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Magic Sim Unlock Plug And Play for any iPhone

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Unlock Any iPhone Whatsapp:(787) 597-3004 http://facebook.com/electrofixstore Hablamos español
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Text Comments (7)
esther v. (7 months ago)
After putting r-sim nothing happens like your video. Have a sprint locked iphonex
EdenFC HDI (8 months ago)
Can you get blacklisted?
ximena iglesias (10 months ago)
que video tan pendejo no aporta nada
ElectroFix Store (10 months ago)
pase por mi canal y vea el resto de videos hay mas instrucciones este fue mi primer video
First Name Last Name (1 year ago)
Do you have to keep it in there forever
Mishu Zaman (10 months ago)
Hey man .. does R-SIM 12 work in Strait Talk iPhone 7 ? I will use GSM sim outside USA. Its possible or this R-Sim does Not work with Strait Talk iPhone?
ElectroFix Store (10 months ago)

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