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How To Finger A Chick & How To Finger A Girl And Them Feel It For A Long Time

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http://tinyurl.com/orgasmexplained101 - check out my blog for some great orgasm techniques. If you want to learn how to finger a girl, click on the link. 0:09 how to finger a woman ================================================ Female Orgasm With Finger Techniques. Make Your Fingers the Best Secret Sex Weapon. Do you know that 70% of American women do not always reach orgasm during sex? Regardless of whether your partner's in the same situation, finger techniques can be one of the best secret to help her to achieve orgasms in foreplay. Here are few finger tricks that will get her adrenaline pumping tonight: #1 Take care of your hands. One of the biggest complaints of women against men is having unclean hands and fingernails. Your partner can't stand it when you touch her tender skin with your rough and dirty hands. It's a surest way to turn her off. As your hands are the key factor to enjoyable sexual experience, make sure to always keep them clean and tender. Your hands must be the types women want to kiss and touch. In addition, make a habit to trim your fingernails periodically. Prior to sex, make sure they are well lubricated and sanded smooth. Remember, the slightest nails can cause discomfort on her tender skin and sensitive areas. #2. Use lubricants. No matter how excited you are, do not go straight to her clitoris. She needs longer arousal time than you do. Start off by applying generous amounts of lubricants over your fingertips. Rub your fingers to create warmth. Next, apply lubricants over her body to give her erotic massage. It's a surefire way to turn her on. As she is getting aroused, seduce her clitoris by rubbing it with your hands or other body parts. Do it subtly with the aim of "evoking" her clitoris. #3. Clitoral Stimulation. Run your fingers down to her pubic hair. Gently touch her pubic hair and let her feel the warmth of your fingers. Then, stimulate the areas surrounding her clitoris with your fingers. Rub those areas in consistent pressure and motion but avoid contact with clitoris. You know you are in the right track when the moisture builds up. Next, press her clitoris with increasing speed. After a moment or two, use both fingers to rub it. #4. G spot Manipulation. Start by entering one finger inside her vagina opening to locate her G-spot. You will find a small, walnut like tissue located at the front wall of vagina which is her G-spot. Then, rub it with both fingers. Vary the massage patterns; monitor her body response closely to find out the movement that pleases her most. As you experiment with different strokes, you will feel different level of wetness drench your fingers. As she is closer to orgasm, the moisture will get thinner. Tip: As you are stimulating her with your fingers, whisper in her ear to flirt with her. It will drive her really wild! Now, go and click on the link below for the best fingering guide ever and learn everything about fingering a girl properly. How To Finger Girl, How Do You Finger A Girl, Fingering A Girl, How To Finger A Girl Video, Best Way To Finger A Girl, Girls Finger Each Other, Finger Girl, How To Finger A Vagina, Guy Fingering Girl,
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