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Crazy Old Man Smashes Hotel Window

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PrankNET 2010
Category: Юмор
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Peter Foster (1 month ago)
This's really really indescribably SICK!!!!! Doing this to people, damaging people's homes, and hotels, taking advantage of people, THIS IS JUST DOWN RIGHT DEMONIC!!!! ROT IN HELL Pranknet James freak!!!!
Todd Tarum (4 months ago)
Normally the hotel staff will go do this sort of thing, but ok...let's forget all about reality for awhile. LOL
Chris Scheff (6 months ago)
You people need to go to jail.
shit ass (8 months ago)
Love it
Billy Bob (1 year ago)
"responding to a house explosion" LMFAO
auyama cowlyou (1 year ago)
Like I was told to do lolz gold
5luggin (1 year ago)
I love it
5luggin (1 year ago)
David Miscaviage (1 year ago)
Old comment is old. Anyone forget one of these pranknet guys got arrested for child porn?
Nathaleo Jk (3 years ago)
FoodOfTheGods (4 years ago)
This recording must be preserved in the Vatican Library.
Ioganstone (4 years ago)
He actually did it lmao
Matt92 Machine (4 years ago)
This just shows that people will do anything you tell them to do.
David (4 years ago)
OMG my sides hurt so bad! What are you doing? Breaking the window like I was told to do
tom ee (4 years ago)
Horrible people!! I'm calling the police
Promethean (13 days ago)
Sheriff Hoyt (6 months ago)
Tyler Markle got arrested lol they have a news clip of him on the youtube channel Panknet Archive
Really Bruh? (2 years ago)
mynamesjudge No, they didn't.
mynamesjudge (3 years ago)
@Nathaleo Jk Yes, they did.
Nathaleo Jk (3 years ago)
+Sylvanas Windrunner ... no one got arrested
Saul Goodman (5 years ago)
you guys some fucker named "THECALLCENTER' is STEALING/BROADCASTING all these old pranknet calls and CLAIMING that they are his material. he buys subscribers too and nobody knows the calls are all stolen. He reposts them to his site and channel under new names with new pictures too. spread the word that this fucker pretending to be dex needs to go.!!
Laquisha Jefferson (5 years ago)
blessed are the angels that puttith thine love upon thy soul to yet oh lord praise me praise mankind lest ye bottom is dirty upon shalt not sin there please lord forgive that demin child or tie the yellow ribbon upon the street forgets you. amen
ilili (5 years ago)
Thanks for the upload. These never fail to make me laugh.
somecrazywhore (5 years ago)
Coldbore (5 years ago)
wait, is pranknet getting back together?!
CKACKAJACKA (5 years ago)
That's some dirty shit, funny, but sociopathic as a muthafucka.
RsSlay (5 years ago)
First upload in like a decade, ohhh shit.

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