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Russian cars

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Russian cars of all time and models
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Purwanto (26 days ago)
СУКА лапа
Sabrina :D (2 months ago)
Almost no trucks wow
Semen Semen (4 months ago)
Лада Калина - наша машина!
Made in Russia (5 months ago)
Since 2009 Russia produced so many great cars! For example, new UAZ: https://youtu.be/gBNyQbuuFy0​
Dr.Artemius Konokhov (6 months ago)
The best cars in the world
Wolfy Radio (1 year ago)
Yes Russia is do most developed country but their money wastes alot on military not the environment
Robogen (2 years ago)
how many hectares can they do on a single tank of kerosene?
Wat een lelijke rotzooi!
Volcanic Gaming (2 years ago)
Hey dude I'm a Russian and I have a car Lada Prioda 7p12i New car 2016 so u think our cars are ugly and slow... the real reason is we made us are car compatible and strong little faster and also it can be on rocks mud offroad rain roads Guys believe it's the 4rth strong cars in world like the truck KAMAZ it's super faster Russian cars are compatible strong faster
Steve Real (2 years ago)
Rager Minecraft Goldens6 i rather go for the 2106
Nouman khan (3 years ago)
I kinda like these cars, they feel strong and durable
Nouman khan 😂😂😂😂
Drew Scott (3 years ago)
All these cars look like they were made in someone's basement with scrap metal and airplane glue.
Art 83 (1 year ago)
russian rusty buckets
Thor (1 year ago)
Gotta remember more than half of these cars were made during the Soviet era...Around the 1940's to 60. So then these were like the big thing
Kastriot Aliu (3 years ago)
hahhah you're god damn right!I lol'd very hard with your comment 😂😃😀
mrsaulthegreat (4 years ago)
IIIRexIII (1 year ago)
Cherny Bumer
Russian Fan (1 year ago)
mrsaulthegreat ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) what's the song called because I like it
beesting pain (5 years ago)
Russian joke Boo Boo style
Mr12345678901212 (5 years ago)
конечно мы дествително нрен делаем
Mr12345678901212 (5 years ago)
вот она бесчестье рф
Mr12345678901212 (5 years ago)
российская нрен... южноамериканская машина 200% красиве
79Liman (5 years ago)
Because Russia had many years to spend money on defense, not a luxury.
Tosse901 (5 years ago)
why? just why? why are the russian cars so ugly? Ok i understand if the technique isn´t as good as in other cars from europe or the US but why does every russian car looks like a bunch of crap? Are the designers drunk all the time? They are just horrible! In every way!
Dred Verone (26 days ago)
+Вор В Законе для тебя по бошке издавна не давали?
Soviet cars You idiot !!!
Thor (1 year ago)
Russian cars are not made for luxery that's why. Russian cars are made to be in the cold for very long periods of time. And they are also made to be able to drive on snow and sleet.
Andrew Ivanov (1 year ago)
Yes, just nobody gives a fuck about who does what! Did, and so will descend, 1995 and rushing shit. At least now got a bit, "Lada Vesta" did (the translation may contain errors)
joe biden (5 years ago)
So russia makes everything,why don't they sell it to the Middle East or somthing Pakistan.south America.
Andrew Ivanov (1 year ago)
Никто не желает брать дерьмо, прост оно в России дешевле (the translation may contain errors)
hydorah (6 years ago)
Bloke rapping on the song sounds like a Russian Eminem
Forza Russia (1 year ago)
hydorah its "Serega - Black Boomer
william silver (6 years ago)
Daniil Averin (6 years ago)
I like KAMAZ, here's the current trailer more ... Anyway! I went Truckers watch!)) Trucker-carrier, driver)). Russian: Мне нравится KAMAZ, вот тока прицеп ещё... Да и вообщем! Я пошел Дальнобойщики глядеть!)) Дальнобойщик-водила, шофер))
f5rhawk (6 years ago)
I would love to know the exact specs on these cars. They are all new to me.
Armands Kaņepe (6 years ago)
Ganzamalik (6 years ago)
Russian VAZ, GAZ and any
Ganzamalik (6 years ago)
0:31 GAZ VOLGA 3110
MTB shnik (6 years ago)
1:26 VAZ 2110 2:21 VAZ 2105 (differences between 2105 and 2107 in the radiator grille)
russianglobus (6 years ago)
For all who not a russian: in Russia there are good cars, such as: УАЗ - Патриот, Волга - Сайбер, various supercars e t c. Car fans, Welcome to Russia!!!!!!!
russianglobus 😂😂😂😂
William Pruett (6 years ago)
Dred Verone (6 years ago)
0:31 GAZ 3110 or Volga 3110 (more used than GAZ 3110 which is official name which stands for Gorkovskiy Avto Zavod or Gorkovkiy Auto Factory) 1:26 is VAZ 2112 or Lada 2112 2:21 i believe is VAZ 2105 or Lada 2105 or it can be VAZ 2107 Lada 2107
William Pruett (6 years ago)
Sorry, 2:19 for #3.
William Pruett (6 years ago)
What is the name of the cars at 1. 0:31 2. 1:26 3. 2:21?
joe biden (7 years ago)
Russias going to make better cars then germany pretty soon the best in the world.
joe biden 😂😂😂😂 Idiot! schwein!
V-IGRE (7 years ago)
@minecraftER34681 ты чмо а не Русский!
Dred Verone (7 years ago)
You may find some in Canada, but i'm not sure!
Russian Fan (1 year ago)
Dred Verone what's the song called because I like it
Finalshot92 (7 years ago)
0.33 looks like one of those Toyota 0.38 reminds me of the front of Hyundai Sonata (1996 I think it was) 0.45 reminds me of Citroen 1.02 reminds me of VW 1.09 reminds me subaru something... i forgot 2.04 reminds of me a Mercedes SUV But except those above, I like few designs. By any chance you can buy a Russian car in other countries? Do they pass what was it North American Road Worthiness Check or whatever it was called?
bombarderoazul (7 years ago)
You didn't show any russo-baltic cars, which were very popular in russia and europe in the early 1900's this were the very first cars produced in Russia.
QBALL85 (7 years ago)
In Soviet Russia, Car Drive You!
MiniGhost (7 years ago)
Great song. Very great vid! молодчина
Dred Verone (7 years ago)
@jeremyunderground41 if you run in to something! but not engine or suspension
Jeremy Asuncion (7 years ago)
@dredverone what about engine??? is it durable?
Dred Verone (7 years ago)
@jeremyunderground41 Only body because made from thicker metal
Jeremy Asuncion (7 years ago)
are russian cars are as durable as japanese, american oreuropean???
wsx2000lol (1 year ago)
maybe their bodies aren't rough enough but their engines run forever
Dred Verone (7 years ago)
@jaan404jaan404 Russian cars never were as nice as italian or french, bu i could be wrong!
TheZagros3000 (7 years ago)
@dredverone okey, thanks alot now i know that:)
Dred Verone (7 years ago)
@TheZagros3000 Mostly, body of most cars were too squared, small engines and there was no competition among brands, because everything belonged to government, so, whichever brand you bought back then,money would have gone to the same "person". As well as import cars weren't allowed, which would had created healthy competition. So the bottom line, Soviet government said "you don't buy our cars, you don't buy any car." It's getting better now
TheZagros3000 (7 years ago)
why didn't didn't russian cars become something big like BMW, volvo and all the other cars around the world which countries use to export, germany the best example. Is it beacuse of the design?
TheZagros3000 it's because of the vodka.
Mindzinsuk (7 years ago)
Honda badge at 0:13
000001488 (7 years ago)
@JamesQuigley98 ГАЗ-3102 "Волга"
azas1 (7 years ago)
To all russian car haters: Russian cars can run without problems on snow,ice,gravel,mud,rain,heat,plus a -40 C at winter.My car is a peugeot 206, when on heat it tends to overheat and at -10 C start if im lucky.Russia is WINTER so cars 1st prioritry is reliability.
Steve Real (2 years ago)
my favorite car is 1:30
Rolo Rolo (7 years ago)
They all looks like variations of older volvos
Dred Verone (8 years ago)
@521i Thanks bro!
shota Bodega (8 years ago)
Nice Serayoga rap u picked BTW I liked dat car on 2:10 & da ol' lada kar The others... Some toy cars 2 me
Dred Verone (8 years ago)
Хетчбэк смотрится отлично!
Dred Verone (8 years ago)
@DiabloRussia Какая конкретно модель нравиться больше всех?
Plague Doktor (8 years ago)
russian cars kinda suck lol
Dred Verone (8 years ago)
@bluebelly07 Yep, got together and came up with that car!
misiganes0 (8 years ago)
ugly as hell
Jay Wing (8 years ago)
dayum russian cars feel old styled
MATTBOBVV (8 years ago)
Мне нравится abtovas ЛАДА более возможно.
K V (8 years ago)
The Scoody Doo Mystery Machine at :58 is really neat
strizhi (8 years ago)
@Goodspittin I have the opposite reaction and I'm Russian myself. I think most are rather ugly but are reliable enough like an AK. Most are fix by hand and if its close to looking and smelling like fuel most likely will run on it too. Russian cars are rugged meant for bad weather and harsh wear and tear so thats why even after 20 years of Soviet production they're stil driven even if not in best of condition. Reliability is of no question here I think.
Dred Verone (8 years ago)
@McCoolVIDIO T-34 is a tank! Although it can be a very good of road vehicle!
Lior Silver (8 years ago)
where is the T-34 ? T_T
Dred Verone (8 years ago)
@Hogums It may fit in volgas
Spectonimous (8 years ago)
Hmph is this russian rap lol.
Dred Verone (8 years ago)
Chevrolet and Niva made car together and it's kind of looks like Honda CRV
Goodspittin (8 years ago)
As good looking as a lot of Russian cars are, I question how reliable many of them are. What exactly was the Chevy/ Niva SUV? It looked pretty nice
Dred Verone (8 years ago)
Cherniy bumer - Serega
91atx (8 years ago)
0:56 wtf??
CarsTrucksAndAirplanes (8 years ago)
Atleast the auto at 1:06 was cool.
Dred Verone (8 years ago)
@jtjjbannie Russian auto industry is not as good as American although, there is car made by Russian Niva and American Chevrolet called Chevrolet-Niva its like Honda CRV. They do business only on certain parts.
Dred Verone (9 years ago)
@YOCOSMINMAX16 Agree, russian cars still way to go before they will popular on international market.
ZAHARIA COSMIN (9 years ago)
i love the song :X but and the cars `` no so much`` still car industry in russia is ``poor`` no offence ;)`` greeting from ROMAINIA
Dred Verone (9 years ago)
It's cool man!
Andre (9 years ago)
Andre (9 years ago)
@Athoutz I SUCK.
Roman S. (9 years ago)
OOOOW wait are you talking about Russia or about your mom that fucking ugly is !!!!!!!!!
Roman Stepanov Russia and YOUR mom! 😂
Dred Verone (9 years ago)
I think English is easier than most of the languages. If it was hard then not many people from other countries would speak it.
Andre (9 years ago)
Andre (9 years ago)
And to think the english language is hard.
Dred Verone (9 years ago)
That's cool! Yeah, i wish too that Russian car designers would put more time and money into it.
Dred Verone (9 years ago)
They getting better. Russian cars not as good as German or Japanese but, some day they will be there!
Dred Verone (9 years ago)
Думал, однако времени не было, сделала видео на скорую руку!
DOGE TV (1 year ago)
Dred Verone привет из 2017 :)

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