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San Diego Comic Con 2008 - #01 Wonder Girl (Youth)

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Video of Entry 01, cosplay skit of Wonder Girl (Youth) from Teen Titansperformed at San Diego Comic Con 2008 . Filming credits to Genjitsu at http://www.acparadise.com (Permission granted) For the higher RESOLUTION version of this video, visit http://www.acparadise.com/vid/4092/h For details on the convention, cosplayers and series, visit http://www.acparadise.com/cons.php?cyid=818
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Text Comments (3)
kristovx7 (9 years ago)
inb4 chan hell.
MarkFanboyX (10 years ago)
Cute old school WG. "Teen TI-Tans!"
KaylaYakushi (10 years ago)
WOW! She is amazing!

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