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Care Bears: Unlock The Magic coming to Boomerang USA SVOD in 2019!!❤❤❤😀 may we get up to 3k views.

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Boomerang announced care bears will be coming soon to their subscription service early 2019 from cloudco entertainment and American greetings with 48-11 min episodes in which I know people aren't fans with the format but I think the show will fun and cute. follow on Twitter at @kalenvx123 Instagram at @kalenvx
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larry musall (2 months ago)
this format sucks i hate how they changed everything for the worse, i hate all these 3ds and weird versions ever since the originals its gone down hill
larry musall (2 months ago)
+Yabba Flicks true but nothing will look better then the original version i wish they would bring that back
Yabba Flicks (2 months ago)
I think the show will be mixed it's going to be hated by older fans and it's probably going to be weird deviantart in the near future but I will say this it's better than the computer animated crap.
Jazmine Munoz (6 months ago)
I’m so excited for this
Mister z 1998 (6 months ago)
3 questions: -when and where will be the premiere of the series -because they gave it that design and they did not use CGI animation and ... -this series will be a success or it will be a failure like the failed webseries of Care Bears: Care Package Chronicles?
Yabba Flicks (6 months ago)
And the last question is that the animation looks fine it's just look same to me I don't know why people are complaining the animation and designs look the same I'll probably just say they made it flash and little bit cartoony but it looks the same. That was the 3rd question.
Yabba Flicks (6 months ago)
I don't know if the care bears cartoon will be a success I only saw the original care bears films from the 1980s and I've never watched a lot care bears cartoons growing up so I'm not so much on the source material but I did watch a few episodes of some of the cartoons on syndication. That was the 2nd question
Yabba Flicks (6 months ago)
The series does not have an official release date on the boomerang app yet but they announced that the show will premiere an sneak peak preview on the TV network boomerang in the coming months mean it's coming out later this year or on Jan or Feb of 2019 they said it on both variety and deadline articles in which they said in the coming months which means later this year or early 2019. That's 1st question

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