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Toyota Tacoma | High Resolution Audio System Install

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Designed, engineered and tuned SPECIFICALLY for the 3rd Generation (2016+) Toyota Tacoma Double Cab - The Reference 500Q guarantees unmatched sound reproduction, seamless integration and unwavering reliability (http://bit.ly/3G_TacomaDC). WHATS INCLUDED?: • 32-Bit Multi-Channel DSP Power Amplifier • Tacoma-Specific Subwoofer System (8" Quad Voice-Coil) • Front 1" Soft-Dome Tweeters • Front 6" x 9" Carbon Fiber Woofer • Rear 6.5" 2-way Coaxial Carbon Speakers (featuring 1" Tweeter) • Quick-Sync Wiring Harness (No Splicing / No Cutting) • Vehicle specific acoustic tuning TOOLS NEEDED: • Panel Tool • Socket Wrench • Socket (10mm, 14mm) • Socket Extension (6"+) • Wrench (10mm) • Utility Blade • Pick Tool (Optional) • Wire Strippers / Crimpers • Heat Gun / Torch • Electric Tape OEM Audio Plus is proud to design complete solutions designed specifically for the 3rd Generation (2016-2019) Toyota Tacoma Double Cab. Our Premium Audio Systems are completely plug and play, backed by our 3 year warranty and deliver unmatched sound quality and deep bass reproduction. We are committed to providing components and instructions designed for seamless integration. -------------- If you have questions or requests, let us know in the comments below or give us a call directly at 855-636-6346 Website: http://www.oemaudioplus.com/ Like us on FB: https://www.facebook.com/oemaudioplus Reach out to us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/oemaudioplus Share your Install: #oemaudioplus / @oemaudioplus Or check out whats on our IG: http://instagram.com/oemaudioplus
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Text Comments (153)
bomberman213 (4 days ago)
I just need the subwoofer is there any subwoofer kit?
OEM Audio + (18 hours ago)
Thanks for your message and interest in our designs. At this time we do not sell our components (enclosures) separately. This is because O+ specializes in delivering GUARANTEED results in terms of installation, sound and reliability (a promise we can only guarantee with our close-loop packages designed, engined and tuned for each specific vehicle).
Daniel T (25 days ago)
Where can I get this kit? Also, do you guys offer a military discount?
OEM Audio + (25 days ago)
Daniel, you'll find the complete product showcase for our Tacoma Sound Solution here: oemaudioplus.com/toyota/tcd1600 Yes! We are honored to offer a military discount to all of our men and women of service. Coordinate with our team for details.
sluf1963 (29 days ago)
Absolutely awesome , set up , and install , beautifully designed , crafted , and quality product . I will look into this for my Taco , I just stumbled cross this , glad I did .
OEM Audio + (28 days ago)
sluf1963, thanks for your feedback! We truly strive to provide our Owners the best in terms of sound reproduction, service, and instructions. Be sure to reach out to our team if your have ANY questions or requests along the way.
Jay Smith (2 months ago)
fuck all that
Dan P (2 months ago)
This has to be the single best installation video of any product that I've ever seen.
OEM Audio + (2 months ago)
Thank you Dan. We truly strive to provide the best instructions, product, and service to our Listeners! We appreciate you taking a moment to share your feedback!
Harold Brown (2 months ago)
BEST video on YT by far on Tacoma layout audio system. Nice work
OEM Audio + (2 months ago)
Harold, thank you for your feedback! It is our mission to provide instructional videos that TRULY represent what our owners can expect when it comes time to install their O+ Sound Solution (every clip and panel taken into consideration). Thanks for taking the time to share your comment. Cheers!
hockeyfreak043 (2 months ago)
You use your factory radio ? If so that's Kool
OEM Audio + (2 months ago)
+hockeyfreak043our Tacoma Sound Solutions start at $1199. We recommend walking through our product showcase specific to your vehicle and configuring the system that best fits your desired results. Based on your description, it sounds like you have the Tacoma Access Cab: bit.ly/OAP_TAC
hockeyfreak043 (2 months ago)
+OEM Audio + how much..would like to start saving to get this..I have a dont have a four door, extended cab no four-door ? Does that matter.or different set up..?
OEM Audio + (2 months ago)
Yes sir! Our System is designed and tuned to deliver our signature high resolution reproduction with your factory head unit at the "Flat” settings. Therefore you'll have plenty of headroom "+" or "-" to adjust to your hearts content (if desired).
john Kosheluk (4 months ago)
Do you make 1 for a 2018 Hyundai elantra
Brad Jolly (4 months ago)
im about to install this in my tacoma, i have the optional dual subwoofer package. any tips for the second sub before i get started?
doug gutierrez (4 months ago)
I want it.....
Jose Mendoza (5 months ago)
Yo quiero un sistema como este cuanto cuesta? Con todo incluido?
Es Sc (5 months ago)
The person who installed my he didn't move the radio. Or disconnected. He did more simple
Eric McKnight (5 months ago)
Wow! Great video. I have been considering upgrading my 2018 Tacoma system in the future. Probably next year.
Spartan (5 months ago)
Best install video I’ve ever seen. At first, I was reminded why I don’t do installs anymore. Then after seeing the detail and time it took, plus how everything is so specifically made, AND plug n play? I want to do this now. Great job all the way around!
OEM Audio + (5 months ago)
Thank you for your thoughtful feedback Spartan. We truly want our instructional videos to be a TRUE representation of what to expect during the install process (every clip and panel documented). Be sure to let us know if you have ANY questions or requests!
Gary DP (5 months ago)
I was hoping to see how you deal with the passenger side pillar cover removal to access the dash tweeter. I believe the air bag is in that Piller cover/trim
OEM Audio + (5 months ago)
Hi Gary, Thanks for the message. We opted out of documenting the passenger side pillar, due to the processing being more or less identical to the driver side. The only key difference is the Passenger side has a built in grab handle and thus two (2) 10mm bolt locations (which open up the same as the driver side). You're correct! Passenger side has the air bag behind the plastic panel (liken to the driver side). Panel can be removed safely as prescribed in the video instructions without compromising the air bag assembly. Meanwhile if we have the opportunity in the near future, we would be happy to document the Passenger side to further educate the Tacoma community.
sully suvann (6 months ago)
Too much work
Gerry K (7 months ago)
Now this is a professional installation!
blech71 (7 months ago)
I would buy this set up for my brand new 2018 Taco Sport double cab.
OEM Audio + (7 months ago)
blech71 thanks for the feedback! Be sure to check out the FULL product showcase for your Tacoma: oemaudioplus.com/toyota/tcd1600/
damienstarr (7 months ago)
Damn u made that look easy. Thanks for the walkthrough.
OEM Audio + (7 months ago)
All biases aside, it is really a fun installation. Glad to be of service. Be sure to reach out to our team if you have any question before, during and/or after your install!
Brian Barrentine (8 months ago)
Will 2 12 JL/tw3s go behind my 08 double cab even though I cut the metal bar going across the back
M Blake Jr (8 months ago)
looks weak for the cost
OEM Audio + (8 months ago)
Thank you sharing your thoughts Mr. Blake. We agree that one could get the same number of components for cheaper, but will it be the same caliber QUALITY, RELIABILITY, FITMENT, and above all the SOUND? OEM Audio Plus specializes in COMPLETE plug-and-play sound solutions with extensive acoustic tuning, so the moment our owners plug their Systems in they experience our GUARANTEED high resolution audio results.
B T (9 months ago)
That'd just waste useful space for shit like a tow strap, bolt cutters, tie downs, air compressor, gloves, chains, etc that people who actually use their trucks for what they're made for need it for. The factory JBL system system sounds just fine to me and doesn't waste all that precious useful volume that some mall crawling faggot would rather use it for.
OEM Audio + (9 months ago)
Right on B T. Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback. As you know the SR5 and TRD Pro does not come with the factory JBL audio option. Therefore we specialize in offering a COMPLETE sound solution for these vehicles (featured in this video). Likewise the storage area being utilized in this video (for the Subwoofer System) is the only rear cabin storage space you have (w/ the JBL package) because your factory sub occupies the passenger side storage area location that the other trim level Tacoma have available, so we completely understand your comment regarding space.
Kave Man (9 months ago)
Where can I order this set up for my 2018 Tacoma off road
OEM Audio + (9 months ago)
You'll find our Tacoma Sound Solution Showcase here: http://bit.ly/3G_TacomaDC
Mwahne 671 (9 months ago)
How much is all of it together?
OEM Audio + (9 months ago)
Our Tacoma Sound Solutions start at $1299. We offer different configurations specific to your Tacoma so we recommend exploring our product showcase to determine what option is best for you: bit.ly/3G_TacomaDC
Kapt KrunKed (9 months ago)
This looks amazing and clean . yet i cant find a single review of this system !
OEM Audio + (9 months ago)
Thanks for the feedback. There are a plethora of reviews out there. Here are a few places you can look to discover what Tacoma owners are saying about our Sound Solutions. TacomaWorld: bit.ly/TW_reviews , Facebook Reviews: bit.ly/FB-Reviews or the Product Configuration page: bit.ly/TCD3_Config
Hanz Martinez (9 months ago)
How much is the complete sistem?
OEM Audio + (9 months ago)
Hi Hanz! Thanks for the question. For pricing of our solutions, please feel free to call or check out our product showcase (link to follow). We suggest this because we offer different configurations specific to your Tacoma (starting at $1199): oemaudioplus.com/toyota/tcd1600
AshtangaBoy (10 months ago)
I just watched the whole thing and don't even own a Tacoma.
KP Epic (14 days ago)
me too but was worth every minute of my time...
Mind Of Milton (4 months ago)
Me too
Matthew Lowry (8 months ago)
Agreed, that was great.
Black Lavender (10 months ago)
They got rid of the old e brake is all I noticed and now I’m heart broken
Raging Rapids (11 months ago)
Where are you guys located? Do you have any systems that will work with an access cab?
OEM Audio + (11 months ago)
All questions welcomed and encouraged!!! The key difference between the two (2) systems is our replacement upgraded speakers. You can expect our signature sound with both the System and Reference Series. The Reference 500Q provides superior dynamics, blending and low frequency response as a result of the robust engineering and frequency response of our Speakers. If you opt to go with the System Series, you can always upgrade to the Reference Speaker Package down the line.
Raging Rapids (11 months ago)
OEM Audio + Last question I promise. Biggest difference between the System 500 and the Reference 500?
OEM Audio + (11 months ago)
Yes sir! This particular sound solution is for the 3rd Generation Tacoma (2016-Present Models)
Raging Rapids (11 months ago)
OEM Audio + I see in the video it covers the 16’. Will this work for the 17’?
OEM Audio + (11 months ago)
We are based in Anaheim, CA / If you're not local, no worries! We ship throughout the world.
Matt Nichols (11 months ago)
Hands down the best stereo install video Ive ever seen.
Robert Rodriguez (11 months ago)
great channel🙌
OEM Audio + (11 months ago)
Thanks Robert! Truly appreciate your feedback.
DZenitram23 (1 year ago)
I hv the basic model radio with knobs sr5 model will this plug in play work?
OEM Audio + (1 year ago)
Perfect! That means the most basic option you may have is the "Entune I" and we have a solution for this option. You can specify your specific head unit (and confirm with a picture that its the same as yours) on our tacoma Sound Solution Configuration page: bit.ly/TCD3_Config
DZenitram23 (1 year ago)
sorry forgot to mention 2018 Tacoma
OEM Audio + (1 year ago)
Yes sir! We have calibrated this solution solution for the 2005 Tacoma and Up! We can say with confidence your O+ sound solution will deliver our guaranteed results the moment you plug your System in. That being said, we want to ensure we tune you Reference 500Q with your specific head unit in mind, please send us a picture of your exact model when convenient: [email protected]
Shoegum (1 year ago)
Shit just ordered a jl stealthbox before seeing this.... decisions what to do. Go for this kit or continue forward with what I'm doin.
OEM Audio + (1 year ago)
Let us know what you end up doing Shoegum. If you have ANY questions about what we offer (and our GUARANTEED results!) give us a call at (855) 636-6346. Thank you!
Kabao Yang (1 year ago)
How much for this whole set plus installation I’m willing to drive from Fresno to Ontario
sonP Phan Chau (7 months ago)
Can you please provide the installation Anaheim address?
OEM Audio + (1 year ago)
We have a few different System configurations for the Tacoma starting at $1199. You'll find the COMPLETE product showcase here: http://bit.ly/OAP_TCD_Config At THIS TIME we offer a flat rate installation of $300 at our Anaheim location. Installation typically takes approx. 4-5 hours. Is this location convenient for you? We are relatively flexible regarding scheduling (accommodating both early morning or late afternoon at select times). Feel free to call our team for more details (855) 636-6346 x1
Alex Alavekios (1 year ago)
That was the best install video I’ve ever watched. I honestly feel like I could complete this install now. Bravo guys.
OEM Audio + (1 year ago)
Thank you, thank you Alex!! We strive to provide the best for our owners. We truly value your feedback.
Steve H. (1 year ago)
Wow...one of the best DIY vids. I was actually looking for info on how to add a fulltime 12 volt outlet and this video helped a lot. Thanks for posting!
OEM Audio + (1 year ago)
Be sure to share within the Tacoma Community ;)
OEM Audio + (1 year ago)
Thanks for the feedback Steve! We strive to provide our owners the BEST!
Euroboost (1 year ago)
Yep, this is truly how a diy video should be done.  Clear concise narration.  Very light neutral music. Oh yeah, and a hell of a product..... Im off to your website now.
OEM Audio + (1 year ago)
Thank you for your feedback Euroboost! We strive to be the best and hope for the opportunity to transform your listening experience!
Bender Tonite (1 year ago)
Will this work if you dont have entunes?
OEM Audio + (1 year ago)
Yes!! The Reference 500Q is COMPLETELY compatible with your Non-Entune unit both in terms of connectivity (completely plug-and-play) and above all sound (our signature sound reproduction the moment plug you your system in).
p0weraid (1 year ago)
How does this sound compared to the factory jbl option?
OEM Audio + (1 year ago)
p0weraid A TacomaWorld forum member did a comparison a while back. You’ll find the link here: http://bit.ly/JBL_Compare - Worth reading the whole thread if you're considering this system.
Kevin Halton (1 year ago)
Nice job. Very clean/professional install bro
OEM Audio + (1 year ago)
Kevin Halton thanks for the feedback. We strive to provide the best sound experience (and instructions) for our owners 👍🏼
Maka Makalena (1 year ago)
By the way. Love the step by step install video......\m/
OEM Audio + (1 year ago)
Maka Makalena Thank you for your epic feedback. We wanted to provide a TRUE step-by-step guide (so you know what you’re getting yourself into).
Maka Makalena (1 year ago)
Aloha, I'm interested in putting this system into my 2017 Tacoma. What kind of price range are we looking at. Also do you ship to Honolulu Hawaii. Mahalo
OEM Audio + (1 year ago)
Maka Makalena, full showcase (and pricing) can be found here: http://bit.ly/3G_TacomaDC We have primarily Two (2) options for your Tacoma. Let us know if ANY questions. We actively ship directly to Hawaii on a regular basis. We utilize USPS for shipments. Transit times are typically 3-4 days from our Anaheim, CA location. On average the cost is $90 (calculated during checkout automatically).
Matt S. (1 year ago)
Is it compatible with the lower end SR5 head unit?
OEM Audio + (1 year ago)
OregonDuckz yes!! We serve the 2005-Present Tacoma models with all factory head unit options. Learn more here: http://bit.ly/OAP_Toyota
DON RUMPROST (1 year ago)
Captndarty (1 year ago)
So why not out the sub where Toyota puts the factory JBL sub?
OEM Audio + (1 year ago)
We now offer this option :) http://bit.ly/OAP_TCD2nd
vue MOUA (1 year ago)
Very awesome detailed video. Thanks.
Luis Cheong (1 year ago)
Does this work with the 16+ jbl headunits?
Megamorn ! (1 year ago)
OEM Audio + I also have the JBL setup, I'm more curious If there is any way to hook up just that Subwoofer without Ur whole system
OEM Audio + (1 year ago)
Thank you for your interest in the OEM Audio+ sound solution. Unfortunately, at this time our solution is not compatible with your JBL equipped vehicle. Your Tacomas JBL system is connected to the CAN-Bus network. What this means is your head unit and amplifier work in tandem and cannot be separated. This is because all the electrical functions of the head unit resides in the JBL amplifier. Once the JBL amp is disconnected, your head unit will cease all normal operation. We are presently researching how many JBL equipped owners (such as yourself) would desire a package like ours. It is our hope in the coming months to have an option for this platform after performing extensive R&D on a vehicle with your configuration. With your permission we’ll keep you updated as developments are achieved.
Daedhart (1 year ago)
Is there a practical reason to have the power cord go through the passenger rather than the driver side?
OEM Audio + (1 year ago)
Daedhart yep!! Thanks for asking. We understand that going through the passenger side grommet is "more work". We absolutely explored the driver side grommet location and found that unfortunately this grommet location requires puncturing the seal rather then a pass-through grommet as found on the passenger side. Because we base our installation guides within the framework of Toyota University's recommendations we had to advise to go through the passenger side location. That being said, going to the driver side is the option to owners that don't mind the slight modification. Keep the questions coming!
Rudy Moya (1 year ago)
This is the most comprehensive installation video I've ever seen. Great job!
OEM Audio + (1 year ago)
Thank you for your valued feedback Rudy. We strive to provide the best experience for our owners.
Nate (1 year ago)
I bet it sounds much nicer than stock or even JBL, but $1500 bucks? Jesus.
matt34003434 (1 year ago)
Honestly, after having custom audio systems in numerous vehicles over the years, $1500 for a plug and play system of this caliber is a pretty good deal. When I was scrolling through their website I was waiting for the price down at the bottom to be easily over $2k.
Michael Utley (1 year ago)
Just installed the 7 speakers and amp in my 2017 Tacoma. All I can say is Wow!!!! OEM+ Audio completely transformed my Taco!! I've owned stereo systems in the 3k range (4K with install) and also Bose and Dynaudio in my Audi's and VW's.. This system sounds better and was exactly what I was looking for!! Best word to describe it is balanced.. Every sound is in unison.. While I loved the sound of my Bose and Dynaudio, the OEM+ has bigger balls if you will. OEM+ has better highs, mids, and way more clean, quality, and tastefull bass.. With other aftermarket systems you get way too much bass, and or a bass knob that looks hideous on your dash and that constantly has to be adjusted. The alternative to a bass knob is a head unit with a dash kit that will allow for better audio controls but that also makes your 40K cars dash look like a 90's high school kids corolla.. By going with an aftermarket head unit, you also loose some of your OEM features that sync with your cars computer system such as oil change intervals and MPG readings to name a few. The install, while tedious and time consuming, it is not difficult with this video to aid you throughout the process. I especially liked the idea of doing it myself so that I knew it was done right and damage free. I made sure every clip was accounted for and that everything went back on correctly and securely to eliminate rattles. If you're a young kid that likes to cruise past malls wanting everyone to hear your bass.. This system is obviously not for you. But if you want a quality, clean, and balanced sound system while still keeping your cars original OEM features you cannot go wrong with this system.. Highly, highly recommended!!
OEM Audio + (1 year ago)
Micheal, thank you! Your experience is TRULY our top priority. We are so stoked your O+ sound solution is performing as intended!!
Michael Woodard (2 years ago)
The absolute best video of this type that I have seen, devoid of opinion, just the instructions....thank you!
thehman06 (2 years ago)
OEM Audio + (2 years ago)
Thanks for the EPIC feedback Michael. We look forward to working alongside you!
Michael Hammond (2 years ago)
Is it possible to only buy the subwoofer?
OEM Audio + (2 years ago)
Thanks for the question! Due to the nature of our sound solutions we do not sale our components separately. This is primarily because all our components being engineered from the ground up specifically for one-another. Our sub enclosure for instances is engineered specifically with our 8" Quad-Coil Subwoofer both in terms of the sub opening and air volume. We do however offer our System Series solutions, which may be exactly what you're looking for. Featuring our complete Subwoofer System, 32-Bit Digital Signal Processor (pre-calibrated to deliver our Signature Sound with your head unit), Multi-Channel Power Amplifier and Quick-Sync Wiring Harness (completely plug-and-play).
Peter Pan (2 years ago)
Awesome 👌
Casey Kshetri (2 years ago)
Awesome video, have been looking audio upgrade for 2016 Toyota 4Runner SR5, do you guys have video instruction and a product that fits 2016 4Runner.
Crespo Reviews (1 year ago)
OEM Audio + (1 year ago)
Casey Kshetri excuse the delayed update. 4Runner installation video is LIVE: https://youtu.be/wxMe94iei3k
OEM Audio + (2 years ago)
[Insert suspense here]
OEM Audio + (2 years ago)
In development!!
James M. (2 years ago)
Would you happen to know if there are any reputable and or experienced shops in the Davenport, Iowa /Moline, Illinois area that could install this system into a 2017 Double cab Tacoma TRD (non-jbl)
OEM Audio + (2 years ago)
We do not currently have an active installer in your area. Are there any shops you have considered or perhaps have good customer reviews? Be sure to give us a call if we can assist in determining the best installer for you 855-636-6346 x4 We pride ourselves in producing completely DIY plug and play kits that utilize factory hardware locations and integrate intuitively into your vehicle — So whether a local shop installs it or yourself it’ll be a perfect fit.
Conor Klecker (2 years ago)
Wish I could like this twice. Great video. Great information.
OEM Audio + (2 years ago)
Thank you Conor!! Truly humbled by your feedback. We hope you have the opportunity to experience our sound solutions.
Isaac Andrade (2 years ago)
I truly appreciate your companies attention to detail and use of the trucks existing parts to seemingly add your system into the truck. Very nice job with the product and the video.
OEM Audio + (2 years ago)
Thank you Isaac. Truly!! We believe in providing premium sound solutions made specifically FOR your Tacoma vs "fitting what we've already got" into your truck. Again, thank you for your feedback!!
tacoma (2 years ago)
how much for this kits thank..?
OEM Audio + (2 years ago)
Our High Resolution packages start at $1199 - $1499 for our top of the line sound solution. Learn more here: http://oemaudioplus.com/toyota/tcd1600/
Carl Cunningham (2 years ago)
I installed this OEM audio system upgrade over the weekend. The sound is awesome. Very crisp and clear at any level. No distortions at all.. I am very pleased . Such a huge improvement over the stock system. The subwoofer fits well and sounds great. Not overwhelming..
thehman06 (2 years ago)
damn, that system is a good deal and GREAT video showing how to do it. definitely the route i will take when ready to upgrade sound
OEM Audio + (2 years ago)
Thanks for your feedback thehman06!! Truly appreciated. Be sure to reach out if any questions along the way.
adrian wellman (2 years ago)
wow can't get any easier very clean i like
OEM Audio + (2 years ago)
Thanks for your feedback Adrian!!
Tony Arellano (2 years ago)
if I bring my truck Tacoma Dcab how much for Install? I know price of kit already - speakers sub and amp
ablopez35 (1 year ago)
OEM Audio + I just got a2017 Tacoma and would like this installed im in orange can I set something up for that $200 flat also?
OEM Audio + (2 years ago)
+Tony Arellano Are there any shops you have considered or perhaps have good customer reviews? We pride ourselves in producing completely DIY plug and play kits that utilize factory hardware locations and integrate intuitively into your vehicle — So whether a local shop installs it or yourself it’ll be a perfect fit. Let us know if we can assist in helping you find an installer in your area.
Tony Arellano (2 years ago)
+OEM Audio + I am in NC that wont work, thanks anyway
OEM Audio + (2 years ago)
We can accommodate a complete install at our Anaheim, CA location for a flat rate of $200 for the Tacoma Sound Solution. Contact us at 855-636-6346 x 4 with any questions, requests and/or to make an appointment.
Sergio Sanchez (2 years ago)
No test audio sound ktmn?
OEM Audio + (2 years ago)
Here is a sound clip from inside the Toyota 86... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7YIa00hs2Q PLEASE NOTE: These type of samples are difficult because they are limited in their representation of the sound quality. However with quality headphones you can get an idea of the signature sound of the O+ sound solution.
ReconRider250f (2 years ago)
interested, love how it appears to be a direct fit to the Tacoma! I'm curious, who is the actual manufacturer of the speakers, subs and amp? Also, wouldn't a active line out converter of some sort be recommended since using the OEM head unit?
OEM Audio + (2 years ago)
Awesome question. We actually design, engineer and produce all our components from the ground up specifically for each other and each application. This allows us to fulfill our guarantee of seamless integration (plug and play), uncompromising reliability (10 Year, 100,000 mile tested), Unmatched sound quality (our signature sound the moment you plug your O+ system in). No need for line out for the radio. Our sound solutions utilize the high-level factory output of your radio (for the cleanest signal possible)
DRONE VIDEOS GOPRO (2 years ago)
the stock radio on 2016 Toyota Tacoma does it have RCA output?
OEM Audio + (2 years ago)
No sir. (please excuse the delayed response)
Xtian of Zodd (2 years ago)
can you guys make a video showing how it sounds, i know it wont do it justice, but it would give an idea of what to expect. or perhaps one of you guys n gals who has the system installed can do a review??? much appreciated please and thank you :D
Xtian of Zodd (2 years ago)
Thank you very much. Yes, this helps a lot. Looking forward the 2016 Taco version as well. :D
OEM Audio + (2 years ago)
Though it's not specifically the Tacoma. This sample will give you a prompt reply to your request, until we can schedule a session specific to the Tacoma: https://youtu.be/u7YIa00hs2Q
hans k (2 years ago)
super helpful vid! thanks
OEM Audio + (2 years ago)
Thanks for your feedback Hong-jun KIM (Kumajun)!!
Hashirama Senju (2 years ago)
Do they have a system for the 2016 Tundra?
OEM Audio + (2 years ago)
Yes! We offer two sound solutions for the 2016 Toyota Tundra: http://oemaudioplus.com/toyota/tcm/
Senor Day (2 years ago)
Just installed the 450Q in my 2016 Tacoma double cab and very pleased.  I have seen posts with some complaining of the cost, but I have no regrets after listening to the system.  The sub fits the space better than any other option I have seen, and the tweeters provide mid and high range clarity that results in a far superior sound.  Amp has plenty of power and music sounds better across all sources, surprisingly the radio sounds okay too.  These guys are easy to deal with, and they clearly love what they do.  My order had a couple of curve balls, and they conducted their business with professionalism and grace. This system obliterates the JBL upgrade Toyota offers. If you want a custom look  and premium sound, buy this system.
TacoSupreem (3 years ago)
Nice kit!
Robert Destree (3 years ago)
I have a 2013 Tacoma and almost every step for trim removal is identical. I built a custom sub enclosure, amp rack, and trim rings for the door speakers. Days of work. This system seems well engineered and exceptionally plug and play. I imagine one could install this in a matter of hours. You have to ask if the cost of this system balances out with what your time is worth. Unless you're prepared to spend days fabricating and snaking wires, then this is one of the best systems I've seen.
Robert Destree (3 years ago)
I have a 2013 Tacoma and almost every step for trim removal is identical. I built a custom sub enclosure, amp rack, and trim rings for the door speakers. Days of work. This system seems well engineered and exceptionally plug and play. I imagine one could install this in a matter of hours. You have to ask if the cost of this system balances out with what your time is worth. Unless you're prepared to spend days fabricating and snaking wires, then this is one of the best systems I've seen.
jakethesnake (3 years ago)
So at 1:27 it says "use a panel tool to disengage the clips behind the door panel one at a time..." then it shows the guy just ripping it off. ??? Is a panel tool needed? No clips shown of him actually using one.
OEM Audio + (3 years ago)
+jakethesnake Great question (and good eye)! It is best practice to use a panel tool during the installation for leverage and to prevent scuffing your panels. You can get away with no using a panel tool when removing the door (as you noted). However it is highly encouraged for assembly pieces such as the Power Window Panel 0:51 and so forth.
FRS 86 (3 years ago)
We have this system in our both of our shop Scion FR-S. You've got to hear it to believe it!! Clean installation and premium sound quality.
Dominic Riel (3 years ago)
How much cost $$$ that system? And how many watts do you have between the original sound system?
OEM Audio + (3 years ago)
+Dominic Riel check all the details of the Reference 450Q here: http://oemaudioplus.com/toyota/tcd1600/ Our Sound Solutions for the 2016 start at $1099 ($1499 for the complete system seen in the video). 360 Watts RMS (Continuous / @ 2-ohms). Reach out if any additional questions or requests!

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