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Destiny's Child Secrets Exposed (Part II): Rise of Beyonce, Abuse, Drugs, etc.

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MUSIC Documentary: In Part 2 of "Destiny's Child Secrets Exposed", we take a deeper look into the private lives of each of the members in Destiny's Child. Watch Part 1, click the link below ______ Destiny's Child Secrets Exposed (Part I): Shady Split and Behind the Scenes Drama https://youtu.be/xye5U73UpA8 _____ The Making of a Child of Destiny: The Andretta Tillman Story by Brian Moore http://a.co/aSIJQhI ____ Total members of Destiny's Child: Beyonce Knowles Michelle Williams Kelly Rowland Letoya Luckett Latavia Roberson Farrah Franklin ___ Business Info ***** Contacts: http://twitter.com/EmpressiveTV Instagram: @EmpressiveTV snapchat: EmpressiveTV Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gra.ajo.1 Email (business inquiries only): [email protected] Website: www.empressivetv.com :) **** ________ Music: A.V.A Beatz "Dilla" "Rocky String" "Keep Pressin" ________ Music: DJ Triumph Production "Faithful" "Friendzone" "Move Along" https://soundcloud.com/djtriumph38 _______
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King Mojo (2 days ago)
I was not aware that everybody handling Destiny's Child was completely affiliated with Beyonce, meaning they were actual members of her family...Damn the group's lawyer too, no wonder that shit went down like that...that's fucked up. Beyonce was the only one in the group who truly had people looking out for her interests...no wonder they had to sue
ROTH JAMES (3 days ago)
Was her father "Beyonce" The one who sexually assaulted her? Michelle working thru her issues still in 2018. Luckett in T.I. looking well in Tyler Perry's show as well . Beyonce turning shape shifting at someone event. They still doing ?QUESTIONABLE MOVES.
Awesome series Empressive, impressive work😉👍🏾, detail packed, I specifically love how you touched on each important party, to tell there side, from the original members, new members, the group member's parents, former/original management team, etc. Keep up the great work, you're KILLING it out here w/the detailed & FACTUAL biographies!!!
Krystle Veneice (8 days ago)
Personally I never thought Michelle fit. Love her, very beautiful and talented young woman but it always seemed like she was struggling to keep up esp during the uptempo numbers. I feel like they decided to keep her and establish a trio to avoid any more negative press around the groups changing line up. Michelle is right where she belongs now and I believe she is thriving in her current genre. I’m happy she got the platform to move forward to success. This is not shade it’s just an observation as a fan of the original group. Writings on the Wall will always be one of my favorite albums.
Khyndall Cole (8 days ago)
shade now everybody can sing really well I guess Latoya and Latvia couldn't 😠😡😒
bondsl86 (13 days ago)
I swear Beyoncé’s background reminds me a lot of Michael Jackson/Jackson 5.. And it’s crazy because they struggled starting out and now look at her. One of the BEST performers of all time !
Mary Mariana (13 days ago)
Beyoncé is the bride of satan💥💥💥💥💥💥
Kametra LaQueal (14 days ago)
Wow! The situations and circumstances people go through to be in the entertainment industry. SMH
Melissa Loubriel (15 days ago)
Poor Latavia
Slay Larez (16 days ago)
Crazy how some either faked it till they made it or either ended up on drugs or suffered from depression. Thanks to the mistreatment in this group which I believe had something to do with it....and they all were so young smh.......
Slay Larez (16 days ago)
Love me some Beyonce...but everything that keep coming out her mouth be so damn shady, and like she faking it, I'm over it😒😒😒😒😒💆💆
Shay Jackson (18 days ago)
I love Letoya Luckett her voice is phenomenal! ✨👏🏽💕
Ricky Cervantes (19 days ago)
All them bitches need to sue Matthew out the ass!!!! I don’t care about Beyoncé, Diana Ross 2.0! Solange writes all her songs. She ain’t that talented!
Spoken Truth (19 days ago)
Why does everything has to be about skin I don’t get it kelly is beautiful
Chantee D (19 days ago)
This is why I know Bey was lying 🤥 she really sat there & said Letoya was tone deaf like babygirl didn’t have vocals & she knew that but she tryna cover up all the bullshit going on
WH012Vids (19 days ago)
The parallels between Whitney Houston and Beyoncé when it comes to their fathers as managers is crazy! Sadly for Whitney it didn't end too well. Whitney's father John was stealing from her too. And even sued her for $100 million. He didn't win, and soon after he died.
Caleb Hinton (19 days ago)
Rest in peace Miss andretta
Caleb Hinton (19 days ago)
Thank God finfeather Tillman amen somebody finally did a video on her
K6 M2 (19 days ago)
I love seeing old clips of Beyonce. It shows her original nose
King Felipe (20 days ago)
You always slay your video!! 😍😍😘😘
adee ha (20 days ago)
Beyonce is SO overrated ngl. Especially nowadays.
jaCKIE CHARLES (20 days ago)
You did a great job
TricksterOfThieves (22 days ago)
"you dont even do enough in this group to have an opinion" PHEWWWIEUHVJFNDK
QueenPinkzAva (22 days ago)
So the destiny child was all for Beyonce career? Sad.
Tyrece Matthews (23 days ago)
I disagree Matthew did exactly what I would do for my kids now being on the other side I can understand how the other girls felt but it seems that all the girls had problems he saved them
L Matters (24 days ago)
I hate to say this but hell, I would show favoritism towards my flesh and blood before others that aren’t my kin cuz blood is thicker than water so I don’t blame Mathew for that. That’s just human nature. And why in the hell would Beyoncé be hanging down at old dirty, nasty 🤢 pissy smelling a$$ 5 Points in Atl? That place was and still is known for having vagrants, hoodlums, THOTS, etc. Girl you must’ve meant to say Lenox or something cuz unless Bey wanted some rat infested Chinese food or cheap ass weave from the Asian store that saturate the place, I can’t imagine her there in a million years. I wouldn’t take my dog to 5 Points in Atlanta let alone a star like Bey.
L Lol (24 days ago)
Beyonce has a diffetent accent back then
Gr8ful 1 (26 days ago)
jagged edge is what got those 2 girls kicked out the group, they dated them and went down hill from there. watch jagged edges unsung episode.
Kelly is the most beautiful person in and out.
Rita Raju (27 days ago)
My whole family were victims 1995, dad loses job of 20 years, mom same time, pressure to divorce and sell house, lots of people involved
thesilentdiva (27 days ago)
That house down grade was still cute lol
sophie grace (27 days ago)
13.05 I can't believe how much Tina and Beyonce look alike in that wedding photo
Shinelle Joyce (28 days ago)
That’s true tho, people think Beyoncé got this great treatment when I assume she got it the worst, her father was probably working her like a dog when she didn’t want to
anna love (28 days ago)
I love how they fall out and still came back together this proofs like no matter what yall be going through reall friends are there in the end
sllella gtlel (29 days ago)
.......the higher you climb ....the harder you fall .....
Therapist Gus (29 days ago)
They were all talented but Beyoncé clearly has the X factor.. that’s gonna cause some drama in any group .. I totally believe Matthew Knowles favored Beyoncé and was a psychopath. Beyoncé sold her soul fersure.
CF R (1 month ago)
Why does Beyonce always try to go blonde?
Sheila Marrow (1 month ago)
What a wonderful presentation you have provided for us viewers. I didn't have one single critical thought of your representation. In my opinion you showed no bias for any of the persons involved, and I was even a little misty-eyed by the conclusion of the video. Well done! Kudos to you! Yes, I've liked and subscribed. 💖
Cookie Monster (1 month ago)
Beyonce can't sing
Meli M (1 month ago)
Mathew knowles sounds like a less intense Joe Jackson. Disgusting, he knows he been pimpin Beyonce from day one until Jay stepped in the picture and took over as head pimp when he put a ring on it and made her a Satanist and top witch in Hollywood.🤮
Thomas Henderson (1 month ago)
Mr Knowles? Can anybody say ..Joe Jackson?
Soso Lydia (1 month ago)
Slap The Fire 🔥😭😂
Mishael Justice (1 month ago)
Now it’s time for the DC biopic to get the real real tea
Sarah Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Sounds like Selena. A dad who was willing to do ANYTHING for his daughter to have the spotlight.
Ryan Taylor (1 month ago)
Wtf is Beyoncé doin at little 5 points? 😹💀
Lakeal Williams (1 month ago)
What would be dope is if they ALL come back together for a Destiny's Child tour...
Jay Cee (1 month ago)
It’s seems more like those 2 were on a path of self destruction & couldn’t handle the hard work & responsibilities that came with rising to the top. If they had stayed successful they would have stayed on drugs.
Miss Laura (1 month ago)
Jay Z cheated on Beyonce, seriously? 😮 wow I did not know that I guess even the most perfect woman isn't safe from a man who can't keep his dick locked up
lcook917 (1 month ago)
Mm. M. M. M m. M m. M m Nn. M m. M mm M. M m mm. Mmm mmm. Mm mm m. M. mm.mm. M M mmmmmmm M m m. Mm mm. M. M. Mmmm. M m. M n.m mmmmmm mmm n. Mm m m mmmm. Mm. Mmmmmmm mm m. M. m mmmmmmmmmm mm m. M. Mmmmmm. M mmmmmmm. M. M. m m. Mm mmmmmm. M m m. M mm mmmm mmm mmm. mmmmmmm
Linda Coleson (1 month ago)
This is definitely lost footage I never 👀 Beyonce communication skills lol
Lady Diana (1 month ago)
Byeonce was disgustingly explicit in bullying, taking the singing parts of, and taking the majority of the money from the other girls
Donta Owens (1 month ago)
All em need a DC5 Album as A group a show the world all them can sing well 3 I know can sang. But seriously get a album going.
Tracey Perkins (1 month ago)
When the movie coming out?
IslandBarbie420 (1 month ago)
Her Dad was the Manager of COURSE SHE WAS FAVORED!! The other girls were kicked out
Joana Figueroa (1 month ago)
B is where she is because she sold her soul
Ashley Rodriguez (1 month ago)
I'm so grateful that they all came back and embraced one another again.
Ashley Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Beyonce's getting hate for denying that there were any issues with her dad, blaming the girls instead. I think a lot of these comments vehemently defending Beyonce were posted by people who didn't bother to watch Part I. All of the girls were victims in one way or another by this monstrous man, but Beyonce obviously was put on a pedestal, then claimed adamantly that she didn't notice the favoritism and abuse.
Staedler Staedlerr (1 month ago)
Beyonce and her white privilage
Andrea Brantley (1 month ago)
~ People shouldn't say Beyonce' had it easy... You can tell she puts in a lot of work, mixed with drive, courage, talent, focus, etc. (She is a Super Star!)
Isis Faust (1 month ago)
2:20 🙌🏾
lovelydays xox (1 month ago)
Kelly is the prettiest.
Sanya Lenan (1 month ago)
Gosh, Tina Knowles and Beyonce are beyond beautiful... How can someone cheat on thèse women... Oh Kelly's eyes have something, they are amazing
Nada Saleh (1 month ago)
Destinys child had nothing on TLC and SWV en Vogue
Ericalane B (1 month ago)
You're the fire with your mini-documentaries. #Fire
Shelton Logan (1 month ago)
It's history Beyonce is beloved by millions of fans around the world. She worked hard. None of you can take that away from her. 20 years in the game. There's nothing else to prove.
Karlie Starr (1 month ago)
They need to make a MOVIE about this story. Family drama, music, friendship... It's got everything!!!
fevah1st (1 month ago)
Matt look like her wear the same clothes over and over......and molest boys
fevah1st (1 month ago)
Beyonce a weirdo
Os W (1 month ago)
The light skin Prettier girl won, It's about looks. And all you dumb ass girls believe in the Queen B b****.
Pimp Daddy Marrero (1 month ago)
But yet B is more successful 🤷🏻‍♀️
Kearstin Ivory (1 month ago)
I really feel bad for the other girls, especially Kelly. People ask her about Beyoncé more than they ask about her.
Bri (1 month ago)
Beyoncé got an easy ride cause she’s a freakin satanist now 🤦🏾‍♀️ Illuminati puppet
nickole love (1 month ago)
seems like dream girls all over which is funny cuz if you saw the movie then you'll get it
Shana Edwards (1 month ago)
Cuban doll and Beyonce look alike are they related
Alex Grady (1 month ago)
Matthew looks Indian fr dots not feathers
Alex Grady (1 month ago)
Farah wreak af
uali glasses (1 month ago)
The way you talk about this is a stretch
Jay J. (1 month ago)
Why is everyone blaming Beyonce? It's not her fault. Lol
Minah Me (1 month ago)
Is it me..... or did LaTavia bleach her skin? There’s some difference in change in her face.
ZaniahSlayed (1 month ago)
Aww this made me want to cry great editing girl!!!
takila alonso (1 month ago)
So tina knowles taught kelly to embarrass her dark skin when she encouraged the other girls to tan so that only beyonce can be noticed😤
Shaundell Straker (1 month ago)
Matthew was another Joe jackson
Darnesha Grays (1 month ago)
You did very well with this
Slayed By Reia (1 month ago)
Why did they make the other girls tan??? Ughhhh
obeyychinkyy (1 month ago)
Everyone is coming at beyonce I see why but it’s not right. Her father was the reason for EVERYTHING she even later on in her career when she was able to fired her father & her mom divorced him so he was def the problem. She was used as the target at such a young age of course she wasn’t going to go against her father especially as a minor. She rekindled her relationship with all the girls cause she knew what happened to them was wrong but she couldn’t make it right at the time cause if everything
Sharon B (1 month ago)
Why was Brian Moore disgusted with Matthew knowles
dashaun newby (1 month ago)
wow great work on this , Im one of the writers on Letoya Lucketts Back to Life album ,
Real Love Needsnointro (1 month ago)
Everyone has foreven one another. Is time we all move on lol. Destiny's Child won't even perform under that name because Matthew still owns it.
Wylona (1 month ago)
omg Beyonce and her "I didn't get special treatment, I got the worst treatment" bs. I have no doubt her father pushed her extra hard because he wanted her to be the most famous so in that sense, no she didn't get special treatment. But come on, everybody could see that from the start, her father's intentions were to put her in the forefront and everybody else in the background and that IS special treatment. Even Wendy Williams called her ass out on it when she got all offended at being called "Beyonce and the girls" but that's really how it was.
MsTakiH (1 month ago)
Good video. I used to love Beyonce in her pre-Jay Z days.
Shantasha Alexander (1 month ago)
Beyoncé would have not got to where she is now without that group.
Kerra Johnson (1 month ago)
*"Do You Know" is one of the greatest gospel albums of all time.*
Nana Banana (1 month ago)
Kelly Rowland is a beautiful hot chocolate she’s my favorite 💋❤️💋❤️💋❤️💋❤️💋
Dai Marie (1 month ago)
Beyoncé Is In Denial.
Tyra Livingston (1 month ago)
It would awesome to see all the original member come back together do new album
J Thompson (1 month ago)
Rrrright you dad snuck and recorded you and sent it to record labels 😒😂
EyeWouldDie4U (1 month ago)
Y’all some ole conspiracy theory ass people. Y’all know how groups go. The lead is always the star.
Angelina Briscoe (1 month ago)
So glad all the girls get along and love each other. Matthew Knowles was the absolute problem
Teri Bowers (1 month ago)
I always loved kelly the most even though I am a Beyonce fan....Kelly had quite a few hits and screen time💕💕💕
V (1 month ago)
Beyonce’s hustle is crazy

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