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LaTRUTH - When Bae Wants A Relationship. (Role Reversal)

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Text Comments (28)
FAITH WORKS (2 months ago)
Corrye Lee (11 months ago)
See that is the problem women want to take the role of the man guess what u were born a woman stay in your lane
Shonda Savage (11 months ago)
The driver is everything
Nautica V (11 months ago)
Titles are overrated!😂😂😂
Pamela Torres (3 years ago)
"you gonna give him the address?" 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sodarnbeautiful26 (3 years ago)
@LaTruth she said u was bae Nikki and Meek Mill in my opinion it don't get no more together than that. Sometimes us females have a hard time saying things verbatim. She said exactly what u wanted her to say but on her own words. U got what u wanted and didn't even know it.
Melissa Bents (3 years ago)
Sorry u feelin her and it's not mutual. if only I was in her shoe's shit ain't no talkin about it I would have jumped on that 💯💯💯😘😘😘
Lyn'ay B (3 years ago)
😂😂😂😂 dudes be so mad when you pull their moves on them.... 😂😂😂 great job, y'all did that
Corrye Lee (11 months ago)
Lyn'ay B 👆 that is what is wrong with you women
Bahama Babe (3 years ago)
Awww my!
Makeup by LaLa (3 years ago)
That's crazy it's most dudes that's running around playing games I mean to each his own but if you don't want that be clear shit it ain't hard to be real or upfront
Brian Green (3 years ago)
wow I can't believe we do this
Maurice Myers (3 years ago)
Nehemiah Mcnair (3 years ago)
real shit and he was not wrong for that it seems like she like all the befits but don't want no title
Craig Lloyd (3 years ago)
She ain't feeling you
dontae gilbert (3 years ago)
but I like how he stood his ground
dontae gilbert (3 years ago)
yo real shit the role has really switched! I remember when female's asked that question! (what r we) I know the is a video but I've been seeing and hearing a lot of male ask this question and the woman asks like a man! (drop him off at home)
Bertrand Battizo (3 years ago)
what do we need titles for?? real shit
Jai Blessed (3 years ago)
😂😂😂thats right don't play that role in public...talk about us when its just us.
Jai Blessed (3 years ago)
😂😂😂thats right don't play that role in public...talk about us when its just us.
Jixer Nixer (3 years ago)
A bitch tried that shit on me I played along but yea if a female that hip to try and pull that no title shit they a thot #redflag
#Bub86 (3 years ago)
The driver loving that shit😂! Ol happy face ass nigga😁
charles Johnson (3 years ago)
Lmao "you want give him the address"
Embience One (3 years ago)
ALuvLikeNoOther (3 years ago)
"We us" LMAO! I hate having that particular conversation LOL
Deadmanlyndon (3 years ago)
we us lolololololol
C. Smith (3 years ago)
hahaha nice!!! you wanna give him the address??? doh.
Keith Gough (3 years ago)
WOW Gold digger

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