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Text Comments (108)
Luann Putman (3 months ago)
Carmi, that purple lip was EVERYTHING absolutely stunning.
Hena H (5 months ago)
Can you please do best products from certain brands? This will help me decide what to avoid like the plague. Thanks 💛💛
Maria Medina (7 months ago)
Love it,, keep doing what makes you happy... I'll be watching😘👍
Ariella Cross (7 months ago)
You are so beautiful ❤❤❤
Annalouisee_x (7 months ago)
Bibi wheres the video full face of what we lovee💛
Louise Aljaradat (7 months ago)
I watch with my headphones on so I can't be disturbed and with a cup of coffee!
Claudia Arjona (7 months ago)
I always whatch your videos while I'm having lunch or breakfast when I'm alone at home so you can (in some way) be with me when there's nobody at home😂
Tiffany Erwin (7 months ago)
LOVE THIS! I actually like my NYX matte setting spray. I notice my makeup holds up through this South Florida humidity and sweating! Hahaha! Also, when you said “wet water” I scared all my cats from laughing so hard. Love you & your videos! #addicted 😘
destiny magestic (7 months ago)
can one ever be too extra ? i think not #extra4life
elina craft (7 months ago)
I bought the nyx dewy setting spray because everyone used to rave about it. I don't like neither the mist or the smell of the product
Dreamer Bookslover (7 months ago)
Love you.💝💙❤
I love your videos, I just sit down and watch/ enjoy. One of your videos motivated me to film, clean up. Mostly I just sit and enjoy. My videos are long because I am slow putting my makeup on.
Aero's Arcana (7 months ago)
I think you're much like The Doctor "all that banter but not a word wasted" All your words are very enjoyable and doesn't seem like too much at all.
Lizzie Mortimer (7 months ago)
Didn't believe in love at first sight till today when I first watched your videos and I love you already 😁❤️
Rikki's Reviews (7 months ago)
I am from the States, and I have to be honest, I PREFER long videos. Might not be the popular opinion, but I love long videos. They are my way of unplugging and relaxing at night.
Meghan Cosentino (7 months ago)
montoya whitehead (7 months ago)
I love your videos. I adore that you talk so much. I look forward to your videos too, I wish I could have a new one EVERYDAY!!! They make me happy.🙌💛🖤💛
Taneesha Hill (7 months ago)
I love hearing you talk. I even watch your videos at work when I’m eating my breakfast & lunch. My coworkers know to NOT disturb me when I’m watching Carmi & my boss calls me Bibi😂. My favorite time to watch is at night before bed.
lyndsey (7 months ago)
Urban decay eye shadow palettes used to be amazing, such a shame they've pretty much gone to shit
Tiziana Cimmino (7 months ago)
Babe thank you to show my answer ... I really liked the Mac eyebrows, but even the smallest amount out went broken. For my brows they lasted as you said a couple of week. Fortunately they had a better use when I could do the Back to Mac and had a lipstick for free xD Love ya <3
Catrin Lyn (7 months ago)
You are sooo beautiful Carmi ! x x x x x
You did great x
Beckah Louise (7 months ago)
Literally so obsessed with your videos right now! Quick question, can you please go to big beauty day out next year I wanna meet you so baaaad!xx
Miss Chica (7 months ago)
Gurrrl yasss 😏😘
Nadine Porritt (7 months ago)
I love the long videos! I could listen to you talk for hours!
A. Cotton (7 months ago)
Hello Beautiful Carmi! Happy Monday! I think you did a great job considering the products used. I do love the eye look. I have that UD eyeshadow palette and I love it. I have the new JS liquid highlighters and at first I couldn't get them to work, but I started using a brush that ELF makes specifically for liquid highlighter and it works great. The highlighter doesn't remove my foundation by using this brush and it was only $2. Have a wonderful day!
Lisa S (7 months ago)
The WORST lashes I've ever used are the Revlon ones! They pop off at the drop of a hat 😂 had an absolute nightmare! They look pretty in the box though 😉 much love Carmi xxx
Cody Hildebrand (7 months ago)
Ahah I watch when I’m getting ready and doing my makeup!!’
Donna Riddell (7 months ago)
Don’t worry about talking to much my bibi we love you just the way you are 💛💛💛
Magnus Asterbring (7 months ago)
The foundation looks awful on u but you are gorgeus. I hate when people stress out on tutorials. It feels like they dont really enyoy doing it. So keep on adding minutes !💖
DeAnna Curtis (7 months ago)
I hope this isn't going to be a offensive comment because i love this person. You could be Shannyn Sossamon's doppleganger.
Kaye Jones (7 months ago)
Okay confession time! When I was in high school I used that foundation! It was my ride or die I now wear the maybelline superstay in the palest shade but in high school I used the shade fawn!! In that mousse hahaha! I thought I looked awesome! So much bronzer :p love you Carmi you literally have inspired me 💛💛💛
Katiegamerage (7 months ago)
Thank you for sharing my thoughts on the liquid highlighter. I shall try your tips and see if it will work better. Thank you Carmi 💛💛
Judge me unforgiven (7 months ago)
You 'ramble' the truth tho, so its all good :-D
Judge me unforgiven (7 months ago)
I always get foundation lift off with liquid highlighters. Tried the Revolution one your way, still did it :-( Shame cus i love the colour of the champagne one. But i found (after a watching Steph Toms vid) that L’Oreal Paris Glow Mon Amour Highlighting Drops are so much more bendable. I put it on the back of my hand, and use a small damp beauty blender, dip and press back on my hand two or three times, and add to my face before any powders. no foundation lift off.
Tracy German (7 months ago)
We all love it big & huge bibi 😂
Hey Zach (7 months ago)
Oh my goodness I'm stealing that liquid highlighter tip!! Thank you for the heads up, bibi 🙏🙏🙏
alicerose (7 months ago)
Omg Carmi, I watch your videos with a coffee and some chocolate biscuits! I honestly prefer longer videos, but I’m exactly the same, I try to edit my videos to keep them short, but they always end up so so long 😘😘
Louise Oxford (7 months ago)
I adore you! Your content is fantastic and so are you! Thank you for being you!
Nadiah Khairul (7 months ago)
I sit through your Long videos whilst eating my lunch/dinner or washing my dishes 😂 also I think the end look isn’t half bad ! Love your long videos 😁
Anastassia Vaseo (7 months ago)
I really love your videos and that you talk a lot <3 please don't change hahah
Jaylayah J (7 months ago)
new sub! Love this video
Redhaired beauty (7 months ago)
That foundation 🤮horrible i dont like those mousse too... carmi.. ur videos are great i dont mind that they are long...❤🤪😘
Raluca (7 months ago)
That liquid highlighter is glittery af if you blend it , it is a disaster
Belle Lopez (7 months ago)
Never a dull moment with your videos. You ALWAYS put a smile on my face. Intro is a whopping 2 min but I watch it. I do FF with others. No worries, Love...❣️ you as you are. Your consideration shows as it's never dragging. 😘😘
Mummy vlogs &makeup (7 months ago)
i actually love the fact that you "talk to much" as i do it to. i just feel it is no fun when watching a youtuber do makeup and they just sit there saying only three words every two minutes
Megan Jackon (7 months ago)
Carmi, the longer videos are really good xx Its great for anxiety because you ramble on and on hahah
Aysha Begum (7 months ago)
Carmie Belle (7 months ago)
Love you BIBI <3
cecilia brunelli (7 months ago)
ForbiddenFish (7 months ago)
I love your content Carmi!
Aphrodite Guru (7 months ago)
Press like if you want carmi BiBi to do longer videos coz I know I do I love the GRWM chit chats there the best xx
CryptKeeper #57 (7 months ago)
pissoffpostie (7 months ago)
I started watching your videos for the makeup. Now I am watching because your personality shines😻
Jill Morris (7 months ago)
Jill Morris (7 months ago)
Ps I love that glitter ✨ xxxxx
Kit Hale (7 months ago)
You are the son I wish I'd had!
Gillian Adams (7 months ago)
Omigod i am beyond chuffed you saw my comment. Shame you didn't have the urban decay vice pallet, i would have loved tips. I used to LOVE urban decay but i agree, its just not worth the price or hype anymore and the quality really seems to have gone downhill.
Coco Versace (7 months ago)
I love watching video with ppl who talk and explain lol don't worry ur good !! Much love carmi all the way from Los Angeles CA
I would love to see a make up declutter serie of you carmi but it would be so long xD talking and talking but i would see it while i am cooking :) great video.
Katrina Mcelligott (7 months ago)
i absolutely love watching you, please never think you"re rambling on.I love to hear you chat away bibi. i have that nyx dewyspray and i think its so bad. theres definetly no dewy finish and i feel ive just thrown cold water over my face ughh.
eRPeunia (7 months ago)
wouldn’t agree on kat von d neutral shades. i have the last year’s christmas set and it sucks for me. gets off the centre of my lips in a second and while breathing only, not even drinking. and when i do take a sip it’s all ruined. only me ?
Mrs Mossy Mouse (7 months ago)
The dream matte mousse foundation was really not your colour! 😂 But I actually quite like that foundation, I just apply it with my fingers and always get tons of compliments on how good my skin looks whenever I wear it. I tend to use that one for my minimal makeup days. ....But yeah, on you I thought it would be good as a base for a Halloween ghost look! 👻💛
tingeofsass 09 (7 months ago)
the title is just so new to me, i clicked like even before watching 😂
Lyn (7 months ago)
The mouse makeup, shadow kit, concealer are not my favorites. I know it's the products because you can make anything work. Anything you apply, you look flawless. I will never try that mouse makeup or concealer because they are no good. I'm glad you showed bad makeup because it saves me from wasting money. This was a fun video, Bibi!💛 (You always make me laugh and smile)
mrsDO make up (7 months ago)
Omg Carmiiiii!!!💛💛💛💛💛💛💛 I had never tried to apply the blur stick this way. I'll try it! thank you💛. So emotional to see my name on the screen!😍😍😍 LOVE YOU FROM ITALY!!!!
Kelley A (7 months ago)
Faeriedarke (7 months ago)
Aaaaw Carmi, I love your long chatty videos so much. I laughed out loud several times. Your bubbly personality cheers me up every time. Thanks so much ♥
Loved this video. I can defo sit through your long videos and not get bored as you are amazing and very relatable. I actually love the purple colour of that Kat Von D liquid lipstick but I defo agree some of them are better than others. I love Gerard Cosmetics hydro matte liquid lipstick they are actually better than the Kat Von D ones 💛💛💛
Natasha Campbell (7 months ago)
Love you bibi 💛 love this video 😊
Rachel Barker (7 months ago)
The way Urban Decay is hyped up on social media, I thought I was the only one who thought there shadows came off very patchy and muddy. I gave up after there naked smoky palette. I still have them and I do use them for one shadow straight on the lid looks and that's it. I simply refuse to spend all that money and not use them lol. Great video as always Carmi and don't worry about ramberling, for me, ramble to the God's darling! Long videos are always my favourite!!!
Joanne Thomas (7 months ago)
I have the UD Naked 3 palette, it was the first UD one I had ever bought... That mother is patchy AF! Trying to blend it is like trying to draw blood from a stone. I only use it for work now because no one cares what I look like there! For the price, I feel used and ripped off!
Kellalizard (7 months ago)
I've always loved UD as a few years back, they were the only decent brand with an amazing colour range and bright, awesome shades. Do you use their primer? I always use primer now. What would you recommend? I've always wanted to try Juvias Place, but it's hard to get in the UK.
Nicola Smith (7 months ago)
Love you Carmi. I watch your videos with a cup of tea. It's just like sitting with a best friend and chatting about makeup so I love long videos ❤️ I'd hate if you rushed videos because it wouldnt feel so chilled and fun.
Yoon Min (7 months ago)
you are actually so funny 😂💕
Rachel Sheehan (7 months ago)
For me for contour I hate the MUR Pro HD cream contour palette. It doesn't blend and is very patchy and thick and greasy. Love revolution my fab brand but I hate that palette. ILY 😘
Lulu Natasha (7 months ago)
Actually a good time to upload. I can cook and watch you at the same time 😂 almost burnt the chicken, but yaaaas carmi come through with the honest reviews 😘
Rachel Norton (7 months ago)
Definitely not the foundation for you. you're typical glow was not there at all. Throw that stuff away.
MiaBoca (7 months ago)
First, I watch every second of your videos. Secondly, you're such a good sport. Your facial expressions were classic. 💛💛💛
Anita Proctor (7 months ago)
Eyes are nice😃
Doggy Forte (7 months ago)
Stephanie Carter (7 months ago)
I hold on to every precious moment of a CarmiMUA video!!!
Stevisgirl Daniels (7 months ago)
I use the liquid highlighters mixed in my foundations and body lotion. I can tell you that I love the jelly highlighter formula. I've got monumental the gold shade and you can blend it out on your shoulders clavicles or anywhere on the body you want to highlight not just the face. It can be as blinding as you want or as light as you want. I just rub it in like you would a lotion. I am interested in trying Brush Works, I didn't know about the brand until they followed me on IG but the brushes look good. Brushes are one of my weaknesses.💛💛💛
Helen Stokes (7 months ago)
Great video! Could you do products that’ve surprised you, please?
Minna_ AlFawaz (7 months ago)
Helen Stokes Now that's a great idea!
Charis Leath (7 months ago)
When I'm using liquid highlighters, what I do is put a little on the back of my hand, get a damp beauty blender (one of the little ones), pick a little up on the blender, and use the blender to dab and blend it into the desired areas. I find it lets me build up the intensity as well, since it's easy to go in with more as necessary.
Agata Paradzinska (7 months ago)
I don’t have enough your talking. I am doing my makeup with You, watching video even few times. I am cooking, cleaning even washing dishes by watching You. My boyfriend sometimes is watching You with me and saying You are so true person who knows life. ❤️ i like this kind of movies👏🏻
Amy-Jade Hambrey (7 months ago)
PLEASE don’t stop talking as much as you do. I love it
Forecast Janna (7 months ago)
You are right about KVD's reds and browns being better. I have a nude brown called Ludwig, it's not streaky at all and lasts for hours and hours. But I personally don't like the loooong long aplicator wand, because it makes it harder to do precise job around the lipline. I wish it was shorter. I enjoyed the video so much, I love your videos. Xoxo
Make up mummy (7 months ago)
Such a great video my babe!!! Me and my little girl love chilling watching you 💛💛💛💛
Fatima Konteh (7 months ago)
This video made my day this video is funny the foundation 🙉🙉🚫🚫no way love you 💛💛
Jagiszon (7 months ago)
Well, I started watching your video without checking how long it is, and now I can't stop watching, and I should be studying for my tomorrow's MA exam :D
Jagiszon (7 months ago)
+Jill Morris thanks ❤
Jill Morris (7 months ago)
Jagiszon Good Luck 🍀
Olivia Howarth (7 months ago)
Yaya my comment was shown! 😍😘Glad I'm not the only one that thinks Urban Decay's eyeshadows are muddy Literally save up my money to buy the Urban Decay Ultimate Basics palette and I don't ever use it! But anyways love you Bibi 💛💛
Sophie Rawsthorne (7 months ago)
I tend to watch your videos when I've gone to bed. That way, I can binge on my notifications. If I'm watching during the date, like now, I see your notification and watch as long as I've not got something I have to do, straight away. I can't wait to see your full face of makeup my subscribers love. I have so many!
Meagan Jones (7 months ago)
I love your long videos!!! 💕💕💕 also, i love you!
Gillian Wills (7 months ago)
I could sit through hours of you "rambling on"... don't worry Carmi, I love you Bibi! GxXx 💛💛💛
papercutzombie (7 months ago)
Alyson Cox (7 months ago)
This video was blooming the highlight of my Sunday!!!
Raych 90 (7 months ago)
Great video Carmi!!! I love a long vid 🤩 Can't wait for the "makeup my subs love" video 😁. You are truly an inspiration to me, Lysm 💛💛💛
Crissy Collins (7 months ago)
Hi Carmi Thank you for an entertaining Sunday afternoon 😂😂😂... sending much love 😍😘😘😘 xxx
Mama Dell (7 months ago)
Again another awesome video. Love you Carmi 💙💜🧡💚💛
giusy cancelliere (7 months ago)
Ciao BELLISSIMO <3 I tuoi video non saranno mai troppo lunghi e tu non parlerai mai abbastanza
Sophie Ellis (7 months ago)
love this video xx
binty cucu (7 months ago)
💛💛💛 beautiful as always Carmi x
Kylie Jenner (7 months ago)
Thank you so much for liking my idea 💛💛💛💛💛💛 also follow me 😂 @bubblegumbeesh

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