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DC Comics Multiverse Dr Psyco CNC Teen Titans WONDER GIRL Action Figurw Review

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Hello Super Friends! For today we will be having a review of the DC Comics Multiverse Dr Psycho wave Wonder Girl action figure from Mattel. She's been a collector requested character for years and years and we finally have a DC Universe Classic compatible release to go with or Pre-New 52 Teen Titans display. Subscribe:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzBJuxw4HWH-kz_cygih1KQ?view_as=subscriber
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Text Comments (22)
HisLordStigness (10 months ago)
Sjw marvel booty needs improvement. Love the hidden pegs
Juan Miguel Arasa (1 year ago)
DC Direct is light years ahead of Mattel
Gary Wilcox (1 year ago)
Neat figures and review. Mattel just needs to do super articulated classic Tim Drake Robin and Bart Allen Kid Flash figures to finish the 2003/4 Johns era TT team.
PlasticInTheAttic (1 year ago)
Her legs are horribly out of proportion with the torso or visa versa. Laziest CnC/BaF. Evah. Makes the BaF Puck and Hit Monkey look like masterpieces next to Psycho.
Queen of Spades (1 year ago)
Brad The DC Universe Geek monkey was a monkey in a suit with guns I think...
Roma Empire I remember Puck a little from online images but have never seen Monkey.
Queen of Spades (1 year ago)
mmm not, chances to get Dr. Psycho were little so I gladly take him. Puck and the monkey were terrible.
I agree with the Wonder Girl legs too short and that the Dr Psycho could have been a little better articulated. It's similar in makeup to Mr Mxyzptlk.
JayCee M (1 year ago)
Thank you for this review! I was hellbent and really close to buying the Multiverse Cass at my local Target, after you showed the DC Direct version, I knew I made the right choice in putting her back on the pegs. Gotta hunt down the DC Direct one now. 👌
JayCee M (1 year ago)
Brad The DC Universe Geek I went straight there after watching this review actually!😂
JayCee M That DCD one pops up on eBay and sometimes even for a good price. Good luck!
Jacob Sauve-Meuleman (1 year ago)
Nice review. I had never seen the DC Direct version and I have to say I really agree! The size is better, colours are brighter and the expression is much more in keeping with the character...less bland and barbie looking. Good stuff to know!
Green Man (1 year ago)
Dr. Psycho is waaaay too small.
do bi (1 year ago)
Yeaaah fwoosh!!
Dash Rush (1 year ago)
Great video, but we need a video of "the little ones".
Mardon NaLou (1 year ago)
I really wish she was a bit smaller. Other than that, I feel she is a good figure.
I agree. I kind of hide her hight in my display by placing her beside the Signature series Kon-El Superboy.
SM Tactical (1 year ago)
With digital imaging there is no excuse for derpiness!
Love the fact that you used the term "derpiness" lol.
keem vlogs (1 year ago)
Mattel is stepping up their game
keem vlogs (1 year ago)
Nathan Vance Yeah, blue to me screams dc compared to the red
Nathan Vance (1 year ago)
A bit, which is nice. I feel like they have a good chance with the new blue-boxed Multiverse push to really make up for a lot of grievances. We will see!

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