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The Funniest Table Tennis Match in HISTORY

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Watch as Jean-Michel Saive (BEL) plays against good friend Chuang Chih-Yuan (TPE) Tai-Ben International.
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金魚Goldfish (8 minutes ago)
兩個人都太可愛了XDD #Taiwan #ROC
Ciulinu Baraganului (2 hours ago)
5.1 k dislike?... they was brainwashed for sure!
Flávio Ednander (6 hours ago)
Muito bom.
Andreas Weh (7 hours ago)
wäre ja schon lucky den ball zu treffen -))) great !
DF Lin (13 hours ago)
complete match in 720p: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av21685686/
DF Lin (14 hours ago)
I didn't see the table. It must be a tennis match.....
Black Blade47 (17 hours ago)
wow i never laughed like this before
Maegan Womble (17 hours ago)
I wish I knew what those announcers were saying. You can tell they were loving every minute of it!
mindaugas49ccm (18 hours ago)
Funny table tennis? In history? how about these guys? https://youtu.be/KV4nkqgA0Lc
simon joly (18 hours ago)
16 minutes de pur rigolade et d'humour .Merci .
Sir Fa (22 hours ago)
God's level but How could a table tennis make me laugh this much?)
Agricola Castelgrosso (22 hours ago)
lol, and i thought table tennis was boring!! they seem like Monty phyton's movies
spiritooalized (23 hours ago)
My name is Forrest, Forrest Gump
Olivier S. (1 day ago)
Jean-Mi was one of the greatest Belgian athletes of all time. He was World Number One during more than 500 days. European champion, vice World Champion, several titles of Belgium Champion, and he won also several European Champion's league. He is a real show man. He has just decided to stop his carreer. He is a Belgian Legend !
RioMuc (1 day ago)
What an entertainer!!!
onafixedincome (1 day ago)
Good friends indeed...and sportsmen of the finest sort! Gentlemen, I hope you read this comment someday and hear: THANK YOU!! WE LOVED IT!!
Garrett Hoaglin (1 day ago)
who here in april 2019
前橋みき (1 day ago)
Fantastic-very enjoyable
dudlei (1 day ago)
My mom must've thought i was watching porn shot right in the middle of a crowd '-'
wesj1989 (1 day ago)
They're the Harlem Globetrotters of table tennis.
linuxmq (1 day ago)
Absolutely brilliant spirits!
Not funny.
no no (1 day ago)
Those judges were having a ball, don't buy into the stony faces. I'm certain they loved it.
V (1 day ago)
This I'd watch live. Fuck being serious about a ridiculous sport. No matter how amazing you are at playing it.
Jodie York (1 day ago)
ballsxan potente (1 day ago)
Next time they could play a real match.
Prignon Yves (1 day ago)
JM Saive is a big deal for table tennis, you'll find hundred of "serious" video of him playing on YT ;)
Ayes (1 day ago)
I can't see the ball ;-;
Gun1Up (1 day ago)
Apex legends "how to use the wingman" brought me here somehow and it actually turned out great lol!
Cosmin (1 day ago)
DiemiurgoPlay (1 day ago)
It's the first sports video that I see until the end
Ulisses Oliveira (1 day ago)
Isso não é um jogo, é um espetáculo.
HMB wing (1 day ago)
DillonJames (1 day ago)
That was so refreshing to watch, especially the doubles part lol
王宇 (1 day ago)
Honestly, I don't accept this. They stole my moves.
I totally like how this *one* player changes the vibe from a serious, stone faced match to a friendly fun game and takes *everyone* with them on this vibe! It could hardly get any better than this, and it adds a nice change for those people working there as well. Life is too short to be serious all the time, so why not (*_*) I like how the subs are halfway to 666 as well, 333 isn't all that bad.
Jan Erik Kristiansen (23 hours ago)
kam shaft (2 days ago)
throwing the match dq
Mike Studmuffin (2 days ago)
He needs more english.
bimbim sindu (2 days ago)
Youtube : i know you bored so i give you this.
compaq63 (2 days ago)
when he moved the table !!!! bahahahahaha
Ian Sullivan (2 days ago)
This is the greatest sporting event ever recorded.
tompparaideri (2 days ago)
Didn’t get this
Shiny Heart (2 days ago)
They were just having fun!!!! And they were getting paid for that! What else would anyone want in his life?
Kirill R (2 days ago)
David Sinanan (2 days ago)
Fantastic. You do NOT need to understand the language to be left laughing out loud. This was hilarious and amazing.
Londoner G (2 days ago)
Enjoyed that.
roy mason (2 days ago)
big whup?
Marjuk Ahmed (2 days ago)
Really nice. Thank you for the two players for the entertainment.
Zero idea how I ended up here, but I enjoyed it enough to share the link with my friends on Facebook.
TechMore (2 days ago)
YouTube Algorythm!...Go Home, You're Drunk.
AziK KicK (2 days ago)
Ор выше гор
obeasthead (2 days ago)
If you close your eyes it sounds like two Asian guys watching and laughing at gay porn
taylorroad/adamfine (2 days ago)
Ok, I'll admit it is funny.
bartmin j (2 days ago)
First I thought how tennis can be funny but after few minutes I was sitting with smile on my face
Peter August (3 days ago)
I dont speak a word of chinese, but I would be as good of a commentator as those guys are. "Aaaahhhh... ehhhhh chingchong uuuuhhhh!!!""" "heheheheh" "aaaaaaahhhh!!!!" "uuuuuuuh"
Black Spider-Man (3 days ago)
What did I just watch?........ haha
Great one
Илья Волков (3 days ago)
побольше бы таких матчей. либо цельный чемпионат бы по таким играм
Don Oliver (3 days ago)
Did i just watch a 16min ping pong video? Yes, yes I did.
Two? Why not two? Let's get two in here! That's not in the rules you say? You know what else isn't in the rules? *headbuts ball*
Hal 2000 (3 days ago)
The Harlem Globetrotters of table tennis.
Eunice Stone (3 days ago)
love this .... language not needed love of sport and show... amazing
RBStorm (3 days ago)
Judges are not having fun 🤣
Tyme Smith (3 days ago)
My dreams of becoming a rock star gone -- Mom I want to play table tennis!
Robin S (3 days ago)
the only ping pong anything ive ever seen in my life was in forest gump when i was a kid and youtube recommends this
hifive (3 days ago)
They make it look so easy and fun... and when I try to play I celebrate if I hit the ball once.
Abay Babseg (3 days ago)
He should be disqualified
Matt Stiles (3 days ago)
Ultra Instinct
Bilderberg CEO (3 days ago)
The Harlem Globetrotters of ping pong.
DarkReturns (3 days ago)
Everytime I think I've had enough they keep doing more hilarious shit lmao, ended up watching the whole thing. This was amazing!
Davide C. (3 days ago)
Aurel Web (3 days ago)
X') omg i'm crying ! XD
Satmareanu Ioan (3 days ago)
best game ever :0
AKAMugnuts ! (3 days ago)
What a great video.
Anthony Long (3 days ago)
Dmitry Kr (3 days ago)
Sharapova with balls
Nicolas Hubert (3 days ago)
Je crois que.... je me suis perdue ici 😂
ReggaeSurvivor (4 days ago)
Dog Tuber (4 days ago)
ajajaja ese tal saive vio que le iban a dar una paliza y dijo "si voy a perder, al menos voy a hacer un buen show! asi recuerdan mas el show que hice y no tanto la paliza que me dieron" jajajaj
Bert Goedemé (4 days ago)
jean-mi was like 46 at the time! what a guy!
Stephane Nouafo (4 days ago)
Kev Lew (4 days ago)
11:26 is actually really impressive though...
Sergio0hf (4 days ago)
Looks like Mr. BEAN playing tennis
Evan Hawkins (4 days ago)
So this is way less interesting than that antique lighter restoration video, but way more enjoyable than the soccer video YouTube recommended for me.
Kazeyo (4 days ago)
The title should be. The funniest pro table tennis match. Dude they are good af
coffeegt (4 days ago)
Спасибо ютубу. Без понятия будто оно вылезло в рекомендованных)))
Farva (4 days ago)
It's cool when you're good enough to fuck around like that and still be good xD
SharinganUchiha28 (4 days ago)
Mikeki (4 days ago)
That's some nice 2am video material
J Canan (4 days ago)
Hahaha this is AMAZING!!!
nonothebot (4 days ago)
Voila l'idée que je me fais du sport, c'est quand même plus marrant de les voir rigoler comme ça que de se taper sur la gueule ! ^^
Dmitry Kislyakov (4 days ago)
Какого хера здесь происходит ?
Bojan Babic (4 days ago)
Funny thing. Saive was the world champion back in 1994-1996. Chuang has only been 7th for what I can find(correct me if wrong). Amazing to see how someone that isnt even the number 1 beats someone that was the number one and, at the same time, both have so much fun together.
Stefan Mantz (4 days ago)
T series logo in the floor
Luke Not Skywalker (4 days ago)
White people + Yellow people = 🤞 Yellow people + Black people = 👎 White people + Black people = 👎
[ mein persönliches lustigstes Tischtennis-Spiel war als ich einen Punkt gegen meinen inzwischen verstorbenen Pa erzielt hab' mit einem Schuss an die Kante. Ich: "Entschuldigung." Er so: "Nix passiert." War im Moment wohl witziger als wenn man es liest... ]
Evolve XNS (4 days ago)
The best thing I’ve seen on YouTube
Toni Henkel (4 days ago)
Best Entertaiment Ever!

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