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10 Communist Cars Western People May Not Know About

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Text Comments (3848)
VisioRacer (1 year ago)
I like the Volga, it has such a beefy sound. Thanks for watching, wish you a great day!
VisioRacer are you Slavic
Ravage (1 month ago)
VisioRacer Mmm, the Volga
Bernard Delafontaine (2 months ago)
It was based on a plan designed by GM, that they wouldn't produce.
xprokop (2 months ago)
+Timothy Hargreaves Come and try this car parodies. They were smoking, slow, dangerous and you had to wait for them 7-10 years. Rovers were a dream racing cars seen only when there was wtcc Grand Prix of Brno race. My father (with university engeneering diploma) managed to buy luckily in 1983 an old Ford Anglia-it was superb car without any breakdowns. Sadly, my father once poored river water with some small stone into the cooling system and the small turbine inside the pump broke. Without any posibility to gain spare parts from the West he sold it to be destructed in an car stunt show :(
xprokop (2 months ago)
+K H These black v8 volgas were only for brutal kgb. You wouldn't like to hear them coming to your place ar 5 in the morning, just to be sent to dark prison for 10 years, because you said somewhere communism isn't a good idea (you commited state treason by that according to communist law)
I’m Romanian and the fun fact is that Dacia 1300 is Romanian and you can drive it in pubg
Silwer Agentum (29 days ago)
Still both VaZ and later Lada vas sold here in Sweden, but the Lada Samara was so bad it came to an end were only Niva 4x4 sold to some, a cheap terraincar, better for that than some may think. Before my time Volga had sold some cars here too, but they were old the few i seen. Today its only Niva that sell some few here nothing else. My father being a VAZ mechanic in Sweden got to go to Soviet and see the factory and other stuff the soviet leaders was proud about. Thats pretty unique really, the Fiat copys was better than the newer ones, Samara was a disaster. Skoda was sold a few here the Rapid having a simple engine in the back i remember, but thise was saw here as Tjeckoslovakian, our TV series testing cars from all over flipped one of those over making the standard evade manouver, it would not happen again until Mercedes A-klass. The two stroke engine was typical DKW etc and was copied by SAAB really, but then nobody would belive that that still would be used in the 80s and only 2 cylinder even. My grandfather had an old Watburgh stationwagon. With a 2 stroke in, a plastic sunroof etc, i remember pmaying in that one alot, it was not functional then.
Gamerniels (1 month ago)
A youtuber named: aged wheels is actually working on a trabant, he's fixing it up to run smoother. He worked on the engine and did the transmission aswell qeuiet intresting to watch really.
Egor M (1 month ago)
You forgot to mention Chaika, that was a communist political car.
Ravage (1 month ago)
koolfoolable (1 month ago)
Lada's get the same MPG as an F-150.
Dario Biebel (1 month ago)
Der trabi hat 26 ps
Raimond B.D (1 month ago)
Oltcit :) those memories :(
Amit Thakur (1 month ago)
Trabant looks like Fiat 1100
România Mică (1 month ago)
Olcit-A company destroyed by the Germans to build a Ford headquarters there DACIA-A company upgraded by the French who, unfortunately, ceased to manufacture Dacia 1300 or Berlina or 1310 or SuperNova or 1410 sport or 1310 TX etc... ARO-A company that went faliment by Iliescu and the Russians, bought by an American who broke the contract and settled in old-fashioned
România Mică (1 month ago)
Dacia 1310 TX
Brian Gerald Eager (1 month ago)
we had a lot of imports from 1970 I recall being a back seat passenger in a Moskvitch van (caravan) in 1971 which had a bench seat then the cargo area full of paint cans ... our driver stopped sharply as a big dog was in the road and the bench seat collapsed under the weight of us three workers in the back ..loads of paint spillage and an uncomfortable ride home to get cleaned up
may not know - dacia in end western gamers : ey look PUBG
Jorge A MChz (1 month ago)
Que bonitos coches, saludos desde Jalisco Mexico.
TheEngineer1971 (1 month ago)
We used to have the Russian made cars in Iraq mainly in the 70s, 80s like Volga, Lada, Moskvich and so on, they were good and most important they were very strong
Dominiori (1 month ago)
On 1000mb my grandfather passed driver license test
Cebuliasz (1 month ago)
Where's the FSO Polonez?
Chuck Norris (1 month ago)
As a v8 loving American I cringed hearing that most of their cars had inline 3's and 4's.
Marian Terziev (2 months ago)
What is your problem with these cars? They was normal cars in threir time
Rafael Rodríguez (2 months ago)
Communist Junk. Nothing made by communists is good.
i am Romanian and i know my dad had an Oltcit
Carlos De Backer (2 months ago)
Had ik nog zo maar een Wolga!!!
Karel Kase (2 months ago)
but where is Tšaika? :D
The All Sports Channel (2 months ago)
Great video. I have subscribed.
The ElectricHobo (2 months ago)
Communist and socialist cars have such a raw look and feel to them...i honestly think they were better than the Western offerings...as a butt poor Brit I have always had an admiration for how the Eastern bloc lived.
Jonathan Bell (2 months ago)
Ten communist car's nobody knows about because there SHIT
nathanathann (2 months ago)
oh damn that black volga thooo
Chad Castagana (2 months ago)
3:09 Bakelite Motor Wagon, that is a good one - - but everyone in The West knows about this Plastic Box on Wheels thanks to The Net
Tritium5678 (2 months ago)
In Finland both Lada and Ifa Wartburg was common during the 1970.
Silwer Agentum (29 days ago)
Your police had LADA:-)
Tritium5678 (2 months ago)
lol… drabant BMW Bakelit Motor Wagen… :-)
P.D.R (2 months ago)
I2/I3 - Peasent I4 - Worker I6 - Small company boss V6 - Big company boss V8 - Government leaders V12 - Czar
Joe Barbaro (2 months ago)
he. good stuff. I have a ZAZ 968M, should get around to starting the old thing.
Gary Bangle Bangle (2 months ago)
East GERMAN cars cool thing
CaptainScout (2 months ago)
*блять-ing western spies*
Socialist Cars*. Communism is stateless, governmentless and currencyless.
geo geo (2 months ago)
30 or more years ago ... in romania ... who can not afford a dacia ... was 75000 lei or oltcit 78000 lei .... buy a skoda 62000 lei a lada 59000 lei or trabant 45000 lei ....
geo geo (2 months ago)
i'm from romania .... rememberig now ... when i was a kid ... my ant who have many polish friends ... who came from poland to romania ... to the black sea ... with polski fiat ... 4 big people and luggage .... all red and sweat .... like some ... many fish in just one glass ... admiring theyr courage ... to travel thousand km ..... in just one little box ... recently i buy a renault laguna 3 SW mostly 4 this first summer vacantion ... 2000km just 3 people ... 2 adults and one 11 years kid ..... because my recent car ... dacia sandero 2 from 2014... a very gud reliable and cheap to mantaind and consuption ... is too little 4 that trip ... but comparing with skoda fabia ww polo or opel corsa is bigger ... but comparing with poor polski fiat .... sandero 2 is ... a limosine ...
Mehran Freeman (2 months ago)
Awesome 👍 I always looking for someone thing like this . Appreciated buddy. I drove Volga / Lada / Lada (Niva) / and also a car I couldn't remember it's name properly ,l guess it was like Moscowich or similar ,I fell in love with Lada Niva after our Russian driver passed a wide and deep river Whit 5 people in. Unfortunately here (Australia) we don't have any chance to own one of those legends. Recently I heard someone brought first Russian ATV here .SHERP Here I learned SKODA is ishkoda not skoda 👍
The Sun Will Rise Again (2 months ago)
Now that you communists are free, why don't you respect freedom. Why don't you learn to drive and stop causing trouble everywhere you go?
Erik Lawaetz (2 months ago)
The USSR Lada looks very similar to Fiat 128......i Guess.build strong.....
Robert E. SilentWarrior (2 months ago)
Bakelite Motor Wagen LOL.... it seems like spare parts of a lawnmower engine will do. We had this type of Skoda here in the Netherlands, when I was a kid. And Tatra trucks. The Czech stuff was not bad at all.
Vuk Jakić (2 months ago)
atsekoutsoube (2 months ago)
YUGO ???
Silviu Vasile Dumitrescu (2 months ago)
I came across this link by accident. Are you Check, Polish, Russian or what? You're so eulogical, laudatory about some quite embarrassing Check or Polish tinker-can cars, meanwhile ridiculing Romanian cars like Oltcit. Oltcit was indeed very difficult to maintain, as of replacing common parts or engine fixing, especially the double carburetor, but it's stupid to say it was a bad car, at least compared to all the previous mentioned in the video. Let me say I did not have Oltcit, nor have ever driven one, but several acquaintances had and were pretty satisfied with it. Many Oltcits have run until late after the fall of communism. Good video in all, interesting, anyways. Except for the Romanian review. I did even like it, so you won't suspect I'm subjective. (Never heard about Polish Serena. Can't believe that was produced in tens of thousands. Nor about Tatra limousine, always thought Tatra were only heavy trucks)
Alan Brando (2 months ago)
That black tatra 603 at the end looks like a giant sexy cockroach.
Alan Brando (2 months ago)
The wartburg 353 from 1966 has an early 80s design.
roman svehla (2 months ago)
RSAhokejfan (2 months ago)
Where is Polonez? Polski Fiat 1500? Nysa, Żuk etc?
skypjuh (2 months ago)
7:59 the look on the face of the guy in the hybrid is worth all the oil in the Arabian peninsula
Z B (2 months ago)
Volga 24-21 24-23 and 24-50 is V6 V6 and V8, later the 3105 3110 31105 Im interested is these V6 V8 and the final model.
MrSeekLoad (2 months ago)
The BEST off road 4x4 cars ever made by the former communist Romania in the communist time: All cool ARO cars: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qW5Gg7ntGN8
MrSeekLoad (2 months ago)
Old communist Aro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CubUmj67EbQ
MrSeekLoad (2 months ago)
Dude what about Aro from 1980: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yq5BJptpXxQ
MrSeekLoad (2 months ago)
By the way if you want to make cold was western car topic on video my suggestion is the Romanian Dacia 3010 as best communist built car and Aro 10.6 4x4 from 1983 that is the best communist 4x4 car made that later at the end of communist almost started looking like an American hummer, NOT joking. Also as luxury car that the communist made look at the Russian car Moscovich that was the most luxurious car the communist ever made.
MrSeekLoad (2 months ago)
Another wrong, Oltcit was NEVER a favorite car in Romania back then. The Romanian favorite car was Dacia 3010 that were pretty modern back then and the off-roader Aro 10.6 who were all 4x4 cars and also pretty modern back then.
MrSeekLoad (2 months ago)
Also it is called warburg not wartburg.
MrSeekLoad (2 months ago)
You made a MISTAKE in the video. Let me help you, The Trabant was not made of plastic, but of cardboard that has a thin lair of plastic over it, like laminated paper has. This because of the cardboard material, most people in some countries avoided to but a Trabant, because in case of an accident the cardboard would make sever cuts on you, making you bleed to death. But later the last Trabats changed and was made of metal, sadly the last metal Trabant series did not last long as the communist fell and the production of Trabant ended with it.
SimmonsDrums (2 months ago)
A kde je tatra 613?
roman svehla (2 months ago)
to je vůz a né sračka. Mezi tyto socky se nehodí jí ukázat.
Mustardip (2 months ago)
I like trabant and wartburg classic cars for road :)
xprokop (2 months ago)
INSIDER COMMENT: You should also say the fact, that we had to wait for these crap cars in lists about 10 years long or heavily bribe the shop assistants to skip same places in the waiting list. Whole two generations in one family had to spare money to buy this strongly smoking, almost all the time broken down, highly dangerous and otherwise horrible "car" parodies. Although so called heavy industry was the priority for communists, because in fact it was war industry making tanks, weapons and steel for more heavy industry. In early 50's it was decided by communist not to build highways, because transportation by private car is too burgoise. In USSR they were using open farm trucks and tractors with a trailer as people carriers-yes, and they were often Studebakers obtained in Lend-Lease from U.S., which was after 20 years of negotiations payed back in 70's, but only by grain in worth of about 1/100 of original money Allied U.S. and Britain gave them. (Really, look it up in wikipedia, it was really only 1% of U.S. loan) Normal people were waiting or they could by second hand cars with high mileage, which were even more EXPENSIVE, than cars, because you didn't need to wait for them so long in huge lists of future buyers... Damn communistic big concentration camp in which we all in Eastern Europe were actually living was full of such things unthinkable in the West. Btw, your family had to be highly prominent to own 2 Žigulíks (or was that your parents and their relatives other families together? It was not common even in communist families to have 2 cars...
MARTIN WOOLDRIDGE (2 months ago)
I had no idea they had cars in communist countries, how you can’t own anything. I am sure it a POS. The engine in the truck great job wonderful engineering. Oh he is crank starting the car More wonderful communism engineering. Great job have fun.
Joshua Metcalfe (2 months ago)
The lads riva/2105/7, was popular among Midlands families in the UK during the 80s,as the mining industry here collapsed,and made everybody poor,until factories started being built.
Mark W (2 months ago)
I was expecting you to have a NIVA. i <3 NIVA !!!
S.S .S (2 months ago)
who is the dude in the brz in all the intros?
ventsyv (2 months ago)
Olcit, Tatra, but not Moscvitch?? The essential Soviet cars are: Trabant, Warburg, Moscvitch, Lada, Skoda, Volga. Ordered by desiaribility . Those your can see everywhere you went in Eastern Europe. If you want to round it up to ten, add Datchia, Ugo, Fiat (polski), and ... I actually that's it.
The sinner Jim Whitney (2 months ago)
Man, that V8 Volga would be an AWESOME build for a total 'what the fuck?!' sleeper hot rod here in the States. Maybe a boring but brutally effective hot NA LS and a Tremec, 9" rear with 3.89:1s or so and a Truetrac, minitubs, 4-link, banded factory wheels and hubcaps, quiet exhaust... yeah...
flugjung (2 months ago)
Excellent video! No cheesy music, just cars and their sounds! I like your English too! I know it is a personal video but i missed the Dacia 1300 (it was more iconic and known than the Oltcit/Oltena) and the Moskvitch 412. Keep on making more of these videos. Greetings from Mexico
Frank Dofelmier (2 months ago)
The Commies made crummy cars but I Love their Rifles and pistols....They know how to make a good gun.
da retro (2 months ago)
In hungary we call the polski fiat "kis polszki" , which stands for "little polish"
Die Party_Pizza (2 months ago)
My Oncle has a Škoda 130L
e.g. Joey (2 months ago)
Dynoing a car that makes 2 horse power? What a waste of time. Better off just sitting around drinking vodka and watching Russian lesbian porn!
Ucing Garonk (2 months ago)
Cars without obessity problems, wether the engine nor the driver either.
Damyan Kostov (2 months ago)
You didn't show a single Moskvitch.
Bernard Delafontaine (2 months ago)
In Belgium we were very familiar with your cars. We had concessionaries of Lada: Fiat copy, Samara, Niva; Volga: sedan and break (breaks were indestructible, often driven by people in building industry, they drove up to 35 or 40 years with them (Volga sedan was built according to a plan that was meant for GM, but was refused); FSO (no way to open windows!); Skoda 130, 105 etc (only available in 3 colours: beige, green and orange); Yugo (only 1 model); Wartburg and Zündapp (motorcycles and small vans); Dacia (copy of Renault 18). The Lada Niva was considered as the best small terrain vehicle once all the parts had been replaced.
Weirdo guy 6 (2 months ago)
frunk ?
asherasator (2 months ago)
Each one of these cars is genius engineering.
lee lex (2 months ago)
And where is Dacia ???
Lettore Entusiasta (2 months ago)
The Oltcit was not less reliable than other Eastern cars. The Citroen-branded version (called "Axel") was tested by the Italian "Quattroruote" magazine for 100.000 km with sealed bonnet, wth no issues (just replaced oil and filters). The Volga was not a fast car, it had actually the same top speed of a much smaller Lada. And people was not poor - free healthcare, free holidays, free schools and so on....
Paramjit Singh (3 months ago)
Joe Cool (3 months ago)
I didn’t see ANY car on this list I would want to spend any amount of money on. Let’s be honest. The people who bought these cars all wished they had something better.
Arkadiusz Konwerski (3 months ago)
Czarna Wołga krąży po mieście
Illew Menadeh (3 months ago)
you forgot the UAZ Bukhanka
Ed Felty (3 months ago)
Claudiu Susma (3 months ago)
I know all of these cars because I was born in Romania. I also have a green Lada 1500 and a Trabant 601 s.
Jackster 719 (3 months ago)
1:13 superior soviet technology 👌
Charliecomet82 (3 months ago)
I read that Chrysler looked into importing the Oltcit into the USA back in the 70's but decided against it once they saw how bad they really were-too bad even for the company that gave us the Volare!
Evan Law (3 months ago)
soviet cars were not cheap. A Lada cost ten years salary of a factory worker.
Ajoo 129 (3 months ago)
No airbags on it... But every russians driver always crashed it and make it alive without any injuries
nathanathann (2 months ago)
because they were going so slow 😂
Laci Laci (3 months ago)
thank you
Carlos C. (3 months ago)
para mim esse Dácia 1300 (1969 - 1983) parece mais um renaul 12, mas...
Don Lucchese (3 months ago)
No battery. No problem.
Igor Vrdoljak Bgd RS (3 months ago)
In 'west' everibody drives V8 5-6liters 2ton cars. We from 'east' drive cars with wooden wheels. Is that is?
Jimmy Bobby Clapper (3 months ago)
Hi Igor.....not everybody from the west drives V8 2ton cars. Many people in the west drive average 4 cylinder cars between 1.2 liters and 2.5 liters. There are plenty of V6 engines and some V8 engines around but most people 'on average' would drive 4 cylinders cars. Out of interest for you, SKODA is a very popular car in the west :)
Igor Vrdoljak Bgd RS (3 months ago)
What is 'western people' ? 3% of total world polulation. I bet some of this cars are well known in countrys you dont know nothing about and you dont want to know. Capitalism sistem is fit for robots,not free humans. Same go for Komunism as we know it.
benz merc (3 months ago)
Judging by the low hp, ugly looking and poor built pieces of crap of today, we might be entering global communism, indeed. Oh it's ugly.
Silwer Agentum (29 days ago)
Amarican cars have been there for a long time, unsellable outside of US. So yes a youtubeclip about say ordinary american cars after 1975 would work as well really, americans think that was normal etc but it was ludicirous fir us uuropeans. Still today very few american build cars sell outside of US.
1aikane (3 months ago)
Interesting. Function and durability seems to be the emphasis.
Tom PrickVixen (3 months ago)
FSO Polonez (the early)! I really liked its design.
roman svehla (2 months ago)
FilK79 (3 months ago)
I am from Serbia and I must say that I am simply in love with the Tatra´s! We in Serbia had a cool car, Zastava Florida, take a look at google images.
_LemonKIING_ (3 months ago)
And the dacia 1100,1300 and 1310???
HELESPONTify (3 months ago)
Today in my country ex Yu,villige people cry for Wartburgh 353 caravan,good car for transport,very simple,and cheap

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