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AliExpress.com Review - Men's Fashion - @dyrandoms

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Hey you guys, I have been getting a lot of questions about AliExpress.com and I hope to answer most of them here!! Subscribe to my FUNNY channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/handsomestmr What I'm Wearing: shirt is from 21 Men Video Question: Have you shopped at aliexpress.com before? What for? Keep up with me! Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/dyrandoms Tumblr: http://dyrandoms.tumblr.com/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/dyrandoms Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dyrandoms/131610877018841 Camera: Nikon D5100 Editing: iMovie Music: http://goo.gl/x1m7Ms
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Erique Cornwell (1 year ago)
I bought shoes from them replica jordans but the shoe dont have jumpman on the shoe in the picture will the shoe come with the jordan sign the description says jordan
TripJay21 (1 year ago)
You looked like Vince staples in the thumbnail for a sec lmaoo
The Reel Anjesha (2 years ago)
i have 1 simple questions: im 5feet 11inchs and im 16 so i still have plenty more growing to do, im buying pants in asian size so should i get XL pants or XXL? i dont want them to be to big or to small, btw my legs are very skinny
NCX (2 years ago)
they usually tell you the measurements on the description. I had to buy a few times before I found out exactly the sizes i need to buy... trial and error...
Mr roast ya Ho (2 years ago)
Can you review y3 lows and bomber jackets
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RenAra Baloc (3 years ago)
Hey babe! Can you please give me the link for the big celine bag? like this http://goo.gl/i42Ll2
Ali Express (3 years ago)
nice review please join us @ aliexpressproductreview.com
Francisco Castillo (3 years ago)
Great video, earned my subscribe!
doddi alex (3 years ago)
Is he gay?
is it any of your business?
kntwing (1 year ago)
yeah....do u like lol
Best of Banggood (3 years ago)
AliExpress on Pinterest http://bit.ly/1KqSqlp
Agya Adadey (3 years ago)
Does the size thing work for JAckets too? IF im a medium do I get an XL jacket or just a Large cause they dont fit as tight as t shirts
Jeff Y (3 years ago)
Have you noticed that many Aliexpress reviews are super fake sounding?
Martin Mcdonagh (3 years ago)
hi I live in Ireland have naver order stuff before hoe long will I have to weat and do u tink I might not get what I ordered ur video is very helpful grat job xx
Martin Mcdonagh (3 years ago)
hi I live in Ireland have naver order stuff before hoe long will I have to weat and do u tink I might not get what I ordered ur video is very helpful grat job xx
Martin Mcdonagh (3 years ago)
hi I live in Ireland have naver order stuff before hoe long will I have to weat and do u tink I might not get what I ordered ur video is very helpful grat job xx
Ciaran Scully (3 years ago)
I'm from Dublin and it takes 3-4 weeks usually but it depends on the seller and how long it takes to be dispatched by them
Martin Mcdonagh (3 years ago)
hi I live in Ireland have naver order stuff before hoe long will I have to weat and do u tink I might not get what I ordered ur video is very helpful grat job xx
Miranda Jacob (3 years ago)
Nice video!))) an instructive! The thing is that I want to order a wedding dress that is http://goo.gl/Zzl5cy but it seems to me the seller frivolous...
Ryan Turpin (3 years ago)
How long does shipping normally take
Krasota Women (3 years ago)
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Leila Belly (3 years ago)
Hello. Is there a refund available? Just bought this unit http://goo.gl/gzVbnC . all good. Only now I think, what is it to me?
Lara Rubinstein (3 years ago)
Excellent video! And I think to order here is the wedding dress http://goo.gl/Zzl5cy - ))))) just was not sure the seller. Who often ordered with aliexspress think dress will come?
Alpha Fitness (3 years ago)
How did you make the payment ? Just curious
Dirk van Ostaden (3 years ago)
AliExpress is really the greatest cheating website on earth, all due to the allowance of fraudulent online shops. And… the order number which is ‘out of stock’, in fact not existing, remain published in AliExpress, even if I did mention this to be fraudulent advertising. We are cured and will no longer trust AliExpress, nor any of your advertisers, because it is FRAUDE OF THE PUREST CLASS! Due to your fraudulent web pages I loose not only the banking transfer to the AliExpress account, fees USD 40.- but also a USD 15.-  fee charged by AliPay to refund and not primarily listed on their website. It seems he AliExpress founder Jack Ma became one of the richest persons of China… as I experience by corruption! Be sure this will not be without reply… a fierce reply is what AliExpress and their fraudulent Chinese bunch of sellers and AliPay deserve!
universalcustoms (3 years ago)
I wear a small/medium in us sizes what size should i get in Asian sizes?
shawn avery (3 years ago)
If you wear a small get a medium. And if you wear medium get large
Jeffron Achmed (3 years ago)
I have size L and live in Netherlands which size should I take if the seller in china live?
Chantal Ncube (3 years ago)
I love aliexpress for accessories like jewelry headbands earrings etc. The clothes are a hit and miss because sometimes it looks awesome in the pictures but when it comes it's very light/cheap looking material. One fact you forgot to mention is that stuff takes FOREVER to deliver! But Id rather wait to save a buck!
dyrandoms (3 years ago)
+Chantal Ncube wow i didnt mention that!? lol... I'm right there with you though! i don't mind the wait
Antoni Pâquet (3 years ago)
Hey man thanks for the tips! I have one question. I'm 5ft 11, 140 lbs, and I usually wear US size small-medium... With the shirts on Aliexpress I wear asian XXL because the XL is a bit short on sleeves length... What would be my t-shirt size? I ordered asian XXL too for the t-shirts but I'm scared it will be too large? Should I take asian XL? .. Thanks!
Antoni Pâquet (3 years ago)
+dyrandoms I'll take the XXL then.. if I don't try I'll never know! Thanks! :)
dyrandoms (3 years ago)
No if length is what you're worrying about you should stick with the xxl
cashmir castillo (4 years ago)
You so cute!
Inexpensivegoodsc (4 years ago)
Hey man ima start doing some review on cases , hats , guys & girl things you think you can shout me out on your next video just tryna be helpful thanks Anyone want to see some reviews on what i listed hit my channel up ! Thanks guys
Merlin Binch (4 years ago)
When you got the items at your door did you have to pay for any customs or extra cost?
dyrandoms (4 years ago)
no. the price at checkout is the final price
Kristina Marie (4 years ago)
Thanks for doing a review! Sometimes my boyfriend wants to get aliexpress stuff, and I always am wondering how the guys stuff fits as opposed to girls and just the difference in quality between the male products vs. girl products. 
Julie Wright (4 years ago)
Maybe you can have a try at www.shelayer.com for girl products. LOL
dyrandoms (4 years ago)
glad i could help!
Bamenda laugh (4 years ago)
Thanks for the review this has helped me alot..you are cute and funny
dyrandoms (4 years ago)
thank you.. I'm just seeing this comment lol
issac hernandez (4 years ago)
apart from the quality will i receive my products i order ?? for example i want to order a bape sweater so will i actual receive that ? 
dyrandoms (4 years ago)
boy london, HOMME FEMME, hater are the brands i can think of off the top of my head. but it all depends on the individual vendors so make sure you look at their ratings and view their customer feedbacks. and if you get something from them, leave feedback so that other people like yourself can know who to trust. [:
issac hernandez (4 years ago)
+dyrandoms what are some name brands you bought ? 
dyrandoms (4 years ago)
you have to be careful with buying brand names. look at the pictures carefully.. if they actually say BAPE on it, on the tags, then its authentic. but more than likely it will be a knock-off. in my experience with knock of CLOTHING, they've been pretty good and can't tell that it is a knock off. hope this helps
Derek Lewis (4 years ago)
Hey Dyran...I have couple of question..lol...but I'll be breif....1) As far as shipping do I have to pay shipping for each vendor? 2) How do I get in contact with a vendor if I have a concern?
dyrandoms (4 years ago)
No. in my experience, i've never paid for shipping so i can only assume that shipping is always free.. if you go to the vendor's page, there should be a button that you can click to send the vendor a question. hope this helps.
Thomas Dodsworth (4 years ago)
Hey, i've been writing a blog for my degree about mens fashion and would love some feedback! Would really appreciate if people could just have a scroll through. Thank you.  http://manbun.wordpress.com
gerard estrada (4 years ago)
Are all the products at aliexpress replicas ?
SavageArfad (3 years ago)
+dyrandoms how can they get away with replicas? Especially if bug brand names. If they do the site is $h%t!
dyrandoms (4 years ago)
I'm not 100% sure, but if I had to guess I'd say yes. Although, they probably can sell their items cheaper because of the exchange rate...
TeeOozy (4 years ago)
Nice video
dyrandoms (4 years ago)
Bradley Gibbins-Klein (4 years ago)
Great video and topics, I shop on there all the time man !

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