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Full guide to unlock the secret wonder weapon in Black Ops 4 Zombies "IX" - Death of Orion, which can also be upgraded to the Serket's Kiss
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MrRoflWaffles (9 months ago)
NOTE: all 4 players can get it. You don’t have to poison the box again it will just be in there for everyone to try to get it.!!
Robert Brisk (11 days ago)
So did anyone see symbols in the flames at the pac room???
Kingnate 0207 (5 months ago)
MrRoflWaffles great video!
Josh Romanik (6 months ago)
Its always in there. Just minimal odds.
joey smith (6 months ago)
It is not letting me poison the box what do i do ?????
Rowan Greenwood (6 months ago)
MrRoflWaffles how do u pick up the head
Enderking 08 (1 day ago)
I opened a mystery box and got it with out all of the steps
Bro, was doing the steps, ran out of ammo, went to the box, and got it immediately
flipper flanker33 (2 days ago)
I had the poison and I did all perfectly and I forgot to give the poison to the box but I got the death of Orion anyway
JJoh4040 (3 days ago)
nutkhang (5 days ago)
alright im confuse, on this why is it that everytime when i play with my friends (4 of us); the death of orion is in the box, and none of my friends picked up the pieces, bc i went and check the locations of the pieces and its still there. and my friend claimed that there is no need to do the steps, but i do know that we do need to do the steps. so thats that, but when i play it solo-ly i always have to to the steps by collecting the pieces and sacrifice in order to get the death of orion. help me understand this situation. is it bc we played it in a private lobby and we automatically get it in the box without doing the steps or is it something else???????
Fred Stead (6 days ago)
Who else rewatches these guides like 5 times to make sure u remember
Jos Amnesia (9 days ago)
What the fuck !!???? i litterally did everything multiple times on round 5 (pap open , i did like 7 or 8 challenges , build the shield ,find the head , etc , ...) untill the scorpion thingie then you head over to the arena , make sure you have a good crowd affinity and after some time , the crowd gives you the gold vase , correct ? like i said i returned to arena on round 5 and did not touched the fire once , did not go down , used my specials a lot and killed more zombies then anyone does for this stupid wonder weapon , i was on fucking round 20 , got a ton of powerups from the crowd and everytime that confetti spawned around the powerup , i looked and still no gold vase -_-
Mason Hileman (14 days ago)
So is this just for a guaranteed death of Orion, or does It improve it in any way?
Killa Kam (15 days ago)
Psn Canttrustnone513
Ice of Autumn (17 days ago)
Why is everyone on the call of duty YouTube community, UK?
nevermore faggot (16 days ago)
Its round 40 atm. Everything is fine i got little scorpion part. Crowd is not dropping me a golden cup and idk why. I have sparkling thumbs up and they keep throwing things but its just not working Edit: took me another 10 rounds to just get the golden cup and basically its broken af
Alonzo Gonzalez (17 days ago)
how does he have 300 health???
Nour Sultan (7 days ago)
Custom mutations
Rich Millard (18 days ago)
Anybody else not have the banners at the beginning of the game? Ropes are already cut at the start! Mystery box for me
Nour Sultan (7 days ago)
You're either playing rush mode or gauntlet mode
Keith Stewart (18 days ago)
I melted the head but apparently the scorpion doesnt show up if zombies get into the trap either
Viper Gaming (20 days ago)
It won’t let me deposit the tree sap into the box ITS THE LAST STEP
Daniel Riviere (20 days ago)
I did all this then died when the weapon was there and I nor saw it again😭
Berkay Kodak (21 days ago)
I ever got that scorpien weapon reandomly out a cheat is that normal?
TheBombayMasterTony (22 days ago)
Joshua Lee (23 days ago)
how do you place the stone head on the acid grate?
Nour Sultan (7 days ago)
The trap must be built first Then hold X or Square
Lolz :D (23 days ago)
It turns out that you can shoot the pot located in Danu-Ra temple area with any other Pack-a-Punched weapon, I tried this out with a Pack-a-Punched Peacekeeper
Big Boye Gang (23 days ago)
Um i did this and it gave me a rampart
KodeNameDuck (26 days ago)
I played ix for the first time and got that of a mystery box not knowing what it was till I watched this
BA- Clan (29 days ago)
Wtf I started my game and got that first go didn’t even know what it was or about the weapon and then searched on YouTube for info watched this video did the steps after getting rid of the wonder weapon and then didn’t even greet it
Sugar CFW (1 month ago)
Got it the other day in mystery box
Tree Stump (1 month ago)
Got lucky once and got death of Orion without this just straight outta the mystery box
OP3 Gaming (1 month ago)
What if it says not available on the acid trap
Jt G (1 month ago)
while i was getting this while following along with the video i had everything but the crowd affinity thing and i was hitting the box and i got the death of orion out of it without doing all of the steps just from luck
PinKCHewy34 (1 month ago)
How do I give the cup to the mystery box
Imanol ultimate (1 month ago)
Corner of the box
Dragon slayer (1 month ago)
The tree wouldnt work for me
Mr.Beendoinit32 (1 month ago)
So that in theory we can randomly get this weapon from the box so we don't need to go through all these steps? I was playing a match this morning and I randomly got this weapon through the box without doing all these steps. Or is it really important for me to go through the steps because this version of the wonder weapon is a bit more special?
Nicholas Fulkerson (1 month ago)
EntarRoeske (1 month ago)
Why do all this shit when you could just hit the box for it?
Kristen Brown (1 month ago)
It won't let me drop the skull!!
Gamer Kool kid (1 month ago)
You have to craft the acid trap first
Italian Man (1 month ago)
Mine didn't work
Italian Man (1 month ago)
Where is the arrow pointing
Slitz _5 (1 month ago)
whenever i try to find the head it never spawns
InhaleTheMurcury (1 month ago)
I spent like 15-20 mins doing this easter egg... While holding the wonder weapon... I thought we were gonna be upgrading it. Nope. Just... Just allowing ourselves to get it at command
Peaty (1 month ago)
should i get first bad infinity then a good ifinity to get the cup?
Parker Nagy Boutin (1 month ago)
It won’t let me poison the box
Saul Nietes (1 month ago)
My arrow is pointing at Ra's but there is no head
Ian Hanson (1 month ago)
Hey I know I’m kinda late to comment but I just wanted to say that this helped me so much and now I can remember it by my self.
Danielson55 (1 month ago)
This video is so long for no reason its simple to get this.
Caleb Coleman (1 month ago)
It won't let me place the head below the trap
Flarish (2 months ago)
I think I know why people are having problems... there are multiple acid trap building locations. You have to go to the building location specifically in front of the Ra temple. I don’t think any other building location works.
Helen Wooders (2 months ago)
I did it with all boxes on and without poisoning
TheSilentKiller424 (2 months ago)
It won't let me get it i can't give the box the poison
Helen Wooders (2 months ago)
TheSilentKiller424 same
Henry The Wolf (2 months ago)
Or just get it in the box lol XD
Anthony Navarro (2 months ago)
I literally got this from a normal mystery box
Sam Nikola (2 months ago)
I tried to go to options to turn on subs and i ended the fucking game by accident...
Sam Nikola (1 month ago)
@JAMES Gamer U liking it?
JAMES Gamer (1 month ago)
@Sam Nikola yeah same I barely started playing bo4 zombies
Sam Nikola (1 month ago)
@JAMES Gamer wasn't used to the BO4 controls for the menu coz im usually a BO3 zombies player
JAMES Gamer (1 month ago)
Fierce Heart (2 months ago)
Umm it works if the crowd is totally happy and then you use the box
Damarius Haralson (2 months ago)
I haven located the head at every location but for some reason I can not pick it up... Ca anyone tell me if I am doing something wrong? How do I pick he head up???
Kieran LVlogs (2 months ago)
I got it randomly without doing any of that from the box but then got cornered by like 50 zombies and died lol
Zion Brown (2 months ago)
Ohh this is the wonder weapon I got it in my first box in my first game
Blah Blah (2 months ago)
I keep on doing the acid thing and it won’t drop the scorpion thing can someone please help EDIT Nvm it went right into my inventory
bjorn Barnings (2 months ago)
Someone help me I can't find the head while I did all the steps
Kasey Wunderlin (2 months ago)
Arrow pointed at Odins building but head was not by cauldron
Kenny Panameno (2 months ago)
I have a question, can other players pick up your items for example the scorpion after melting the head or that pot from the start? I did the three challenges at the start got the pack a punched gun but never saw the pot
VicDaShadow (2 months ago)
I died right before i got to plant the scorpion into the tree. 😒
VicDaShadow (2 months ago)
Which pisses me off because I'm a achievement hunter. (Trophy for you PS4 people) I was trying to unlock 3 of them.
VicDaShadow (2 months ago)
Luckily my gameplay was at the Zeus location. Con: the statue was not there, i even went back to check the arrow and I was correct. Then i remeber when building the shield you mentioned the item is there but may not appear. Bless that tip because i was able to hold X and pick up the invisible item
Gil Ron (2 months ago)
Fucking hell just hurry and tell us how to build it not with all this shit beforehand
SnowLeap SnowCat (2 months ago)
Is it just me or can no one give the sap to the box
x3Dw AnY (2 months ago)
You Have To Go To One Of The Two Front Edges And Then Interact With It
JJ Sanford (2 months ago)
I got it from a fire sale
Antione Wilkerson (3 months ago)
Anyone know how he got that much points that quickly
Lewis_347 (2 months ago)
Antione Wilkerson custom mutations
RedheadHent91 Let's Play (3 months ago)
Funny I already got it from the mystery box the first time then I had to sell it to another gun then get it back what the f*** a
Vin Gon (3 months ago)
how the hell do i get them to throw the golden cup?
ッxx_angel_xx (3 months ago)
How do you get ammo for it? I ran out?
Samir Ahmadi (3 months ago)
Why u cant find the head?
Dopee 5384 (3 months ago)
The crowd threw it at me but there was no golden cup
Vin Gon (3 months ago)
yeah wtf i cant get them to throw it to me either..
21crunch Es (3 months ago)
This is harder than the main Easter egg.
WithoutYouTY (3 months ago)
Who figures this out?
Hoss Carlisle (3 months ago)
It was good but can you use the asid trap 2 times
ncohagan05 (3 months ago)
What do you do if it won't let you donate the cup to the mystery box
LITTLE WOODSTER (3 months ago)
Do you only need to do this once?
R4R3B34R (3 months ago)
Its not letting me poison the box
Demigod Legion (3 months ago)
falk0r (3 months ago)
Hey, If youre looking for the head in the Ra temple, its not in the fire pits, its on the ground by the firepits. You're welcome
LaydeeJx (3 months ago)
I get it straight out of the box :/ I've had it loads of times -_-
alvonta grose (3 months ago)
Skull didn't pop up on mine game
TOASTERWAFL5000 (3 months ago)
I cant pick up the skull at odin
chuck moon (3 months ago)
If i cant use this in hardcore team death match im.not buying.
seamus f (3 months ago)
So I done exactly what you said and ended up getting a little leprechaun zombie grenade guy so your not guaranteed it
Silverlord 1337 (3 months ago)
Yeah I did too
Hajsan Get (3 months ago)
How do u drop the head
AgntColtron47 (3 months ago)
I got the special grenades. No scorpion gun.
F. B. I (3 months ago)
The arrow doesn’t show up for me
kaliek johnson (3 months ago)
do you get to epicly keep it or do you have to do this every game
TheFake MrBrown (3 months ago)
I just got that woodoo dude when i poisend the box..
Alexei sweet Russian (3 months ago)
I do this in every IX game I play lol 😂
Demonic User (3 months ago)
And the game development team gave a middle finger in the face of all gamers by making this so impossible to know that you have no way of knowing this without looking it up online
bowdi e (3 months ago)
4.02 you can use the shield bullets
suck my paws :3 (4 months ago)
Its click bate cuz the color was not like that
OriginalMilk (4 months ago)
Why do all of that ....
SHADY_KILLER GAMING (4 months ago)
It won’t give me the option to donate my cup to box
Just...just play mutations.
a creature of darkness (4 months ago)
All of this for a fancy wunderwaffe
It won't let me pick up the one of the heads
CamWatt 03 (4 months ago)
6:34 That would hurt
silver bites (4 months ago)
Why does the small golden cup never appear I did everything this video said
Is this The Krusty Krab (4 months ago)
The scorpion is just like the wonderwaffe dg 2 but slightly stronger
NauticalGaming 22 (2 days ago)
Is this The Krusty Krab and without self damage
Adrian The Try Hard (4 months ago)
I think this is way too much and by the way I got the scorpion randomly from the mystery box

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