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Destiny's Child Secrets Exposed (Part II): Rise of Beyonce, Abuse, Drugs, etc.

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MUSIC Documentary: In Part 2 of "Destiny's Child Secrets Exposed", we take a deeper look into the private lives of each of the members in Destiny's Child. Watch Part 1, click the link below ______ Destiny's Child Secrets Exposed (Part I): Shady Split and Behind the Scenes Drama https://youtu.be/xye5U73UpA8 _____ The Making of a Child of Destiny: The Andretta Tillman Story by Brian Moore http://a.co/aSIJQhI ____ Total members of Destiny's Child: Beyonce Knowles Michelle Williams Kelly Rowland Letoya Luckett Latavia Roberson Farrah Franklin ___ Business Info ***** Contacts: http://twitter.com/EmpressiveTV Instagram: @EmpressiveTV snapchat: EmpressiveTV Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gra.ajo.1 Email (business inquiries only): [email protected] Website: www.empressivetv.com :) **** ________ Music: A.V.A Beatz "Dilla" "Rocky String" "Keep Pressin" ________ Music: DJ Triumph Production "Faithful" "Friendzone" "Move Along" https://soundcloud.com/djtriumph38 _______
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Text Comments (4056)
Crowned ByKi (1 day ago)
If You Stop The Video At 13:05 Tina Looks EXACTLY Like Beyoncé .
Queen Anniyah (1 day ago)
Matthew is a true Capricorn. Mf sold his damn soul for fame and fortune. Not literally but he went to very great lengths.
Jade Pope (1 day ago)
Letoya’s voice is waaay better than Beyoncé’s . If letoya had as much publicity and fame as Beyoncé; she would probably be on top .
Streamer Minion (1 day ago)
But why are you not addressing their connection with Satanism especially Beyonce's
J Sand (2 days ago)
Awesome job Ms Empressive
Queen Cathy (2 days ago)
What they did with Beyonce wasn't right, a child can be a star but you do not put kids against each other making 1 the center of attn and the others not. Thats wrong, period. Her having all her family there focused on her is why everyone else had so many problems. Beyonce was too much in the spotlight with too much attn. No one is supposed to have that much attn its not healthy. Its ok to have attn and be loved but theres a balance, it can go bad on both ends, ppl know when they not supposed to be put on a pedestal thats why ppl that are themselves behind closed doors do unhealthy things
Spy Sky (2 days ago)
So does beyonce really have straight hair or was it always a wig? I've always wanted to know.
Dawn (2 days ago)
I think there was something that happened also between the girls that wasn't said here . I respect these women but mmmmmmm 🤔
KatGtYourTongue (3 days ago)
crazy how much lighter everyone is now smh wow really had them all tanning but B
KatGtYourTongue (3 days ago)
All Farrah mugshots were cute lol
JMILAN STORMMM (3 days ago)
Dick suckin bitch u kill couple of my sisters
JMILAN STORMMM (3 days ago)
Beyonce the witch
JMILAN STORMMM (3 days ago)
Shit up Rapisttttt
Ingrid J (3 days ago)
Glad for Kelly and Latoya!! Kelly's solo career is the best IMO. She is truly underated. Another thing:. I do hope Beyonce agrees to meet her half brother. He is adorable ❤️
Bubbleyumizchewi17 (4 days ago)
I’m soooo glad they’re friends again! 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Ralph Gonsalves (4 days ago)
yeah i know this story, they took care and put there golden child (beyonce) out front had her sing all the parts. i grow up singing with neighborhood friends (brothers) since 7 started playing clubs at 13, went on to do it full time made records traveled to many places. all with the same friends.. still sing today 4,5, times a week local gigs and overseas.. I KNOW THIS STORY, IT WAS ALL ABOUT ONE
Love Clouds (4 days ago)
And last but not least, Beyoncé is hardworking and talented and beautiful. Say what you want to say, star power cannot be bought. Many people have had strong and overzealous management teams such as Beyoncé but very few have gotten to her level. If you don’t like her, her music or her fans, that’s not a problem but that doesn’t change all that’s mentioned above. Period.
Love Clouds (4 days ago)
And It’s no secret that Kelly Rowland is one of the top beautiful woman in Hollywood and music industry... very sad that she was insecure
Love Clouds (4 days ago)
Letoya is really beautiful gosh. I was always curious about her when i watched old destinys child music videos. Her eyes and her smile are especially beautiful
Sun Riser (4 days ago)
Wow...they have everything...beautiful, talented, famouse, rich,....but they are still unhappy.
King (5 days ago)
Latoya definitely made it!!!
Love Givens (8 days ago)
Love Givens (8 days ago)
I would rather be Kelly's color than my own... The darker the berries the sweeter the juice... hands down... wtf has main stream done to one's psyches... I'm glad I wasn't bit by that bug...
Hansel Anthony (8 days ago)
Everything its not right
Granny G (8 days ago)
The more Special Effects ,Glitz, Lighting and Flashy Outfits the better for lip syncing to be over looked by the audience. None of these groups are using their true voices on all these tours.
Granny G (8 days ago)
Oh bet your LAST buck that ALL these lead singers lip sync on these mega tours. I am a musician of many decades. I do not care HOW good your voice is, you simply can not put out quality vocals on  long tours.
Granny G (8 days ago)
The music industry is just as nasty as Politics. Before the internet we knew some of the dirt that happens in the music industry. After seeing all this drama with every single group out there, I do not think it's worth it. I am a Black Female  musician of over 50 years. I stayed local with my music and found PLENTY of drama even on a local level too.
Bless MaMa (9 days ago)
Matthew is a good father. He believed in his children and dedicated to helping them succeed in life. He is a good role model. I wish he had mentored my dad and to teach him how to be a good father. I'm happy for Beyonce'. With love and support for her parents she was destine to have a successful life. I wish more black men would learn to invest in their children to help them achieve success too.
Michelle Lee (10 days ago)
They sacrificed Andretta😳😈
Michelle Lee (10 days ago)
Lativa is the only original with her original nose😂😂
C M (10 days ago)
I love Beyoncé, but Kelly always been prettier than Beyoncé.
Martell Jasper (12 days ago)
The way she said it basically everybody on the road was family and if they weren’t.....they.....become family sound like “GET OUT” is being justified
Junior Orellana (13 days ago)
Why was fakra in this clip. You know she is exploiting the poor child.
myhotmusic (15 days ago)
No good giving the former members empty praises. Show them the money!
myhotmusic (15 days ago)
Why are you demonising Matthew but deifying Beyonce? Beyonce is an adult and could have said NO! and put her foot down. But she didn't.
Nyesha Brooks (17 days ago)
My thing they should have never put her in the group. They should just had focus on her. Thats y girl groups dont last.
Bad Gal Drakah (17 days ago)
If you look at Beyoncé at 9:31 she looks just like blue ivy😍😍😍
xudyline (18 days ago)
Can you imagine being beyonce, with a father like hers when she was young? "I made you, because of your success I had to let my job sell my house and blas blas blas ..." and people still criticizing her for no reason.
Yalei Wang (18 days ago)
Everyone got screwed in this deal except Beyoncé
Riqochet Rose Tarot (20 days ago)
You did a great job on this! My Husband actually sat and watched both parts with me and he doesn't watch anything lol
sheed (20 days ago)
Imagine if twitter existed then
Mixyonce Kiddee (21 days ago)
Seems like Whitney life. 😱🙁oh! No But there are some differences . I think! 👑i’m love Whitney & Beyonce
Oscar Myers (21 days ago)
Mathew has more shades than Mr Grey 🙄
Sam (21 days ago)
Kelly is amazin g<3
Unknown Anonymous (22 days ago)
19:44-21:46 is my favorite part of the video. I love how each woman has grown and have overcome the negativity that divided them. The ultimate victory would be for them to release a grand reunion album with all original members... without the influence of Mathew Knowles. It could be an extremely successful album and they could all share the last laugh together.
Dami B (22 days ago)
Honestly I don’t blame Beyoncé’s Dad for pushing his daughter because at where she is now. The other parents should have smarten up. Some of his ways weren’t nice but he did that. 👏🏾
And Yes HY Lovelay And I Wonder If They Ever Fault🎆🌍☻☻🥞🍔🎄🍉🍊🍇🎧📲💻💿📀💿📀🎵🎵🎵😍
Vincent Ali (23 days ago)
I found this "Podcast" by accident and I must say your Production is "Top Notch." Very professional. Fantastic reporting and very informative. Great job!
Nia’s Purpose (24 days ago)
There’s nothing wrong with Beyoncé having all the attention. Every group has one person who gets all the attention and she stayed in the group even with all the drama when she could’ve went solo how can you say she’s evil when she spilt the money with the group when she did all the vocals
Frugal Queen Neen (24 days ago)
I grew up listening to these girls. I'm a week older than Beyonce so I lived every moment of the drama. Matthew was preping her to be a mega solo star one day.....That's why everyone hated her. Kelly was not popular in the group back in the day. She made a name for herself after Dilemma.
Daphne H. (24 days ago)
This is what happens to a lot of groups. Some people don't care about others, when you're father run's the show you're the main character. They're very selfish, materialistic, and will do and step on anyone to reach the top. I've always known that about B and her family. Be patient, you three beautiful young ladies will receive your rewards! What your Savior Yeshua has for you, no man can touch! What goes up must come down! What's first will be last! Stay strong and focused for you are wonderfully and fearfully made! Glory To Abba Father Elohim, our Savior Yeshua, and the Mighty Breath of Elohim! Amen and Amen...
Pebbles McIntyre (24 days ago)
Great video loved it.
Naty Shi (24 days ago)
I feel like the interviews in the magazine was Matthew Knowles, instead of Beyonce and Kelly
Amy Regan (25 days ago)
Whats that heart beat in the video?
Nina Sky (25 days ago)
umm the name of the group says it all folks...
Musiclopa Dupa (26 days ago)
Beyoncé is a devil worshiping hoe
Empressive, you need to work as a TV producer.
Christopher Gentry (26 days ago)
1:28-1:33 they sounded terrible lol But there's no way Bey and Kelly didn't know what other members had to go through and it also sounds like management and the label already had it set in the minds they wanted Bey to be the star and eventually go solo.
Anddy White VEVO (28 days ago)
Kelly is an amazing singer her voice is amazing , she is so underrated , I love her songs , especially dilemma with Nelly !!!! ❣️😫🎶🎉
Khamisi Slowe (28 days ago)
Queen Bey.... that is all !!!
Netochukwu (29 days ago)
Am I the only one who still knew Letoya Luckett w/o the DC history? I didn't even know she was in this group tbh, just knew her on her own
Marshan Thomas (30 days ago)
nebstaism (30 days ago)
Beyoncé really wants people to think she’s down to earth but you can tell she’s so not
Marie Green (1 month ago)
These Hollywood/Music Industry Fathers do too much. Damn near every celebrity says their fathers pushed them beyond the limit. Michael Jackson & Marvin Gaye...many more
Digitalgomez (1 month ago)
Mathew hair line is ALWAYS fucked up. all that money and cant stay fresh...YESUS
Crenica moore (1 month ago)
Everybody can sing lead cause everyone CAN sing 🎤 lead 😂
Joseph Israel (1 month ago)
Kelly was always my favorite one. LaTavia and LaTonia was my other two favorite.
John Hull (1 month ago)
Beyonce made them girls money. you need a Team leader to lead when your working. Same way as a good singer to sell you news someone to lead and Beyonce was that chick. Can I get an AMEN.. Mathew has nothing to do with what beyonce... being the favorite..
sistakia33 (1 month ago)
When Beyonce said her mother "smacked the fire outa her" I almost died laughing! Her mother reminded me of myself! My daughter had to get that "Girl, you got the Black Mama," reminder from me too! Years later our daughters come back and say our mothers didn't let us forget where we came from! It feels good to know that our children did eventually realize we had their backs even when we couldn't be their friends.
Tweety Sweetness (1 month ago)
That's silently no matter what beyonce is phenomenal she works hard that's why she is where she is to day she were parted and everybody in a group
Sally Boss Madam (1 month ago)
This is what I took from this .. parents support your kids.
x ZEFrat x (1 month ago)
I wish that Latavia, Letoya, Kelly, Michelle and Farrah could be equal with Bey And I hope T-boz and Chilli will make a huge hit and be on top again because they need waaaaay more recognition
D'Erra Benard (1 month ago)
Based on statistics, the line up for success of the members is as follows Beyonce LeToya Michelle Kelly LaTavia Farrah
Love XOXO (1 month ago)
That's why they all don't fuck with Mathew now, he was disgusting. And still today he be talking too much telling her business that she didn't ask to be out yet, like when she had her twins.
Jamier Harris (1 month ago)
Now I know why Beyonce is not in touch with her dad as much.
_ Marliie (1 month ago)
Destiny child’s was definitely a spiritual awakening for all the girls💕, “everything happens for a reason”.
I love your commentary I just found this channel. I still love destiny child songs. I can see Kelly as being shy ☺️
Leonard Thompson (1 month ago)
Why bruh fuck it up with beyonce he was trippin he mad asf now
stayWokeVesha (1 month ago)
At the end of the day beyonce still worked her ass off to get where she is. She perfected her craft and listened to her father to always be on point. Cant take away from the work.
Rochell Barbara (1 month ago)
Beyoncé is just so stunning
Rochell Barbara (1 month ago)
Farrah had some bomb ass mugshots
Tina (1 month ago)
"Now everybody can sing lead because everybody CAN sing" 💀
Ole Shay Sharpe (1 month ago)
My friends knew Letoya and I was able to hang out with her around the year 2000 in Atlanta. I'm from Atlanta so it was not uncommon to run into or hangout with celebs back then and I assume now. Anyway, you would not know she was a celeb cause she was so down to earth. Heck, she even paid to get my friends into a banging after party. No hate, but I met Beyonce a year earlier at the Shark Bar downtown and she didnt talk much but smirked alot 🤷‍♂️
Miss X Awatere (1 month ago)
Poor Beyonce 🤣🤣
AZIZ18691 (1 month ago)
Okay I almost choked with the ‘helped them to stay grounded’. 😳
lovellybeauty (1 month ago)
Notice how all the girls broke away from Mathew and now all have successful careers. He clearly was the problem putting them poor girls against each other. His own daughter don’t even mess with him smh.
Lakeshai Bolling (1 month ago)
"She auditioned and joined a group called Girl's Time later known as Destiny's Child" I HAD NO IDEA SHE AUDITIONED for that group. i thought that was her dad's group that she was in and then he changed the name to Destiny's child. GOOD DOCUMENTARY!
Meela234 (1 month ago)
Once Matthew was out of the equation, they were able to reunite as friends and are now getting along. Thank goodness!
Elizabeth Payne (1 month ago)
If it wasn’t for Beyoncé Dam Daddy thar would be a Destiny’s Child.B Daddy haHow do you screw everything up
TheBridges1050 (1 month ago)
Watched 2 of your documentaries, well done and keep up the good work.
Just stumbled upon your channel yesterday, and I am addicted. Love the content. Keep it up, sis!
Tanya Garcia (1 month ago)
But it was her
DJ DA VINCI (1 month ago)
F your dreams 😄
Erica Moore (1 month ago)
Thanks for this
ImSoJessica Nichole (1 month ago)
You should of added the pictures of michelle kelly and beyonce how they did michelle
Ms Jamereia (1 month ago)
Beyonce's one of the greatest. definitely not THE greatest
univrs7 (1 month ago)
You pay a high price when cheat/play dirty to get what you want.!! There is a A HIGH PRICE TO PAY..
Nelly Davis (1 month ago)
Beyonce still always try to out sing and out shine her bandmates.
Eryckah White (1 month ago)
I appreciate you Empressive. Thank you.
Amber Horton (1 month ago)
A lot of this was on Beyonce. She made it clear that it was all about her. When Kelly said she was a lead singer too, Beyonce coughed on purpose as if she is the only one who could get attention. That's not okay.

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