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These Funko Shop Pops SOLD OUT In 3 Minutes!

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These pops are amazing! Hope you enjoy! Cop some Hot new merchandise: https://www.redbubble.com/people/TopPops/shop Use my code: TOPPOPS for a discount at Shumi Toys & Gifts! https://shumistore.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/toppopsyt/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/TopPopsYT Stashpedia: https://stashpedia.com/u/topppops/collection If you want to send us something heres our P.O. box! Top Pops 615 Main St. P.O. Box 51 Niagara Falls, NY 14302 Business - [email protected] Im just a kid who like to collect collectables. That sounds funny when you put the words together like that! I think you should stay and watch all of my videos! If you don't like any of the old ones wait till tomorrow there's one everyday. Im probably dead, sick, or in a weird country without WIFI if there isn't a video one day. I can't believe you read this entire thing. Subscribe! More Videos coming soon!
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Text Comments (144)
Cal (2 months ago)
I’ve noticed that you don’t respond to criticism if you love your fans you will be open to their comments
Unbox Everything PH (3 months ago)
Woah that is insaaane! They look super cool tho
KYIT4Y10R (3 months ago)
chewylord 139 (3 months ago)
No hat please
Wilum Ward (3 months ago)
You should do a video of you buying something on the Funko Pop up shop!
Mark Cavich (3 months ago)
Ugh! They always release these when I can’t get them!
Michael Ramirez (3 months ago)
Want it soooooo bad
The Pop Fanatic (3 months ago)
I use to love stashpedia but now I use pop price guide because metallic pennywise is not on stashpedia
Pop Pals (3 months ago)
Bad attempt at faking that knife cut👀
It's Sunny (3 months ago)
Chase ones are better
Tomas the Tank69 (3 months ago)
I didn’t get those pops feels bad man
CHILL_MiST1c - - - (3 months ago)
Hi I am a huge fan
Maria Escobedo (3 months ago)
Weaponized Rick (3 months ago)
I just started collecting pops I got a weaponized rick but not the chase version
MasterJediFunkoLobstah (3 months ago)
I was able to score this 3-pack on the Funko Shop as well. Looking forward to the Funko Shop Exclusive Fruit Pie Magician.
Maverick Rod (3 months ago)
10 min?... it sold in less than about 3 min
Jacob Gomez (3 months ago)
I clicked on it when it went up and sold out while checking out. So it wasn’t ten minutes
ItsMichael (3 months ago)
i love pops so this chaannel is the place
Greg A (3 months ago)
Fruit Brute and Yummy Mummy are from General Mills
Greg presley (3 months ago)
They must just send you these things cause they were sold out in 30 seconds. Must be nice.
Matthew's Nerdy Nation (3 months ago)
I'm usually asleep during Funko Shop drop time...
Spacechild422 (3 months ago)
Love your videos! Keep up the Great work! Check out Lady Dazed submission video for #popwars its fantastic! Lol If you get a chance and love funko pops and I know you do.
Jonathon Wilson (3 months ago)
10 mins? More like 1 min
Nerdy Newb (3 months ago)
Good thing you had that knife to cut open that box!! 😂😂😂😂 Mucho love and congrats on almost hitting 100k!!!! So freaking close!
Micah Maresca (3 months ago)
This was the vine has was talking about https://youtu.be/yqEeP1acj4Y skip to 105
Shaan Sandhu (3 months ago)
You sound. Like my favourite YouTube bro you wack and your at the same sub count weird
what have i become xddd (3 months ago)
i got fin du chomp frank von viener and salty from the funko shop
Dan 97 (3 months ago)
You just don’t edit your videos do you? 😂😂 saying you’d put things on the screen when you don’t
Katie Parkes (3 months ago)
This was the first set of funko pops I ever got years ago which I, in my stupidity took out of the box 😭😭
Movie Box (3 months ago)
Do you think Pillsbury dough boy will the funko shop item tommorow?
Rutgers6292 (3 months ago)
How about mentioning the fact that Stashpedia just HASN'T BEEN UPDATING AND ADDING NEW POPS......lol
Bbnick Male (3 months ago)
Sold out in ten minutes because website crashed
mwk direct (3 months ago)
when we got ours the boxes where completely destroyed fighting with funko for replacement boxes the boxes look like someone stepped on them
Jaime Reyes (3 months ago)
Sooo close to 100k!
Cooper Gunnin (3 months ago)
@TopPops can you get pops that are funko shop exclusive weeks after they come out in the shop
Cooper Gunnin (3 months ago)
They had lucky charms
Lans Asd (3 months ago)
I found three chase pops at fredmyer
HoundI (3 months ago)
You didn't cut open the inner box, nice try tho.
Bananatazer (3 months ago)
Those are awesome
Xx JOEL xX (3 months ago)
I Don’t have luck in funko shop 👎🏾
Starttt (3 months ago)
OMG these are at the top of my list to get right now! Would you be down to go that? I'll give like 160 in funko pops for those 3 and I'm pretty sure the 3 together are like $130 right now
Josh francis (3 months ago)
Great video
RegionalArrow 36 (3 months ago)
Can u shout out my channel i have pop vynal stop motion my channel is xxaliaxx xx. My name in there is MR PoPS
Brydon More (3 months ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue I love your channel And I am sure you do
Klooz Review (3 months ago)
I have 200 pops
Mayata Vlogs (3 months ago)
Funk u Funk u? Uptown Funk u up
apple juice (3 months ago)
Funko still needs to make cookie crisp & cinnamon toast crunch mascots
what about yummy mummy
Never Mind it's monster cereal;S
Defender Prime (3 months ago)
Oh great! Now I'm in the mood for cereal! Cool Pops! Ate those when I was a kid, maybe they'll make a comeback one day?
epic pops (3 months ago)
Do a review on all your ad icons
restricted fox (3 months ago)
Random thought but shouldn't Freddy Funko be an ad icon.
Something Productions2 (3 months ago)
do you ever plan on reviewing the American Horror Story funko pops?
Daniel brien (3 months ago)
I have collection of my own but its not as big as yours.
Nukeular Gingerbread (3 months ago)
Why when he’s thinking he looks to the side
Jim Spork (3 months ago)
These are all my Pops now: princess Leia Boushh (50) Ron Weasley (12) Harry Potter (32) Jabba the Hutt (22) captain America (125) Chewbacca (195) Carlos (195) C-3PO (13) zoom (352) spider-man (220) Del Walker (116) Plo Koon (97) supreme leader snoke (199) the Flash (213) Mad-Eye Moody (38) Nazgul (446) Albus Dumbledore (04) Marcus Fenix (204) Davy Jones (174) Deathstroke (210) velociraptor (549) Reverse Flash (215) Dobby (17) Vulture (227) I hope I ever have as much Pops as you
T is the Name (3 months ago)
My top pops notification is late
AuroraXA (3 months ago)
I apparently am not aware of cereal advertisements because I don't recolonize any of these icons. I went back and looked at your ad icon video from 2 months ago, too, and I only recognize 2 of the 9 pops from that video.
bf62279 (3 months ago)
Did you get fin du chomp Frank Von Viener and salty
Wub 01 (3 months ago)
I ordered all three at once they're gonna come this week hope they come mint.
Merc 956 (3 months ago)
Frank came in today in mint so awesome
Wampa Ice Creature (3 months ago)
I just got Fin Du Chomp
Wub 01 (3 months ago)
+Top Pops you should show them off i really want to see more funko shop videos
bf62279 (3 months ago)
Nice my brother got Frank Von Viener
Zesty Zoom (3 months ago)
Can't wait till you hit 100k!
Stevo Playz (3 months ago)
I see you everywhere!
RegionalArrow 36 (3 months ago)
Hi i live in England
mike orange (3 months ago)
I got the creases on my count chocula as well
Tom Pierce (3 months ago)
im going too get spastik plastik -salty-fin du chomp-frank von viener all funko pops vinyl collectibles
Ranga (3 months ago)
This is irrelevant but I’m mad bc I just got my iron man infinity war pop and the stand broke and I can’t find my receipt anywhere so £15 just wasted now I need to get another one
Akathomas. funko (3 months ago)
Really luv your videos bro
BrickBro737 (3 months ago)
Great Vid!!!!! I was sick yesterday and watched your channel all day long!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fredstar _ 2018 (3 months ago)
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Another great vid, well done!
Let’s hope Funko makes a re-run on Fruit Brute and Fruity Yummy Mummy Pops. Fruity Yummy Mummy is a re-run/reboot of Fruit Brute which both were discontinued.
sheneil parsons (3 months ago)
I wish they made greys anatomy pops
Deafstroke Dailey (3 months ago)
I'm so happy I got them too!! My Franken Berry & Boo Berry came MINTY FRESH!! But my Count Chocula had a crease in the back from someone mishandling it. Looks like it was squeeze a little too hard. Great video, Tristan!! I tried to get a replacement box from Funko but they denied my request.
Corey Zeller (3 months ago)
They actually will send replacement boxes. I emailed them because I got damaged ones of these. They’re sending me new boxes
xx K1LLJ0Y xx (3 months ago)
My favorite YouTube finally posted #roadto100k
The Ghost Planet (3 months ago)
Glad you got them. Great video!
L S (3 months ago)
Great video. Love the cereal 🥣 pops!
th kc gamer (3 months ago)
i just bought a harry potter vynl pop!!!!!! soooo exited!!!!
edgar EK9 H22 (3 months ago)
Lmao, bad attempt to make it seem like you cut open the inner box on camera. Nice try
Maverick Rod (3 months ago)
Axolotl vloges 2 hate on what? That he’s acting like a live opening when he already opened it and checked it?... we all know funko can send pre packaged damaged boxes
Fortnite vlogs 09 (3 months ago)
Plz don’t hate
Maverick Rod (3 months ago)
edgar EK9 H22 yeah that box was totally open and then he putt his hand over it and pretended to cut the box... 😂
Rowan Lindsay (3 months ago)
Trix rabbit, lucky the leprechaun, and sonny the coo coo. And captain crunch is Quaker
robert radelich (3 months ago)
Awesome pick ups there amazing pops i got a set there still in the shipping box i gots no protection for them lol man your so close to 100k i want a gobbles n timma pop great video as always MR Top Pops
Winter Collectibles (3 months ago)
I wondering how many people ordered these because of how much the the og ones where and just wanted the new ones for the value. Not that they actually wanted them
Dr. Astro (3 months ago)
@TopPops To answer your question about the General Mills Cereal Icons, they are: Boo Berry, Count Chocula, Franken Berry, Lucky Charms, Trix, Cocoa Puffs, Cheerios and cinnamon toast crunch
Samson Higgins (3 months ago)
Dr. Astro Cinnamon Toast Crunch?
Greg Cook (3 months ago)
very cool pops glad you got them buddy
The gEiorgei (3 months ago)
If Top Pops reaches 100k he’ll be the first Funko collector YouTuber to reach this number..
The gEiorgei (3 months ago)
Steven Sketches yeah he doesn’t count
Joyful Steven (3 months ago)
The gEiorgei yeah your right I was thinking Lamarr Wilson too but he does so many things besides Funko so that doesn’t count
Naegi Yeet (3 months ago)
Pops R Us (3 months ago)
I have the ordinal General Mills sand speeder plus figures from the original 1977 Star Wars film. They been around for a long time
aetorres555 (3 months ago)
I need those so bad
ValorousArcanine (3 months ago)
Though I like the pops they shouldn't have done it. It really hurt the value of the originals (according to stashpedia). Count chocula is now worth 46 dollars American and Franken berry 43. Boo berry is up higher at 368 but if you look back a month ago these where worth WAY more and it was more special to have one.
robert radelich (3 months ago)
Theyll go back up stashpedia isnt separating the new from old pops really but if not i hope to grab an old set finally
C 4 (3 months ago)
My Chocula box came with a box tear and thumb crunch. :( Wish Funko had better QC, especially for in box collectors.
D's Room (3 months ago)
Happy happy joy joy
Pops R Us (3 months ago)
I have to ask, we all know how expensive some of these pops are. How do you fund your collection TP
Pops R Us (3 months ago)
I see so it’s us making someone popular that then makes them super important I see.
Joyful Steven (3 months ago)
Darren Long he makes his money off the YouTube videos I believe also different stores/ companies will send him pops to like sponsor them and also his parents buy him pops for Christmas and things like that
Thanos Tv (3 months ago)
Josh Hosking (3 months ago)
Using a knife to open a box that’s clearly already opened 👌
Pop Pals (3 months ago)
Josh Hosking That’s great😂
Josh Hosking (3 months ago)
Steven Sketches 3:35 The second box he uses a knife to open even though its clearly already been cut open.
Joyful Steven (3 months ago)
What are you talking about
Pops R Us (3 months ago)
Omg you’ve already opened the box. You being a tinker?
ValorousArcanine (3 months ago)
They should release more ad icons that are available to EVERY country
The mewing Mew (3 months ago)
ValorousArcanine (3 months ago)
+The mewing Mew WAIT WHAT?! YOU HERE???
The mewing Mew (3 months ago)
ValorousArcanine omg you also watch top pops?
Xskilledboi Plushies (3 months ago)
ValorousArcanine I know I live in the uk I think they should do a funko uk store
Zhl customs On insta (3 months ago)
8:50 😂😂😂👌👌👌
Pops R Us (3 months ago)
Oooooohhhhhh 96k see uk have your back.
Pops R Us (3 months ago)
Funko Shop is pants as they don’t ship to UK... so annoying. Great Vid. Just jealous. Hey you could get my Funko Shop orders.
Stranger Day (3 months ago)
I know right
AJ SANZ (3 months ago)
58th view
Cristhian Orellana (3 months ago)
Great video guy, but they sell out within the minute. good coverage thou top pops, always good to see a notification from top pops.
Jessi Shaw (3 months ago)
You told me they sold out in 6 minutes
William Jr Climer (3 months ago)
5th... nice video I love funko pops

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