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Full guide to unlock the secret wonder weapon in Black Ops 4 Zombies "IX" - Death of Orion, which can also be upgraded to the Serket's Kiss
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MrRoflWaffles (5 months ago)
NOTE: all 4 players can get it. You don’t have to poison the box again it will just be in there for everyone to try to get it.!!
Kingnate 0207 (1 month ago)
MrRoflWaffles great video!
Josh Romanik (2 months ago)
Its always in there. Just minimal odds.
joey smith (2 months ago)
It is not letting me poison the box what do i do ?????
Rowan Greenwood (2 months ago)
MrRoflWaffles how do u pick up the head
black ops zombies lover (3 months ago)
+Chris Johnson I have got it from the mystery box
AgntColtron47 (21 minutes ago)
I got the special grenades. No scorpion gun.
FB I (1 day ago)
The arrow doesn’t show up for me
kaliek johnson (1 day ago)
do you get to epicly keep it or do you have to do this every game
TheFake MrBrown (1 day ago)
I just got that woodoo dude when i poisend the box..
Pic (2 days ago)
I do this in every IX game I play lol 😂
Demonic User (2 days ago)
And the game development team gave a middle finger in the face of all gamers by making this so impossible to know that you have no way of knowing this without looking it up online
Ben Bowdren (3 days ago)
4.02 you can use the shield bullets
suck my paws :3 (5 days ago)
Its click bate cuz the color was not like that
OriginalMilk (5 days ago)
Why do all of that ....
Who Knows (5 days ago)
It won’t give me the option to donate my cup to box
Toychica 4life (7 days ago)
Just...just play mutations.
All of this for a fancy wunderwaffe
It won't let me pick up the one of the heads
CamWatt03 03 (8 days ago)
6:34 That would hurt
Paul the furret (8 days ago)
Why does the small golden cup never appear I did everything this video said
The scorpion is just like the wonderwaffe dg 2 but slightly stronger
Adrian The Try Hard (9 days ago)
I think this is way too much and by the way I got the scorpion randomly from the mystery box
Daniel Berry (12 days ago)
Is it just me or is there a bit of a voice crack be que
Daniel Berry (12 days ago)
Ne que
Daniel Berry (12 days ago)
Be que
DANNY661271 (13 days ago)
I got monkeys instead....
Patricio Ramirez (13 days ago)
Do you reject the reward the first time or something else??
professor baldi (16 days ago)
I didn't know the FLAT side of the arrow was showing where to get the head.
Zack Mitchell (16 days ago)
You give the best hints my dude
sean Altizer (17 days ago)
So I've got the death of Orion both ways. But recently I have not been able to find the head in the danu tower. Has this happened to anyone else? I searched for awhile for it.
Death The Kid (20 days ago)
I had full negative Crowd Affinity and I got the gold vase all of a sudden after hearing the Gift from Serket and then said make use of it
Feel TheNoise (21 days ago)
I keep going through the steps correctly but then i cant get the skull key into the tree after receiving the gift from Sirket, happened to me multiple times and its really pissing me off, anyone know what im doing wrong?
Weird GamerYT (22 days ago)
At round 10 i got it on one try
Liam Musk (23 days ago)
This is an amazing video. Helped me a ton
Big Chungus (24 days ago)
Thanks so much
Outlaw Tv (25 days ago)
my arrow was pointing at the ra temple and I check every fire pit and the skull was no where , then I checked all the other temples no skull wtf :(
GML Gamen Met Liam (25 days ago)
How do you donate cup
GML Gamen Met Liam (26 days ago)
Additional perks needed
Virus GamingYt (26 days ago)
5:30 when your talking of heads and then you say ahead
Javier Mayorga (1 month ago)
Bo4 sucks ass
Garlic Potatoes (1 month ago)
My crowd affinity was perfect for rounds 11 - 15 and still the fucking cup thing never spawned and I did every other step this happened in multiple different games
Kermit TMF (1 month ago)
Who else can’t find the skull in the 4 corners?
Nathan Osborne (1 month ago)
How do you donate the cup
silva lloyd (1 month ago)
Please get someone else to voice over these vids your voice is shrill and you talk to your audience like they are unevolved, you have anti charisma, I can’t even get through the video without wanting to smash your face in.
Myst1C4L_X 28 (1 month ago)
*oR yOu CaN tEsT yOuR lUcK nOrMaLly*
evan ridenour (1 month ago)
what do you do if you need to restart 40 TIMES
KBO Gaming (1 month ago)
Can the gold cup spawn in more than one spot?
Clover Fernandez games (1 month ago)
5:25 no pun intended
Pig TV (1 month ago)
Thanks for the guide. I am having trouble with the wood though. I’ve had the champion through his axe through the wood pyre at me 100 times and still no piece of wood. Is there some trick to it. Also, couldn’t find the skull with the blue sign on it in the temple. I scoured every wall and every skull.
coasterboy456 (1 month ago)
quit stretching your guides
Noob Scoper (1 month ago)
What is if my acid trap for the head is glizering yellow like another acid?
LEAH OWUSU (1 month ago)
The guy says a gift from serket I hav built it before
LEAH OWUSU (1 month ago)
In ra it is not inside of the pit it is under the pit
CatsAteMySoul _ (1 month ago)
The skull didn’t spawn for me I did the arrow but it didn’t spawn
DeqdlySMG88 (1 month ago)
Has anyone else got a wonder weapon called the Kraken?
Batman (1 month ago)
Woah bro your so good you only need 150 helth
Turtle on steroids (1 month ago)
Didn’t work the box wouldn’t take the poison ☹️
Kaden Seller (1 month ago)
For some reason it didn’t let me poison the chest
Marcus Mölleborn (1 month ago)
Thats not an arrow, just sayin🤷🏼‍♂️
m to the artins bergs (1 month ago)
The paped strife is good on round 50, godly
Anthony Gamer TV (1 month ago)
I remember I just got lucky and got the wonder weapon out of the mystery box
logan school (1 month ago)
You are better off spamming the mystery box fyi got it multiple tomes without this. Just make sure you have positive affinity
Echo Loco (1 month ago)
Or you can just spin the box a bunch
Orfil Sandoval (1 month ago)
You can take your chances and buy your way but to guarantee it you do this Easter egg
Big Chungus (1 month ago)
Zee harmony
Richard Martin (1 month ago)
You can get the wonder weapon from the box
The White Knight (1 month ago)
Very helpful. I usually can’t really follow tutorials since they’re going too fast, but this one was easy and clear to understand.
nuketown2098 (1 month ago)
You don’t even need to go through all of this to get it, you can get it normally buying the box
UGotNerdNext (1 month ago)
This guide got me and my friends to level 78 7th time on IX
Andrew Martinez (1 month ago)
You da man
Máté Kiss (1 month ago)
If I achieve positive affinity at any stage of the game will I receive the cup from the crowd? Or it must be done in the order as this video presented?
Nate Thompson (1 month ago)
How do you place the head on the acid trap???!!!!
Dendrantema (1 month ago)
I couldnt eveb pickup the scorpion sting after the acid trap is finished/ the sting wasnt even THERE!!! I even tried the big easter egg and not even the skull will spawn or the wood piece breaks of... the latest patch made the ee unplayable, this confirmed a lot of people (jabuary 25.) This game fucking sucks and treyarch is a fucking piece of shit company. Never NEVER HAD SUCH A GLITCHY GAME...
Christians Universe (1 month ago)
Your so good at call of duty😀😀😀🙂👍👍
Andrew Zaremba (1 month ago)
*What if you did all that work, got the "Death of Orion," us pack a punch on it, but die before you claim it back!?*
NintendoCereal (2 months ago)
Literally going through rounds and rounds and rounds of sparking green crowd affinity. No quote and I'm checking the ground regardless. The game will not give me the gift of Serket. So fucking annoying honestly.
carlos marquez (2 months ago)
At 2:16 what weapon are you using??
Zombie Slaya Dylan (2 months ago)
For some reason I can’t poison the mystery box. I’ve done everything.
Vincent Walker (2 months ago)
Phew just saved a lot of time by speeding up the vid
R1lowesome (2 months ago)
It won't let put the acid on the mystery box
jetythe2nd (2 months ago)
I didn’t have to do the Easter egg to get the scorpion game, I just got it straight from the start
TheJDV24 (2 months ago)
If u miss the gun on that initial spin do u just have to keep hitting the box until u get it again
The King (2 months ago)
It wouldn’t let me poison the pack a punch
MLGPEPSI Yeet (2 months ago)
I was so close to getting it but a kid got it I was so pissed U KNOW HOW LONG THAT TOOK ME
Kenneth Wong (2 months ago)
Or you can just get it out of the box
TechnoTurtle (2 months ago)
I was going it about to do the sap step when I got a fire sale, I got the death of orin from the box is that normal?
TechnoTurtle (2 months ago)
Update, I couldn't poison the box so I got rid of it then I could poison the box and got it again
Amr Khaled (2 months ago)
Can I so this steps while offline
Josh Romanik (2 months ago)
You can get this weapon from the box by chance. If you have spare points during the process, hit the box. It may or may not move things along faster but without the guarantee.
Josh Romanik (2 months ago)
I'd just like to point out 2 things. 1) any gun can knock over the fire. 2) 5he head shows up before the fire part which can tell you the location or not before the fire arrow.
Geddon Kennedy (2 months ago)
I was an idiot and did the sap part at the beginning of round 30
Grider97 (2 months ago)
i got the death of orion with out even doing all of this i was just doikg s normal game lol
Sorubac 522 (2 months ago)
How can i resume a skorpion wonder when i dead?
franky Zolis (2 months ago)
The chain did not spawn there
shortdog19875 (2 months ago)
I still don't understand WHY Treyarch FUCKS up Zombies people who played bo1 just want to KILL Zombies NOT LOOK FOR CANDY in the corner like a child PLEASE MAKE A NEW MAP NOT A REMAKE With FOUR AREAS TO RUN A TRAIN .... Running around killing Zombies make a map for the people that made this DEAD black ops series .........
Idk Wut to do (2 months ago)
What mode is he using or what
Jacob Savage (2 months ago)
What a gorm 😂
Captain X-Raygaming (2 months ago)
I don’t understand how 4 players can get it?
Captain X-Raygaming (2 months ago)
Really like your voice
shadow sans (2 months ago)
This isn’t working there is missing piece for me so its impossible to complete
Joel moeketsi (2 months ago)
It doesent let me open the centre doors on the left
Benji * (2 months ago)
I pack a punched it at pack a punch 💀💀💀
Ali hong (2 months ago)
I got that death of Orion early at round 7 I didn't fully complete all challenges and the parts but I still got the death of orion
juan jose (2 months ago)
“blue glowing head, get another head, get the head “😏😏😯😮😩😩😯😮😩😩😩😩😩😫😫😫😫🍆💦💦😌
Jelennessee Smiff (2 months ago)
This looks so stupid and anyone who likes this BS is actually retarded
Ian Radford (2 months ago)
3 things he did wrong -you need to collect the bowl in the very middle of the map on the pedistool after completing your 3 challenges -he said in his case his arrow was pointing to zeus which was incorrect his arrow was pointed at the temple of orion -The ra temple head spawn location isnt inside the fire like he said but infact under the fire on the floor. youre welcome, took me a while to figure this out and a-lot of struggling because of the lack of those steps
izuku midoriya (2 months ago)
so im doing the challenge i get half way done and boom i go to the mystery box for a sniper and outcomes the wonder weapon

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