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10 Communist Cars Western People May Not Know About

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Text Comments (3551)
VisioRacer (1 year ago)
I like the Volga, it has such a beefy sound. Thanks for watching, wish you a great day!
Anthony Ferruggia (15 days ago)
Vodka?runs better!
M N (1 month ago)
Why do I want a Volga in USA
Hubert Kaminski (2 months ago)
my grandfather owned a brand new skoda which was very very expensive and the best mechanics didnt know how it works
Broseph Stalin (2 months ago)
Z akej časti slovenska si?
Aaron Ágh (4 months ago)
VisioRacer you are slovakian arent you? Well guess what i am slovakian to pls pin me
Zeljko Simic (1 day ago)
In Serbia we call it 1000 Malih Briga (1000 Little Worries or 1000 Little Problems) My father had Skoda 100 when I was kid...
Royle Hun (2 days ago)
4:38, this engine still under production, SSSR used to this engine for zaz, now western countries are using it as a latest discovery, you could find this engine in Chevrolet aveo, spark, ford, audi, as they producers ecotech, gm powertrain, and they slightly cowered by plastic to look luxoy
Aranz Hale (2 days ago)
I love those cars so much I want one in my collection
Vern Atkins (3 days ago)
I call bullshit. American propaganda. In Russia they show Americans driving Pintos, Vegas & Gremlins.
Addie Hernandez (3 days ago)
Didn't droopy drive a Syrena?
Ckryse S (4 days ago)
Loved the video pal!!! my siberian brothers deserves the best!!
Ckryse S (4 days ago)
CALL ME ASG (5 days ago)
trabaunt sounds like an auto rickshaw
K G (5 days ago)
mr.modern44 (6 days ago)
10 total shit boxes!!!!
cell pat (7 days ago)
The GAZ Volga was the closest these people came to having a hot rod.
cell pat (7 days ago)
8:06 - like the license plate on that blue cab. Looks like it says" Power Rock"
neumi107 (7 days ago)
Eastern cars weren't cheaper ! They were much more expensive than cars from the west, despite being much worse quality wise. Because you had to wait up to 10 years to get a new car, used cars were more expensive than new ones. Just ask someone, who lived around than. You are obviously to young for it to know. But otherwise very nice video ...
debayous (7 days ago)
A wardrobe on wheels that lada. Scoda is a large cockroach on wheals
Chris Waters (7 days ago)
Putin send me a military truck thanks.
Preston Dixon (8 days ago)
Awesome the Volga looked like the most promising of the communist block cars.
SPicy rEns (8 days ago)
These cars are pretty cool
Joseph Gates (8 days ago)
Ted Tezeu (9 days ago)
You forgot the ARO , probably the best commie car to be made in larger numbers.
Joshua Felty (10 days ago)
That's the one I want 4:45
Joe Vogelberger (10 days ago)
I wish Americans had been able to buy these neat, old Soviet cars. I like most of them?
MrEjidorie (11 days ago)
I wonder why East Germans produced such primitive and shabby Trabant while their brothers in West Germany could manufacture the most excellent cars in the world.
Gary L (11 days ago)
CAPITALISM VS COMMUNISM....next question.......
Stanley Jedrzejczyk (11 days ago)
Nothing like the fine luxury and mechanical engineering of Judeo-Marxist autos!
Scott Wiggins (11 days ago)
They say the Trabant had a heated bumper option...so, your hands didn't get cold when you pushed it home.
Gamers (10 days ago)
that is a yugo joke it has heated rear glass 😛
Ján Kukura (12 days ago)
Oh 0:43 Slovakia ! My country ! Yay 🇸🇰
Gary L (11 days ago)
All of the Communist era cars sucked(even though Jay Leno owns one). But the female East European computer voice was much nicer to listen to than the usual"Western" female computer voices. Fantasizing about a lifestyle no one living in the West, at that time, had to endure-Fortunately...Still cannot buy a SKODA in the USA, porque? How come back in the "old Communist days" the only "Communist" cars we could buy in the USA was the YUGO GV? Was that some kind of weird reverse psychological Cold Warfare?
Ruben Lam (15 days ago)
the orange Lada sound Blyatyful
Műanyag Varjú (15 days ago)
Long live the old communist vehicles
Gary L (11 days ago)
They probably will until they re-cycle them into beer cans. Are 1966 Volgas, et.al. "collected" by anyone other than Jay Leno?
MrProofAstra (15 days ago)
Škoda 1000MB is my best.I have 3 😉
TomekD (16 days ago)
See? We have cooler cars than you, fat americans! Don't feel offended...
Ayaan Vlogs (16 days ago)
Ur a good narrator
Frits Mosselman (17 days ago)
Nice video! It would be a nice touch to mention that the LADA's your family owned were actually license built FIAT 124's
Magdalena Lungu (17 days ago)
Weird news:i live in romania and i sawed the dacia
Mimon Barakacka (17 days ago)
0:07 ...wheels are okay ...😂😂😂
Filips May (17 days ago)
No FSO Polonez or Fiat 125p in this video?
Josaphat Febrian (18 days ago)
Dacia 1300, PUBG car
CounterStriker013009 (18 days ago)
Skoda can challenge AE86 LOL
Thomas Kowalski (19 days ago)
Wow, very informative!
Alfa Painting (20 days ago)
Stop barking MORON. Ziguli, Lada, all these cars we're Fiat,Russia bot them and givem new name.Polsky Fiat also was Western car before. Volga was Rasens ,nice car,and big, Also Cheks have Tatraplan big new car,Beter then any western car those day's .
Alfa Painting (16 days ago)
sure. I lived there also,I know all those cars.
Alfa Painting (16 days ago)
Ziguli was Fiat 104 . Sure after was made in Eastern Eu.
TomekD (16 days ago)
Actually, they're DESIGNED and used in communist countries, so...
What models were popular on OUR streets? I see what you did there.
C&C Phx (20 days ago)
So thankful i was raised in America , I could not see myself trying to put a turbo on one of these jalopys . I probably would have wrestled bears or come of with mayonez recipes
Howie EP (21 days ago)
I've seen the Skoda 125 from your picture at the end in Prague in the Skoda museum
Howie EP (21 days ago)
Communism is good
Andre Danciu (21 days ago)
I have a lada great car
Andre Danciu (21 days ago)
That polski fiat in serbia is called a peglica which means iron cause its small like an iron hahaha
Made in Russia (21 days ago)
Thank you for the interest to Russian cars) Russians really love UAZ! And we've made a video about it ;) https://youtu.be/gBNyQbuuFy0
I hav big pp (22 days ago)
Came 4 slav.
Sebastian LB (22 days ago)
Such shit
Arek Arkadiusz (23 days ago)
Can you make second part because in this video many cars you have not do in this video like : FSO polonez borewicz from poland Zastava 101 from serbia some old dacia from romania and some other cars
Coolnvigilant 88 (25 days ago)
Some of these are pretty cool. In retro way.
Fixit Mann (25 days ago)
Wartburg 3 on the tree shakes like a mother when you rev it up.. then you have to shift from knee height to eye height in the blink of an eye. Always hated 3 on the trees but this one looks worst of all.
Herman Munster (26 days ago)
I like the Skoda 130. Known as the Skoda Estelle in western Europe. My sister had one, and it looked really nice, and ran really well.
Sports Car Boy (27 days ago)
11:20 The PUBG car
Fred Jaminson (27 days ago)
The Russians could of built a MIG style Ferrari Auto if there was competition or markets. but produced poor consumer goods, ie cars. It was not that they did not have the skill or engineering, they did not have the incentive for free enterprise and competition. Most of their consumer goods were junk.
Fred Jaminson (27 days ago)
The Lada and the Volga are Russian and drive on 100 proof Vodka power.
Gary L (11 days ago)
Is it true that back in the "old communist days" vodka was actually cheaper than gasoline?
Mark O'Cain (28 days ago)
LOL I'm a little dubious about the power and torque figures for the GAZ Volga V8. even if this car had something like 110 kw and 350nm , the car itself would be a deathtrap LOL
Mark O'Cain (28 days ago)
Jeez the commos had some crap cars LOL
EnderCrawt 7 (28 days ago)
In Poland , we have a legend ( from PRL) that black Volga is kidnapping childrens.
Pfirtzer (28 days ago)
In Russia not only the drivers are filled with wodka also their cars, have a will of their own
Raymond Abella (30 days ago)
The one with the crank ignition sure would suck to have on a rainy day but on the positive side, you would never have to worry about having a bad starter. Thanks for posting this vid. One thing I can say about these cars is that they sure have personality.
Halopro895 (1 month ago)
What about ZAZ-968A, ZAZ 968M, Moskvich 2140, Moskvich 412, and GAZ 21?
evil Duck (1 month ago)
Why is it when i see a Trabant i get a craving for Schultenbrau beer.??
metamorphmuses (1 month ago)
It looks like those Škoda 130, 135 and 136s were the kind of car I would have liked to have driven.
Tim O'Brien (1 month ago)
Thanks for the great vid, we had some of these cars in New Zealand and we also had our own Communist car as well, even though we were not a Communist country (this really pissed the United States off at the time :-) ) it was called the Trekka https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDEUM7CGaE4
Tim O'Brien (1 month ago)
PS I've just moved to Czech and I'm really enjoying seeing all the different types of cars that are here :)
Al Ec (1 month ago)
When travelling through the Eastern block at the end of the 70's, I came across and rented a very sturdy rear engined aircooled v4 Russian made car with petrol burning furnace as a heater which nobody would ever freeze in Siberia, it had on or off and would slowly cook your legs and feet. However its 4 speed transmission was an inverse H pattern. I actually like it, good city car. I remember somebody nicknamed it Stalin's Revenge, something sounding like (zaspori... ska)? Can you imagine up to a 7 year wait to get your order delivered, It was less for a Trabant. (LoL)
Ferret Man (1 month ago)
OUR streets
nolzetecs (1 month ago)
Cool. I like the Tatra 603, it's a very beautiful lined car. Fun fact to know, the Lada was an old design from Fiat (the 124).
Max Delacroy (1 month ago)
Tudo feio.
Frank K (1 month ago)
The Dacia 1300 looks like a Renault 12
Stefano Ceccarelli (1 month ago)
Lada, the first car showed in this video, was actually produced under license of Fiat, the Italian car company. In fact this Lada model was taken from Fiat 124.
Milton Waddams (1 month ago)
You forgot the Zaparozhets, although it probably never made it east of Baltics. Had a relative who owned one, I rode in the back seat when I was about 9 or 10, I remember saying something like "I don't want to get into this car again". The noise and vibrations were insane. My dad had a Volga at one point, it looked impressive.
TET2005 (1 month ago)
All look like tin can and when they crashed, the occupants become sardine fish.
MADA MADA (1 month ago)
The same are with American one.
giorgos milonas (1 month ago)
Dude you forgot to mention the Lada 4x4 or AKA as Lada niva :)
jan stejskal (1 month ago)
I have a Skoda 120L and i absolutely love it :D
Martynas D. (1 month ago)
my dads first car was zaz 965 its so cool nowadays but probraly you westerns dont know wtf is that with yours dodges and fords...
LeoGreck (1 month ago)
Thats like 5 car brands or so that ive never heared bevore ^^ nice to know
plutoniusis (1 month ago)
Missed some cars like POLONEZ , Lada Niva ...
Thom Del Rosso (1 month ago)
Crank start???what the f😂😂😂!
Frost Roxie (1 month ago)
I turned 16 in 1980..... so all the great muscle cars were (1964 - 74) everywhere... cheap!!! I had a 69 GTX.... the owner before me took the 440 out and dropped in a 426 Max Wedge a modified cam , headers and a holly 780 double pumper carburetor.... Around my parts (north ofAtlanta GA) it was deemed stock It would run low 9’s in the 1/8.... And low 7’s with nitro in the 1/8 mile Was a beast.... should of never sold it😟
David Farmer (1 month ago)
the dacia is a renault 12
Wot Mate (1 month ago)
Jó kis Lada XD
B S (1 month ago)
I'm from former Yugoslavia(Serbia) and in our country situation was a lot different and people had the money and freedom to drive whatever they wanted. But I remember you could recognize hard line communists because they always owned those awful soviet pieces of shit that were usually standing on the parking lot broken all the time. Only socialist car that was good for anything was Crvena Zastava until they started producing Yugo.
Homer Simpson (1 month ago)
lol trabant in hungarian called it revenge of ndk
Roland Korg (1 month ago)
Soviet shit
Ritesh Pahladsingh (1 month ago)
You forgot the North Korean cars.
Edmund Konkolich (1 month ago)
Cool vid, interesting info! I really didn't know about some of those vehicle's existence. OK, I was aware of the Trabant badge/name & how truly sad they were, but the fact that there were even SADDER examples of "communist cars" that were produced had me taken aback. Cut 'n' glue is one thing, rusting on the assembly line would seem to be worse in my book. The Fiat, I know, is actually what eventually became the Yugo here in the States. My fav joke on them was, "Why did they put a rear window defroster on the Yugo? . . . To keep your hands warm when you had push it during Winter!" I DO remember one of the Yugo print ads published in car mags touting something to the effect that they "made sure to ship over plenty of spare/repair parts BEFORE delivering any assembled units for sale". This, so they wouldn't have to wait for parts to be shipped & be prepared for good customer service in the event you needed repairs. Yeeeeeeah. . . right. If there's ANY group of American voters that would have ONLY ONE SINGULAR REASON to resist the DMC in general, but ESPECIALLY their shift to socialism & its INEVITABLE evolution into communism, it would be. . . THE ENTIRE CAR COMMUNITY! Everybody from the cr*p/bullsh*t spewing ricers & posers, to hardcore builders, to design & engineering geeks should realize that this list is EXACTLY what we'll have to choose from if American goes down that route.
Emmanuel C. (1 month ago)
Une des voitures ressembla à la SAAB.
Jottka (1 month ago)
I grew up in East Germany and know all the cars except the Syrena and the Oltcit. Never saw one and I never heard about it. Moskvitch and Saporoshez are missing in the list. We had a Trabant and later a Skoda 105.
Yash Manjushri (1 month ago)
Pardon Mister, but you probably would have forgotten the great Lada Niva, which is still in production and does very well offroad even when compared to much more modern concepts!
These cars are neat, whats sad is there is a huge movement in the US where virtually all democrats, especially the young ones want to turn the US into a communist state...back to an era when having a fuel gauge in side the car (or at all) is a luxury
ilpo vakoniemi (1 month ago)
I would rather drive old russian car then drive any American shit
Stuart Wilkie (1 month ago)
The UK got many of these cars in the 1970's. When I was a child in our first house, our neighbour had a yellow Skoda 110. In our next house from 1977 there was a guy four doors up who had a yellow Moskovitch 412 eastate. On the other side of the cul-de-sac was a man who had a navy blue Wartburg 353. A friend of mine had a blue 1988 FSO 125p. He took me home in it once. It was comfortable to sit in and had a good heater. It met its end when the wind caught a heavy gate and slammed into it while he was driving. He drove it for a little while after, but soon got rid of it. While at Uni, a flatmate of mine had a white Yugo three door hatch. I believe it used to belong to his mum, and it was very well looked after and never broke down. I believe the Moskvitch was an official import for a time, but the FSO and Lada as well as the Yugo were available for many years. I collected brochures, and believe it or not have these three makes represented there. In 1993 the cheapest Lada "Riva" was an inexpensive car in Britain costing about 4,500 pounds. I liked the fact it had a warranty and I'm sure it would have lasted well if looked after properly.
Atomgatyapootis (1 month ago)
My dad's first car was škoda 120
Kev Ro (1 month ago)
Thanks for the great video. In the west we barely get an information on these cars.
Mike Hirst (1 month ago)
My first car ....... Moskvich 433p ...... total junk
Chris Lemaster (1 month ago)
Fait 126 in the usa also better known as the YUGO GV
kung puk (1 month ago)
It should be "trunk". Not "frunk".
Mechknight73 (1 month ago)
From the outside, the Skoda Dacia 1300 looks exactly like a Renault 12. Hope they did some updates on that one from the Renault
Mechknight73 (1 month ago)
The Fiat 126 was known as the Niki in Australia Fiat being an Italian acronym for Fabrica Industria Automobili Turin. Given their reputation for unreliability here, many Aussies said it was short for Fix It Again Tony

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