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Review Down Jacket Millet Down Alpine Expert Series

20 ratings | 4757 views
Review by Millet down jacket model Expert Series, doudounes, jackets, Millet. Jacket size XL in France, L in UK and L in USA.
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Text Comments (10)
icychap (4 months ago)
Does not appear to have a belay zip.
Humberto down (2 months ago)
niansenx (2 years ago)
Beautiful jacket. I just bought one on ebay!
niansenx (2 years ago)
Humberto down where did you get it overfilled?
Humberto down (2 years ago)
niansenx yes.. overfilled
niansenx (2 years ago)
Humberto down so did you have yours overfilled?
Humberto down (2 years ago)
Yes.. Ebay!
Dalton Lamari (2 years ago)
awesome. looks extremely puffy though. seems it'd take a good effort to move. or its effortless?
captain (2 years ago)
Great jacket! Do you know where I can buy this? Can't find it anywhere online.
Humberto down (2 years ago)
Unfortunately it is a model that has been discontinued and is no longer made, it will really be very hard to find, that I found for sale on Ebay!

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