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HOW TO FIND YOUR STYLE | Quiz, Tips, and Style Categories

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Want to know how to find your personal style? In this video I will walk you through a personality checklist that should help you have a visual of what your style should look like based on your personality. Our clothing is an extension of our personality and a great way to say who you are without actually saying a word. Don't forget to give this video a thumbs up if you liked it! and subscribe for more videos :) What I'm Wearing : Top - Forever 21 ( last year ) Earrings - Vintage FOLLOW ME! http://www.instagram.com/misscharmsie http://www.facebook.com/misscharmsie http://www.twitter.com/misscharmsie www.misscharmsie.com BUSINESS INQUIRIES : [email protected]
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Awilda Jimenez (4 months ago)
Great advise, will be useful. Loved your wedding photo, you and hubby looked stunning!
Jeanne Snodgrass (5 months ago)
Loved this video! My style is SO not neutrals only. I have neutrals but always worn with color and statement pieces. I haven’t found my style category but I would say my style is bold, feminine and embellished.So glad to find someone who also loves color and unique clothes.💕
Gitte Van de velde (9 months ago)
I'm 17 and I have the feeling I have figured this out quite early? Many girls my age just follow trends, or don't give a fuck and just walk aroudn in black joggings and graphic shirts 24/7 (which can be a style too!) while my style is more kind of...Feminine-romantic-creative-dramatic. Huge ruffled sleeves with pink velvet boots, that kinda thing. And it also fits with my personality: I'm a girly-girl, I am kidn of a hopeless romantic, I am creative (I do arts, so obviously) and would love some adventure and excitement, which translates into dramatic. edit: Lol, out fo the style categories you made I'm actually a bit of everything. Mainly vintage:minimalistic/classic/boho. Which don't really go together but whatever.
Tinicia Young (9 months ago)
I absolutely loved this video!!! such a great share. I'm so inspired with how you followed your heart to get the wedding dress of your dreams. Definitely would like to see more
Mz V - (10 months ago)
Thanks awesome video I will definitely save for future reference😍🌷, I am struggling with this 🤣🙃 a birthday coming soon adds to the pressure 😃
Mariana Zhune (10 months ago)
I just wear whatever and I feel like I just want to wear new cloths now I’m trying to find who I am... it’s hard though I don’t know what to even do
Musix & Art (11 months ago)
Skylar J (11 months ago)
Thanks for this, I need my style
Leilah E. (1 year ago)
I was a teen in Grunge/Supermodels era (Nadege/Paulina/Helena to musos like /Sade or Bjork/trans actor Jaye Davidson/Neo-noir femme fatales like Sharon Stone/Linda Fiorentino/Sean Young/Madeleine Stowe/Isabelle Adjani/Emmanuelle Seigneur/Nastassja Kinski etc) so definitely am into 90s indie but also am into North African Orientalistism/Russian Muscovite 16th/17th century fashion(turbans/silks/velvets/large bold prints/ornate jewelry/draped billowy clothes). In other words...weird. At home, I wear loose-fitting men's clothes/jeans.
Samantha Alarcon (1 year ago)
I agree with everyone: the best personal style quiz I've seen.
Amira Zagorica (1 year ago)
Im sporty and chic
caterina guiduzzi (1 year ago)
Rosa (1 year ago)
thank you so much....
Klara Nissan (1 year ago)
Best video on this topic!!! Thank you!! I totally agree with something needing to feel good for your soul haha things will look good on me and I will totally hate it bc they're not me, n sometimes I'm like am I crazy? Should I just buy it?? But nope, just like what you did with your wedding dress I freaking love that!
Chesterson Jack (1 year ago)
In addition to absolutely falling in love with your style as soon as I noticed your clothes hanging up in the background (I also love vibrant color and patterns) you seem like a very open friendly person. I am now subscribed you have a great channel.
Jarg Relden (1 year ago)
What's your shtoyle?
You Tuber77777 (1 year ago)
Great video and your hair is awesome...really pops your great eyes.
Laura Johnson (1 year ago)
Boho/tomboy/vintage. Where did you get your shirt. I love it!!
B Swanson (1 year ago)
Hi Charm, I just love your personality & all U do here! I am approaching 60 I am creative, sensitive & like to inspire others. Best feature are bust & hair right now. Style is vintage. 5'4" and don't like heels over 3.5". Any suggestions for me? Thx luv!!
B Swanson (1 year ago)
Not completely vintage, but more that than any other categories you listed.
iAzaria (1 year ago)
When none of the categories fit you :(
Inis Mei (1 year ago)
Love that wedding dress!
Inis Mei (1 year ago)
Love that wedding dress!
Inis Mei (1 year ago)
Love that wedding dress!
Sneha Benny (1 year ago)
minimilist and sporty :)
Star Catcher 02 20 (1 year ago)
I literally said "creative, introverted, quirky"
Texas Outlook (1 year ago)
So glad I found you because this was the most helpful video on this topic ! I'm 61 years young and have found that the style has changed many times and it is time to check it out again. Thanks
Mellybeans0919 (1 year ago)
What a great video. I think I am a mix of relaxed and eclectic/chameleon. I am trying to pin down my personal style more.
Paola Muciño (1 year ago)
Thanks for this video! I´m 32 and I just didn´t feel I had a style anymore, I had one hahaha, but since I´m working from home I kind of left behind any stylish thing and I felt little bit lost with that matter. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Fari (1 year ago)
i feel like we have similar style, except as a practicing Muslim it's a little more coverage. but i love my colour and print!!
INVR4GET (2 years ago)
this was great! thanks!
Cat Cela Ojo (2 years ago)
You had me at Iris Apfel <3
Rachel Laucel (2 years ago)
I have a question for you beautiful girl ♥ If you could define your personal style, What would it be? For example: Boho chic, Urban, Tropical, etc. Plz I wish your answer, your style i love it and inspire so much. ♥
Dunkulele (2 years ago)
This is the best video on finding your style I've watched! And you have such a great vibe, I just had to watch it! Thank you so much!
Ida B (2 years ago)
Literally the best video about finding your style I've ever watched. Thanks a lot for your tips. :)
Vanessa Cosner (2 years ago)
when you held up the grey dress and the cardigan I was in love with both of the pieces! I love to wear neutrals, especially grey and black. I usually pair my neutrals with other neutrals instead of like the grey/grey combo
Vanessa Cosner (2 years ago)
I wear a lot of olive/army green and and shades of blue.
The Resilience Project (2 years ago)
Love this video💙 and omg your hair👏
Michelle De Roo (2 years ago)
Loved this video! And love your style too!
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
Thank you Michelle ☺️❤️
Zoe M (2 years ago)
eclectic and chic! I'm still lost...but I LOVE YOU!
Crystal DivaLevy (2 years ago)
I knew the answers for you in all your questions lol so weird but ya! Great tips.
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
Haha I'm not surprised! No subtlety on my end lol 😆
Kristen Elise Brown (2 years ago)
Love your videos!
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
Thank you so much ☺️❤️
Ghada F (2 years ago)
most of the styles at the end looked cute this is what i battle with lol
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
Looking cute and wanting to wear them/feel comfortable in them are two different things! But if you feel like you would easily wear all, you're probably a bit of a style chameleon! ☺️❤️
Candy Cat (2 years ago)
What if you have no personality lol ?
Candy Cat (2 years ago)
+MissCharmsie Lool Well that's an assumption and a half..... I'll take it! 😃😃😃
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
+C Lebs lol love it! I was thinking, anyone that asks that has a fun personality already, I love it 😂😂
Candy Cat (2 years ago)
+MissCharmsie Of course!! 😅
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
Lol are you asking for a friend? 😆
Tara Woods (2 years ago)
Thank you for this! I've been struggling with personal style for YEARS.
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
So glad to help any way that I can! ❤️
Luv ya girl!! Bout hay heavy!! LOL..
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
Luv u back boo! ❤️
Bri Elle (2 years ago)
thank you so much for this video. your wedding dress was absolutely gorgeous. 😍
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
Thank you so much ❤️
YuNeka Vondetta (2 years ago)
We're so similar! I love your wedding dress! 😍
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
Aww thank you ❤️
Simply Windy (2 years ago)
This is such a great way to help someone figure out their signature style. I love your style it fits you so much😍😍😍
TheViraluna (2 years ago)
Pleaseee for us people that feels that doesn't have style keep doing this videos, this was a great help for me cuz am 26 yrs and I still don't know what style I am so thank you!!! all the way from Panama btw seeding much luv
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
Aww so glad you enjoyed this video! I will have more style videos very soon xo
Harlie Qwinn (2 years ago)
Look books please. Ur style is fantastic. Ur looking very fresh and summertime in this vid. I would like to know about ur hair cut shape. In ur vids u say u don't do salons so how did u,do u keep this shape so ur hair is big and frames ur face so well?
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
Thank you! So I recorded a video today about the colour and I will talk about the cut a bit as well, stay tuned! :) it will be the next video on my channel xo
IGotsSoMuchRhythm (2 years ago)
Your wedding dress was stunning! I'm definitely in the eclectic category. I love mixing colors, patterns and textures, but also have a ton of solid black and neutrals. Great vid
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
Thank you so much! So glad you enjoyed this video ❤️
Clothed Styling (2 years ago)
I'm currently doing a fashion styling course and this video really helping me with a few things. much love beautiful lady
Jules Garcia (2 years ago)
You brought back some HAPPY  memories when I was younger and had a Chameleon style. Now that I am older, I  mix it up with Minimal style, Tomboy, Chic Classic styles. However, lately I  feel that I want to incorporate a little (age appropriate) Chameleon  style and fun that comes with it. Where can I look (websites)or shop  to get some inspiration? Thanx for sharing another great video, Doll!
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
So glad you enjoyed it! I really like asos.com for the variety! They have new styles daily and a great mix!!
Adriana Resendez (2 years ago)
This was so helpful! 😄Thank you! 😊 As I wrote down my answers to your questions, the connections became clear to me. I have gone on so many shopping trips and ended up empty handed bc none of the clothes drew me. I can see now that I was looking in the wrong places 😁 I will keep in mind my list as I shop so I am more aware of what to look for from now on 🤗
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
I'm so happy to hear this!! So glad it helped ❤️
chromosa (2 years ago)
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
You're more than welcome ☺️❤️ Thank you for watching!
Cherron (2 years ago)
I think I'm a minimalist boho/vintage mix!
karita thomas (1 year ago)
MissCharmsie thank you I finally found a video that helped me I'm a chameleon /trendy style
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
Jontaye Nicholas (2 years ago)
That envied metallic jacket on the rack lol...
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
Haha I'm so glad someone loves it as much as I do!! Lol it's kind of my pride and joy 😂😂
Naz (2 years ago)
I enjoyed this. I'm a Styles For Less kind of girl. I don't care what the woman my age group think (45 & over). You definitely have to be confident & love yourself & not care what others think. Now I'm not out here wearing daisey dukes with heels or boots 😁 I am more of an introvert. I like girly, boho chic & sexy but conservative.
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
I'm with you!! Forget the age categories, wear what makes you feel good ❤️
How to be Fancy (2 years ago)
Sometimes I simply asked myself, "which Spice Girl do I want to be today?" Kidding...sort of! I feel you on the wedding gowns - I felt like such a boring blank page. I finally found a silver gown and GIANT black necklace and decided not to give a hoot whether my aunts would question my virtue. 😂
How to be Fancy (2 years ago)
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
Lol love it!!! The wedding and the spice girls reference ...they still mean the world to me 😆
tania Loves (2 years ago)
Omg!!!love this much, i did a similar vid but its stuck in editing room lol for months now........ not only are you my inspiration but sometimes, when i watch your videos we are so much alike haha..... i totally agree with the minimalist/basic/insta trend ..... i tried it for a month but i felt limited because i love colour, prints and it was was really difficult for me to find white/grey walls in my town haha ...it does look good though. i would say I'm a chameleon no doubt but i love vintage styles as well...i usually go for pieces that define my waist area...lol why am i writing an essay though? hahaha keep them tips coming :)
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
Aww I love your long comments no worries!! And if I had that waistline I would be doing the same 😍😍
Sadie Buckner (2 years ago)
Im in trendy style
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
Love it!! ❤️
Jennifer Gonzalez (2 years ago)
Charmsie, enjoyed your video. Would you consider doing a video to show your closet and how you organize it?
Jennifer Gonzalez (2 years ago)
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
Glad you liked it!! I am definitely thinking about it, the lighting in my closet isn't the best for video but I'm going to try and think of a way to do it...I do need to reorganize and it would be fun to share
Thrifts and Tangles (2 years ago)
This video was super helpful! Also, your wedding dress fit your style perfectly!!! I'm so happy to see that you didn't settle for a plain white dress <3
mserika_xoxo (2 years ago)
I'd say I'm bohemian/eclectic :)
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
Ooh 2 of my personal favs ☺️
Love this video, I personally love the boho look alot but the things I buy I can't wear because I am constantly wanting to have a different body. So my style is not represented because I don't look the way I want!
Yes, that would be a great video! 😄
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
Thanks for sharing Alicia! Would a style video talking about body image and dressing for body shapes help a bit? I'm thinking it might be a good idea now that I see your comment ❤️
mysonruns (2 years ago)
What I've learned over time is I love neutrals on others but, they wash me out. I love bright colors in my wardrobe.
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
I definitely relate to that :) they wash me out as well! I look and feel more alive in colour
mysonruns (2 years ago)
You're amazing! I feel like I'm visiting my personal stylist! You have a gift in this area!
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
Aww thank you!! ❤️
Pratibha (2 years ago)
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
Aww thank you :)
CurlsandKids (2 years ago)
Great video! My personal style tends to be all over the place I love trying different things and LOVE color. Clothes genuinely make me happy and I will just go to a site/store/park/publication just for inspiration when I'm bored lol. Can't wait to see your next video.
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
Glad you enjoyed the video! And I totally relate to what you're saying :)
Alexus Irby (2 years ago)
your such an inspiration
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
Thank you Alexus! Glad to help :)
Knowledge about our body strenghts and weaknesses is realy crucial. We can not just copy someone`s style because then we are not true to ourselves. I like wearing colors too and I can not imagine not to wear them in my outfits :). I would like to see more your video about style :)
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
Thank you so much for you comment, I couldn't agree more ❤️
ajahlexi (2 years ago)
I love your channel, you seem so sweet & this video was definitely helpful. 💕
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
Thank you so much! So glad you enjoyed the video 💞
Graffiti Nefertiti (2 years ago)
I used to have a style very similar to yours back in my 20's and have evolved into very basic pieces, mostly a black wardrobe but very funky, glamorous and eclectic accessories. Always accessories, and I have way too much costume jewelry :)
Fari (1 year ago)
N J yes i feel like as I'm in mid 30s my style is dialing down the colour but keeping my eccentric pieces as focal point.
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
I totally understand, to be honest I'll probably never be a basics girl but I appreciate them more than I did in the past. At one point in my life I literally had zero black pieces in my wardrobe, and now I really see the beauty in black garments in a way I didn't before. They definitely make accessories pop :)
tittania87 (2 years ago)
This is a useful tool. I learned a similar technique at FIT.
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
Thank you! It definitely makes the process less overwhelming :) how was your experience at FIT?
Ciera Johnson (2 years ago)
I need this,I'm gonna do the quiz and stuff later. I've been thinking about changing up my whole summer style/aesthetic. Thanks for this Charms 😉
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
+Ciera Johnson yay! That's the fun part of searching for style inspo, if you are comfortable switching things up there are so many different looks to try!! I definitely love the tomboy look for cozy days
Ciera Johnson (2 years ago)
+MissCharmsie I believe that I'm a chameleon. I kinda wear what my mood leads me to. When I'm Realllllly feeling myself: a form-fitting pencil skirt,and a blouse. Some days a fun little dress,and lately I've been wanting to try the tom-boy look. It's totally not my normal girly style,but it looks so comfy 😍
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
Yay! Let me know what you come up with :) glad you enjoyed it!
Noelle (2 years ago)
You have the best style! Your wardrobe inspires me.. Recently bought more ethnic looking jewelry pieces like big necklaces! And bright ass Colors! Adoreee you!
MissCharmsie (2 years ago)
Aww thank you!! And you're giving accessory envy by the sounds of it lol so glad to hear you're trying more colour! It always puts me in a great mood ☺️💞
may black (2 years ago)
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