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StarCapture by Star Storage - Product functionalities

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Mobility is the new standard in today’s society. Cost cutting when engaging customers, improving operational efficiency, time to value ratio and customer experience are compelling reasons for any company to invest in mobile technologies. With a variety of mobile devices at their disposal and “bring your own device” approach gaining traction, companies need specialized software solutions to leverage the true potential of a mobile and paperless office strategy. This is why Star Storage designed StarCapture Mobile - the best software solution for Mobile Customer Engagement - created to improve customer interaction, optimize mobile workforce activities and decrease back-office costs associated with data collection. StarCapture products provide a comprehensive, multichannel platform for document and data capture with advanced capabilities for securely capturing all types of inbound documents and information, wherever it is first available. Mobile Customer Engagement solution, based on StarCapture Mobile, accurately collects customer data with maximum level of automation, has on the spot scoring evaluations, generates all necessary forms and contracts and finally allows both electronic and biometric signatures. By combining all these capabilities, the solution addresses specific challenges for high competitive industries like banking, insurance, telecom or utilities. Use cases vary from customer engagement (like field ID scanning and data capture, new account opening, new insurance policy, contracts renewal in telecom or utilities) to field services (like car damage reports or claims processing in insurance, asset service and operations in utilities). Start building your paperless office today with native Windows, Android and iOS mobile clients. Reduce time to value, gain unmatched flexibility and the freedom to bring in more customers, regardless of their location. StarCapture Mobile - Go where your customers are!
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