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L'eau D'Issey Pour Homme SPORT by Issey Miyake "STREET SCENTS" The Series

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L'eau D'Issey Pour Homme SPORT by Issey Miyake "STREET SCENTS" The Series. Released in 2012 a Sport version of The Original Classic L'Eau D'Issey Pour Homme by Issey Miyake. Lets see how this does on the Streets......RATE/COMMENT/SUBSCRIBE
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Dave Singh (10 months ago)
I love this one it's delicious, seriously need to get a bigger bottle. I had the original but kinda outgrew it.
biobele william-west (1 year ago)
It smelled like Tom Ford NP
Sazon Man (2 years ago)
The guy intelligence isn't at the level that is should be...I believe his elevator got stuck at the basement level...idiot, doesn't know shit about men fragrances.
Kalle Anka (3 years ago)
Should interview some more articulate people, also the first spray of a perfume isn´t really telling since it mostly dissapears after 10-15 min. It´s like judging a song based on the first note
NamIsIll (3 years ago)
Al please try interviewing  more intelligent people.
cadarus cabdiraxmaan (1 year ago)
NamIsIll - it doesnt need to be intelligent is about wether he like it this fragrance or not . Being intelligent is being humble .
sporster chop (4 years ago)
it smell like hot 7up good but nothing special 
Sanson Naraya (4 years ago)
what about the blue one bottle.. i dont see it anymore, 
Yauuik (4 years ago)
Loodisaay poor hoame LMAO
blueribbonbullies (5 years ago)
BS fragrance..just a peppered soap..and one that doesn't last..was surprised Issey made somethang this bad..was definitely expecting better wwwdotblueribbonbulliesdotcom
Farshad M (5 years ago)
What do you think about the Summer "2012 version"...?!!! is this good as the summer 2013 edition ...?!! are those even close together...?!
Rangerswincup (6 years ago)
I'm just waiting for somebody to take one of your bottles and run lol
jaiveer17 (6 years ago)
this perfume is not long lasting beware
chanthamala8 (6 years ago)
Damn, J.O.! I need to find dudes on the streets more often. =P
Bunrith Yean (6 years ago)
i just tested this today. i think it smells similar to the original except smells sweeter.
Nerve Salad (6 years ago)
I missed this episode when it came out. Checked it out late. L'eau D'Issey Pour Homme Sport is pretty great, but I do prefer the original. I love how this guy says he's not into fragrances and then seems to be pretty savvy. Good call on the Cartier Roadster sample (one of my favorites for the Fall, and such a damn good scent). I would actually like to see this dude back on Street Scents. Thanks for the vids, Al, as always.
Matthew Deem (6 years ago)
cool review, reminds me of a friend of mine from PR
Kevin Williams (6 years ago)
Yo thank you for all you do, much love and respect. Let Christ be with you.
mike cano (6 years ago)
It smells like burberry for men whith a lemon note! Or a spicier la nuit
mike cano (6 years ago)
It doesnt smell like polo blue AT ALL
eduardo benitez (6 years ago)
does the L'eau D'Issey Pour Homme SPORT really smell like polo blue? i need help on finding anew fragrance im barely 18 years old. could u maybe do like a top 10 sport fragrance video.
HypSteRJiMbo (6 years ago)
can u do a street scents on Bond No.9 NY Oud please!!!?
razscott (6 years ago)
i thought he was gonna steal that bottle off you at the end LOL!! Did you get a full bottle of Cart Roadster yet Al? Top episode man, cheers!!
ChuY910 (6 years ago)
I want one !!
Keety (6 years ago)
Obviously, smoke makes you smell like shit.
VirginiaMist (6 years ago)
I want to try it soon.
Jeff Grubb (6 years ago)
I like that Cartier Roadster was in this video maybe you can do that more when you give them samples at the end let them do a quick breakdown of it with you
lilkmak (6 years ago)
Glad to see the Issey Sport getting use.
valvulado (6 years ago)
Edition blanche??? No way! I've got a sample of L'eau D'Issey Sport and I've got Edition blanche. Edition blanche is better, in my opinion.
soned1969 (6 years ago)
Al, I tested this one a few days ago. To me, is similar to Chanel Bleu!. Let me know what you think about it, since I don't own either, i just have small samples of both. Actually, it lasts longer than Bleu on my skin.
Gonzaga Wira (6 years ago)
I love that guy, J.O. He's smart and cool, nice looking guy. He knew about the fragrance (he didn't rub it).
dracdoc (6 years ago)
I just tried this one like yesterday and man.. this is NOT for me! haha. Good vid man!
MauricXe (6 years ago)
I LOOOOOOOOOVE cartier roadster good upload. you touched on an interesting fragrance and addressed smoking. not bad.
martin_e (6 years ago)
Hmm.... interesting... didn't know there was a sport version. What's your one sentence opinion of it Al?
wagsbass (6 years ago)
i've sampled this, its ok
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
Yes it can cause the smoke gets on your clothes,hair and skin combines with the Fragrance
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
No its not the opening makes you think it will be stronger but Overall the Original is Stronger and better. YSL favorites are L'Homme and La Nuit
marc anthony (6 years ago)
First ! :)

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