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Women Review Sexist Vintage Ads

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Text Comments (9138)
Davis Camron (1 day ago)
I wanna go back in time to change history and I’m black lol
Ethan Booysen (3 days ago)
You guys be complaining and setting demands like you're the cream of the crop😂😂😂
TheMGLegends (5 days ago)
I guess the past was pretty sexist, and I guess now woman are pretty mad about it and want to get revenge, but isn't it about EQUALITY now rather than revenge?
6666 (5 days ago)
All these adverts were funny.
fatimah anwaar (6 days ago)
these ads make me want to send all the men and boys to Planet Mars
anthonyschmuck (6 days ago)
ok women you've had your little youtube talk, now go make me a sandwich and keep it down
PunkShockRock (8 days ago)
Oh never mind. Buzzfeed 😂
María de la Púrpura (10 days ago)
No woman liked this kind of treatment, we just weren't allowed to contradict the sexist patriarchy.
Nico Nico Ni (6 days ago)
What do you mean by liked.....?
the girl who lived (10 days ago)
"My Vagina can't" 😂
Dumb Ass Kid (11 days ago)
Oh my God yes!
Athena Cushing (11 days ago)
"no one wants to go back in time except white men" I think only WEALTHY WHITE MEN 😂
Killer Within (11 days ago)
"Nobody wants to go back in time but white men" and prostitutes because it used to be legal
Tucher97 (13 days ago)
people in the distant past were very idiotic and never really thought things through, infact its so bad if you were to go back in time to the middle ages then you will puke from the horrid smell and might get herpes from the air, oh and lets not forget a common cold can kill you back then, any form of meat was expensive, foods didn't last long, 2 out of 5 infants have half a chance of living a year while the other 3 are dead, oh and you most likely die in your 40s, yea that is far worse but hey if you dont think so then there are people today who think people of hte past couldn't be wrong
wang weihai (15 days ago)
well the hamberger ad do seem a little uncalled for,and that photo where many men looking down on woman
Actually women would love to go back in time, to actually have a reason to play the victim card. SJW‘s. Yuck.
Buraka Ninja (16 days ago)
All Women are Thots if Breathe she a thot
Buraka Ninja (6 days ago)
+Nico Nico Ni shut your vagina
Nico Nico Ni (6 days ago)
We all breath bud, even animals. Don't call all women Thots cause you don't know them 😃 and I don't know you. I don't respect your opinion cause I only believe in my own truths and facts but since there is a thing called "free will" I have no choice but to just understand your opinion and move on :3
BenjaminTheJump (17 days ago)
Did you mean Feminist React?
Ben spreckley (18 days ago)
00:00-00:06 yes we do want to go back in time because people like you don't exist
RayRay Raven (19 days ago)
“My vagina can’t” 😂😂😂👏👍
Ilze Grina (19 days ago)
RIP feminism.
That’s sexist! I’m offended!
Ninja Raccoon (20 days ago)
I’m a white male and I’d much rather stay in the present and even make a few changes I’m all for gender equality but this bulshit ruins it
Ninja Raccoon (20 days ago)
0:00 to 0:05 demonstrates the pure hipocracy and ignorance of buzz feed feminist
Holo it's me Lizzy (20 days ago)
My vagina can't
UolliaxHQ (24 days ago)
Well at least the coffee one would look good
javier josefides (25 days ago)
Ladies the BEST EXERCISE you can ever do is SWEEPING 🧹
Emma Harder (27 days ago)
Ok i am actually mad because this is how it was back then and people should get over it. It's not like this anymore in fact I think a bit of feminism is good, but these days it is going above and beyond and it's too extreme. I'm mad. Here comes the hate.
WeinerGmbh (8 days ago)
How is looking at sexism in the 50s "extreme feminism"?
Mikej177 T (27 days ago)
It’s funny
sleepless nights (27 days ago)
I can only dream of the dolce cabana ad ugh 💦💦💦
Robert Bishop (1 month ago)
Yeah no one but white men had it good in the past with having to fight world wars, dying in plagues,being enslaved by muslims. Yupe the past was just damn peachey for whitey damn racist bimbo.
Sara Rothermel (1 month ago)
I guess 2013 is vintage lol
FlyingPaladin (1 month ago)
Feminism is cancer
TheAutistWhisperer (1 month ago)
"No one wants to go back in time but white men." No, we don't and stop blaming us for your BS problems.
benny theGreat (1 month ago)
It is very easy to find sexist things in the modern day if you search for it, but that does not mean we don't have equality, there are many modern ads with men exposing themselves as well but this channel chose specifically ones that are sexist to females, the 1 in 20, and just hide away the ones with exposed men aswell, congrats, you have officially played victim once again.
Sunny Money (1 month ago)
The lack of brain cells in this video is astonishing
Sunny Money (5 days ago)
+Nico Nico Ni ah so your a feminist... that's nice
Nico Nico Ni (6 days ago)
The lack of braincells I lost watching this is astonishing
Bot God (1 month ago)
Only the white men would like the past well in Rome you would be in the army for over 20 years and women could stay home and nobody would really care
Goldenboy Gates (1 month ago)
Of course white men are the only people that want to go back in time to experience, extreme poverty, war, death and riots.
StArLesSsKieS ____ (1 month ago)
Why are there even dislikes on this video???? I swear, people these days...
Vforfettuccine (1 month ago)
I genuinely sad for midol guy.. he was just smiling for camera
Shaheeb Shaffiek (1 month ago)
those were the good ole day...
Alfie Grove (1 month ago)
why arent they in the kitchen?
Nico Nico Ni (6 days ago)
Cause we are busy making a sandwich for ourselves elsewhere and not for u guys 😅 (pls don't take this joke srsly)
Men should react to sexist tumblr tweets against them
Erynn Laufeyson (1 month ago)
My vagina can't
Kayla Romero (1 month ago)
Their like how did they not care about how sexist this was, it's because women weren't as offended as easily back then than they are today
Addy B (1 month ago)
" No one wants to back in the past but white men." Me:😑
Bawk Bawk (1 month ago)
I really like 1950’s but also at that time they did really offensive stuff.
Independence In Mind (1 month ago)
More feminist grange overreacting about the PAST
Crazy Flossin (1 month ago)
I just hope and pray to find a man who can say whats wrong is wrong and appreciate the importance and the real strength of the feminine! I am really loving to be a women in this age.😊😊
Zachary Weaver (17 days ago)
Im white man
ANDROID ACTUAL (1 month ago)
Botch talkin like she the only one struggling. I get called gay for eating a banana the wrong way.
SAM BAPE SHIt (1 month ago)
Quick gamers we need to stop the feminist
Zivojin Milenkovic (1 month ago)
💊 Is it me or are all the comments from women bellow? I would so like to see the demographics of this video. 💊
Only white men enjoyed stuff back then how about other countries in the world?
DragonsAndTomatoes (1 month ago)
I actually wish adds were like these nowdays because everyone is too much of a special snowflake
Jason Fisher (1 month ago)
Yep, everything must be interpreted as oppression. White men are evil and must be brought down.
MuncheeZ_X :D (2 months ago)
Women are useless slaves only meant for the kitchen, GO MAKE ME A SANDWHICH MARGRET
Nico Nico Ni (5 days ago)
+MuncheeZ_X :D Yo I'm even better cause I have the power of God and Anime by my side lmao.
MuncheeZ_X :D (5 days ago)
+Nico Nico Ni dOn't mESs witH me iM a pRo rBlX plAyeR
Nico Nico Ni (6 days ago)
Go back to playing Roblox kiddo
Mason Smith (2 months ago)
Wo men back then we're ok with this because they weren't all crazy hitches like you
patchyfish1 (1 month ago)
That's because they were suppressed.
javier josefides (2 months ago)
Ladies the BEST EXERCISE you can ever do is SWEEPING 🧹
Name Not Found (2 months ago)
These girls are so triggered 😆
Ian Bones (2 months ago)
Bri the Media Geek (2 months ago)
Honestly, I would go back in time (Native American female), I heard life was pretty cool Pre-Colombus... other than the whole lack of technology thing. All jokes aside, I believe that back before we had our iPhones, people were less depressed. Children typically grew up in a household not broken by divorce. That would be pretty awesome to live in a world where marriage meant something again.
patchyfish1 (1 month ago)
Back when Siblings married.... great idea.
TSB DroppedEarS (2 months ago)
Triggered feminist there funny
lijhe ajkv (2 months ago)
When does society collapses and there is no social service or police around you're going to do all this unless if you want to starve in be somebody else's slave you're going to want to do this with the man that already with when does it does collapse and I'm sure it will based on this rate don't be laughing why you're doing the very same job that you never want to do
Mean boy (2 months ago)
First comment is raciiiist
Mr.Yeetington (2 months ago)
I hope you dipshits realize these ads are from the period in time where this was normal. Gen Z, the newest and most accepting generation, is much different. So drag yourselves out from the past, and straighten you brain stem.
55 scuba (2 months ago)
Someone please shut them up.
Wolfma _king (2 months ago)
I like that young African American lady right there! "I don't care if he looks younger than me!"
Ch Martin (2 months ago)
Wow how raciest was that woman at the beginning...
reactions 4u (2 months ago)
Ah women cleaning as they should be
Kenza Hanchir (2 months ago)
"My vagina can't" 😂😂😂
Kross (2 months ago)
Sean Bake (2 months ago)
"No one wants to go back in time except white men." Uhhh have you heard about gay people, wifi, computers, memes, and phones? Theres no way id give that up. So screw going back in time
Julian McOmie (2 months ago)
"I don't know which one is worse" ok shut up you really don't know? if that's true then idk she's high or something
0:01 RACIST HYPOCROTICAL LADY OOF glad buzzfeed is promoting community and diversity😭
SkankHunt 69 (2 months ago)
Feminism is CANCER.
Eric s (3 months ago)
Triggered single rejected bitter women below lmao.
Eric s (3 months ago)
The good days before mangina cucks and femnazis. Also seems to be the most productive and happy days in America coincidence not.
Women only prove that they are dirt and abuse nothing more hate is hate these women are so dirty they literally claim thay women are good for nothing
Madrenna Griffith (3 months ago)
I'm really ticked off that the Dolce&G ad wasn't AT LEAST highlighted in the news so they can feel some shame about it ( like the rasict Pepsi ad) so they might not do it again wish we could all ford this video to them
Don’t ask .-. (3 months ago)
I hate the world....
PreGame (3 months ago)
Hahah feminist triggerd gone Wild . Hahah
Master M (3 months ago)
I found this ads entertaining and funny.Tbh
Fitfatpenguin (3 months ago)
Why do you want to go back 2 generations, look at whites, and then blame the whites of today that really aren’t racist for the racist crimes that whites of the past did? You can’t base others of their ancestors. Just stop being racist. And then you do the same for men. Shitheads.
Kobe Angeles (3 months ago)
Well at least these women aren’t sexist like some videos...
Riya Malik (3 months ago)
1:35 can relate with you gurl “ my vagina can’t”
ALPHA 93 (3 months ago)
When females have nothing better to do
Vera Sifaki (3 months ago)
Brian Rivera (3 months ago)
"Somebody hire me" lmao go back to cleaning the floor
Khalid Elmekki (3 months ago)
the 2007 ad for Dolce & Gabana was disturbing, probably the worst thing they showed in this video. Yet again, that probably explains why I have been reluctant tp purchase that brand.
Letticia Delgado (3 months ago)
“My vagina can’t take it” 😂😂😂
Enderslayer (3 months ago)
how is it sexist for women to clean? first time I ever heard that and I am a half Arab half Turk and I wanna go back in time and obviously a man can beat his wife since when was that a problem? (only if she deserves it) Everything I heard and saw here was just stupid nitpicking why can't we all be like king echbert
Nico Nico Ni (6 days ago)
Lol, both women and men can't beat each other and yes, it is not sexist for us women to clean but the way society portrays it is wrong. Both women and men can *clean* and both can do whatever they want, but this is your opinion so I have to just respect your comment
Erin Perdue (3 months ago)
Men put us down because they’re afraid of us...
Ballet Dancer (3 months ago)
I’m a girl and I love the 50’s. It’s not only men who want to go back in time. I don’t even know any guys who want to go back to the 50’s.
Darrin P (3 months ago)
These are better than feminism
Kim Jong Un (3 months ago)
"White men would go back into time" yes I would go back to numbers instead of names, gas and extermination, and 50 years of Soviet rule🤷
Elijah Fonzie (3 months ago)
do men react to feminism ad
fucklitss (3 months ago)
“No one wants to go back in time except white men” bOi- iF yOu DoN’T-
YASsss (3 months ago)
Men are sooo stupid talking about sexism against men when they’re the ones who even started it I’m pretty sure no women out there in the world ever said”I hate guys that show their emotions they’re are so disgusting” but you know who did another man. A man came up to another guy and told him” crying is for girls”or”showing your emotions is gay” so the next time you wanna come and be stupid and say why does sexism against men get ignored and try to blame us females for it shut up and think twice because this sexism didn’t originate from women it came from men us women just fought against it. Don’t get me wrong sexism against men is just as bad as sexism against women just stop being so annoying and try to belittle us women whenever we try to talk up against it by saying”sexism against men exist too” on our posts and videos that try and liberate women. Goodbye and have a good day I guess🖐🏾
Mike N (4 months ago)
The women in this video are the reason Donald Trump was elected President of the United States.
T800 MGTOW (3 months ago)
Don't worry they all going to be in the FEMA camps in 2020 or 2030
Pixel Pudding (4 months ago)
Cleaning the moon sounds dope though
Doug Carruthers (4 months ago)
00:42 Well she's just the the feminist movement back 30 yrs lol

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