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No Country for Old Men - Hotel Scene

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One unlucky Caucasian and one badass motherfucker with his shotgun.
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Christopher Adams (2 days ago)
When a pro PUBG player meets a noob.
DwayneHicks426 (2 days ago)
Anton: "I'm gonna ring to 3, then shoot you" Carson: "You mean count?" Anton: *evil smirk*
alex t. (4 days ago)
This Carson knew he was dying, that’s why he was being a little sassy with Anton.
Dustin F (4 days ago)
"An ATM"
Dylan Hills (5 days ago)
This is by far the best book to movie adaptation. Of course there are discrepancies, but leave it to the Coen bros to masterpiece it.
Ivan C (6 days ago)
This guy is scary as hell.
26 (7 days ago)
Part of me wonders if Anton had enough "moral code" to honor the deal he offered Llewellyn.
socallawrence (9 days ago)
Hey Carson, was there ever any 14 grand ?
Spiro climb (10 days ago)
Simple rule kiddies, when someone points a gun at you and tells you “let’s go to your room” aka “somewhere private” retaliate immediately and take your chances on the spot. You’re as good as dead otherwise.
яэч ςσκεs (11 days ago)
2:51 dead dog
Jonas Fischer (11 days ago)
"She wont be there." "It doesnt make any difference where she is." "So what you going up there for?" Literally the only moment where Anton got outsmarted in a conversation. That sigh of his after getting owned, then starting all over again and his voice getting angry is probably the biggest victory over the evil in the entire movie.
Thanos Infinity (13 days ago)
Thanos Vs Silva
Kotal Kahn (13 days ago)
Great scene. Poetry in motion. Until the phone went TRINNNNNNNNNG! TRINNNNNNNNNNNNNNG!! TRINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGG!!! 😎😓🚬
Eric Cartman (15 days ago)
woody should have launched himself at chigur right there on the stairs while he had the gun down. using momentum he could have a chance of running away in all the commotion, or perhaps wrestling the gun away. but he was too scared even though he knew what's going to happen. and in the room he should have waited until chigur looks away and then launch himself at him and try to wrestle the gun away. He went to slaughter like a sheep or a jew
Nash Williams (16 days ago)
I was really hoping Carson would lunge backward at chigurh when he was on the stairs... could have knocked him down and at least had a chance instead of being lead to his certain death in the privacy of the room.
Rust Cohle (17 days ago)
Why did Anton feel the need to hunt Carson down
26 (19 days ago)
"Do you have any idea how crazy you are?" "You mean the nature of this conversation?" "I mean the nature of you."
LordKellthe1st (21 days ago)
Anton vs Thanos. And Anton won. Think about that for a minute :)
MUDSWAT (23 days ago)
They really shot Woody in the chest with a silenced 12 Gage they wanted the scene to be real!!
MGTOW LOGIC (25 days ago)
When one man is more terrifying and efficient than an army
Dan Kennedy (27 days ago)
Dan Kennedy (27 days ago)
Patrick Baxter (1 month ago)
3:10 Hahaha!
Kotal Kahn (1 month ago)
That phone is a biohazard. Damn the sound.🎧
Jeff Garbarek (1 month ago)
So perfect
Overrated movie!
spook200 (1 month ago)
"You don't have to do this, you can have my butt Anton." Weirdest line I've ever heard
Ozymandias (1 month ago)
Thanos fears Anton Chigurgh
bobo jepeny (1 month ago)
On the stairs. ..Carson didn't immediately jump down on AC when he turned around and saw AC's rifle pointed down....not believable. .
Javier Ortega (1 month ago)
The fact that he didn’t shoot him from the noise of the telephone shows how true of a professional he is.
Raven Kahne (1 month ago)
Death knows when you are lying.
Luke Owens (1 month ago)
Is this same guy who sat on a grenade in Thin Red Line? He sure picks horrible ways to die!
Ahmad Hasan (1 month ago)
Hello Carson!!!
Colonel Reb (1 month ago)
Why didn't Llewellyn man up and go hunt for him?
Frank Castle (1 month ago)
"You know who it is.....reality is often disappointing...." "What you say?" "Nothing.....I know where you're going.... gathering all six of those stones..." "What??" "You think snapping your fingers will end it....but you know how this turns out. So do I." (Click)
Dennis McClain (1 month ago)
Unlikely it would have been anyone else doing that, creeping through the hall and standing on the other side of the door unscrewing the hall light. Brolins character had the chance to blast him through the door as soon as the lock popped out of the door it was no mistaking who it was.
mind waves (18 days ago)
Yes, because popping rounds into doors is considered normal and keeping a low profile?
Timmy Higa (1 month ago)
“you’re cancelled and that’s it chief, the tea has been spilt”
Quentin Vine (1 month ago)
When Carson wells was introduced I thought damn, woody is a badass cowboy who is gonna fuck up this creepy dude but nope he gets fucked instantly lmao
User Name (1 month ago)
>your description theyre both Caucasian lmao
李岱文 (1 month ago)
The end when he looks at Carson, just to be like "look at that it is going to be brought to me."
3rd Gunman (1 month ago)
The beauty of the writing of the scene is clearly seen in woody's acting but the previous build up. When Carson tells Moss about Shugar, he acts all like he's not that tough about him and mentions that there's no negotiating. Making that line about excepting your situation so deep.
MrCharrrles (1 month ago)
"an ATM" :D
andrea105 beautygirl (1 month ago)
Dude literally fails his job and his employer is also killed....
SUPER GANG (1 month ago)
Now see this dude was crazy but not like the ledger joker crazy this was a great villain
Samuel Garcia (2 months ago)
Why did he claim himself as a trader? I thought was hitman
ShreddingBlood (2 months ago)
0:32 OH GOD NO
daniel seddon (2 months ago)
A no look silenced shotgun blast. That might be unique!
LokiRudder (2 months ago)
sandesh baghmar (2 months ago)
All Josh Brolin had to do in this movie was to snap his fingers
White Peter (2 months ago)
There's no significance of when he's going to shoot. Truly an absolute madman to be feared.
DANI 80 (2 months ago)
Mierda ingles
Sugar Jets (2 months ago)
Utterly over-rated movie. Nothing virtuous, positive, heroic or uplifting about it. Any of it. My guess it was actually an experiment to learn just how dysfunctional a society becomes when it finds this sort of movie entertaining. Reminds me of how popular "The Walking Dead" became, and how viewers of that garbage actually volunteered themselves for PTSD.
CoolClipsable (2 months ago)
So why did Chigurh have to kill Carson anyway? Aren't they both working under the same boss?
Stephen Catrett (2 months ago)
Woody Harrelson is always a pleasure
Fight ForFreedom2019 (2 months ago)
"that's the best deal you're going to get"
Zech Foster (2 months ago)
Lessons not learned or taught sincere are...
Hau Tak Leighton Tam (2 months ago)
Another detail you might not have noticed about this scene; Chigurh shoots Wells with the FOURTH ring of the telephone. Four is a number culturally associated with death and doom; it is homophonic with 'death' in East Asian languages, and features in Christian theology in the Four Horsemen and the Four Last Things of man.
Feels Man (2 months ago)
Oooh. Nice observation.
Jons Silva (2 months ago)
Do you have any idea how crazy you are? 😂😂😂 lol
Supreme and Astute (2 months ago)
0:09 to 0:29 one of the badass scenes ever in the cinematic universe.
Supreme and Astute (2 months ago)
0:09 to 0:29 one of the badass scenes ever in the cinematic universe.
Abe Mccluskey (2 months ago)
Omar coming yo!
The Kickboxing Community (2 months ago)
Chigurh actually looked mildly stunned after that veteran said he's coming for him instead
Nitronic99 (2 months ago)
I hadn't noticed before but Woody had a chance to kill him on the stairway. He had higher ground and probably had a blade handy... Chigurh was not pointing the shot gun at him at that point.
The Kickboxing Community (2 months ago)
You go to hell! *Hmm! Allright!*
Zaman Yolcusu (2 months ago)
I have never unterstood one detail in this film. Who was the behind of Anton ? If he was alone, how could he know everything and where did you find the money for this serial murders ?
nkt1 (2 months ago)
He was employed by Stephen Root's character to retrieve the cash.
Shane McNelis (3 months ago)
No wonder Anton wanted to kill Lewellyn. Did you see how he rudely hung up on Anton when they were having a civil discussion?
rubendran jeevanantham (3 months ago)
Salazar vs Carnage !!
Real Displaced (3 months ago)
I just finished reading the novel. I saw the movie first. It was good. But it could night deliver like the book. Especially this scene. Woody Harrelson was great in this role, but the terror Carson Wells felt in the novel was intense! The conversation was longer and the death was poetic.
Roger Seebald (3 months ago)
He should have ran away right away
Ben Hoagland (3 months ago)
"Hello Carson. Let's go to your room"
Exceptional Dude (3 months ago)
“Not in the sense that you mean” damn thats some dark humor if you ask me
KageTrauma (3 months ago)
3:11-3:16 I love the little things like this in movies...
thomas johnson (3 months ago)
Anton sighed in annoyance when he asked the stupid question "what are you going up there for?" when he knew full well that Anton meant he was going wherever she was. Anton really hates useless questions.
Stan Kyle Kenny Cartman (3 months ago)
My favorite scene, "We may go way back but it does not we are boys."
Joel Toyen-Fuentes (3 months ago)
Is it me or could Carson have just kicked Chigurh down the stairs easily at one point?
Zachary Delano (3 months ago)
0:29-0:42 When he interviews you before you propose to his daughter.
Feels Man (2 months ago)
Good one
Superleb (3 months ago)
Anton sounds like Benjamin Netanyahu.
Brian Colwill (3 months ago)
He's the only guy that ever even got so much as near close. He held his own with the mystery assasian and gave him back as bad as he gave. For the first time, ever...
Thorsten Pilz (3 months ago)
I'd like to know how many people have noticed the dust falling out of the lamp when Anton fires his weapon. I mean how weird is that? Have they really fired a shotgun in that room? And prepared the lamp with dust? Must be! This ain't no coincedence....No wonder this is one badass movie.
cookie fox (3 months ago)
Love Media (4 months ago)
I would to see Anton Chirgurh go up against Chris Partlow from The Wire
Omar Rochet (4 months ago)
Top 5 anime bosses.
jblackmel (4 months ago)
"...an ATM."
Mr Logical (4 months ago)
*I can watch this clip 25 times in a row* ......... But *every single time* that damn phone rings it *SCARES THE SHIT OUT OF ME.*
Iamsam Samiam (4 months ago)
Guy knows ATM? lol
Catherine Ragland (4 months ago)
Hitman give his word in deal . Moss bring da $ 💼 n place it at the hitman killer feet ,and your wife live forever and hitman give his word again or i will give you my word that will send wild goons at your hotel front door and still wait to kill your wife i give u my word.
Scott Brown (4 months ago)
It was at this moment.. walking up those stairs. He knew..he fucked up.
I love how Anton barely blinks while talking to Carson, it makes him look that much more threatening
xabun (4 months ago)
180 people lost the coin toss
BGB IG (4 months ago)
3:58 I love how he just casually places his feet on the bed to avoid the blood trail on the ground.
Suphang Ko (4 months ago)
They are all old men in this film ,why nol
Ahmed H (4 months ago)
Makes u wonder if she survived.......
Kotal Kahn (4 months ago)
That phone would've killed Carson anyways. Loud is an understatement.🙉
Mandy Karevicius (4 months ago)
Hello Carson... *Raises shotgun* ...You just fucked up.
Ronnie Bishop (4 months ago)
Carson was not prepared and he seemed to know Anton very well and still walks around with no gun no backup no nothing. That doesn't make a lick of sense.
Sayantan Guha (4 months ago)
A great thing about this movie how less and less visible the killings become as the movie progresses. The first murder is prolonged and horrifying: Anton strangling the cop for several minutes, with a deadly, manic look, as the audience is forced to watch the poor cop struggle, but to no avail. The next murder is that of the guy whose car Anton takes. It is a swift, painless death. We, as an audience, see it happen, but it is not as horrifying as the cop's death. When Woody Harrelson dies, we do not even get to see the bullet strike him. We do see Anton shoot him, but the actual corpse is not even shown. And, by the time the movie ends, we are not even shown the killing (of Josh Brolin's wife) at all. I think it is a means by which the audience is desensitized towards the act of killing. It was horrible and scary and gruesome at the beginning, but by the end, it is not even worthy of being shown on-screen
Ronnie Bishop (4 months ago)
Sayantan Guha Iy still doesn't make sense. Because this character is all over the place to the point of boring now and at the middle and especially at the ending of the picture violence is all they have left . But you're right on with your observation and the progression was intentional. These two people don't do anything by accident. You must have watched it several times. I'm not saying the picture gets boring just the character because he doesn't leave wanting more of him but no more of him. I think they should have allowed just a little relief to his outcome or even who in the world he really was.
Arkalius80 (4 months ago)
That's a fascinating observation. I wonder if it's intentional on the part of the screenwriters... I'd like to think it is.
bellmeisterful (4 months ago)
I wouldnt just sit there Id try to surprise him and get out
Very cool film, very good adaptation and cool actors: Josh, Tommy, Woodey and especially Xavier. Anton is really cool villain, like Terminator, but he’s a human... Very impressive... I’m happy that he got his Oscar. This film shows that there’s no country for old men. Everything changes too fast. Thanks to Coen Brothers for this film. And these scene is also great: - You don’t have any idea how crazy you are. - You mean the nature of this conversation? - I mean the nature of you. You can have the money... Anton.
Man Bites Dog (4 months ago)
Will ya take a gander at that can on the end of the shotgun!
Otávio Silva (4 months ago)
"You should admit your situation"

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