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In today's video we are trying very extra clothes from aliexpress!! I post new video's Fridays & Sundays & sometime's Tuesdays! My dote giveaway: https://dote.app.link/8M9iEpGHwO Instagram: @miamaples Snapchat: @miamaples Twitter: @ivorygirl48
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Cheshire Cat (1 day ago)
I used to wear platform shoes like that all the time, I lived for them 😂😂
Zaniya Johnson (1 day ago)
Ok i love mia but she always puts herself down
Just Saying (2 days ago)
The Sunglasses ( both colours), looked pretty cool on you. The revealing dress and fluffy slippers were a miss, but the rest were decent.
helene ! (2 days ago)
i NEED the link for those camo cargo pants 😫
Jessica Lyngkhoi (2 days ago)
damn that Kendall's dress looks so good on you
wkmskk (2 days ago)
Can u link all ur items
Dilan Ceyhan (2 days ago)
Aliexpress 👍 wish 👎
Sherif Aliti (2 days ago)
Ali Express are cheaters , avoid buying from them
Amanda Rosado (3 days ago)
The dress with the Xmas sweater texture is the shiney tread you feel? Like tinsel.
Diivine Grace (3 days ago)
Ehhh canadian😂🔴🔴💖
Alliah Torres (3 days ago)
How many dresses do you have 😂
Belle Hinman (4 days ago)
You know you are on Wish when there is super redundant names. 👌🏻😀
alornas army (4 days ago)
I love ur videos so much my niece got.me into watching u ur so ur so beautiful and ur body is amazing
Chris Violaris (4 days ago)
You know what's really funny? I got a Gucci ad on this video
Rene (5 days ago)
6:25 kim possible feels
Bankados HD (6 days ago)
2:28 i see one boobs
The Valerie Lorenzo (6 days ago)
The girl in the gold sequin dress (pictured) looks like Amber Scholl!
SirParcifal (6 days ago)
I can't do aliexpress - their clothes are wash once or twice and fall apart - in fact WALMART has better clothing that lasts longer...
Rana Tash (8 days ago)
I ordered from them and 3 months later it said that they reached my post office I went there and the post office said they don’t have my items 😔
Cora Norton (8 days ago)
When you put on the sunglasses you lowkey looked like the Amanda chick in that one episode of drake and josh
Tania Ahmed Ava (8 days ago)
You looked good in that black sunglass actually 💖
jacqueline (8 days ago)
can you pls give the link to the trousers?
Lulu Grey (8 days ago)
You should try not pushing the sunglasses up your nose so much
Laura Quijano (8 days ago)
I love Mia commenting from the future 💛
Katie Casey (8 days ago)
I dont really like the shape of the sun glasses 😑😑
You need to measure your feet because shoes from China are always a size smaller. They have a measuring list if you go to the product information down below :)
Stephanie Tingtved (9 days ago)
Love the last outfit cute
Zero Lynx (10 days ago)
You should do streetwear
Nicky (10 days ago)
5:30 i actually love how they look on you ♥️
cerstin mocsary (10 days ago)
You should let your mom or boyfriend guess the price! I think it would be really funny 😂 love you and your videos! 💗
syerzan (10 days ago)
Shop through Aliexpress here! Get rebates and discounts! Sign up to get $1 credited onto your account. Only takes a minute. https://sg.vmoreasia.com/referred-signup/c3llcnphbg==
Daxter Lehto (12 days ago)
You need body tape for the kylie dress
Kaity Meade (12 days ago)
The sneakers remind me of Barbie shoes 😂
Jackie Arteaga (14 days ago)
damn she really wore no underwear for that dress 😂
Isabella Campos (14 days ago)
vestidos - means ´dresses´ in brazilian portuguese :D
theresa A (14 days ago)
Hey🙋‍♀️ what's the link for those camo cargo pants- pls n thx
Kaylie Leib (15 days ago)
That last set would be cute with a little jacket and heels to a baby shower or a brunch! 😻
Ding Ding (15 days ago)
Why did you use the same clip for the Kendal Jenner dress. You used the same clip in your wish haul? idk maybe I'm wrong. did you mention a reason why?
Lolawestie (15 days ago)
5:26 girl.... I feel you. Nothing looks good on my face either and coincidentally I feel like we have a similar face shape lol 😂
teresa villafuerte (15 days ago)
Where did you buy your iPhone case???
Jonnie Rodriguez (15 days ago)
On the yellowy green dress, I'd just buy some rhinestones & glue them on where the boobs seams things are & maybe on the strips of fabric on the sides to make it look a lil cuter.
asdfghjla (16 days ago)
Who won
kimicalin (16 days ago)
your speech and look really remind me of Taylor R for some reason.....
nicolle ford (16 days ago)
Have you ever had things from ali express and wish or any other retailers on the cheaper end just not send you stuff? Because not gonna lie im afraid to try ordering things from websites like this
Jasmine Hanway (16 days ago)
Anyone else binge watching?
Arianne Kim Guy-Uyco (17 days ago)
You have to tape the dress to your chest so you won’t have any boobslips.
Tina S (17 days ago)
What size camo pants???
Lola's Life (17 days ago)
I saw a hickey
cookie mania (17 days ago)
Yoooi im 13 and i am 39. Ugh. I hate myself.
Esma Şeyda (18 days ago)
Pants are amazing!! I think you should wear those with clear shoes which is you got them from wish!!! :)
D'ajeng Esyh (18 days ago)
The one that On Kendal look wider in the bottom tho not that Squizzy
Sammantha Beining (20 days ago)
That white plastic skirt was so cute & it def gave me "clueless" "90s" vibes !! 💙💙
wildjason _gamer (20 days ago)
Gurl not to be bad or nothing but on 2:30 there a little nipslip
Melanie Abeyta (20 days ago)
to be honest, those glasses on you are pretty fire
joline sophie (21 days ago)
6:35 this looks hreat omggg
joline sophie (21 days ago)
2:28 this is beautiful
Sunny Bunn (21 days ago)
Hate to say it but you kinda look like Tana with those pointed sunglasses
Asha Williams (21 days ago)
The camo pants look killer on you omg
nayeli garcia (22 days ago)
How tall are you?
*Wish left The chat *
Casual Unboxing (23 days ago)
Hey, I'm not one of your subscribers, but just wanted to let you know this guy stole this video and its on hi channel, you should report him for copyright infringement. Igor Enokhin
vashtify (23 days ago)
I want those pants !!!! give me a link o those
Maria Lucia (26 days ago)
You kidding! Girl, those sunglasses are CUTE on you!
Isabella Melgara (26 days ago)
I like how the sunglasses looked on her.
Amy K (26 days ago)
I just found you 2 days ago and cant stop watching videos. Youre hysterical
Libby Caldwell (27 days ago)
at first i thought you chopped your hair off and almost cried noooo i love your long hair!!!! never cut it it’s so gorgeous
kikalcala (28 days ago)
With that blonde hair and those red glasses I couldn't but just remember Anastacia lol
Lacey Tomlinson (30 days ago)
Double sided tape or like wig glue maybe lol
shwee beez (30 days ago)
Officiallysophie Xx (30 days ago)
On the first dress when You moved we saw your nipple
Alyssa Cattani (1 month ago)
On the first outfit I can see your boob when you where moving slow
Maddison Wallis (1 month ago)
I subscribed ❤️❤️
Sophie Gomez (1 month ago)
Why the gold dress is green lol
Ali Jan (1 month ago)
Cassandra Martinez (1 month ago)
Squirtle Squad glasses
Madinah Mohammad (1 month ago)
what size in the cargo pants did you get
Rachel Bright (1 month ago)
Those red sunnies look so sick on you!!
Manjitha Pasan (1 month ago)
aliexpress cash back go and register https://www.ebates.com/r/MANJIT170?eeid=28187
its bitch (1 month ago)
The glasses look dope on u tbh! AliExpr always have good glasses tbh the boots were cute too
Shivani Rana (1 month ago)
I wonder how you look without makeup.
Lesley Maciel (1 month ago)
Omg you're so genuinely funny
Savannah Lawrence (1 month ago)
Please wear those clear heels (that may show your feet humidity) with those camo pants/crop top! It would be so cute
Jaahana Cook (1 month ago)
🖐Very Extra🖑
Ashton Powers (1 month ago)
they also dont look good on her because she dosent have curve and boobs to make it look real good
Ashton Powers (1 month ago)
all sunglasses pretty much like plastic
The Nyan Cat (1 month ago)
Rubi Lutze (1 month ago)
"double pocket action"🤣🤣
J (1 month ago)
In these glasses you looks like CeCe Drake from PLL. Who’s disagree?!
Iggi 120 (1 month ago)
ITs RéAl HOłø
Mea lyn (1 month ago)
The Gucci shoes look like scary spoce shoes haha
Katzenbach (1 month ago)
You are beautiful, please don' t take this as a criticism to your body, but the last outfit doest fit you at all!! Its huge and ill fitting everywhere, it needs adjustments! please don' t were this outside!
Star Lujan (1 month ago)
I just bought the same camo pants on JOOM for only $14 with free shipping.
Tasfa Labonno (1 month ago)
why don't you put links of the product in the description ;-;
Makilah Jeffers (1 month ago)
The plastic skirt sounds like a bag of chips ( not hate ) just being honest
Don Lopez (1 month ago)
I love all your vids hope you make more
Nat Kat (1 month ago)
cut the top and glue it on the slide u already have
Claudia (1 month ago)
Vestidos means dress in my country
Ana Lolic (1 month ago)
I so so much love ali ekspres ❣They is my favorite shoping 👄 I am from Serbia 🎀🎀
Ebony F (1 month ago)
Baby doll shoes!!! 😂😂

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