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Dating Social Networking site na Friendster, isang gaming portal na ngayon

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Jay Bryan Daro (1 month ago)
2018 na! Who's still watching this? Dito ako nagsimula sa FRIENDSTER eh!
Rey Arias (2 months ago)
Sana I balik si friendster
Hays.. miss ko prin friendster acct. Ko.
Soo Mhun (2 years ago)
Aileen Ziga (2 years ago)
bet ko pa din friendster than facebook..hndi din kc mgnda ang facebook cost ng pag aaway jan ang parinigan start din ng kpahamkan .. feel bord na gamitin ang fb ..balik niyo na ang friendster i miss to use it
Trigger Random (1 month ago)
Yet They Lose the Competition
jaguar004 (4 years ago)
GAMEster dapat ang bagong pangalan indi FRIENDster parin . . .
pazzyjazzyjames (6 years ago)
Nice!!! I love their games
Gao Li (6 years ago)
Bat "news" tawag dito? Patalastas itong video na to, eh. =_=

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