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Full guide to unlock the secret wonder weapon in Black Ops 4 Zombies "IX" - Death of Orion, which can also be upgraded to the Serket's Kiss
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MrRoflWaffles (1 month ago)
NOTE: all 4 players can get it. You don’t have to poison the box again it will just be in there for everyone to try to get it.!!
French knight (1 day ago)
+Chris Johnson I have got it from the mystery box
Chris Johnson (1 day ago)
Gavin feldtman i tried going to box over and over again to see if it would pop up it...it never did. I tried sitting the cup back under the tree and I couldn’t. So i tried getting good affinity again so that i could get the cup again and i died so idk.
French knight (10 days ago)
+Ken Kaneki The Wizard Ghoul shut up It dosent give xp so I never try it im prestige master fucking slut
+French knight sure i did! You just don't realize
French knight (10 days ago)
+Ken Kaneki The Wizard Ghoul you didn't
Cygnus GF (7 hours ago)
"Get a head"
ActionJaxton (12 hours ago)
Max Bergsma (1 day ago)
You can box the scorpion
Kalani De La Rosa (1 day ago)
Great video, good fast forwarding and explanation. But I think I just rather keep opening caskets with a for sale and grab it like that. There's so much going on with the crowd affinity and I still got to deal with the skull, manure, and other Easter egg
fahkrazyshaggy (1 day ago)
So this is just a really long way to get that weapon. What if you get it out of the box with out doing that?
GameCast 88 (2 days ago)
Or instead of doing all of that just give yourself 50000 points and hit the box a bunch of times
AyeItsCarter (2 days ago)
Or you can just get it from the box
Remy stylez (3 days ago)
Do all 4 players need good afinity to get gold vase or na ???
Zomboy XD (4 days ago)
Just discovered if you already have a scorpion the box won't let u poison it for another , the teammate u intend to give it to must do it
Slap Your Face (4 days ago)
Slapyourface_223 . I need someone to help wiyh easter eggs
Ahmed Suwaidi (4 days ago)
The fucking golden cup isn’t coming out
Tyree Smith (5 days ago)
Ths tutorial was very informative idk why it has dislikes if you didn't want the information why watch it
ali icingir (5 days ago)
İ see the arrow but cant see the head somebody please help me
Appelmetcitroensmaak (6 days ago)
Hoe je hem maakt in het Nederlands (sorry for people that come from US or something) Challenges 3 doen pack a punch wapen en pot pakken op het midden Pack a punch maken Schild maken en goeie crowd affinity Bij pack a punch metalen ketting op pakken, voor de pack a punch staan, dan links en dan weer links en dan om een fakkel hangt die, daarnaast ook een houten wiel oppakken, vanaf de ketting schuin oversteken en daar is het houten wiel. Daarna metalen raam door kijken staan een brandende pot, hierop schieten met pack a punch wapen totdat er vuur lijnen komen Nu boven gronds tussen Danu en Ra tempel daar op de brug gaan staan en naar beneden kijken, daar staat een vuurpijl die wijst ergens naartoe, naar die tempel gaan en bij 1 van de 4 tempels moet je het hoofd oppakken (ligt eraan waar de pijl heen wijst. Hier liggen de hoofden: Danu: 2 trappen naar beneden recht voor je op een stuk zonder water ligt het. Ra: naar beneden lopen tot tafel en in 1 van de 4 brandende ketels zit het Odin: naar boven rennen naar grote brandende ketel, daar ergens ligt het naast. Zeus: naar bloedbad lopen en daar in de hoek ligt het hoofd. Dan tussen de inspawn arena en ra tempel kun je Trap maken dit maken, dan hoofd zetten op het raster en trap aanzetten hoofd word skorpion Nu naar het midden van de map en zorgen voor positieve crowd affinity dan de crowd komt met een gift en dan hoor je “A gift from the Gods” dan krijg je een potje die moet je oppakken Dan naar de boom gaan en in 1 boom zit een gat, hier kun je die skorpion in plaatsen, daar onder kun je het potje plaatsen er vallen dan groene druppels uit, hier een stuk of 4 zombies bij killen en hier de ronde bij beëindigen dan kun je hem oppakken dan naar de mystery box en dan kun je het erop zetten en dan word de box groen en krijg je de death of Orion
Torrey looz (6 days ago)
how the ef do you have some much health!!
Torrey looz (7 hours ago)
+ParadoX Flame huh doesn't ring bells but ill youtube custom mutations and see whats up.
ParadoX Flame (18 hours ago)
Custom mutation, like in bo2 custom match
Shawny Boy (8 days ago)
It’s just like the wonderwaffe but with a scorpion skin
ParadoX Flame (18 hours ago)
But still feels good to get it
jay cee (8 days ago)
Pretty stupid to have so many steps for a gun available to everyone in the box anyway lol
ParadoX Flame (18 hours ago)
Better chance of Easter egg step
The Beast (9 days ago)
Wow, his voice almost sounds like it has finally broken. Though he still does that stupid thing at the end of EVERY FUCKING WORD. “The basic-a idea-ah, is that-a you need-a every particular-a challenge-ah”
ian mcnab (9 days ago)
Anyone know if this works for team mates too? Or does the mystery box only give one death of Orion?
brayan aguilar (9 days ago)
Do I need to build the scorpion to do the Easter egg or can I just get it out of the box cause I tried doing the Easter egg but I couldn’t find the skull anywhere
Andrew Serrano (9 days ago)
it's spelled serqet... good job trearch
SkullofDeath 911 (10 days ago)
i found it in the second mistery box at the start :3
Gina Maltz (10 days ago)
Andy cano (10 days ago)
Thank you for helping us it so good
Purin1023 (10 days ago)
I just grabbed this yesterday in my first game of zombies randomly from the box. Had no idea you had to jump through all these hoops to get it if you aren't lucky lol
SjoerdHammond (11 days ago)
You talk like Bill Nighy
ITsThEBULLeT __ (12 days ago)
I didn't pick up the scorpion key lol insta downed on rnd 22
Andrew Cuddeback (12 days ago)
Anyone know how he gets yellow armor? Is it because of stronghold?
Xeratas (12 days ago)
how high is the chance of just getting it of a mystery box? (random)
v Mxstic (12 days ago)
Do I have to do something to pick the head up? I found the head but I can’t pick it up.
Panda Scraps (13 days ago)
Guide misleading 1/10
Ronish Sharma (13 days ago)
If you have the skull in the Ra Temple, the skull will be behind the forwards left fire pit when entering the first floor. Remember, it is behind the firepit not on it... I had trouble with this so hopefully that is clear
progamer1o5 (13 days ago)
Who knew it was so rare? Got it on my second spin lol.
SAMMY B (14 days ago)
I got this randomly from the box literally the first round I played the game
StaR Bounty (14 days ago)
I picked up the parts for the acid trap and it says I need more
Cactus Man (14 days ago)
Oops before I watched the rest I threw grenades as a I got you back kind of thing.....
2PacPRNDL (15 days ago)
I got mine from the box randomly without these steps
Kalvin Hays (15 days ago)
Hey great video thank you for making a easy tutorial I tried this like 10 times with my friend and then I finally tried it by myself and got at the first try!
xd Engulfey (15 days ago)
I can’t get the crowd affinity
IZZO (16 days ago)
How did he get 300 life
IZZO (16 days ago)
Espino760 duh man I feel so dumb 😂
Espino760 (16 days ago)
IZZO custom mutations mode.
I got it without these steps
Dustin Skaggs (17 days ago)
God your videos blow. Get to the fucking point
xSpeedSnipe (17 days ago)
I got this weapon my first time playing this game in the box... Tbh I thought it was one of the dumbest weapons and I switched it off for a shotgun lol
SycoPK (17 days ago)
I got the ww when. I was trying to do the Easter egg
Radarping 483 (17 days ago)
How the hell do y’all find this shit
A.M.A Animation (18 days ago)
Its easier just to get that shit from the box instead of doing all these steps
TTK_Grim (18 days ago)
Gift from serket means its there
First Flame (18 days ago)
This is just stupid
Yes Just yes (18 days ago)
No joke I got it and didn’t even know that it was a wonder weapon
Ancient Phoenix (18 days ago)
Just pack-a-punch the death of Orion
Keon Clayborn (19 days ago)
Thanks :)
Creepy Gaming (19 days ago)
Zed Harmony? I Thought it Was Z-Harmony
Jekovan Holmes (19 days ago)
Hey guys I know I’m kind of late but I was watching different videos and came across this one. Yes! we can definitely get the gun by regular chance through the mbox. I’m an avid zombies player but today was my first time playing bo4 IX and on my second game I received and pap’d this gun while online. And I know forsure it wasn’t a teammate completing the steps because they were cheese lol. Shout to roflwaffles for the videos keep em coming my guy!!
Dutch Yattz (20 days ago)
Wtf lol I played two nights ago and got it from a mystery box on my first try without even doing all this it’s just random
rajparmarman (20 days ago)
THanks for the vids. I hate this kind of stuff. I wish they spent more time on actual gameplay elements rather than this stuff everyone just watches other peoples vids to find out how to solve the stupid puzzles...Just my opinion,if people like it good for them.
S1ipperyJim (20 days ago)
My no nonsense guide: hit the mystery box
Myras (20 days ago)
I can not fucking get the vase. Jar.
PapiTakashi XXL (21 days ago)
Yea you can get it from the box as-well lol.
Toxic Link (21 days ago)
I just got it from opening. Chest
I was following this guide when suddenly I got a sale right after completing the pack a punch and I got the wonder weapon from the box without doing all that steps..
Josh De Geyter (21 days ago)
if youre having trouble getting max affinity spam revives took 8 revives to get max when i tried it
Summer Naser (21 days ago)
I put the poison in the jar and picked it up but it won’t let me give it to the mystery box.. can someone explain or help me?
Jackie Ryder (22 days ago)
I can't posion the mystery box what's up with that?
Filip Kulfa (22 days ago)
I just want the OP pistol😂😂😂
Alvin Ailey 3rd (22 days ago)
*looks up how to get draft of orion* *hits box 20 seconds after* *gets death if Orion first hit*
CynicalCloud (22 days ago)
I came here after getting it in the box to see how to get it again.
Zachary SpiritZ (22 days ago)
I got the head and all the pieces its not working
Oscar (23 days ago)
no nonsense gide deeeeeeeeeep breath ..... 11:19 heck
detroitlionking 9 (23 days ago)
Ever figure out what that little pink coin you shoot and blazes away is for mate?
Nathan Johnson (23 days ago)
This may be a noob question but what is the number under his character picture that says 100? mine always says 2 and i have no idea what it represents.
Lucas Haus (24 days ago)
I was able to get that weapon without doing all of that I just got it out of box randomly is that a flick or is that really possible cus I am confused
Daily_Dose_of_Trap (24 days ago)
Never found the head, checked every spawn location
Chris (24 days ago)
Fuck this!
I keep getting it out of the box without doing all this....
Matthew Vargas (24 days ago)
It won't let me put the tree sap into the mystery box
Landen Maupin (24 days ago)
Joe Scuderi (24 days ago)
What's the difference between doing this and just pap'ing it
Shifty Swan (25 days ago)
to be honest ide rather put 100k into the mystery box bahahaha
4G64SicKShoT (25 days ago)
Why do british people have to be extra and call Zee - Zed
xMrBlitZx (25 days ago)
I was at the last part of the Easter egg and died on round 43
Isayah Kelly (25 days ago)
it won't let me give the cup
Trever Chalmers (25 days ago)
Nice guide did all the steps. First time head glitched out on me in the arena for some reason couldn't grab it. My 2nd time i had the bloody thing in my hands. I packed it and then got downed. Fml man lol. This was round 17 i finally got it. Grr.
Gordie Resto (26 days ago)
How do you place the head down on the gate before activating the acid trap? I’ve tried a bunch of times and it doesn’t give me an option to drop the head there.
Cameron Castillo (26 days ago)
A few matches I've played, my weapons have had fire on the front of them... I dont know how it happened
ya_boi _fish (27 days ago)
If u don't want to do all this then go through all the pain of trying to get this out of the box
Tim Nauwelaers (27 days ago)
Awesome guide thank you verryy much!!!
Dale Mckay (27 days ago)
Do you really need to do all of this just to get it or can you just buy it out of the box?
Twan Dorr (27 days ago)
Gamer Lordzzx (28 days ago)
They honestly should of added four wonder weapons for each god
Bob Awsome (28 days ago)
I got these without doin all this shit 👍🏻👍🏻😂
sNeaK_ShOtz (28 days ago)
Honest to god this just happened. Watching this guide while playing along, at 7:27, i hit the box and get it. Perfectly describes my life
Israel Hernandez (28 days ago)
Or, just buy it from the box.
skygoth (29 days ago)
B b b but you can box it why go do all that ? Just box it like u want a gun its easier ..
Junkhead817 (29 days ago)
Thanks again mister waffles
Wy_Suga (29 days ago)
It doesnt give me the option to poison or let me use the box like it doesn't say Open mystery box for 950 whatever so what do I do?
Vitanico XG (29 days ago)
I managed to get the death of Orion randomly shortly after getting my challenge pistol. Then I lost connection and never could get it again lol. Fun times
ViolentIV (29 days ago)
Hi, I’m playing a game right now i did all that but i lost my scorpion weapon what should i do now do i have to do it all over again some one help
MisterMaster117 (29 days ago)
You sound sick
Calob Miler (1 month ago)
If my friend gets and I poison the box, will I still get it? And will the next person to try the box get it 1st try too???

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