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WW2 - OverSimplified (Part 1)

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Text Comments (17879)
Owen Lewis (58 minutes ago)
How do you feel about Switzerland jokes? My opinion on them is kind of NEUTRAL.
Joseph Stalin (3 hours ago)
And that kids, is how OUR army defeated HITLER.
SK_SHADOWX 7 (4 hours ago)
I am from Finland
Grasalina (4 hours ago)
*and then he got arrested*
LukeIsChilling (4 hours ago)
*This is so damn confusing...*
Claus Nielsen (5 hours ago)
Thinking about this for 45 years didn't make me much smarter. So Denmark had the option of being distroyed in 1864, WW1 or WW2. The Danes chose 1864. That might have been quite smart, since the odds of survival got so much worse later on - all other things being equal. How did you cope?
science poli (5 hours ago)
ethiophia is not colonized by italy korea wasnt part of qing dynasty
hahahaha hahaha (6 hours ago)
I love usa. i love fatmen & littleboy. from south korea.
Ali Djenod1234 (7 hours ago)
I love Nazi German
Cap'n Obvious (12 hours ago)
Lol no evidence suggests that Lebensraum referred to world domination.
SeaGraves Music (15 hours ago)
Why does this sound like trump
Wesley Cook (15 hours ago)
holy shit, PLEASE slow down so that people can understand it. you sound as if you took twice the normal dose of speed and somebody is going to rip your nuts off if you don't speak as fast as humanly possible. I thought I talked fast but Jesus Christ... chill out brother. I know all of this shit but some people need a little time to understand things.
Wesley Cook (15 hours ago)
this channel tries a little bit too hard. it's all good info and well-meaning but slow down JUST a little bit so we can understand you and chill out on the animations.
WUNDERBAR (17 hours ago)
Hitler betrayed the USSR This enraged his father who punished him severely
Kathy Fraser (18 hours ago)
Naivelle chamberlain get it...?
Maferks Ks (18 hours ago)
My birthday day !
CoolestScott 93 (19 hours ago)
Wait doesn't Franco always win the civil war and help crush france but then france goes communist and joins the comintern and what about fasict usa and Luxembourg taking over the world this video is fake news
WeAreNumber15 (21 hours ago)
6:18 hey look everyone! Country balls!
Michael Applewhite (21 hours ago)
2:38 that I could not stop laughing about
Michael Applewhite (21 hours ago)
1:44 Perfect description of my science teacher's and ELA teacher's homerooms... *except they say "STOP IT OR YOUR NOT HAVING YOUR [so and so] PARTY"*
FighterKing Channel (1 day ago)
Im watchimg this 10th time and i can't stop
Sujay Singh Rajput (1 day ago)
U r the best history teacher ever.. 👍👍👍👍👍
Adolf Hitler (1 day ago)
Ich war ein deutscher politiker I'm a German politician
Cool Kid123 (1 day ago)
Hitler *DOES NOT* look dangerous...
Kekslauch (1 day ago)
I like your "maybe". That makes the video more investigative and accurat.
johan krüger (1 day ago)
please make video about napoleonic war (1803-1815)
zovivo (1 day ago)
1:17 is when the video starts btw
muhd nabil (1 day ago)
the british and french whom once fought in the seven years wars 1760 to decide supremacy over europe and world, now allies.
Dee Jay (1 day ago)
i luv this so good anime and and an very interesting topic it s like peanut butter and jelly
Bryce Marik Mag-isa (1 day ago)
wait what happened to austria hungary is that country not exsit anymore and it got taken away?
Night (1 day ago)
It would be funny how the West was indoctrinated if it wasn't so fucked up. Luckily, there are people intelligent enough to see past the Jewish propaganda.
jenny ingaiza (1 day ago)
this video takes ''over simplified'' to another level
jenny ingaiza (1 day ago)
2:15 when you give yourself that pep talk that is needed
Mrtriplez3 (1 day ago)
Did. Did you just censor the swastika in a video about world war 2?
Fortress Europa (21 hours ago)
Youtube demonetizes if if they dont censor it. This video also couldn't be shown in Germany due to ridiculous outdated laws.
Don't click the ad it is fake and is a virus
Santiago noob :v (1 day ago)
Hitler started ww2 and his father punished him severely.🤣
Hold on I am probably the only one that noticed, He blurred the swastikas on the hitler march
YaBoiStreams (1 day ago)
I love you videos and wish there were more, one idea u could consider is doing the napoleonic wars, I want to learn more about that and find your videos helpful, keep doing what ur doing
esmr cc (1 day ago)
I love the moment of silence at 7:55
esmr cc (1 day ago)
Lesson learned: Never listen to a man who says he can fix everything.
Stripe1919ify (1 day ago)
2:35 - 2:40 can someone create an extended version of this?
Graff Fhe (1 day ago)
Hitler didn't actually re-arm the Army. Germany had been doing that for a decade before he came to power since pretty much everyone from democrat, nazi to communist thought they needed to. Also Italy had been trying to colonize Ethiopia before Mussolini showed up. And the Lebensraum theory isn't actually what Hitlers plan was (at least in the beginning). You gloss over Hitler asking Poland to join the anti-commintern pact and the fact that Hitler asked Poland for shared rule over Danzig. You realy make it seem like Hitler wanted to just annex the world.
UnderdogT (2 days ago)
Churchhill was also hella racist but who wasn’t back then I’m mean....😂
Mirza The fake Pegan (2 days ago)
(((OverSimplified))) (((EVIL Axis)))
Geckoman2018 (2 days ago)
Awesome video. I am French and Dutch. The French did actually move on from the First World War. The French didn't use that much cavalry while the Germans advanced through France mostly on horse back. The French also had some of the best tanks in the war as these tanks destroyed loads of the German tanks in a few shots. And yet loads of the German tanks were stolen from previous countries in Nazi rule. The only reason the French were over run was because German aircraft bombed them.
TheNickwars11 (2 days ago)
Yeah for sure taking over the world... thats wrong and stupid
Emre Sitti (2 days ago)
Perfectly explained.
thomas emil (2 days ago)
Hitler fixed everything
Hugo (2 days ago)
A shekel for the good goy!
Watch Yourself (2 days ago)
Tarek Arabi (2 days ago)
Hitler was actually a genius. I don’t hate him at all tbh
Mr Gravity (2 days ago)
That train the blowed up was from a American submarine they had no way to torpedo it so they put charges on the bridge and detonated it.
King Nevermore (2 days ago)
Soviets won the war
Still I can’t understand how Japan was able to invade China, a country with billions of people.
If you think Britain could have defeated Germany 1vs1 then you must have serious mental issues.
Sam Reed (2 days ago)
Adolf hittler sucks boi
Duke Dingus (2 days ago)
WW2 truth: Jews did it.
Tabula Rasa (1 day ago)
TheKing 23 (2 days ago)
they were anti-marxist, not anti-socialist
Hàn Tín Vũ (2 days ago)
epykness (2 days ago)
the video starts at 1:15
Kinrara Kirin (2 days ago)
How can i make Nazi win the war: Don't touch Poland for the next 25 years and improving military and also economy and we're ready just flipping smack France and UK With blitzkrieg
Vera Vlogs (2 days ago)
I’m from Singapore where ww2 happened, the Japanese Attacked Singaporeans.
Bad Edits (2 days ago)
Why can’t we watch this in class
David Ramos (2 days ago)
And I know this seems like a rant and people are gonna say that it's dumb to get mad or upset about these things but I truly believe that in doing this we diminish this types of educational entertainment and the overall value of history. More importantly HUMAN HISTORY
David Ramos (2 days ago)
YouTube censorship has really gotten out of hand. Censoring symbols won't make whatever is attached to it disappear or make as though it never happened. That's running away from those issues rather than resolve them. We need those symbols to be widely recognized to serve as a constant reminder as to what happens when hatred and anger are not kept in check or confronted
David Ramos (2 days ago)
I love ur videos man honestly but it sucks that I watched this when it first came out and u had the right Nazi armbands and flags but u had to go back and swap them out and/or blur them too. Like yea the symbol will forever be related to that horrible and dark period in human history but we learn from our mistakes by looking back and making our decisions based on what we learned not by censorship and refusal to acknowledge those errors. If anything, that's counterproductive and does nothing for future generations to learn from our mistakes.
lil vox (2 days ago)
Has anyone seen the recent reaction stealing this video without any permission 😬
Charlotte Lyman (2 days ago)
Im all ready Winston
galih permana (2 days ago)
I like when he moved, was arrested, reversed
MaryAnn Singleton (2 days ago)
*PFFT* a bill wurtz clone?
Get Real (2 days ago)
Well, that happens if you oversimplify history, creating a huge pile of bull which makes is in some way propaganda which is also a pile of bull. Oh well, as long this doesn't get used in schools.
Prototype 2.0 (2 minutes ago)
Get Real get real Get real
Jonah Teesateskie (2 days ago)
Hitler's nephew helped the Americans in WW2. After the war, he changed his name.
Ravenclaw Carson (2 days ago)
Love WW2 well not like that......Ugh
Gtasks (2 days ago)
12:45 whats the namo of the song
Chris Price (2 days ago)
ShaDoW (3 days ago)
3:55 That’s the Belgian flag 🇧🇪 god damnit! Aaaamazing video though
Mertinator -_- (3 days ago)
3:55 that’s the belgian flag
ELIJAH MOORING (3 days ago)
ProphecyCat505 (3 days ago)
Wrong flags 3:55
Martin Wehrheim (3 days ago)
This really simple....🤦
szolnok95 (3 days ago)
Lies,lies,lies and:Lies.
szolnok95 (2 days ago)
+DefiniteNerd Yea and u just read half of my sentence, like the newspapers. but bonus DLC addon,just for u just now: Books, and documents. Do it. Buy them!
DefiniteNerd (2 days ago)
szolnok95 you’re seriously going to go off of newspapers? Ever heard of yellow press? Fake news? Many newspapers had over exaggerated or false propaganda. I wouldn’t say that newspapers are the most accurate. Newspapers hold bias.
szolnok95 (2 days ago)
+Chris Price Yes it is. Just read books, or newspapers from 1930s-1945.
Chris Price (2 days ago)
No it aint
Elias Star (3 days ago)
Thats the Belgian flag not the german one
Jacob S (3 days ago)
Censored the swastika?? You're either a sellout or an idiot. Maybe both?
Hector Rosales (3 days ago)
Do you know two of the tobacco it’s been in the US you can only allowed to smoke when you find one
B. Bayella (3 days ago)
Tyreseman HD (3 days ago)
only took him 12 videos to get to a million subscribers
IRON GIANT (3 days ago)
I am going to be a dictator for the United States
EpicDestroyer 2134 (3 days ago)
At the beginning: When you get arrested 3 times and defenestrated...
Ardail Coffey (3 days ago)
Ya a lot of this is kind of off, the French weren't too scared to fight, they didn't send messages primarily with motorbikes and horses they used phone lines, and the Maginot line wasn't extended up north just because "woops we forgot" it was planned to have Belgium allow troops to already be positioned waiting Germany didn't invade Austria, it was a voted referendum to unite the german peoples, the Berlin raid was retaliation for a lost bomber hitting london, and England landed over 400k men in france not just 200k
Italian fascism wasn't racist, fixed your mistake.
GetDunkedOn (3 days ago)
I love what the treaty says. “I will b chill” Also let me give you a history lesson about greatest blown leads in history. The Falcons blew a 25 point lead. The Warriors blew a 3-1 lead. And the greatest blown lead of all time, Hitler blew an 11 country lead. I hope you people that are watching history on YouTube know enough about sports to understand that
Thomas Takseraas (3 days ago)
This is incorrect ww2 was a swastica that’s a iron cross you need to get your facts straight you are saying that the ww2 emblem is the ww1 emblem so u know the iron cross is used for a biker rebellion now the people that watched your video will think when they see a biker with a iron cross ring will think he is a rasist
Thomas Takseraas Ever heard of demonetization? Or is your head just that far up your ass
Arik Greer (3 days ago)
"Boom, this is Germany now"
Väykkä (4 days ago)
!SPOILER ALERT! The germans lose
Remi Lahousse (4 days ago)
Germany with a belgian flag??
Alpha Blashyrkh (4 days ago)
Austrian people welcomed the german forces passing the border in a parade because we are brothers, sharing the same language and culture.
Jaxon Edwards (4 days ago)
14m views and 1.15 just a ad... I'm sure he make a lot of money!
Panzer Hund (4 days ago)
Well, Soviets wanted to take over the rest of the Europe, but it was impossible before the war (after they were repelled in Poland in 1920) Stalin saw a chance. By supporting Hitler with resources necessary for war, he hoped that Germany will attack France, and France with UK will them to death, repeating the situation from WW I, and after the nations were weakened by the war with each other, Soviets could march in and take over. What Stalin could not predict, is that France didn't last long. Before Hitler attacked Russia, Russian generals were really interested in launching an attack on Germany, but Stalin was afraid that this will fail, and he was right, because if Russia attacked first, they Germans could repel them and push to Moscow. There would be no advantages that helped Russians in 1944, which is cold winter that Germany wasn't prepared for and problems with transporting troops and supplies through Poland and Russia, where trains and railroads were regularly damaged.
Albert Einstein (4 days ago)
Only me who has seen this videos 1000 times
Georgy Zhukov (4 days ago)
My little pony ❌ Our little pony ✔️ Our little *Poland* ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
Lukas Bručas (4 days ago)

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