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The Lord of the Rings Mythology Explained (Part 1)

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LOTR Wallpapers at Patreon:http://www.patreon.com/creation?hid=1385484 Grey talks about The Hobbit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gsWj8YTOyk#t=2455 Special Thanks: Professor Verlyn Flieger http://mythus.com/ http://askmiddlearth.tumblr.com/ Soliloquy: http://goo.gl/LQEakz @icel, @VivaLaDiva405, Rory Howington, Vijayalakshmi, Jason Arkin, Malthe Agger, rictic, Ian, Saki Comandao, Edward DeLany, Chris Kitching, PervertedThomas, Brian Peterson, Ron Bowes, Tómas Árni Jónasson, Michael Morden, Mikko, Derek Bonner, Derek Jackson, Iain Flockton, Jim, Sokhom Chhim, Shawn Bazin, Finn Kelly, Dan, Christine Dönszelmann, Orbit_Junkie, Eren Polat, Mark Elders, Lars-Göran, Veronica Peshterianu, Daniel Heeb, Juan Villagrana, Ernesto Jimenez, Paul Tomblin, Travis Wichert, Andrew Bailey, Israel Armando, Teddy, Ricardo, Yousef Hasan, Ruud Hermans, Keng, Alex Morales, Ryan E Manning, Linh, Erik Parasiuk, Rhys Parry, Arian Flores, Jennifer Richardson, Maarten van der Blij, Björn Morén, Jim, Eric Stangeland, Rustam Anvarov, Sam Kokin, Kevin Anderson, Gustavo Jimenez, Thomas Petersen, Kyle Bloom, Osric Lord-Williams, Myke Hurley, David, Ryan Nielsen, Esteban Santana Santana, Terry Steiner, Dag Viggo Lokøen, Tristan Watts-Willis, Ian N Riopel, John Rogers, Edward Adams, Ryan, Kevin, Nicolae Berbece, Alex Prescott, Leon, Alexander Kosenkov, Daniel Slater, Sunny Yin, Sigurður Snær Eiríksson, Maxime Zielony, Anders, ken mcfarlane, AUFFRAY Clement, Aaron Miller, Bill Wolf, Himesh Sheth, Thomas Weir, Caswal Parker, Brandon Callender, Joseph, Stephen Litt Belch, Sean Church, Pierre Perrott, Ilan, Mr.Z, Heemi Kutia, Timothy Moran, Peter Lomax, Quin Thames, darkmage0707077, Ørjan Sollie, Emil, Kelsey Wainwright, Richard Harrison, Robby Gottesman, Ali Moeeny, Lachlan Holmes, Jonas Maaløe, John Bevan, Dan Hiel, Callas, Elizabeth Keathley, John Lee, Tijmen van Dien, ShiroiYami, thomas van til, Drew Stephens, Owen Degen, Tobias Gies, Alex Schuldberg, Ryan Constantin, Jerry Lin, Rasmus Svensson, Bear, Lars, Jacob Ostling, Cody Fitzgerald, Guillaume PERRIN, John Waltmans, Solon Carter, Joel Wunderle, Rescla, GhostDivision, Andrew Proue, David Lombardo, Tor Henrik Lehne, David Palomares, Cas Eliëns, paul everitt, Karl Johan Stensland Dy, Freddi Hørlyck Artwork: http://kittyninjafish.deviantart.com/ Music: http://incompetech.com/
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Text Comments (5253)
Claire McGuiggan (19 hours ago)
Hard to believe such as man as Tolkien was born and bred in Birmingham.
rotten apple (3 days ago)
and how do ypu know all this
Joshua Kostyushko (7 days ago)
When you said that Wizards aren't just trained humans, like everyone else, you showed Harry Potter. This is untrue and the Harry Potter wizards can be classified as their own species since there are Muggles, Muggle Born's, and Wizards. Just wanted to point this out.
Julia Lilienstein (7 days ago)
Man, I wish I found this video when I was taking a course on Tolkien.
Aidar Samudinov (12 days ago)
Funny to see slavic roots in "Istari" word...
Jaideep Sagar (13 days ago)
Can someone provide a proper link to the background music in this video.🙈
The Return Of Legion (15 days ago)
Aren’t wizard Malar
WisCAT Bijles (16 days ago)
You described. Not explained.
Consciousness (17 days ago)
I like this, but there was a mistake with Gandalf being you low-level angel and being equal to a balrog is incorrect. Bell rugs are not being held back from their full potential whereas the istari like Gandalf are being held back from their full potential not even knowing who they truly are at times their true identity and how powerful they really are before they took this rule to help Middle Earth. This bit of information makes a huge difference
TheGuyWhoIsAustralian (18 days ago)
So dragons aren't as great as men or elves?
Tek Arts (19 days ago)
uummmm click
Tek Arts (19 days ago)
google = a mind that doesn't stagnate and looks up and understands info
Tek Arts (19 days ago)
good 4 ppl without google so watch ppl i hate
blackninja546 (21 days ago)
who feels this will become a full-blown religion? The Illuvitarians I'm guessing…
Whers the part 2??
Linus Andersson (27 days ago)
Im pretty sure melkor was called Morgoth after he turned evil.
BenCaid (1 month ago)
If anyone is here for the message Tolkien was trying to show in his books then I’ll tell you a little of what it is. All this crap is created for the story but doesn’t show what the message is. Tolkien wanted to send of message of Jesus and Christianity. This is extremely obvious and annoying people deny a literal fact. If you want to know how this is his message and the whole thing of his message just ask. I’ll try my best to explain. This extra book explaining this stuff is awesome and very interesting to add more to the story but the message is great.
Tokyo Drift (1 month ago)
That's pretty much Bible. I've noticed every famous movie is like a copy of the Bible.
Adjective Noun Number (1 month ago)
This reminds me of Elder Scrolls lore in a way. I know TES was based on DnD, is LOTR also based on DnD? Maybe TES also got inspired by LOTR or vice-versa.
MemeLord 22 (1 month ago)
_Sorry, Dwarves._
Miss bits Bobbles (1 month ago)
I think melkor was born to fall, he just acted on it faster than others
Christian Pierce (1 month ago)
Dude when is Part 2 coming!?!?!?
Rodrigo Wemans (1 month ago)
If there was only timeless nothingness what did elu iluvatar created the ainur out of
Bass Fight (1 month ago)
"people" people??? Fucking check your people privilege.
Ed S (1 month ago)
1K dwarfs disliked this video.
K Kim (2 months ago)
I must have watched this dozens of times, but I just noticed "Sauroman." Anyone know if that's a deliberate spelling or a typo?
Andrew Wiemken (2 months ago)
Major style points for the conspicuous lack of wings on that Balrog
Apple Islander (2 months ago)
And not even do the Elves still sing the tales of the Entwives...
Men get to leave the circles of the world. The elves and Valar are bound to them until the end of time.
Default Army (2 months ago)
Also Iluvatars favourite is the elves, because only them have the permission to travel to the undying lands. The Numenorian tried to sail there but Iluvatar stopped them and sank the island Numenor, wich is why they came to mainland and founded the realms Gondor and Arnor.
Noname 14235 (1 month ago)
+Default Army They weren't the ones that tried to invade Valinor or the ones who practiced human sacrifice. The Numenorian's that Iluvatar sank were the evil ones.
Default Army (1 month ago)
+Noname 14235 You Sure? Elendil, Isildur and all the other Nûmenorians doesnt seem that evil...
Noname 14235 (1 month ago)
That's not exactly true, technically, Men do go to Valinor for a short period before they leave the world completely, so, the problem isn't that they weren't allowed. The problem with the Numenorian's was that they were evil (they practiced human sacrifice) and were planning to invade Valinor.
Default Army (2 months ago)
Iluvatar used the Sillmarills to create everything, and so did the valar. Melkor on the other hand, could not use the Sillmarills because Illuvatar did'nt want him to, because he was evil. So instead, he corrupted other beings to create his dragons and stuff. Many believe that the orc is corrupted elves and that explains why feks. Gothmog could participate in wars hundreds of years before the triology.
Noname 14235 (1 month ago)
I'm not sure where you're getting your information from but that's incorrect. The Silmaril's were created by Feanor, an elf, after Iluvatar and the Valar created everything. You might be thinking of the Unperishable Flame, which Melkor went looking for but couldn't find because it was within Iluvatar.
AKMemez (2 months ago)
Greatest story ever told.
leespiderpod (2 months ago)
Great artwork
Snake Eyed Ghoul (2 months ago)
This has to be one of my all time F A V O U R I T E videos on this platform
Kevin Varney (2 months ago)
Thanks for clearing that up. I did read it about 35 years ago, but I am not sure I totally understood it then. Often wondered what happened to the other two wizards.
facts 2 (2 months ago)
Im confused
Jacob Black (2 months ago)
Jrr token riped off the bible.
MetroLyric (2 months ago)
My head hurts
Jasper Atkinson (2 months ago)
I have to say this is pretty good
Enigma (2 months ago)
CGP Grey, I know you posted a link to the site for the music but I can't find the actual song, so could you please send me a link to it?
kim a (2 months ago)
People believe that Tolkien created these elves, such things. Honestly much of these movies is just taken from other culture anicent like greek, norse, germanic so on.
Truth Peace (2 months ago)
The two blue wizards could be merlin and Dumbledore 😂
Albert Knabe (2 months ago)
Two weeks ago, I discovered that J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle Earth is real!  He encoded the fist map of Middle Earth with this cipher- https://imgur.com/gallery/Qakrqda I was researching initial French and Spanish incursions into the Western Territories, looking for evidence of Amerindian land division, when I found this-  https://imgur.com/gallery/9la21bh A first, I thought Tolkien had stolen the quote from Coronado, and just used the event in his tale.  Then I considered how Minas Tirith is indeed a "shinning city on a hill" which is what Ciloba what was described as.  What if Coronado was invading Rohan or Gondor? LOL, he was... Helm's Deep is today called "Laguna"- https://imgur.com/gallery/EpD0Ddn Minas Tirith is "Castle Mountain"-  https://imgur.com/gallery/AbieNCU I've found everything where it should be, just renamed, all but the entry to Moria...I think it's buried. Oh, in a completely different pursuit, I also found the Labyrinth- https://imgur.com/gallery/c7v1tta -King of the Americas, Lord of the West
Stephan Grové (3 months ago)
Do you not see the connection to the Bible? I’m not talking about modern day Christianity and the new translation Bibles I’m talking about the truth as it is written in Hebrew. I am only starting to grasp the connection. Tolkien didn’t make all this up as some might think and I don’t understand how people can think it all just came to his mind. LOTR has a much deeper meaning and it’s derived from truth. I belive Tolkien had access to scripts and information that others didn’t have and was possibly part of Freemasonry. That’s all that makes sense at the moment but I still am at the beginning of grasping the connection
J S (3 months ago)
..."Even People, people" 😂😂😂
Robert Kellogg (3 months ago)
where are these illustrations from?
ejvrjki3vr frnerjke (3 months ago)
My boomer father needs this
rackinfrackin (3 months ago)
Lodatz (3 months ago)
No information about the hobbits? The entire prologue of the Lord of the Rings is dedicated to explaining the origins of hobbits.
Riyan Raj (3 months ago)
That man mortality as a gift by God is a very deep statement. Lots pf philosophical arguments can be made here. Its a very very deep topic.
Paul Gibbons (3 months ago)
Good stuff. This should save many people from silmarillian which is an incredibly bad read. Though it clearly has interesting stuff in it. It's a grind to read an I'm sorry to say it beat me.
Tincho Sabala (3 months ago)
Alright. So I have never liked the amount of singing there is in the stories. But for the ENTIRE WORLD to be made out of singing? COME ON
lexiconlover (3 months ago)
So ... the Bible. Got it.
Jim Moroney (3 months ago)
The Tolkien narrative is remarkably similar to that of the Bible and the books of Enoch. Since Tolkien was a practicing Christian, this is not surprising. His friend, CS Lewis, also created an alternative universe that was patterned from Biblical theology. Amazingly, most fans of these two authors fail to see this.
Calvin Barrett (3 months ago)
You didn't tell me anything I didn't know but you told to me well and I was really disappointed when you stop talking.
Phil Pacific (3 months ago)
sorry dwarves. LOL!!!!! excellent summary.
Brandon Rodriguez (3 months ago)
Did not feel like 4 minutes!
Martin Krebs (3 months ago)
Does anyone know the name of the song apart from http://incompetech.com/ ? .. 2000 songs, that's a long list...
Martin Krebs (3 months ago)
"Angevin", found it
Alex (3 months ago)
“Eru Illuvatar” is not one name, you dumbass. He is known as Eru in some languages and Illuvatar in others. Get your little white nerd facts straight before I beat your bacon ass.
Nick Zavakos (3 months ago)
This REALLY helps when listening to the Silmarillion audiobook bc the names of all the differnent types of beings are confusing when just listening.
mhtmmt mmtmht (3 months ago)
Have you ever read Apocalypse from the Bible? Just try it, and compare with the entire book LOTR, and pay attention to the history!
Douggie Harrison (3 months ago)
I have been a huge fantasy fan my whole life and have never read LotR. I decided to save it for when I ran out of fantasy to enjoy. Well, I'm at that point. This was my first experience with LotR and I just bought the book im getting started boys and gals wish me luck
Carla MSM (3 months ago)
This video is really entertaining, beautiful and helpful. Thank you.
Steve Smith (3 months ago)
Hobbits are some man offshoot that somehow naturally evolved into being short and living longer and got much bigger feet. Lol Which begs the question. Since men and elves can have children.....logically so fan hobbits and men and hobbits and elves
Marshall J (4 months ago)
Wow I watch half this video and I think to myself .has no one really looked in to noish mythology? Lol it's like literally what this is
Aaaa Bbbb (4 months ago)
Richard Ainsworth (4 months ago)
Do the Wheel of Time. I triple dog dare ya.
Noah Carroll (4 months ago)
Please make more of these!!
Bob (4 months ago)
2019 anyone?
ghassen hamden (4 months ago)
"thanks alot dad ! " i died there XD
JshCsp (4 months ago)
Sweet sweet mortality, I love it. Thanks mate
Benjamin Newlon (4 months ago)
Gandalf the C.G.P. Grey
sonic 768 (4 months ago)
wait wut
Max Lozla (4 months ago)
I love the silmarion
Andrea Brokate (4 months ago)
The reason an old man can fight a giant lava monster is because he’s a Hugh level wizard with a million spell slots or something
IceSword1728 (4 months ago)
Now i know why there's even college courses on LotR Mythology... so deep and detail in the lore.
El Musk (4 months ago)
tfw your dad wants you to die...
Patrik Stakem (4 months ago)
For a teaching interview I have to give a five minute lesson on any topic I chose. This is it. I shall memorize this video.
Jacob James (4 months ago)
Is it racist for a Hobbit to call on man "long shanks?"
Jay (4 months ago)
Would you say it’s Lore of the Rings?
Daniel Dominique (4 months ago)
Wasn't there a video like this where he explained the silmarillion?
Magvin (4 months ago)
Dude you said "divide in to two groups" the valar and what. You mensioned one.
Magvin (3 months ago)
+Steve Smith Oh, yeah i found out about the Maiar 20 minutes after commenting this, but thanks anyway
Steve Smith (3 months ago)
Maiar. He specially mentions that. 14 (15 if you count Melkor) Valar, all the other "angels" are Maiar.
Veiron Hedlund (4 months ago)
If I remember correctly wasn't dwarfs made to be like humans but their creator didn't really know the specifics.
A lchm Y Music (4 months ago)
still the best video on the internet.
Michael Muncher (5 months ago)
So the creation story is just the Bible with fancy words. Ever the bad guy is just Lucifer lol. How original.
Kevin Githaiga (5 months ago)
There is a lot of similarities with judeochristian faiths... Interesting...I like it...
Kevin Githaiga (4 months ago)
+Arexon oh! He designed a rich and interesting mythos...
Arexon (4 months ago)
Tolkien was a devout Catholic and knowingly worked certain aspects of his faith into his writings. He saw creativity as the best way to honor God or "sub-creation" as Tolkien put it. He believed that since we were made in the image of a Maker, so was sub-creation a human right in itself. Like a child often imitates his parents so do humans imitate God, not to mock Him but merely because there is a part of of Him in all humans. But this freedom can also be abused to promote our own glory and power and must constantly be checked. It all depends on how one uses the gifts of reason and creativity that are bestowed upon us. Knowledge and beauty is meant to be shared for the betterment of Mankind and enrichment of our world, not hoarded by a jealous few.
Christopher (5 months ago)
Where's PT 2
Zambie Slaya2016 (5 months ago)
So this is based on Christianity and God. Cool I'm Christian and I love this series
Tolkien took direct inspiration from the bible for this...
downwithvoldemort96 (5 months ago)
Anyone know the background music for this?
Rama Devi (4 months ago)
hey just got to know...the music used in the background is "Angevin" by Kevin MacLeod
Rama Devi (4 months ago)
yeah even i wanna know
Matthew Stephens (5 months ago)
Sorry what’s the book called again?
Tawréline (5 months ago)
Can we accept this as the new religion
Peter Brooke (5 months ago)
names are given in the Unfinished Tales as Alatar and Pallando.
Jonah Robo (5 months ago)
Wow this is basically the creation story from the Bible w the creation of satan and everything
Tobias Hørsted (5 months ago)
So are the Istari and Maiar the same?
Steve Smith (3 months ago)
Istari are maiar, it's just a name given to the 5 maiar choosen to to to Middle Earth as old men wizards and guide the people to confront Sauron.
Luke A (5 months ago)
Quantum (5 months ago)
Not all of the Ainur became Valar or Maiar. Some remained with Illuvatar.
Praetor7 (5 months ago)
3:24 Melkor bred Elves with what or whom? In order for to get orcs, I mean.
i am MUSLIM and PROUD (5 months ago)
In real life ..we all die .. The end is true ..we all get judged .. There is porous of creating us . And you my friend will get punished for every single jock you made . especially this video Just keep living it won't take long until you find hell
Gandalf Grey (5 months ago)
Within 30 seconds youre already wrong. The Istari are Demi-Gods, not angels.
Steve Smith (3 months ago)
.....it's not an actual title. He calls them lower class angels. That's more or less the same thing. If anything, calling them demi-gods is bad as demi-gods are normally crossbreed between gods and mortals. So it would be upper class godlings and lower class godlings. Using the term god to refer to multiple creatures is also confusing when there truly is a GOD with a capital g. So calling them angels is much simpler. Thus God created 2 tiers of angels, as opposed to gods and demigods (I prefer godlings myself if you must go that route as it prevents confusion since there is a GOD)
mltn_ R0cK (6 months ago)
People People
Daniel Dubinsky (6 months ago)
If you’re a fan of wicked then don’t pause the screen at 1:10 and look at the very bottom right

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