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WW2 - OverSimplified (Part 1)

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Text Comments (25119)
Josh M (23 minutes ago)
Man, I love this channel. :)
Michelangelo Buonarroti (41 minutes ago)
It's, well, Oversimplified
MeMe Men (1 hour ago)
abraham lincoln said something like the best way to get rid of your enemies, is to make them your friends. hitler did the exact opposite. he just couldnt help himself and backstabbed all his best buddies right where it hurts. he grabbed em by the sack when they looked the other way
Cesar A Vargas (2 hours ago)
there's no oversimplifying this atrocity
HazaAnimation (2 hours ago)
10:30 Hahaha English swear joke
Rusty Shackleford (2 hours ago)
Trump tweets Germany "Ready for round 3?"
fadel 333poi (5 hours ago)
شكرا على الترجمة اتمنا يكون في محتوى علمي بشكل أكثر
Steven Feil (5 hours ago)
Even more simple than that. A bunch of rich people decided to play RISK.... for real.
GeneralMelon76 (7 hours ago)
Hehe I get the plan at 5:58
XanderCreations (7 hours ago)
just imagine if churchill really did use skillshare...
Pikplayz (7 hours ago)
Oh yeah yeah
Snl Snationl (7 hours ago)
And then he got arrested
Liberty Memes (8 hours ago)
pizza empire
The Puppet Of Roblox (8 hours ago)
I recomended you to my social studies teacher. Keep it up!
Tino Trivino (9 hours ago)
"What Do you expect.. I am hitler" hahahahahah :D NICE ONE :D
Izayah Ruiz (10 hours ago)
how much more do I have to pay for the rest of the months
Spectrum Vlogs (11 hours ago)
You should do one on the holocaust
John Bennet (12 hours ago)
60 seconds of skillshare come on guys
Jasper Van Nieuwkerke (13 hours ago)
Can anyone explain how America busted Japan's economy or what happened there which led to Japan invading Korea?
David P (15 hours ago)
Why did you censor the swastikas? Obviously, in the context that you are showing them on the bands of the stick figure Nazis arms it's not offencive, it's an accurate representation of history.
Yuval Glikman (15 hours ago)
Its funny how you wont show the nazi flag
Chase Wagner (15 hours ago)
The reson why churchill bombs berlin was so that the hitler would focus its targets on the citys of The UK so that they would have time to repair there air strips and stuff
CANAL LEXDAN (16 hours ago)
Evangelos Stergiopoulos (16 hours ago)
This video has so many pop history errors: - The Versailles treaty wasn't as bad as the Nazi propaganda portraits (and you regurgitate here) but it wasnt even implemented diligently. By the time the Nazis came to power it has been all but ignored.The Market Crash of 29 influenced the situation much more. - Chamberlain knew very well peace would not last. One of the first things he did after the infamous "Peace in our time" speech was to increase the military budget many times over - The French knew and expected the Germans to try go through Belgium, they did not expect the Germans to break through the hilly Ardennes. This is actually the reason they capitulated so fast: Most of their army was in Belgium while the German breakthrough allowed them to head straight to Paris and cut them off. - Concidering the above,the Maginot workedasit should: block that avenue of approach and be hard as fuck to break. As a matter of fact the line held on until the capitulation. - Everyone used horses in their armies fir the first years, including the Germans. Saying that the French (or Polish as is also common) only used them is a great sign of ignorance. - On that front, the French were ahead of the Germans in tanks, having some of the best early war models including few of the heavy types. Maybe next time you reads ome decent sources for your video and not Reddit.
Pratyush Ramesh (17 hours ago)
You make history fun to learn
Meron Alemayehu (17 hours ago)
WRONG WRONG WRONG about Ethiopia! Incredibly wrong Italy tried, got pushed out to what is now Eritrea. Ethiopia also had guns. It’s a country that’s about the size of Texas so it would take sometime to push them out. I understand the point is to “oversimplify” but you’re just dead wrong here.
überguy (17 hours ago)
Austria WANTED to become a part of Germany, the Austrian army marched to Berlin the VERY SAME DAY Germany "invaded" Austria. It was a sign of trust between their common folk. They even had a popularity vote from the Austrian people if they should be submerged into a greater, equal folk or not and it was amazingly 99% yes. Germany's booming economy in a broken era of poverty helped this.
Weareight (18 hours ago)
This is amazing. Subscribed!
MaxBuster (19 hours ago)
3:54 I guess he liked Belgium a lot, due to all those flags.
Burak Toprak (20 hours ago)
Android phone on ww2?
Nick Hutchins (20 hours ago)
1:16 - Selling Skill.sh.skip buttons.
Kori Villigan (20 hours ago)
"So Hitler kinda shot himself in the foot there... Just the foot for now"
Fascismo - sounds like a marvel character. "He can fix everything!"
Anton Dyrby (20 hours ago)
I don't have any exam coming up, but these videos are just so nice! But... I didn't know Hitler spole english, but if this video says so. It must be right.
Argent Chaos (23 hours ago)
The music keeps reminding me of the original Critical Role character background intro XD
Eigil markeprand (23 hours ago)
jeg er lidt en e grill
Nojusgamer Tv (1 day ago)
I used to use skill share like you But then my subscription ran out So I took an arrow to the knee
GatecrasherSlim (1 day ago)
Churchill used Skillshare and won the war. This pleased his father who gave him a jolly good pat on the back
Electronic Arts EA (1 day ago)
4:01 ,if i remember ,that is not Swastika
Hitler's bed has the Belgian flag
Wai Hong Lai (1 day ago)
What happen with the swazitka?
Myluan Bergeron (1 day ago)
I’m getting confused
TyV Vulpintaur (1 day ago)
Sounds like Trump. "I am the only one that can fix our country!"
Whiskey Richard (1 day ago)
13 minutes to oversimplify something? Can't Millennials do anything right?
Electriophile (1 day ago)
4:36 "Open your country. Stop... having it be closed."
Thank You (1 day ago)
If you want the really over simplified version, then just know this...there would not have been any world war had the jews not existed. But alas they exist and alas they are responsible for all our wars and will be our masters soon enough. They are masters of sabotage and converting peoples minds into pliable agreeable happy subjects. They have been kicked out of more countries in history than any other peoples. But nobody wonders why? Well too late, now they run most countries in the world. And the next wars, will be against the countries that aren't yet run by these guys. Nothing against good jewish people. But there is a group of people, not just jews btw, but they are set on world domination. Much like Hitler, only far worse. They think we are all their slaves and that we are an inferior race to them and that we should be treated as dogs.
TheNoodlyAppendage (1 day ago)
If only Himler had used skillshare.
aditya Fundekar (1 day ago)
Anti-Socialist ? We all know deep down Hitler and Mussolini were socialists.
Gabe Tower (1 day ago)
This feels... derivative.
Owls Lover (1 day ago)
This good for school because some school are Learning about this
Luisito MM (1 day ago)
Name of song played during 1:44 please.
Timothy Ware (1 day ago)
Do drills and stuff lol
KingArthurII (1 day ago)
look I love these oversimplify videos and I love other people who make these history videos but can you save the selling out till the end please
Pans 098 (1 day ago)
King : You and what army? Mussolini : MY BALD ARMY
FunnyVids? Nah (1 day ago)
Corinna Toime (1 day ago)
This should be the introductory history video in school
flash ULT (1 day ago)
why my country ban this video
TheDankReisen (1 day ago)
vid starts at 1:16 ur welcome
Proud Nation (1 day ago)
This video is full of lies, even the flag that is used to represent the Third Reich is wrong, it had a swastika and not an iron cross adorned on it.
Proud Nation (1 day ago)
Uncle H did nothing wrong.
F1uffyBastard (1 day ago)
learning is fun
Lan Gradišek (1 day ago)
In the end they only got a little... a.k.a. like 20 percent of land whoose population would fit themselves under Slovenia
Alex Harrison (1 day ago)
1:16 to skip the advert
Max lopolo (1 day ago)
Just pointing out... they were NOT anti socialist. They were PURE, hyper far left, super socialists. Both of em. State pension for everyone? Done. Healthcare for every citizen? Done. State control of means of production and distribution? Done. State control of news and education? Done. The only big social difference between them and say, communism, is that they understood that a socialist system is unsustainable by itself, so they invaded the HELL out of everything making slave countries. To pay for their super socialist agenda. Ok, Hitler was a ten pinches more racist, but NO ONE finds it funny that with all the ethnic groups and religions around, he CASUALLY had a murderboner for the most economically successful one, and plundered the hell out of them?
Force Ghost (1 day ago)
Churchill had a laptop WTF???? I'm out.
Nina's Edits (1 day ago)
u forgot the battle of the bulge my great grandpa fought in it so :P
David Kowalski (1 day ago)
Socialism leads to Fascism.
The Official TJK10 (1 day ago)
4:02 Why censor the swastika... in a history video about WWII?
FaithOriginalisme (1 day ago)
A++ for even talking about the Japanese atrocities against China
yes bernie
yes bernie
yes bernie
yes bernie
yes bernie
Gabriel Ramiah (1 day ago)
Do one on the blitz. Also please do one on the Vietnam war
GB entered WW2 because Germany went through Belgium to attack France
Wojtek The Bear (1 day ago)
That's WW1. In WW2 both the UK and France had a defensive alliance with Poland and publicly guaranteed their independence. Germany's invasion was a flagrant violation of this, and so both the governments of the UK and France declared war on Germany.
Shwable (1 day ago)
Russians won WW2. You may say what you want. All your opinions are based on cold war mentality. The allies were afraid of Russians, they despised them and all they wanted was a weak Russia with as many Russians killed as possible. The elite, the strongest German armies fought on Eastern front. Allies acted cowardly, waiting to attack the Germany when it was already weakened and it was obvious that they would loose. USSR asked for allied help many times, but they just gave Russians some supplies. And now they claim that their supplies made all the difference in the war. U.S. attacked Germans when it was weak and yet even then the German armies on Western front were able to put a decent fight. You had no idea what it cost for Russia to win this war. American’s D-day was a disaster. Americans asked Russians to attack on Eastern front to make things go better for themselves. Thus, Russians attacked in the East to make fight easier for Americans. The result was: Russians lost at least 600 000 soldiers because of that. Overall Russians lost at least 30 000 000 people in WW2. To put it simply, the Red Army won the greatest and most tragic war in history.
Etzio Play (1 day ago)
This is crap! Russia never attacked Poland! they actually attacked Germany hence the Berlin wall and don't forget the promise of the allied forces to protect its allies. Russia took over Berlin before USA....
Wojtek The Bear (1 day ago)
You are so wrong it's not even funny. Germany declared war on Poland on September 1st, 1939, following the Molotov-Ribbentrop plan, a mostly secret agreement made by Germany and the USSR a week prior to divide up Poland based on an important river which ran through it. The USSR then invaded Poland on the 17th of September, taking tens of thousands of Polish soldiers as prisoners. There is no way you can write that as an invasion of Germany, especially since war between Germany and the USSR didn't begin until 1941 with the German invasion of the USSR in Operation Barbarossa. I also fail to see where the Berlin Wall fits into this. Following one of the several peace conferences between the three leaders of the Allies: Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt, they agreed to divide up the occupation zones of Germany following the surrender of Germany. As Berlin was its capital, they also agreed to divide up the capital amongst the major Allies (the UK, France, US, and USSR). Basically the USSR got Eastern Germany and Easter Berlin, and the Western halves were divided between the Western Allies, though that territory was soon turned into a single occupation zone. Following a string of people leaving Eastern Berlin to the West, and in an effort to strengthen the so-called Iron Curtain, the USSR.....well Warsaw Pact, built a wall separating East and West Berlin in early 1960's. Once again, not sure how any of this proves that the USSR didn't attack Poland..... Finally, yeah, the USSR took Berlin. So what? That was the agreed upon battle strategy in the Peace Conferences mentioned above. It wasn't that the USSR was somehow quicker to get to Berlin, Roosevelt and Churchill just agreed to let Stalin get the "glory" of taking Germany's capital (and taking the combat losses) while the Western Allies focused on taking the territory south of Berlin and begin shifting their war efforts to the Pacific Theater.
averagepainter (1 day ago)
nope, this is not just oversimplified. you displayed the current german flag where the flag of the reich should have been. seconds later you displayed the belgian flag instead of the german one. please get your facts straight.
Tim R (1 day ago)
Churchill was a plagiarist who stole art and peddled it as his own. He was part of the Focus group that saved him from bankruptcy to use him as a warmongering politician. He was kicked out of the Admiralty
Ford Gek (1 day ago)
Ford Gek (1 day ago)
Mateusz Kamkamk (1 day ago)
Wow this video sure is oversimplified considering how german flag is portrayed
Ringo Roundagain (1 day ago)
Hitler was a strategic genius if you think about it.
Wojtek The Bear (1 day ago)
No he wasn't. The only brilliant strategy by Germany, the creation of the blitzkreig was no designed by him. Furthermore he not only unecessarily lost an entire army in North Africa, but he also launched an invasion of the USSR that had little chance of success. Then when his armies started being defeated in the USSR, he offered no relief, forcing many of them (most infamously the army in Stalingrad) to surrender. Real genius there.
jojoyoyo766 (1 day ago)
If you pause at just the right time(2:36) the "bald" GUY loos like dwene TR johnson
I am not here (1 day ago)
You forgot Churchill is a racist as well. He is the direct reason for Bengal famine of 1943. "Who asked Indians to breed like rabbits" that was his statement.
Zytya c (1 day ago)
4:36 Knock knock. Its the united states. they've got huge boats. with guns. gun boats.
Ded memes r the wae (1 day ago)
I’m watching this video really late at night This angered my mom who punished me severely
WestArcher (1 day ago)
Churchill might just be the greatest monster by a long shot.
John Deuf (2 days ago)
that's not the truth : holocaust was a zionist conspiracy ... that's why when you ask for gaz chambers evidences , you 'll get automatically sued or called an antisemitic , that's too easy to hide the truth
Wojtek The Bear (1 day ago)
You're actually called anti-Semitic because you deny something that so obviously happened and the Nazis even admitted to simply because you hate Jews for some stupid reason.
England boi (2 days ago)
War is only hell if your losing
Tails Navarro (2 days ago)
Honestly YouTube is crazy for making you blurr the nazi symbol.
Craig Seganti (2 days ago)
Brilliant and yet a little boring simultaneously. I don't know what to make out of it.
Mr. Akut (2 days ago)
wow 2 parts, I guess it’s just simplified not oversimplified
Untouchable (2 days ago)
My name is Arthur Rehi and I am Estonian youtube
CatnipAddiction (2 days ago)
Lol Russian Empire is one of the "winners" of WW1.. right... Ahem.. October Revolution 1917..
Ember Storm (2 days ago)
Extremely disappointed at how Canada is just flat out ignored here.
Samuray500 (2 days ago)
Actualy Portuguese empire were the first contact Japanese had with ocident, including knowledge of weapons and christianity
Speed Freak (2 days ago)
League of Nations pretty much made Hitler more powerful and gave him nearly anything he wanted. What a shitty idea that was.
Soft-Boiled Egg (2 days ago)
Hey wouldn't it be nice if Oversimplified made a video on the Sengoku Jidai? No? :(

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