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Text Comments (356)
Its a great video broo 😎
Kave Man (11 hours ago)
What t blades are those
LUIsDAkillDAB Reveron (14 hours ago)
Yo where does he work someone plz tell me
Mikulicz (21 hours ago)
wow thjis looks all pretty gay
Alvaro Gonzalez (1 day ago)
What's the last song of this video?
Abu Shaymaa (1 day ago)
انا بعرف اعمل الشغل ده بس هي عده
هههههه بس اريد اعرف هذول وين عايشين بلكهوف لو بلغابات كل واحد كفشتة شكبرهة ولحيتة واصلة لطيزة شني معقولة ماكو يمهم حلاليق
WEREWOLF GAMING (2 days ago)
1:14 is stucking a lighter in ear a normal thing!?!?
Cisco Ramirez24 (2 days ago)
Damn some ppl are str8 gifted man but i need those trimmers what are they the gold small ones so fine nd precise damn!!!
Atrooja Khan (2 days ago)
Mans lookin like a Viking up in here
Keith Domin (2 days ago)
This professional stylist is AWESOME!!!
소고기맛있다 (2 days ago)
문신 수애 실화임? 물을 사랑한다라... 환경보존 운동가가 분명하다.
Mylie Wells (2 days ago)
Very informative especially for the millenials:)
Brenda Vellozo (2 days ago)
1:18 tem até um BINGA kkkkk
그래나 (2 days ago)
why am I watching this video.. I'm a girl.. even not hair designer
Что за мода пошла на бородатых?!
M?stery Box (3 days ago)
Follow Jason Makki....
تعالو تبادل اشتراكات
Uzhas Ua (3 days ago)
Very good stuff
Natalia Kudrynova (3 days ago)
Galvatròn Moreno (3 days ago)
Más que hombres parecen mariconas con tanta peluquería!!!
جميل بس شعري احلئ😜
Timur Abdigappar (3 days ago)
أإأوم شامة (3 days ago)
اكو عرب بالفديو 😂
Jav Just Jav (4 days ago)
They need barbers like this around my bloc
FernandoMaZzA (4 days ago)
Caraiii que muito DuCaraiii 👏😮
lune soleil (4 days ago)
CROWS ZERO (4 days ago)
6:25 damn...🔥🔥🔥
Blidza (5 days ago)
we get it, you vape !
Supper, amazing......
victor de diego casla (6 days ago)
y yo calvo.! me cago en todo!!!
QWERTY (6 days ago)
Que peinados mas feos, la puta
Aesops Foiblez (6 days ago)
So basically u gave douche bags with douche bag hair styles upgraded douche baggier hair cuts
Emanuel Funez (6 days ago)
cuantas boludeces se hacen solo para semtirse bien con sigo mismos
LoganTheLionheart (6 days ago)
Why they get nice hair cut when next day they blow up?
Maya Padan (6 days ago)
4:44 is it hot here or just me? 🙃
Maya Padan (1 day ago)
oh jeez i just looked on the face of the one on the back
Rip X (1 day ago)
Just you 😂
admiral ackbar (6 days ago)
I pay $8 for my haircut ,my Chinese Barber does it , and they do a decent job.
palestine algerie (6 days ago)
je rêve ou le mec il a un briquet sur le lobe
葉修 (6 days ago)
thebestteaminvideos2 (7 days ago)
All this is is a huge add for their products 😂😂
I'mJust Sayin Tho (7 days ago)
Where I Cali can i get my hair cut like this???? For real though. Does anyone know if any of these barber are located in Cali???
Nicolas Vilalta (7 days ago)
Que mariconada
Michelle Thomas (7 days ago)
I love them all men getting all guy'd up makes me smile for days 😍
El Rey Del Dinero (7 days ago)
Did that dude have a lighter in his ear I'm dead 😂😂😂
Amanda jeronimo (7 days ago)
Beautiful eyes (1:30) 😻
Aydin M (7 days ago)
Who is the guy at 0:40? Anyone know his name
Keithlynn O'Brien (7 days ago)
I don't know but he is finee 🤤😂
อยากไปตัดสักครั่งเด้ เผื่อกุหล่ออขึ้น 5555+
Mohamed Ayt Ihya (7 days ago)
Fares Fareh (7 days ago)
Тошнит уже от этих неандертальцев, какой кретин ввел моду на бороду
Sp B (7 days ago)
2:05 the guy 😍
ASİ poyraz (7 days ago)
Ormandan kacan davar
Dany HotPompis (8 days ago)
What ugly people need to do to get some attention jeez
Pixel Boxer (8 days ago)
What happend to the good old classic haircuts? Why everyone wants to look like a latte macchiato?
Ser Mister (8 days ago)
Хуй пизда
Robert K. (8 days ago)
فد شي حلؤؤؤؤؤ
لؤي لؤي (8 days ago)
ايش هاذي الحلاقه الله يقرفكم
C'est Moi Edz (8 days ago)
Beautiful eyes 1:36
Sharon Park (8 days ago)
모델들이 너무 잘생겨서 똥을뿌려도 잘생겼을듯
Yugi Moto (8 days ago)
6:50 Lionel Messi?
-sylect- (8 days ago)
My hair grows way to fast for all this fancy shit
Alpha Omega (8 days ago)
That dude had a lighter in his ear. What the Fuck
Clana1102 (9 days ago)
Mad skills. 😊❤✌
Eπi G (9 days ago)
¿Porqué tiene un encendedor en la oreja?
Yan St-Michel (9 days ago)
Why is mans vaping behind this guy
triggerrick (9 days ago)
What is it with men these days wanting to be the prettiest man they can be, dying your hair, contacts etc. God damn grow a pair, dudes are soft these days.
Moeen Patel (9 days ago)
Share your Instagram page.
Progressive Viewer (9 days ago)
4:48 master barber skills. He's turned him into a different person at the end.
Dear Loly (9 days ago)
E tudo isso adivinha por quanto??? 20 reais apenas KSKSKSKSK
In4mous 1 (9 days ago)
What clippers did u use
Max Bond (9 days ago)
Altos bobos
Azizah S. (9 days ago)
That first beard looks unhygienic
Luisa Mtnz (9 days ago)
Creí que le iban a cortar esas barbas tan horribles 😕
Jailson Jailson (9 days ago)
Omri Ramzi (9 days ago)
The haircuts are nice. But they play too much with the beards, it's overkill.
NewLuck Gf pt (9 days ago)
Esse canal é Br?
Missy Bailey (9 days ago)
PankoCrumb (9 days ago)
This is so satisfying to watch
LA-Z RAIDER (9 days ago)
Que asco de gustos.
Nabeela Rajpoot (9 days ago)
3 37 the man💋🔥😍😍😍
Mctigerhobbes (9 days ago)
Why does nearly everyone of them look gay after their haircuts 😂😂😂
Affan R (9 days ago)
Maybe because their beauty is a little more enhanced after simple grooming techniques without much effort and in turn has aroused the gay in you. Just learn to accept men can be beautiful without being gay. Nothing gay in looking your true best and utmost confident!
TOEPUTTS NZ (9 days ago)
Wheres all the men at
ağır başlı (9 days ago)
They all look depressed to me
popo Pairet (9 days ago)
3:16 수애? 물사랑? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ the interpretation of a sentence written on one's neck Water love :]
dave taylor (9 days ago)
2018...When men look like utter bitches!
Aziz N (9 days ago)
:O amazing job !
Daniel Angeley (9 days ago)
Выглядят будто кретины
Hakim Ferdjani (9 days ago)
يييععععع اين الرجولة
Bastidas (9 days ago)
Estos son los peinados que mas usa el Bryan en la actualidad :v
Um carinha aleatório (9 days ago)
Quero que minha barba cresça logo
Soldier Greko (9 days ago)
""""""" MEN """""""
Melissa Diamond (9 days ago)
Got that afro blood and thick hair
Приятно, когда мужик ухоженный. Ну хоть на празднички и меропрятия. Это не гей. Это означает что ему не плевать на окружающих. Радует наружным видом и запахом парфюма, а не помойки, трусов, носков и чеснока. Классный салон.
Я против бороды!
Rusty Shacklefurt (9 days ago)
Before I even push play I said to myself..."Self, I bet this video will have complete garbage music attached to it" I was correct. Go job self!!!
Mairim Sognimod (9 days ago)
Me apaixonei pelo número 3 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
MillaJ Re (10 days ago)
Got these men looking all daddyish and shiddddddd

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