it comes to holding up Christmas cards and whatnot. Ok, I think that's enough misdirection for one night get some sleep. -The Great Razfooly lll
YuckyPickles (27 days ago)
That's all done with mirrors.
I'm a magician and this is staged...
aundre minto (1 month ago)
obeah man that
J P-GOKU (1 month ago)
Up yours you fuck (1 month ago)
Its really annoying when he said hang on or stop n the audience was still clappin. SHUT YO ASS UP
MRFANCYPANTS777 (1 month ago)
One time I heard Steve say that organic food was stupid.
Haval Jamal (1 month ago)
David Gibbs (1 month ago)
Its a trick.
Wade Stout (1 month ago)
For augment purposes just imagine if this had been staged. Too many people would have to know about things in order for this to be.
Nifae Fesolai (1 month ago)
This episode took so many takes! 😂🤣
Ross Green (1 month ago)
Gigi Altesse (1 month ago)
That guy is a hacker. How did he open his phone! Maybe he used the Touch ID and they have the same finger print! THEY ARE IDENTICAL TWINS
Giulio DaVinci (1 month ago)
This is so staged and boring it made my hair fall out
David Matlaw (1 month ago)
Steve thinks he's funny- he's an idiot.
Bibek Gurung (1 month ago)
The entire second row was his crew because the lady wearing a red/white floral dress is holding two cards, 1 and 2 and when the magician asks them to flip them over, she flips only 2 and not 1 clearly knowing it doesn't change the result. Any random person would've flipped both because that was the instruction.
Track Record (1 month ago)
Why did the video end their we didn't get to hear what Mr Harvey had to say after this
Lieng Sarin (1 month ago)
Paul Capriotti (1 month ago)
Staged and I can prove it. The "magician" picks his own special number first. He clicks the calculator four times so it is a four digit number. Next he asked Steve Harvey for his number, he chose "9". Then the flight attendant chooses "1988". The magician says do you want multiply again which implies he multiplied 9 by his secret number. Finally they chose another woman and she picked "88". Now 9x1988x88= 1,574,496. Remember, multiplication involves the communicative property so it does not matter what order you multiply as long as it is only multiplication. So 1,574,496 had to be multiplied by the magician's secret number to get 572,124,012,125. Finally, 572,123,012,125/1,574,496= 363,369.61931. The magician only tapped his calculator four times and it is highly unlikely his number involved 5 places of decimals. In turn, he MUST have already had the number before. Notice how the camera never shows the calculator until after he has the final number. In conclusion, it is a sad pity into what magic has turned into nowadays. TV shows stage acts so they can gain more audience. Real magic does not involve the host in on the act. What a disgrace.
Jonathan Young (1 month ago)
lies... don't ever trust TV from the left!
Jerry Jerri (1 month ago)
This is so fake lmao
Ann Mckelvey (1 month ago)
Watching Denzel Washington Steve Harvey
Ann Mckelvey (1 month ago)
1988 Joe Nathan Mckelvey Junior $80,000,000 number I want 2008 lottery Steve Harvey
Austin Blackwell (1 month ago)
Jon Johnson (1 month ago)
Orchestrated act No human being has that power
My Walk Around (1 month ago)
yes, the lady at the end began turning the card over before he even asked her to...
Eka prasedya (1 month ago)
his trick with calculator is easy - you just have to enter your number (let's say 123456789) then you click + 0 * then you enter random number * random number * random number * ... and... it still equals 123456789! Just simple math
Rafał Klat (1 month ago)
This trick with calculator is easy - you just have to enter your number (let's say 123456789) then you click + 0 * then you enter random number * random number * random number * ... and... it still equals 123456789! Unimaginable!
vinay chowdary (1 month ago)
That was amazing mazing i carried that much of anxiety in that one and i was amazing with his magic
Trapple AKA BoochMane (1 month ago)
whos the magician?
Low Boy (1 month ago)
You are scary
lucky love (1 month ago)
magik is group work , thats fact.
Andrew Daly (1 month ago)
danny daniels (1 month ago)
2 is last number it’s s not 5
The Great Bamboozler (1 month ago)
….this here is spooky..... :^O
He was not clever enough. He has putting his right hand in his pocket before handing the bill to Steve. Before handing, he hides the small bill in his gap in his finger.
Now or Never (1 month ago)
Magic trick is never mind blowing because it's just a "trick"
flnthrn2 (1 month ago)
He put his own dollar bill in the envelope, not the one the girl gave him. So he knew the serial number and had everything set up. BTW,  9 x 1,988 x 88 = 1,574,495
soroush sammak (1 month ago)
Ed Va (1 month ago)
Magicians should be in charge of the FED. USA would pay off its National Debt in no time.
Sudhir Kakar (1 month ago)
the 5 at the end.
ZK594 (1 month ago)
I feel sorry for anyone who thinks this is real...
Rab bak (1 month ago)
572124012125 is not divisible by 88, nor by 1988, nor by 9. These numbers didn't come into play at all. There is a way to do this on the iPhone's calculator but I'm not gonna explain it because I think that what happened here is even simpler than that. I think that at least this part of the trick was staged between Steve and the guy, and the main reason I believe so is that he was able to unlock Steve's iPhone. Anybody who works for Apple can easily tell you that the hardest, most impossible trick of the night would be unlocking an iPhone the way he did -- unless he knew Steve's passcode. So if they coordinated on that part, they also likely agreed that nothing anyone was saying was actually going to go into the calculator.
Shawna Young (1 month ago)
"You just opened my phone" Hee hee hee my ass"
Atro (1 month ago)
lol take a shot everytime he says "if thats ok with you" xD
Joking 123 (1 month ago)
Joking 123 (1 month ago)
Lol 88 is the number of the nazis
Josh Hayl (1 month ago)
🔵 I wish Harvey had made good on his vow to turn his desk over!
iAm D'Rock (1 month ago)
this is staged
sgtpep5 (1 month ago)
boring as hell
IOneTwoFarQ 1 (1 month ago)
He needs AGT
Frank Pusok (1 month ago)
You are a Christian,magic is the Satan !
sly fly (1 month ago)
with steve on this show , it will surely get kinky and dirty real soon
LisaDawnn (1 month ago)
I'm more mind blown that Steve Harvey has an audience. He's extremely banal and dullwitted (plus he acts/sounds just like Cosby) Yuk. Is this the best they can do? Good gawd I'm glad I tossed my television 15 years ago. Just mind-numbing.
Ame (1 month ago)
U guys ready for this? Okay, here we go. The guy has made a combination of numbers that spell Steve Harvey when they are turned around and placed them below the second row before the magic trick. Now the dollar bill is completely random and he does really put it in the box. Now the phone, he takes Steve's iPhone(and this trick can only be done with iPhone) and unlocks it somehow, now he probably asked him before the show or smthng or maybe even saw him unlock the phone but that is irrelevant. He opens up the calculator and while nobody is watching, he writes the number then follows with + 0 * (572124012125+0*) and then whatever he puts in the calculator the final result will always be the same, as long as you multiply after every number, try it yourself it really works but only if you have an iPhone, then he puts his hand into a pocket and grabs a dollar bill that has the same digits as the number and hides it really well between his thumb and index finger and pretends to catch the bill from that box, but what he really did was hold tight the bottom of the box so that the original dollar bill wont fall, and then he just puts it in his pocket....and the rest of the trick is obvious ty for reading guys
Yeet Boi (1 month ago)
Ame ah ok that’s cool
Ame (1 month ago)
+Yeet Boi I copied and pasted it cause its easy for me to recall this comment, cause this is very informative. sorry if i did anything wrong.
Yeet Boi (1 month ago)
Ame copy and pasted lmao
Owor Benard (1 month ago)
572124012125 is impossible to obtain when multiplied by 88
Sans (1 month ago)
Key is he never disclosed the first number he typed in, the rest of the calculation is a ruse. No matter what numbers you pick he still types in 572124012125. Lets do the math (let x be the first number he entered) : x * 9* 1988 * 88 = 572124012125.. so x = "363369.619309925207813" . Do you really believe that is the number he typed in first?? Its a simple trick, he just typed that number into the phone, the math is all bogus. She might hv put the 1$bill in the envelop, but he just pulled his own 1$ bill at min @5.45 from his pocket. EASY as Lemon Cake.
Black Roses (1 month ago)
3:52 so obvious that they were together, lol
Regyoolaguy (1 month ago)
Very impressive - ly staged.
ROBERT CRAIG (1 month ago)
RIVERAS04 Rivera (1 month ago)
I do this trick all the time..
Vahe Rothschild (1 month ago)
F** ck black! Human live starts in Armenia, and first christian were the Armenians, and thats the fact. We Rothschilds are Armenians, and were are proud that we are Armenians. We are not a jews!
Jonathan Sweeting (1 month ago)
Magic isn't real.... But this is a nice illusion , well done
micromis (1 month ago)
Guy enters (appears to be) 4 digits. Taking that at max (9999) times Steve's "9" times "1988" times "88" = 15,743,385,504 - no where near the answer shown. Trick counts on our inability to estimate a calculated result - requires audience accept the 'big a$$' number as correct. After that, he can plant any predetermined result he wants - like a banner or palmed dollar bill - anywhere in the world. :) NOTE: even if 5 numbers originally entered, result would be 157,448,025,504 Plus if you think about it, video is kinda proof of counterfeiting, since required guy to make a fake bill with the 'Steve Harvey' serial number. :)
Tony DiSabatino (1 month ago)
Totally fake.
john kelly (1 month ago)
watch this also is the best one click here @t
Philip Hormeku (1 month ago)

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