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Funny guy makes Royal Guard Laugh at Buckingham Palace

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A tourist makes the un-laughable Cute English Royal Guard to burst out Laughing, at Buckingham Palace in London(SUBTITLES BELOW) SUBTITULOS ABAJO EN ESPAÑOL CAMERA GUY (CG) yeh you’re allowed to go right up to him, yeh Just can’t touch him YANKEL: were in this thing together right? CG: A little closer YANKEL: we were together in school me & him, he went his own way Just standing here I’m only here for a couple minutes CG: so how long do you know this man? YANKEL: 30 years CG: 30 years you’ve been together, & you’ve been to school where? YANKEL: school? Kensington CG: you’ve been to Kensington together & eh did you learn martial arts together? YANKEL: yes I don’t have this nice sword! He was never talkative I remember in school he used to sit by himself & read books, i was just this guy fooling around & having fun, he was just reading, you’d ask him questions he would answer with his head, yeh no yeh no, what’s your name no, what!! it’s not a name shake of a head is not a name, please say your name & by recess you know he’s just this guy hanging out ,him his mother always picked him up from school, you know he’s that type of guy until he was 20 his mother picked him up from school CG: Yankel Yankel dance for the camera Yankel dance for the camera YANKEL: uh now he’s walking Un turista hace estallar la risa de la Real Guardia Real inglesa, riendo, en el Palacio de Buckingham en Londres (SUBTITULOS A CONTINUACIÓN) CAMERA GUY (CG) si puedes ir directamente a él, yeh Simplemente no puedo tocarlo YANKEL: estaban en esto juntos ¿verdad? CG: un poco más cerca YANKEL: estuvimos juntos en la escuela yo y él, él siguió su propio camino Solo parado aquí Solo estoy aquí por un par de minutos CG: ¿cuánto tiempo conoces a este hombre? YANKEL: 30 años CG: 30 años que has estado juntos, y has estado en la escuela, ¿dónde? YANKEL: ¿escuela? Kensington CG: has estado en Kensington juntos y eh ¿aprendiste artes marciales juntos? YANKEL: sí ¡No tengo esta bonita espada! Él nunca fue locuaz. Recuerdo que en la escuela solía sentarse solo y leer libros, yo solo era este tipo bromeando y divirtiéndome, él solo estaba leyendo, le hacías preguntas que respondería con su cabeza, yeh no yeh no, ¿cuál es tu nombre? ¡No, qué! no es un nombre lamerse la cabeza no es un nombre, por favor diga su nombre y por el recreo sabrá que es solo este tipo pasando el rato, él su madre siempre lo recogió de la escuela, usted sabe que él es ese tipo de chico hasta que tenía 20 su madre lo recogió de la escuela CG: Danza de Yankel Yankel para la cámara Danza de Yankel para la cámara YANKEL: ahora él está caminando
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Text Comments (12381)
Edwards top 10 (3 hours ago)
It’s funny but you can get fired for laughing
JesusLemus (7 days ago)
Fat Humorous Jew makes royal guard laugh
GILBERTO RAMIREZ (10 days ago)
Es Messi xdddxd
Rathana (10 days ago)
wtf people it’s not the 18th century he’s not gonna be punished or executed lmao
Galactic Infection (13 days ago)
He actually did it, he made a Queens guard laugh
martin soldén (13 days ago)
well done sir, make a guy loose a paycheck for a laugh... well done sir
Ezzyfire neatteam (15 days ago)
The sound of that guys laughter makes the situation even worse 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 ahhhhh man bants at it's Finest. 😂😭😂
jason millan (15 days ago)
For just for that it cause WW3
Random Man (15 days ago)
this is how friends work... even if on work you can't miss fun time with a best friends no yes no yes what? no
James Beaulieu (16 days ago)
Dogy (16 days ago)
The real humor is how the camera man has a kettle laugh.
PRIYA JAMES (16 days ago)
Hey.. Non native english here What is the joke he is making here..! Can somebody write it down.. Thanks
Griffin Beauregard (17 days ago)
Soldier Fucky you
Tabitha The Cat (17 days ago)
Hehe the way he smiled though
Reed Daniel Cuevas (18 days ago)
Maybe that’s a true story, he nod his head when he smiled
Federica Pacheco (19 days ago)
Omg they way that he smiles so cute 😍😘
Lj Santos (21 days ago)
The guard is cuteee❤Handsome also😍
This is what 240p looks like I wanna go back
Sir Specific (24 days ago)
85% Of people thinks he's cute 50% He Has Green Eyes 1% Me Rarely See A Royal Guard Smiling
Crack Kid (25 days ago)
We found OneFluffyBoi dead in their home last night He was executed by the jailor of the queen We found a will next to their body: Fucc this guy... And his hair We found a death note next to their body: ✔They are too quiet or won't respond to questioning. OneFluffyBoi's role was queen's guard
Ella Campbell (29 days ago)
Not to be rude but,that's a bit harsh for the queen,I mean he looses his job for smiling?
Jake Hall (1 month ago)
1:34 jubilation
itsjemmabond (1 month ago)
Somebody needs to make his smile a meme...
minxes69 (1 month ago)
HISTORY HAS BEEN WARPED 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
Oliver Dix (1 month ago)
Except it’s not at Buckingham palace, it’s still funny though, it’s near Downing Street
Ethan Hanratanagorn (1 month ago)
Why everyone thirsting for the guard
Beserk Cheeto (1 month ago)
Just one of my many goals to accomplish before I die...
Milkyway Gamer (1 month ago)
Is it wayne rooney
dawsyn (1 month ago)
F in the chat for our fallen brother
Wolfeschreit (1 month ago)
idk why people think this shit's funny... they're on duty. not only that, but they get punished for breaking character. people really need to stop fucking with the queens guard... i'm not even from the uk, and i know this shit.
AMERTO DJ (1 month ago)
I didnt get the joke..someone please explain
Aidan Langridge (1 month ago)
You probably just got his salary cut, fbm.
S. G (1 month ago)
The Fat Jew
S2OUL SHADOW (1 month ago)
So cute ;))
Bob the Avenger (1 month ago)
Mildly amusing, not really funny.
Paula Voshall (1 month ago)
So, your making a very tough looking guy laugh? HORRIBLE! when you do this, there pay goes down, so, he can lose his job
Itz Zatezalo (1 month ago)
The highest honor for being a comedian 😂
TheFunky Monkey (1 month ago)
see royal guard are humans to
Jordan 101 (1 month ago)
He cute doeee 😏😍
kaeylaxo (1 month ago)
hes cute
LOL videos (1 month ago)
*queens guards are handsome*
🇮🇱 DOG 🖐️
Campbell Koschei (1 month ago)
GI-FaTeZeRo-_- Fortnite (2 months ago)
Peaky foking blindas
MuloSings (2 months ago)
MuloSings (2 months ago)
Personally, I'd rather be a cop. I mean, you save more lives, and there is few scenarios in which someone actually tries to attack the queen vs general public. Plus, I live in Minnesota XD ( I eed to move to Italy, we have free movement between Italy and America. 250,000 dollar house with pool, 10,000 meters, five bedrooms/bathrooms, beach front island. I'm 14, so its a long way away XD)
Scott Clarke (2 months ago)
I hope this guy didn't get in too much trouble... I know getting kicked out of the Queen's guard for this is pretty rare but I'm sure there is some sort of punishment that they receive for something like this. I'm sure the tourist making the video and telling the joke had no bad intentions or anything like that.. You got to admit he was pretty funny.. And a little bit drunk maybe.. . But the guard on duty has a job to do, and tourists and hecklers are part of it. And I'm sure they are briefed and trained.
Jason Milano (2 months ago)
Yes No Yes No What's your name? No Is that a name?
Gabe Varley (2 months ago)
According to legend, the queen ate him for laughing
George Yemen (2 months ago)
Wonder why they don't smile
Emi _komentiert (2 months ago)
I saw him December 2017 on this place on a horse😂😂
beerus sama (2 months ago)
The guard was.........
Mounssif Elyamlahi (2 months ago)
Your fired
Be Rp (2 months ago)
Hope he didn’t get fired or something
llch21260 (2 months ago)
I lost track of the number of times I've seen this. But it never gets old😆😆
Dreaded_Pegasus (2 months ago)
They can lose pay or get fired for this
Emrekid17 kirik (2 months ago)
Ladies and gentlemen we got him
ligmai_bowls gottem (2 months ago)
Can someone please tell me why is the joke funny I don't get it
Wayne Beardson (2 months ago)
Ana Fits (2 months ago)
he's gorgeous though 😂
bennywallo (2 months ago)
Whats youre name? No. What? Im dead
Instagram: dnasign (2 months ago)
Can I have a bf like him? He's so fucking cute, that lil cute smile omfg :(
Dont Sub To Me (2 months ago)
Offf with his head!!!
Neko Kawaii -Chan (2 months ago)
Yo me voy a ir a Howarts
Jun Daniel Gyu Lee Kim (2 months ago)
Yea,no,yea,no, what's your name?, No, What?,Is a that a name? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆😆😆😆👍👍👍👍
C W (3 months ago)
So many Jews have an incredible sense of humor. Who could resist?!
elenthora (3 months ago)
That Guard is so cute! The tourist guy is danged funny too! This is my fav Guard clip!
jerry p (3 months ago)
this guy has the stand up comedy career resolved.
robertg305 (3 months ago)
Kind of a tool to bail on the man when he smiled
Kp Kp (3 months ago)
That guy must b related to jonah hill
Lucy Smith#24 (3 months ago)
Oh, this is so funny. Poor guy.......
A_A (3 months ago)
I don’t see what’s so funny about some fat piece of shit harassing some poor guy just trying to do his job. The poor guard might get in trouble just for some fat fucks entertainment. I couldn’t imagine having to put up with retarded assholes like that all day.
JoshyMac (3 months ago)
I feel bad for the guards, they get their pay docked if they smile, seriously? It’s like North Korea over there! What’s next?
killajakez (3 months ago)
This is the best improv I have ever seen.
GeneralShenanigans (3 months ago)
Fucking retards. He CAN take a pay dock or be removed from the queens guard if he gets caught breaking his composure..
Uprise (3 months ago)
Everyone in the comments is just calling him handsome lol
The Directioners (3 months ago)
AWWWWIEE who's the cute one???
NWO Quanten (3 months ago)
the funny hook nose, the Jew Locks and the Kippah made him laugh
Leon (3 months ago)
He looks like an Elf in the lord of the rings lore movie. xD
BigxBadxBlake (3 months ago)
He may have got punished for smiling but at least he is getting a lot of pussy in these youtube comments
Brittney Abbith (3 months ago)
why does the guard look like that guy with the deer from frozen and he cute tho😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😂
Its the king nicko (3 months ago)
This is how he became famous lol
Dr. K (3 months ago)
They get their pay docked for losing composure and making them laugh
aleppo _. (3 months ago)
NAVY SEAL Team 6 (3 months ago)
I feel bad for him because he is laughing. Rip
Yika Magika (3 months ago)
They were captured and executed the following day.
Raghavendra a (3 months ago)
That million dollar smile at 01:20
Peter Lustig (3 months ago)
Ladys and gentleman we got em
Gavin Dowds (3 months ago)
He smiled because you were funny without being disrespectful, otherwise nobody would be smiling.
Monorom Krich (3 months ago)
Get wrecked! Hahaha!😂
Статный таковой прекрасный
Minefactsplayz Minecraft (3 months ago)
For a second I thought he colored on his face because it was SOOO red
Minefactsplayz Minecraft (3 months ago)
I could almost see him grinning through his entire talk he just didn’t fully smile
Crusader #315 (3 months ago)
*Why the h*ck is everyone commenting on how beautiful the guard is*
napy naf (3 months ago)
Do anyone knw that guard name
T3.O1F5 (3 months ago)
if one of those guards laughs the queen eats them for tea
Ryan Giannitelli (4 months ago)
You also probably got the guard fired so I hope you’re happy
Go Away (4 months ago)
Yep thats Me (4 months ago)
The jokes caught him off guard.

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